The steps were calm as you moved down the street, your arm holding Dia's shoulder lightly as she pressed herself against you. She was smiling until she stopped her steps for a moment, glancing at your hand on her shoulder with a frown. "What is it?" You couldn't help but ask.

Her eyes moved to yours, hand reaching up, and tugging yours down. Your eyes widened as she placed your hand under her dress, firmly pressing her bra-less breast as she leaned closer against you, now looking positively radiant.

"You sure?" You couldn't help but ask, hesitating at the brazen invitation of your touch.

The shine in her eyes was equal parts smug and enthusiastic, her own hand reaching over her dress so she could squeeze your hand. "Very," she proclaimed with a growing blush, clearly having needed a bit more courage for this than you'd imagined.

Nodding, you squeezed, feeling the warmth through your touch. Dia shuddered a little, leaning her face against your chest, biting her lower lip while blushing harder still. "We... should probably look for something to eat," you nervously chuckled. "But I don't know many places around these parts.

"Anywhere, sir," she shuddered and kissed your shirt. "I just want to make it special for both of us, I don't want to forget tonight."

There was a twinge of bitter-sweetness to her tone that you recognized in her words. You recognised the weight that the young woman felt on her shoulders. It was clearer now to you that society pressed the concept of being owned towards pokegirls. A weird twist of humanity, in this strange war it had with pokegirls.

You pushed the thoughts away, tonight was a night for Diane. You were going to try and give her what she needed and wanted, in the language she'd been taught to understand from the role she wished to fulfil.

Without hesitation, you leaned in and kissed her, groping her body more freely, the left hand moving to cup the small of her back and pull her against you. She was warm, soft, and pliant. Her lips parted into a gasp as you squeezed her body firmly. She pressed against you with near desperation for your touch.

You spoke softly. "Anywhere that would give us some privacy while we eat," you said. "I'll make sure tonight is not a night you will ever forget."

"Yes... sir..." She gasped, only letting go once you had begun the motion to set her free of your grasp. She pointed you in the right direction but kept herself well within your grasp.

If before she was proud, now she was positively boastful. You couldn't help but notice how she'd let out the faintest moan from your touch as other monstergirls looked her way, some showing clear envy. You had to wonder at the social dynamics involved in the unspoken interactions, but... you put the thoughts aside. It didn't take long to reach the place.

Not that it would take longer to go anywhere in this small place.

There was a conservatively dressed woman at the entrance, bowing the moment you'd approached. "Welcome, table for two?" The waitress asked, and you nodded, wondering what sort of place this was.

The inside of the restaurant was gloomy in its lighting, the sensation of privacy and class. The scent had a faint mark of incense to it, and the booths were divided by wooden walls from one another, oriented in such a way it wasn't easy to look from one booth to even the one right across from them. Faintly, you could hear little noises here and there, small whispered conversations, little gasps, a moan or two. But the space within the booths lacked illumination, so it was hard to make out what was happening.

There was no lack of imagination to guess.

The booth the waitress had taken you to had a small lamp hanging over the table; you glanced at it as you noted the cord. The table itself was a small square thing, and the seats on either side more akin to booths that allowed up to two. No sooner had you moved to sit, you'd reached out and turned the light out, to which you could only see Dia's smile when your eyes began to adjust. You considered whether to urge her to sit across from you or next to you... And smiled a little as something else came to mind.

You moved to sit on one end, and without letting go of Dia, you motioned for her to sit on your thighs.

The girl seemed hesitant for only long enough to realise what you were motioning her to do. "Yes, sir," she spoke in half a squeak, blushing as she took to your thigh, halting in thought for a second and then raising her skirt so her bare bottom was in contact with your lap. She wiggled, moving both hands demurely to her lap, looking at you, and smiling through her blush.

The waitress didn't even bat an eye. "I will be right back to take your order," she spoke with a sultry grin, but you ignored her in favour of Dia who had shifted slightly, allowing her to turn to face your direction, her pink eyes deep pools of desire, her hands moving to slowly caress your chest.

"I've always wanted to come here," she admitted, only then turning to look at the menu. "I've heard the fruit is very good, though I think... sir would enjoy something meatier." As she said this, her hands traced down to your stomach, fingers demurely touching your stomach under the shirt. "I know I'd be happy to be given some meat..."

Her eyes sparkled as she slowly licked her lips.

"You can wait, little mynx," you said, moving to hug her hips and bring her closer. "I'd like to know more."

"More, sir?" She asked, confused.

"About you."

