You'd reached the treeline, both Monica and Freya confirmed the milktit tracks pushed further into the forest from the spot you were currently standing on.

"The spiders have been here, recently." Freya reached out to the nearest tree, looking upwards. "They hurt some of its branches."

"Any clue where they might be right now?"

"Further into the forest," she replied, then shook her head. "I can't tell much else, the trees hurt from the small wounds, but little else."

"So they could be right around the corner and you wouldn't be able to tell, what a useless elf." Rachel rolled her eyes. "I can at least tell you they're not in the area." She waited for the others to look her way before she grinned. "Ferals are always hungry, horny, scared, or wary. Nothing feels that way around here except Master dearest and the girl."

The way she'd spoken the word 'Master' had made Freya scowl far more than the insult the infernal had thrown her way.

"Well, if we know they're not around at least we can take a moment to plan." Tomas tried to push the conversation forward. "We know they're spiders, they stay near the higher area, and they like to ambush. So that means spiderwebs and... spiders." He looked around at the monstergirls present. "Freya's the only one that can shoot from a distance, but in the forest the trees reduce her range a lot. Rachel can fly though and-."

"Fuck that." The infernal rolled her eyes. "Flying does not combine well with spiders and silk. I'd be lunch in none of the fun ways." A pause before she smirked. "Well, not unless I start to burn some things first." Flames flickered between her fingers before she clenched her fist and they vanished.

"What do you suggest, then?" Kat hissed with a frown.

"You have the best option available around to resolve things." She gestured at herself as she looked at you. "All I need is a sexually able male volunteer."

"What's the plan?" Tomas spoke, noticing how the infernal was looking at you.

She didn't look away from your eyes, meeting them squarely and purring the words out. "I will just take a stroll, tempt the spiders, show them some fun, and that'd be that." Her lips curled upwards. "Spiders, feral spiders, are always quite open to male attention, it’s a good thing they are sated otherwise said male would be on the menu right after... not that I'd let them."

"Sated? What?" Kat frowned.

"The cows." Rachel rolled her eyes. "Quite the feast."

That made the young woman turn green.

"Why are you looking at me like I'm the only available volunteer?" You quirked a brow.

"Dear Master's thimble is quite dry I'm afraid."

"What!?" Freya hissed.

"We both know human endurance is barely a drop in the bucket," Rachel spoke with an edge of annoyance clearly apparent.

"I'll go anyway," the young man spoke up.

This time the succubus laughed, turning to finally acknowledge the young man, moving into his personal space with but a singular beat of her wings. "Can you though?" Her hand reached out, caressing his chest. "Here I thought Master did not have any more to give..."

That tone, the word... you frowned as Tomas groaned and shuddered, blushing intensely as her light covered hand caressed his chest. His knees buckled, and he stumbled down, the elf immediately at his side. It became quickly apparent he was unconscious. Everyone froze at the unfolding scene.

"Ah, seems I was right. Shame." Rachel turned away from the intensely blushing young man and looked at you with an amused playful grin, ignoring the elf that had rushed to her Master's side. "What do you say, Rick, think you can handle being in my care until the spiders are dealt with?"

"You attacked your Master," Freya hissed, poison in her lips.

You could tell she wished to do many things to the succubus, none of them nice. But there was an edge of impotence in her eyes, she knew she couldn't do anything to Rachel, she wasn't strong enough. You briefly wondered what you'd do were you in her shoes. Attacking Rachel directly wouldn't just be futile but it would also bring about retaliation if not upon herself then potentially on Tomas.

"I gave him a good time, honey," the succubus laughed lightly. "It's for his own good really, the poor thing is at his limit and trying to pretend he was not. Why risk underperformance when there is a much better option available? At least this way he'll get a nice refreshing nap." A slight sneer came to her lips before the gesture melted off, and she turned back towards you, luxurious. "I'd thought he'd be able to at least withstand half of what you handled. Not a lesson he's learned?"

You frowned.

The succubus stepped closer. "Do you think you can handle a couple of spiders, Rick?"

"Why can't you just take Monica with you?" You asked flatly. "If you're good enough to tempt them like that, then having Monica instead would make more sense. Less risk."

Rachel rolled her eyes, then turned to glance at Freya. "Hey, pointy ears, do you think ferals are stupid enough to approach anything resembling Monica?"

Freya's eyes narrowed as she held the unconscious Tomas, not answering as she instead clearly tried to murder the infernal with her gaze.

It failed to even tickle the succubus. Rachel turned to look back at you. "Well, whatever. The answer is that no, only the stupidest of ferals would willingly approach anything resembling Monica. Look at that delectable gleaming muscle and those murderous eyes..." A purr, licking her lips. "The only other options are... well, the human girl, who can do nothing-"


"-her monstergirls, that are practically feral, and... the nurse? Not the wisest idea." The Succubus' eyes turned to you, glowing. "That leaves... you, Rick. You are the best choice for me to partner up with."

