You tried to recover your breath but Rachel didn't let you, her arms wrapped around your neck, pulling you back into her ever softer embrace. She was warmer, silky smooth, your hand feeling as if it could sink into her body forever.

A stray thought idly wondered if she was this smooth all over.

You pushed it out before it could take root. Focusing on the act, you leaned, breaking the kiss, your lips reaching for the nape of her neck. "Moan, we have an audience," you said, grasping at her body and easing her against the trunk, your mind recovering enough to regain awareness of your surroundings again.

"Make me," she breathed back, blowing cool air into your ear.

Growling, you reached out and pinched her ass. She yelped and jumped a little before letting out a laugh, cooing as she hugged you closer again. "Wanting to play it kinky? I'm game. C'mon Ricky, pull my hair, spank my ass, whatever gets you hard."

An almost sadistic glee appeared on her face as your mind thought of doing exactly that. The Succubus appeared to be enjoying every single moment, and to a point, it was frustrating to see her eagerly waiting for more. Your mind reminded you just how sturdy the breed was, and you realized that her cockiness was backed up thoroughly.

There was little that could easily hurt her.

Well, if she was built like a walking bunker...

You slammed her against the tree now, noting how easily she let herself lean against it, you bit her neck, softly first, but more firmly a moment later.

"Oh fuck, Rick," she moaned, her fingers grasped at your back.

Pulling away, you see the red markings of your teeth mark on her otherwise pale skin, and you faintly realized your mouth had that apple taste again, from her skin? You didn't wait, leaning back into her, smelling the spice of her body as you bit her shoulder, more strongly this time. It felt like skin and flesh, and your mind told you it should definitely hurt her, but she didn't even hesitate, moaning louder this time.

The Succubus began to slowly grind her hips against yours, and you could feel her heat as it increased within you.

And yet, she wasn't using her powers on you. Nor was she removing your clothes. The note of disappointment was washed out with frustration. "Stop fucking playing and focus on the ferals," you growled with a growing sense of exasperation as you forced yourself to think past the delicious sensations of her body against yours.

Very suddenly her hands are on your chest and there was distance between you, your traitorous mind complaining at the lack of contact for only long enough for you to focus on how Rachel was looking at you with serious eyes. "Well, that certainly didn't kill the mood."

You recoiled. "What mood? There was no mood."

That clearly was a blow. The succubus growled now, crossing her arms. "You just happened to remember you have a massive stick up your ass."

"Wha... We don't have time for this!" You hissed.

"Of course we do, we have the rest of your life to argue." She spoke with a loud snort.

You froze as her words brought a trickle of nervousness down your spine, your awareness seeming to take in that you were in a forest, it was getting dark, visibility was getting worse, and there were ferals watching. Fuck. "Fine, fuck, what do you want?"

Her eyes narrowed. "I want to hear what you think of my body, Rick," she said, leaning back against the tree, her head tilting slightly to the side and showing where your teeth had left a red mark.

It was like the mark was glaring at you.

"Fuck, fine, you're hot. Ok?" You growled.

She stretched a hand and patted your cheek as she grinned. "Was that so hard?" Her arms spread wide, as did her grin. "Now. Let's continue where we left off." Her tail whipped against the ground. "Shouldn't be too hard to enjoy acting a bit, no? Give it a try, they are rather confused from watching us interact like this, not at all the proper type of curiosity we want."

You wore a slight scowl as you stepped towards her, and the succubus wrapped her arms around your neck, looking into your eyes and quietly goading you, pulling you to meet you for another kiss. That almost citric taste of apples came back to you stronger this time, and you moved to pin her, to let your frustration out on her, but you... didn’t. Enough with being toyed with. You reached out and gripped her body firmly but not forcefully, turning her slightly away from the tree.

The Succubus stood on her tiptoes, looking up at you as she kept the kiss. She felt so light and soft in your arms, just barely enough weight for you to keep the sense of her presence between your arms. Not that the warmth she let out didn’t do that already. You broke the kiss, moving to bite at her earlobe, feeling her shudder.

The moan was exaggerated, the pulse of heat that washes over you leaving you with your mouth dry. "Just a little something for the spiders," she whispered, tongue licking at your ear.

You shuddered in turn, slowly melting into the feel of her body as your fingers began to course through every inch of her skin. You couldn't really deny you enjoyed the sensation.

The Succubus groaned loudly again, shifting, switching positions, pressing you against the tree. Rachel's silky soft hands grasped at your arms, a little grin leaving her lips as she traced her touch to your shoulders, then chest, and continued downwards, to your waist. Her hold is firm and while you hated to admit it, it was as strong as it was pleasant; she wasn't a succubus for nothing. With your body becoming warmer every passing second, she moved to lower your pants.

You didn’t struggle to escape from her grasp, but you did to stop her advance. "You're not pushing me away at least..." She said with an edge of curiosity to her words, looking at you as her hand reached to caress your thigh through the cloth of your pants.

You were not about to openly argue again, no sense to it. Might as well shift the focus. Besides, she was covering one side of you and the tree the other, that meant safer... right? The moment her kiss broke you leaned forward, Rachel moaned as a surge of lust coursed through you. Most of it natural you hated to admit.