That made her hesitate for a second. "I... there's not much about me to tell, sir," she spoke, turning slightly downwards. "I'm not..."

"Shhh..." You quieted her with a finger before she could continue that thought. "I still want to know you better Dia, could you tell me more about yourself?"

"Yes, sir," she nodded meekly, blushing. "I'm just like any other Rapha, I... grew up in a ranch, never really met my mother. There I helped a bit with the doctor to heal the scrapes and bruises that happened often. Eventually, I'd grown enough to start handling some of the troubles on my own, so I was bought as an assistant for the town's Hospital, and... I've been working there since."

"May I take your order?" The waitress asked.

"The fruit platter, please," you said, watching her turn to leave before focusing back on Dia. Then something connected in your mind. "And how old are you?"

"Nineteen since my naming day, sir," she said slowly. "Though I was told I was born from a feral, so I couldn't be too sure on my exact age."

"How so?" You wondered.

"Ferals don't count years, I might have been a kit only one or two years of age when the ranch bought me from whoever found me," she shrugged simply. She appeared to realise something, leaning down against you. "Monstergirls usually pay closer attention to their naming day because many don't know the exact date of their birth."

"Name day?"

"Monstergirl celebrate the day we were given a name because it is more important, it usually marks how long we have been with our Masters since it is traditional to give a monstergirl a new name when gaining ownership of them." Dia spoke with a tiny hint of bittersweetness to her words, and you leaned down to kiss her forehead.

"You're adorable."

"Thank you, sir," she quickly spoke, squirming. "I am sorry if I'm bringing down the mood."

"Don't be, you're not," you answered back, now moving the target of your kiss to her lips. Dia slowly wrapped her arms around your neck as she parted her lips for you for the briefest moment before you pulled away.

"Your order, sir." The waitress' voice almost went unnoticed.

Turning to the platter, you took the first piece you could find, and wet and squishy, you placed it against Dia's lips. The pink-haired monstergirl obediently took it, her lips wrapping around your finger while her tongue played with its tip before she chewed. "Delicious, sir," she proclaimed, twisting a little to grab a piece herself.

Closing her eyes, she placed it against her lips. You could only chuckle, taking it from her mouth with a kiss. Apple.

"Tell me more about yourself," you told her.

Dia squirmed. "There... isn't much, sir, I'm just another Rapha."

You hugged her closer. "Don't downplay yourself too much, Dia," you spoke softly, feeding her another piece; the young woman taking it with a sensual sound of delight. "Doctor Hale had nothing but praise for you, and you have many years of helping people." One hand reached up to her breast. "Including me."

With a sigh, the monstergirl shifted her shoulders, laying them bare as she lowered her dress, revealing her breasts in the dimness of the booth. "Sir..." She spoke in a slight whisper, leaning in for a kiss you were more than happy to return.

"You're really incredible, don't let anyone tell you otherwise." You kissed her forehead. "If not for you, I am sure I'd be in a far worse condition."

"It... it was nothing, sir," she mumbled. You can see her blushing intensely, clearly not used to being praised so directly.

You felt like this was the best way to progress. "It was a lot, you're a special gal, I'm very lucky to have met you." Your hand on her breast squeezed, and she bit her lip.

"I was the fortunate one, sir," she replied.

"You really can't handle praise too well, huh."

She fidgeted. "I'm sorry, sir."

"Don't be, I find it cute," you chuckled with a whisper, tenderly rotating her nipple between your fingers, only letting go to grab another piece of fruit for her and to place it against her mouth. "You're a very intelligent woman, even if you do try to keep your sell-point only on how beautiful you look. I want to hear more about you, Dia."

She chewed the fruit, licking her lips. "Sir..." A slight gasp followed, her fingers reaching for your chest. "Please..."

"Not yet," you replied. "I want you to enjoy this, I want to go slow."

"Yes, sir," Dia almost gasped as your hand returned to her chest.

Despite your words, your fingers drifted down, helping her to slowly but surely shimmy her way out of the dress entirely. She wasn't wearing any underwear; her naked body was kissed by the dim orange flickers of light, her eyes glimmering in the dark as she looked into your eyes, desire clear in her gaze, a quiet plea for more. Without a word, Dia picked a piece of something, something juicy, and while looking into your eyes with that desire, she pressed it against the base of her neck, allowing its juices to slowly trickle down her chest, between her breasts and down to her bellybutton. The glimmer of its fluids was almost an enchanting glow in the darkness.

