Rachel ground her body against your own, and you dimly wondered if she was even paying attention to the spider monstergirl that was slowly approaching. Your mind broiled with the storm of repressed desire within you as it hammered against your stubborn refusal to give in.

You were trapped, in more ways than one.

Pinned against the tree, there was little you could do to fight against the Succubus' strength. She was applying constant firm pressure, not overbearing, no, always soft, but there was steel under that softness. It was impossible to get out of the spot she had put you in.

Then there were the ferals, Rachel was the one using her powers to urge the ferals closer, helping to put them in a more receptive mood. You roughly grasped her intent. Once they were trapped within the spiral of lust, she could just outlast the ferals, fucking them into exhaustion without fear of actual harm.

And yes, you were fairly certain she could pull it off. She was just that sturdy.

The complication was that the Succubus wanted you to fuck her. And you didn't want to give in.

To say nothing that the list of things that could go wrong was just too long. You wanted to tell yourself that, but at this point what kept you from just jumping the succubus was pride. You could wrack your brain for more reasons, but stubborn refusal was an ever-increasing one that outshone the rest.

The infernal teased you, inflaming your senses with a tender touch. Her hands removed your shirt and left you with only your pants. Rachel's body felt so soft and warm; it pulsed with that energy that tickled every nerve across your body and gave you goosebumps.

The worst part was knowing she wasn't even trying to focus her powers on you. She was blasting the air around her with her powers and you were the one receiving it at point-blank range.

"It's just one fuck... what does it matter?" She whispered into your ear, apple-scented breath washing across your face. Dimly you wondered if the smell was the real one or if it was another trick her body had to tempt you with. The scent brought back images of a small house...

Rachel refused you to reminiscence, she pressed her hips against yours, letting out a slow exaggerated moan.

You were grasping at straws now, one hand resting against her hip and pulling her slightly against you, the other grasping at that leathery tail and squeezing the tip, making her shudder. Your mind whirled, you had to find a way to not fuck her while also surviving the feral situation that was slowly approaching.

Leaning against her, you bit her neck. "Force yourself on me and you lose," you growled, pressing down on her tail, her whole body shuddering. "I get hurt, you lose. Ferals don't get caught, you lose."

A flash of amusement and determination crossed her face, her eyes sharpened. "I like those rules, it's my win if you get off against my body," she purred, a finger tracing down your chest. "What's going to be my prize?"

"Anything," you groaned but froze, realizing your slipup. "One order," you said, quickly adding, feeling like you were almost babbling. "The winner can give one order, but..." A slight moan escaped you when Rachel licked your neck, and this time you clenched your teeth, breathing hard. " can only apply for a day."

"It's a promise." She held your face, pulling you into another kiss. Her hand reached down, caressing your hip.

You groaned and shuddered. "You're..."

"Don't worry, Rick, I don't plan to throw this game," she purred. "So long as the rules are kept... right?"

Her hand pulled back, the Succubus looking satisfied. You froze as your eyes looked her over; she wasn't touching you. But why did you...? You looked down- there was a dim glow around your trousers, there was a slowly growing heat, your legs were quivering. "What did you do?" You could barely ask.

Your grip on her tail tightened, and you yanked it.

The Succubus moaned, sneering through the blush. "The rules didn't say anything about not using powers."

Your hips moved slightly forward, the heat increasing, a flame that urged your body to become hotter and hotter. You might have just put yourself into an even worse situation than a minute ago. With a growl, you reached out to her body, grasping it more firmly, especially the tail that seemed to cause her whole body to respond.

"What's this?" She purred, pressing herself against you.

You didn’t say anything, moving to hold her in the tight hug, your breath coming in heavy gasps. The Succubus cooed, wrapping her arms around your neck. "Play with me all you want, Rick," she said with a softness to her words that didn't reflect the predatory edge in her gaze. "You'll find Succubi can't be made to lose focus easily."

"The ferals," you panted.

"What about them?" She asked, making only the barest gesture to the side.

It's as if your awareness of the world expanded again- you slightly glanced to the side and saw the large spider monstergirl standing there, her face flushed and her hands slowly trailing across her legs. She wasn't moving though, keeping a rather safe distance you figured, appearing curious but not moving another step, eyes half-lidded and amused.

And at either side of her, you noticed two more you hadn't seen before. They looked far more human than the spider. There was nothing you could note that could tell you of them being monstergirls other than how both of them had long hair that reached their ankles, the hair itself bright and colourful in patterns, like an oddly schizophrenic rainbow.

Rachel's body pulsed again with power, and it felt like a small bomb going off. You inhaled sharply, hands clenching tight. You felt your senses becoming raw to the mystifying sexual energy washing across you. The Succubus' body shone with some kind of invisible glow. Your eyes couldn’t see it, but your body felt it all the same, it was a soft erotic breeze that stroked your skin and increased the fire in your chest. Your thoughts fogged for a moment and you felt the edges of desperation to slip ever so slightly.

Whether because you were apprehensive of the ferals, or something else, you managed to barely hold on. The ferals were becoming more worked up, the distance between themselves and you growing shorter one step at a time.

That was when the Succubus leaned into your arms. "Come on, Rick," she whispered, moaning wantonly. "You just need to say it... say it and I'll put that nice throbbing cock right here."

"Tar..." A duo of voices abruptly broke your attention from the Succubus, your head turning to see the rainbow coloured ferals approaching. Flushed, their attention appeared glued to the infernal that squeezed you between her arms.

In the growing darkness of the forest it was hard to make out at first, but the closer they got the clearer the signs of their lifestyle became to you. There was dried blood covering their lips and neck, smeared and caked against their skin and some of their hair. Their bodies were marred by scars and scratches.

