You woke up feeling tired and drained. It had been an intense day yesterday training Monica. And today would fare no different.

With the girls currently resting, you opted to take a moment and check your things. It turned out you had emails.

The first one was from Mr Gabriel. "No T2 from the Professor, will figure out alternatives.".

The next one was from Kat. "Caught 1 feral, sold her for 2,000. Sold Mynx for 5,000. Total funds: 9,300 but -2,000 from daily food for Mr Gabriel and Tomas, -500 from mine, and -1,800 from the girls' food leaves us at 5,000.".

The third was from Tomas. "Am heading to wilderness, Freya's looking for a tree to make a bow. Caught a couple ferals. Found a strong non-feral and she joined us. Will be back tomorrow.". That one actually surprised you, it seemed Tomas had found someone interesting?

You rubbed your chin at that.

The last mail caught you a little by surprise, it was from the police Chief. "We found out the quest you asked about. It was a quest to capture or kill the feral purrsian and find a blonde titmouse or her remains. Quest giver is one 'Howard' that lives at Second Street #15. Quest reward for the blond titmouse alive is 20,000 SLC. The reward for her remains and confirmation of purrsian caught or killed being 10,000 SLC."

You rubbed your chin as you re-read that one, feeling a little too sure that the mouse the quest was looking for was Tessa, but wondering why it was that there was a reward to begin with if the monstergirl had every sign of having been feral all her life. Since you had absolutely no clue where Mr Gabriel was, you just wrote the old man a mail, detailing the quest the police had informed you about, who was the quest-giver, and their address.

A moment of hesitation, did you want to contact the quest-giver? You could see how this could rustle the old man's jimmies, but... a shake of your head, you added to the mail to Mr Gabriel he would be the one to decide what to do about it. You had no desire to rock the boat.

Mails answered, stomach full, you decided to look for Alice, try and talk to her and confirm her plan, she'd wanted to go on her own without becoming a tamer but shared little else. The whole idea unnerved you somewhat.

Unfortunately, she wasn't in the centre, and the receptionist was the black-haired one, only being helpful enough to tell you that Alice had been discharged during the morning. If Alice left then there wasn't much you could do about it.

With a long sigh, you decided this was good enough for your break and headed back inside.

Diane and Monica were curled up against one another, but as soon as you'd sat down at the edge, the nurse had turned around and hugged your hip. "Morning Master." She mumbled with a little smile. "Training went well?"

"Just reinforced some things." You spoke softly, caressing her hair. "Think you have the energy to help me continue until this funk goes away from her head?"

"Of course, Master."

The day would be a long one.

When you opened your eyes, it was to the sight of Monica's head laying on your chest. Her arms were wrapped around you, her face nuzzled into your shirt. She was letting out a slow purring sound as she breathed in slowly.

"Riiiick." She muttered under her breath, a soft sigh.

With your hand stroking her hair, your smile became a look of confusion as you noticed her body was glowing softly as she slept against you.

It took a moment for your brain to kick in.

Your eyes widened as her skin went from feeling very warm to hot, dangerously hot. "What the..."

A hand yanked you back and away as the glow on Monica's body was slowly expanding into a shining light, you watched with wide eyes, you heard Diane say something but didn't pay attention.

Slowly, before your very eyes, the feline was changing.

The blue of her hair was clearing out, receding as it turned whiter with every inch lost, the colour of her skin going the opposite direction and becoming darker. "Diane?"

"She's... huh." The nurse's voice sounded less afraid and more surprised.

Your eyes remained wide as you kept watching, seeing the fur on Monica's paws receding, her hands losing the claws and becoming fingers, her body becoming leaner. "What's going on?"

"It's a shift." Diane scratched her chin. "Some like to call it an evolution, but it's more like an adaptation. Evolution takes a lot more time and needs generations of-"

"Diane." You barked, sensing the light was dying down.

"Monstergirls can shift, from time to time. Depends on the individual breed and the circumstances." She shook her head. "We can basically become a different breed that's related to our own so long as the proper requirements are met."

"And Monica?"

"Erm, purrsian..." A scratch of her cheek. "I think it was something about euphoria? No... wait, Master, could you lend me the dex a moment?" Eyes glancing as Monica's body was slowly diminishing in its light, you stood there wondering what was this about. It took Diane only a moment to find the information. "The conditions for a shift vary, but it seems purrsians have some relationship with feelings of euphoria." A little chuckle as she punched your shoulder. "Guess she felt satisfied all snuggled up against Master."

"Why now? And not in the forest?"

"It's an imprecise process." Diane shook her head. "For example, the rapha can shift towards a breed called a night-nurse. The exact trigger method is related to strong feelings of distress. I have gone through plenty of those without changing, but I've heard of a few girls that got triggered into it on their first dead patient."

Your eyes glanced at the feline on the bed.

Monica was back to being Monica but not quite exactly you remembered her, traces of her previous appearance were clearly visible if you looked close enough. More apparent were the changes, her hair was white and short, and the paws and fur that before took almost a third of her body had now greatly receded, her figure was closer to human than it had been before. The grin of satisfaction on the woman's face was supreme as she slowly opened her eyes and yawned.