"And what do you enjoy doing in your free time?" You asked, reaching to kiss the droplet that had made its way all the way to her belly. Berry? It was very sweet; you slowly began to work your way up, hearing her gasp and suck in air sharply every inch you progressed your way up. "What sort of places do you go to?"

"I... I like watching the public... tamings," she spoke with a slight moan, shuddering when your lips kissed her neck. "I often... I often go to watch, when the girl gets tied up, it's..." Her hand had placed another piece of fruit against her left breast, tracing it up to her shoulder and then back down. You followed the pineapple down to her nipple, taking the fruit and biting down. Dia moaned. "I'd often masturbate while I watched."

You hid the slight frown as understanding washed over you. To you, a date was knowing a potential partner. But to her, her goal was to seduce you. You suppressed the slight frustration at yet another clash of cultures and opted to push onwards. Better have fun and let things flow than dwell in the frustration.

You'd have time to learn more about Diane, no reason to force things outside of her comfort zone... even if it did strain yours.

"You don't say?" You chuckled, letting yourself relax with a slight breath, focusing on the now. You bite again at her body, looking up at her and making her shudder. Your fingers took a piece and placed it against her mouth.

Leaning her head back, she lathered your fingers with her tongue as she took it, letting some dribble down her throat. "Yes sir, I'd always get off harder when the master was extra rough."

Your tongue trailed the route she'd left for you, drawing shudders from her as you kissed and licked her throat, watching her spread her legs as your hands grasped at her hips. Your climb up her soft body reached her lips with a kiss. Moaning, her hands grasped at your shirt and her hips attempted to hump your leg but failed as you were holding her in place.

"And what else would you do in your free time?" You whispered into her ear. Placing a piece on to her fingers, you nibbled at her earlobe as she moved the piece against her jawline, leaving it on her lips. You could only chuckle as she inhaled sharply through her nose, remaining quiet and still so you could take the offering out of her mouth.

You didn't recognise the taste, kiwi maybe? A twinge of citric. The moment you'd taken the fruit from her mouth, she'd parted her lips to welcome you into her mouth, tongue eager to taste you as much as you were tasting her.

"Don't forget the question," the words come softly.

"I read, read lots," she admitted, appearing bashful even though she didn't explain why.

"And what do you like to read?" You pressed the issue just as your teeth laid claim to her lower lip, before you realised she was rubbing her breasts, lathering them up with her hands, and covering them in sweet honeyed nectar.

"Stories, sex stories. Lots and lots of sex stories." There was a heavy gasp as you moved back down, and her voice shuddered. "Stories of being owned, ah, of... hiiiii, of getting tied down and fucked." There was something about the word 'fuck' that seemed to make her hotter, to make her shudder at her own choice in how to express her desire.

Should you give her points for making reading erotic? "Is that what you'd like?" You asked, taking her fingers into your lips once her breasts had been nice and truly cleaned from the fruit. "To be fucked rather than tamed?"

Dia's eyes were wide as plates as her hips gyrated on your lap, clearly trying to find some friction there. You could feel her arousal through the cloth. Her fingers began to move downwards. "Please... please give me permission... sir..." She whimpered, her hands stopping just shy of the dampness between her legs.

You granted it, feeling a thrill you hadn't expected at the whole scenario. "I want you to cum for me," you told her, biting lightly on her shoulder, feeling posessive. "Cum while thinking how I'm going to fuck you tonight after we leave."

There was something about the word, 'fuck', about you ordering her to reach orgasm; it practically triggered her, Dia taking but seconds to cum with her hand, the other clutching as she pulled herself against you. "Y-yes, yes sir!" She cried, a whimper, a moan, struggling to hold herself upright, something your hand helped her with plenty. "P-pluh-pluhease..."

"Please what?"

"Sir, please... f-fuck me," she begged through lust-filled eyes, hips slowly grinding out the echoes of her orgasm; her arms were shaking as she gives herself a second orgasm.

"Not yet," you spoke softly, kissing her, fondling her body. "I want you to cum again, Dia," you told her, placing your finger into her lips.

The nurse obeyed without hesitation, voice muffled as she suckled at your fruit lathered finger, eyes closing and leaning back, her hand working furiously against her loins. Small cries and whimpers mounted up; she was too worked up, too hot, hadn't had the time to stop or calm down. The third orgasm hit her like a freight train, her whole body going tense, legs clenching shut and her head leaning against your chest as she bit your shirt to try and muffle her moan- not that she was very successful.