"Tar..." They spoke again, close enough you could smell the blood just barely piercing the apple-scented fog.

The two watched the Succubus and then you, and their hands slowly stretched out, touching the infernal monstergirl first, making Rachel blush and let out an exaggerated moan. Her body pulsed again, and the moan was reflected by the two rainbow-coloured monstergirls, their knees weakening with a tremble. Their touches over Rachel's arms, her face, her neck and back... they became more eager now, the attention being rewarded with more pulses of the invisible energy.

"Why aren't you subduing them?" You asked, tensing as she leaned into you while the ferals became more daring.

"The big one's not here yet." As she said this, her tail lashed out of your grasp, the tip moving to touch the glow that burned within your trousers, your knees gave out, you would've fallen had the infernal not been holding you against the tree. "Ah, so close, oh so very close, isn't that right?"

She was right, your cheeks burned, your breath ragged, desire was building and building, but you couldn't bring yourself to do anything about it. Even less to ask for her to do it.

"You know what my order will be, Rick?" Rachel whispered. "It will be for you to challenge the boy for salvage, for that elf of his. And to give it your all to win."

Her lips parted with a sneer as you felt a spike of cold dread lance through you. A groan escaped you, even if you didn't want to, it was so hot, your hands trembled, your pulse raced. Already you could feel your mind thinking through the order, salvage, and then just have him challenge back, no biggie, so simple, it'd...

No! there was something else, for sure, you clenched your jaw.

"Ara ara."

The voice startled you, it was close, and its owner was looking at you as she approached. Her lower spider form was the size of a horse, and it brought about a powerful deep splash of dread into your senses. For all its size, the feral spider monstergirl didn't make so much as a sound as it got closer, and it placed a pit of apprehension in your stomach. Chitin covered hands reached out to touch your chin, lifting your eyes to meet her own.

It was a cool caress that chilled the flames inside you. She smiled at you, lustful hunger in those eyes.

"Caress her legs," you heard the Succubus say offhandedly, her tail giving lazy strokes to your leg and making you cringe.

"Ne," the white-haired spider spoke, smiling a smile that had too many sharp teeth. Her hand reached out and grasped your throat, the grip soft.

An image flashed across your mind, unbidden. It was of a person laying on the forest floor, their eyes empty, their body-

You felt the spider's fingers begin to squeeze, and your eyes widened in sudden fear.

"NO!" Rachel's voice pierced through the growing knot of dread that was punching through your chest as you were already moving to try and resist.

The Succubus launched herself at the white-haired spider, hands glowing intensely as the arachnid tried to react but couldn't really move out of the way in time. Rachel gripped the spider's head between her hands and yanked her into a kiss. The infernal's body pulsed harder than you'd ever felt it before; your vision blurred as the world became pink. You felt yourself collapse, knees giving out entirely.

The sound of your heartbeat drowned the world. Eyes unfocused, you clawed your way to sit up, looking around with ragged heaving breaths. There were three unconscious bodies laying on the forest floor- the spiders. Rachel was holding your head, cursing under her breath, her fingers pressed against the side of your throat. You noticed there was a wet warm feeling there.

"How bad?" You groaned, feeling your whole body was made of lead.

The Succubus tensed. "You're not going to bleed out," she answered.

"Do you know some healing?" You wondered.

The infernal paused and shook her head. With a tired sigh, you pointed towards your pants. "Yellow box, there's a small dose of grape healing juice," you mumbled. "Better use that rather than let the others see it."

She hesitated, frowning. "Why?"

"Cuz that'd mean you broke your promise, wouldn't it?" You chuckled, closing your eyes. "Why do I feel so tired?"

Rather than answer, Rachel had used her tail to pull your pants closer. You heard fiddling, and then a sting on your neck that was followed by a wave of relief. "Succubi don't exactly eat emotions per se, we eat the energy we draw out of our targets," she said, her fingers caressing the spot where your wound tingled. "The more someone feels something, the easier it is to grab at more of the energy."

"So I was a snack," you chuckled.

"No, you-" Rachel was about to say something but stopped.

Opening your eyes again, you looked at her. The Succubus' face was a mask, her eyes piercing your own, her thumb gently tracing the line of the wound against your neck. The sensation was pleasant, and you closed your eyes again, letting yourself relax.

"This is nice," you said, keeping your eyes closed. "Maybe my order will have to be for you to give me a massage."


"You lost." You opened your eyes again, smirking a little. "I got hurt."

The infernal scowled, let out a loud snort and stood. You winced as your head no longer had a spot to lay on and hit the ground. You watched the Succubus make a scoffing sound and spread her wings, taking to the air. "Capture them before they recover their strength," she hissed before vanishing between the treetops.

With a supreme effort of aching muscles, you reached your pants and let Monica out.

The feline had pounced the instant she'd materialized into red light, eyes sharp and looking around with a keen edge to them. When she saw you on the ground she looked around once more, discerning no moving threats before she moved to get close to you. "Rick?"

With her help, you sat up against the trunk, grasping the empty capture device from the belt and tossing them at the three ferals.

Successful captures, much to your relief. "Safe," you proclaimed, leaning against the tree, and catching your breath. You grabbed a bottle of water and drenched your shirt in it, moving it to clean up your neck and forehead.

Nodding, the feline sat on your lap, her back to you.

You groaned.


"Monica Rick safe," she said, then moved her tail to lay on your hand. "Pets."

Rolling your eyes, you sighed, lazily brushing your fingers against the fur of her tail. "You like this a lot, huh."

"New word," she said, glancing at you over her shoulder.


"New word later," she nodded, purring as she did so, content on receiving your attention as it were.


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