"Riiiick." She spoke with a wide grin, a sigh, red eyes fluttering closed and then... she fell back asleep.

Your eyes moved to Diane, who'd nodded absently, scanning the monstergirl on the bed with the dex and confirming the printout that appeared on the screen. "Boobcat."

"Who the hell came up with these names?"

"Sukebe, I'm guessing." She shrugged abstently. "Many think it was intentional, but who knows? That was three hundred years ago and from the mind of a deranged lunatic."

"Let's focus here, what does this change entail?"

"I mean, it's... definitely going to complicate things, a bit, but not much I'd presume." Her eagerness halted when she saw your expression of concern. "A shift brings with it some hormonal and physiological alterations that might manifest in her psyche. Monica is still Monica."

The nurse took the dex and showed you its screen. There were tabs within the page that brought out a lot of technical information and graphs, the nurse read them for a minute. "They are specialized in agility and speed." She mumbled to herself, looking very focused. "Ah, hormone levels are lower, reported libido more controlled, then..."

"Monica will be less randy?" You offered.

"Perhaps, most do." She returned the device to you, the look on her eyes was devilish. "Or she might be so infatuated with her hot Master the drop in hormones means nothing at all and she'll want it anywhere anywhen and anyway you give it to her. Only time will tell." Diane's hips bumped back against you. "I know I do, and raphas have hormonal levels closer to humans..." Her hands caressed your arms. "Only thing to keep in mind is the breed's heat cycle."

"Heat?" You choked a little.

"Once every three to five months, hormones will go through the roof and baby-making will likely be the only thing in her mind." Diane giggled now, turning to kiss your cheek. "But by then Master will have several monstergirls I'm sure, and we can work together to keep the kitty nice and happy throughout the week she'd be in heat."

You tried imagining Monica being extra randy, a shudder ran down your spine.

"I think we should leave, get cleaned up, healed up, and go to the apartment, I think I have just the thing for Monica to wear." A little giggle followed from the nurse. "Oh how I wish I could have an orgasm shift, just so my Master could make me reach the sky..."

"A what now."

"Some breeds have shifts that are based on... certain aspects... in the bedroom..." Diane flushed as she giggled. "Maybe we should hunt for such girls and give it a try."

"Don't." You quickly replied. "Let's just... clean up."

"I will keep it in mind, Master." Diane commented with a grin.

"Sit still!" You heard from across the bathroom door as you sat patiently on the bed.

You were back in Diane's shared house, she'd yet to fully leave, but it was clear her roommates had already begun splitting and rearranging things about. For one, the contents of Diane's closet had been placed into a backpack. That was a lot less clothes than you'd thought she owned, but apparently, most of her clothes had come from the centre itself.

"Riiiiick!" Monica called out from behind the door.

"Just do as she says." You replied.

Huffing followed, then silence. "There, don't you think you look better?" Another moment of silence. "No, no, don't take it off, Rick will like it."


"Yes, Rick, Master, owner, him? He'll love it." The door opened, Diane stepped past. "I present you, the new Monica." No sooner had she said this that the feline stepped out and moved to stand in front of you.


Monica had clearly been bribed with cream, where Diane had gotten it though was anyone's guess. "Rick." She declared, moving in but stopping just shy of you, smiling widely as her tail lashed behind her. "Monica good?"

"Good kitty." You said, and she purred, shuddering at your words and kissing you, her arms around your neck, moving to lay you flat on the bed, pressing her body down on your own. A little pause. "No sex." You told her.

A pout greeted you but she nodded.

She didn't stop kissing though.

"Rick." She purred, tightening the hug a little. "Monica good now."

You nodded a little, hugging her as she snuggled against you, feeling happy she was back to her senses. You'd only need to keep an eye out and confirm how well she'd learnt from the training you'd put her through. You really hoped you didn't need to put her through that ever again, just seeing Monica blank-eyed...

The focus shifted to Diane. "These clothes?"

"Something from one of my roommates she won't miss." She chuckled darkly, you felt that you did not want to know the details. "I think Monica's training can be considered done, for now, I'd advice against putting her through a four again for a while and instead just focus on reinforcing what she's learnt."

"Noted." A pause, your hand patting the content feline. "You going to empty this place?"

"Once we hit the road." Diane spoke cheerily. "I think we should be looking for the others, no? You'd said two days Master, but I don't remember that you set an exact hour and place."

"You're right." You say, taking a minute to send a quick message to everyone to meet at the medical centre once they got back from their own things.

Pausing, you motion at the nurse to come to join you on the bed, she grinned and obliged, taking the opposite side to Monica's, you leaned in to kiss her, and paused as you felt a certain someone biting at your earlobe. The feline was hugging you a bit more tightly, glaring a little. At least until Diane switched from kissing you to moving to kiss the feline. That warmed the feline up into a more enthusiastic hug.

"I'm not forgetting you asked for some private time... we'll have to figure something out." You told the nurse.

"Y-y-yes!" She squeaked, blushing furiously.

Monica looked at both of you with amusement. "Diane get sex?"

"Not now." You replied, slightly surprised at the question and keenness to the feline's eyes.

"Oh." Then she nodded, rubbing her cheek against your shoulder and closing her eyes.

You opted to take an impromptu nap before you went to meet with the others.


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