Dia was rigid as a board for a good long ten seconds before she flopped down, entirely limp, hips humping against you in irregular spasms. "Please... fuck... me... sir..." She gasped the words, barely managing a whisper, fingers trembling. "Please make it... real..."

"Shhh..." You let her ride out the quakes of her self-given orgasm for several good long minutes. You had enough of a presence of mind to try and figure out whether you'd gone over some line you shouldn't have, but within the darkness of the restaurant, you couldn’t hear anything other than soft moans all around.

The nurse was slowly coming down from her high, her hands slowly moving to caress the bulge in your pants. "Sir..." She pleaded softly.

"I have something in mind for you, Dia, not yet," you answered, watching her pout but nod. "You seemed to enjoy that."

A deeper blush. "I did... I did very much, sir," she huskily whispered, kissing your neck as she seemed to be in more familiar waters. "I've never cum so hard from touching myself, sir, thank you."

"Good girl," you spoke, stroking her hair, kissing her neck, and caressing her body. It was like entering a strange dream, one where the darker edges came out. Was she special? Different? Or was this normal? You pushed the thoughts away.

Every gesture was received and appreciated, goosebumps spreading through her skin. "I want you to take me to your place, Dia. I'm going to tie you up."

That made her eyes sparkle, her lips turning upwards. "Y-Yes..." She gasped, shuddering intensely under the near ticklish touch of your fingers. "Yes sir..." She moved to stand. "Oh~."

"What?" You asked, then followed her gaze- your thighs now were very, very stained.

"Sorry, sir," Dia spoke bashfully. "I didn't..."

"Don't worry, I'm sure it can be washed off later. You're more important," you laughed, kissing her to distract her from the worry. "Now, about going to your home..."

"Oh, yes sir," she nodded eagerly, reaching for her dress.

Your hand stopped her. "Dia, this is the only question I'll ask," you spoke firmly, moving her arm behind her back as you leaned down to bite at her earlobe. "You sure you want to put the dress on?"

A shudder; her nipples hardened against your chest. "No~," she spoke breathily.

A moment of hesitation, but you nodded. "Turn around... hands behind your back," you said in a surge of desire as you struggled not to indulge in her earlier request to take her here and now.

Revelation crosses her face, as she blushed and a wide grin spread across her lips. "Yes, sir." She did as told, turning away from you, and thrusting her ass towards you as she pushed her wrists together behind her back.

Using her dress to tie them in place; you were not intent on making it a tight thing but rather merely something that made its presence well known. And yet, Dia looked like she was a heartbeat away from asking for you to tighten it further, squirming her wrists about to show there was much room left as she kept her eyes over her shoulders at you. Quietly you obliged, hearing her whimper and moan a little as you forced her hands into a slightly uncomfortable position.

Once you were done you realized Dia was... slightly different- no, not quite. She was the same, she was just... standing straighter, baring her neck and thrusting her tits out, nipples erect even as she'd gyrated her hips ever so slightly. Your hand grasped at her ass. "Do you like this?"

"Yes sir," she shuddered, goosebumps running through her body, she was enjoying it. "Please... please order me, sir."

You realized she was proud, full of it actually. "Guide the way," you commanded, though there was a waver in your voice, a pang of uncertainty within as you were about to step outside into the street.

"Yes, sir!" She spoke eagerly, happily, moving towards the entrance.

"Best of luck," the waitress' voice whispered behind you as the door closed.

The streets had more people than you remembered, or maybe you were just paying more attention to the wandering eyes as the pink-haired woman sauntered down the road with one high-heeled step in front of the next while walking in front of you. The sway of her hips was a clear invitation to your eyes, the look over her shoulder every so often a signal of how worked up she was becoming with every step. And yet she kept herself perfectly straight, proud and sensual in every gesture. She said nothing but her body spoke of her joy and pride at being exactly where she was now.

You were mostly thankful that the darkness of the night hid your own blush, barely keeping pace with her even as she seemed to be grinding every step slowly.

Her route was longer than you'd thought, many times leaving you wondering whether you'd gone through the same place multiple times or not. It was hard to tell in the darkness, and harder still when you couldn't help but feel your eyes glued to her naked figure.

It was Dia who broke the silence. "This is where I first masturbated outside my bedroom, I'd been hit by a lust-dust prank," she whispered at you as you passed a corner, not stopping. "And over at that park is where I was first bound publicly, by a boobisaur, she'd been put under a spell." Her voice was let out in soft breaths. "Does sir like that? Knowing these things about me?" You gulped, blushing somewhat when you noticed how she'd caught your expression. "I'd like..." She said, not ever stopping in her walk and grind of thighs. " be tied up and... fucked... in public..."