"This is a shit idea," Kat snarled.

"I have to agree with miss Kat, Master," Diane growled. "That bitch could-"

"Get me killed, yes." You nodded.

Crossing your arms, you glanced at Rachel. What was her game? What was her goal? Did you have the luxury of not figuring it out? If she intended to sabotage the group, her attempts were too sloppy. Sometimes you had to spring the trap. You raised your hand, not looking away from Rachel. "Do I have your word you won't let me come to harm?"

The smile widened, her hand moving to draw a line down her chest. "Cross my heart."

"Then I'd need you to scout ahead," you said. "Figure out how far away they are before we jump in."


"Because if shit goes down, I'd rather be within shouting distance of everyone else," you answered. "At the very least it'll mean they'll know we became a feral snack."

That startled the succubus slightly. "What would make you think I'd die?"

"You just made a promise," you answered plainly, better call her bluffs for now. "I'd at least think your word is worth more than hot air."

Rachel narrowed her eyes. "Fine. I'll be right back." Spreading her wings, she took to the air and began to fly towards the forest, making sure to stay well above the treetops.

"What the fuck, Rick." Kat was the first to speak as soon as the succubus was out of potential enhanced hearing range. "That bitch is clearly up to something."

"And you'd rather we dance around and avoid it while she remains a part of our group?" You replied.

"Fuck no, recall her and sell her ass." The young woman gestured at the unconscious Tomas. "After what she did to him? It's the least she deserves."

Diane nodded in at this statement.

"And can we afford to get rid of someone that strong?" You asked in turn. "What are our chances of survival if she opts to go after us seriously?"

"Then..." Kat paused, her lip tensed. "She could be fived."

"Over... what? Suspicion of ill intent?" You frowned, turning to Diane. "Check on Tomas, please?" You asked your alpha, to which she quickly moved to kneel next to Freya.

It took her but a moment. "He's unconscious, exhausted, and slightly dehydrated."

"Anything else?"

She shook her head. "Only some minor scratches on his back, likely from..."

"No need to go into that level of detail." You shook your head. "Anyway, Rachel's up to something, and that something apparently involves me." You glanced at those present. "I'd rather find out what that is."

"Risking your life!?" Diane's voice was slightly shrill.

You paused at this, taking a moment to consider it, frowning. "No. I won't be risking my life blindly. I'll keep Monica balled and ready to fight." That appeared to give them pause. "She's the fastest thing we got, in a forest. At a close range that'd mean she'd have the jump on anything threatening my life."

There was a long pause as you said this, Diane appeared to consider it, while Kat just looked thoughtful.

"I still don't like those odds," the young woman finally said. "I don't trust that bitch."

Your alpha however had a different expression. "Master, when she returns, order me to confirm her health." That made you look at her with a frown. "Trust me, Master."

The thought to ask crossed your mind, but you nodded. "Ok, I trust you."

Diane beamed slightly, reaching out, grasping your hands. Her touch felt warm, against your palms.

"She's here," Freya spoke with a glower.

As foretold, the Succubus appeared from the treetops, moving in a lazy circle above the group before descending. With a little bow of her head, she looked far happier than when she'd left. "Three feral spiders, all nice and plump, their bellies full and their minds unfocused. I could sense their torpor from a nice meal. They're only ten minutes on foot from here."

With a nod, you glanced at Diane. "Give her a checkup and make sure she's not hurt or anything, I'll talk to Monica before I recall her."

"Yes, Master."


"I'm taking Monica balled as an emergency option," you replied, ignoring the fact that she was likely asking why Diane had suddenly become very handsy with her body. Your focus was on Monica. "Rick no safe," you said, showing the capture device. "Monica out, fight, hunt."

The feline appeared confused, before sensing the seriousness in your expression. "Monica fight?" You nodded, she became serious. "Monica hunt, Rick safe."

A kiss, you recalled her, turning back to the duo.

The succubus was looking at the nurse rather curiously, Diane making sure to touch every inch of the infernal's body, appearing to pour a great deal of focus into the task. "This is kinda relaxing actually," Rachel declared with slight amusement.

The nurse's hands glowed in small intermittent pulses, though they weren't the same glow as when she'd healed you. It took her several more minutes, squeezing muscle and joints before she appeared satisfied. "She's as good as she'll get," Diane spoke with a nod, moving close to you, the seriousness in her eyes moving towards concern. "Please be careful, Master."

"I will."

She hugged you, and you hugged her back, feeling her tighten her arms around you as she buried her face against your chest. A long second before her hands reached up and tapped the spot between your shoulder blades, twice, before her fingers then traced down your spine all the way to your hips. You had to blink slightly at this as she did it two times before she finally relented on the hug. Looking into your eyes, she winked, twice.

"Good luck, Master."

"I'd rather we don't wait until the spiders have finished their digestion," Rachel pointed out.

"Sure, let's go," you muttered, allowing her to lead the way, watching her for only a moment before your eyes turned towards the lumbering forest.


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