Her fingers caressed your naked back. "That's right, that's how it should be..."

Ignoring her words you pressed on, gripping her body, the monstergirl quite thoroughly enjoying your touch. Her tail slithered around her hip and pressed against your own. "Seems someone enjoys having me around," she purred.

You wanted to glower at her. You'd say your apprehension and awareness of the feral's presence kept you from enjoying this, but the reality was that your pride was the bigger reason right now to keep her from getting what she wanted.

Focus on the mission.

You began to exaggerate your motions a bit, making louder noises. A guttural grunt escaped you and you used your right hand to reach out to find the base of her tail. The limb was leathery but firm. It was certainly strong and prehensile.

Remembering a certain feline, you proceeded to caress your fingers down its length. Rather than shove it away you stroke it, the soft leathery appendage was quite warm and yielding. The Succubus shuddered more intensely now, and your fingers proceeded down to the tail's spade-shaped tip, squeezing it.

Rachel's moan felt far more earnest than before. Your thumb and forefinger began to work on the spade of her tail. The other hand reached for her neck, joining your touch on her tail with downward caresses of her back and spine.

"Oh~, that's... nice..." She muttered between breaths, and her body pulsed with... something, something nice, something that made your mind feel ever so slightly fogged at its edges.

A sound of a branch snapping abruptly drew your attention, but Rachel prevented you from looking away from her. "They're getting close, they're curious, warm," she whispered, her fingers slowly easing their grip on your head. "They're getting oh so warm..." Her body pulsed with that heat, and you inhaled sharply as it coursed through you, nostrils filling with the spice of the succubus' scent. "Oh, they're enjoying it quite a bit. I can work with that."

You were not sure what she meant, but as she said this her whole body trembled. You could feel the pulses coming faster. The air lost all its chill; it was warm, it was soothing, your body felt as if it had just been jolted with a surge of comfort. Suddenly you didn't mind the treebark against your skin, its bite poking into your skin. The contrast with Rachel's soft body tightened the sensation within your chest, and you felt yourself getting hotter.

"Oh, you're loving this too, aren't you?" Rachel laughed, letting go of your head to look into your eyes, mirth apparent but mixed with something else. Relief?

You focused through the descending fog that was reaching out to your senses, your pride pushing past that. "You're clearly enjoying it more," you hissed, trying to reach out, and gripping her hips- not to pull her close but to give yourself a stable point to hold onto, as your legs felt wobbly. "Now that I said you're hot you're using your powers on me?"

"I'm using my powers on the spiders, you're just too close not to get a bit of feedback" Rachel giggled, caressing your chin to keep your face looking at her. "You said I was hot, but do you want to fuck me, Rick? And no lying, I think our... relationship... has moved past that."

You felt like you couldn’t quite really answer. It was becoming hard to just stand there and resist. Your breathing came in ragged while the fevered heat inside you made your skin tingle from the mere caress of your clothes, the tightness in your stomach, the touch of Rachel's hands against your face, your shoulders...

"Why do you resist so much, Rick?" Rachel purred, caressing your shoulders. "It's just a little sex."

Your brain whirled, trying to figure out the words, the world, right, monstergirls, it was getting fuzzy, you slowly pulled her closer, looking into her eyes as your hands began to wrap around her hips. It was almost natural. She fit between your arms, her body moulding to your touch, and the woman letting out a contented sigh as one hand returned to stroking her tail.

Taking a gulp, you looked into the pools of gold that were within her eyes. This close, you could see they were freckled with dots of black and red, her irises sharp, like a feline. One hand gripped her ass, and the other continued stroking her tail, reaching the tip once more, feeling the goosebumps throughout her skin. With a squeeze, you found her pupils dilated as her lips spread into a pleased grin.

And as you saw her, you noticed movement out of the corner of your eye, and the realization you weren't alone returned to your mind. A cold wave ran down your neck and back, snapping you out of the haze enough to feel yourself refocus.

"I'm not going to fuck you, Rachel," you stated, more firmly now, squeezing her tail and making her shiver even as she glared at you.

You turned slightly to look at what had caught your attention. There, you saw the feral.

1dddqej7i Arachne   Monster Girl By Mmishee D7p1n9

The cold became a chill, ice running through your spine. You heard the Succubus make a complaint, but it was weak as her face flushed. "She likes your style," the infernal sighed. There was an edge of frustration, her gaze penetrating and sharp. "The other two are considering things though."

You spoke, glancing back at her. "Suggestions?"

The look she shot you was quite cross. "Fuck me."

"No." Saying the word almost physically hurt.

Now the frown was coming back. "Why?" She asked sharply.

"You're Tomas' girl."

"He doesn't own me."

You shrugged. The gesture felt quite a bit harder to pull off and seem casual than you'd anticipated.

Rachel growled openly now. "Fine." Her hand grasped your head and shoved you into her tit. "Let's see how long you resist, Rick."

Somehow, you felt you were in more danger than that night Monica had lost control.


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