Her legs wobbled a little, and you reached out to keep her standing. Her body was burning up, hot and eager, leaning into your touch. You felt your courage return to you as you groped her. "Don't make me wait," you spoke with a low growl, that surge of playful posessiveness growing.

"We're here, sir." She gestured at a particular door of a particular house with her head, giggling as you were caught off guard. "I share it with three others, but they won't be present tonight." Her eyes gleamed with amusement in the darkness. "I will be yours all night, sir." A wink followed before she shook her wrists behind her back, denoting how they were still bound. "The keys are in my dress."

Not able to help yourself, you growled into her ear. "You know, you've been a very bad girl," You said, leaning in to kiss her, fumbling to remove the dress and fish the keys from within.

Dia gasped slightly, then smiled innocently. "Will sir punish me?"

You opened the door, stepping inside. It was harder to see, too dark, but for you it was perfect; you closed the door. "See? You're doing it again." You grasped her from behind, pulling her naked body against your chest as one hand trailed down to cup her breast while the other reached for your pocket. "You keep saying that word."

She slowly opened her legs as you reached down between them, and she moaned.

"'Sir' this, and 'sir' that, that's no way to call me," you said, waiting for a heartbeat as you plunged your fingers into her. "The proper term is 'Master'."

A louder moan. "I'm yours," she said, leaning back, her hands still bound behind herself stroking at the bulge in your pants, her head leaning back. "Take me..."

"I mean it, Dia," you said, pulling out the dex, its light bathing both of you as you unlocked it and showed her the contents of the screen.

The purchase order with her name on it. The nurse froze, her face illuminated by the dex's screen, and her eyes began to widen. Carefully, you'd undone the binding of her wrists, and the nurse reached out for the dex in disbelief while you'd looked around in search of the light switch.

"Is this...?" She hesitated, grabbing it, fumbling with it, eyes wider still.

"Yup," you proclaimed as you managed to switch things on. "You're mine now."

What happened next you weren't quite sure of; things blurred for a split second, and the next, Dia was lick-locked with you, pinning you to the wall with a strength you had not known she had. "Master!" She cried out between gasps for air. "Master, master, master!" Her cheeks were wet, tears rolling down freely. "I have a master..."

The kissing turned into bawling, as she placed her face against your shirt.

"Sir, sir, sir, I'm-" The words died out as you kissed her, her body melting against you as you wrapped her in your arms, she was still flicking her eyes at the dex, clutching it as if afraid it might disappear any second if she let go. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm..."

"Shhh." You calm her again, kissing her, hugging her tightly. "Are you happy?"

Dia tried to speak, failing, managing to nod before she could recover her words. "Master." She spoke with a very wide smile, leaning against your chest, eyes turning down to the dex once more. "Master..." She mouthed it, as if tasting the word.

Holding her, you gave her the time to recover her bearings. This was a young woman barely reaching 20, completely overcome with emotion, you'd thought she'd like it, but not quite like this. How could this have gotten her so riled up? You'd never thought... you had never anticipated how much she'd wanted this. A shudder ran down your spine at the consideration, the little question.

Did they all feel like this?

"I'm so sorry, si-Master, Master, I'm so sorry." She managed to babble as she dried her tears, demurely returning the dex to you, even though her eyes still lingered on it. "I probably ruined the moment didn't I?"

"Nonsense." You replied, caressing her hair in reassurance.

"Please, please Master, let me... let me..." She began to reach for your pants, but you stopped her.

"Take me to your room." You spoke gently. "I told you didn't I? I want to tie you up."

Her face blushed anew, bright red, embarrassment mixing with so many more things you couldn't quite put words to. She bit her lip, shuddering and nodding, grabbing your hand. Quietly, she took you through the small house, towards what you figured was her room. "Just... just one minute..." She halted, gulping air and looking at you. "Master~." Again, tasting the word, her lips unable to stop the smile, she began reaching into some drawers and you took the moment to look around briefly.

There were pictures above the nightstand and posters, and there were many books and a couple of knickknacks. Nothing really caught your attention too much, instead you kept looking back in her direction as she pulled out something from deep within the drawers. You note it had been well hidden. Her eyes traced over the clothes for the longest second. "I'll be right out, Master."

She stepped into the bathroom, a little skip in her step, a blush on her face.

It didn't take even a full thirty seconds.

The doors practically slammed open as she stepped right back out, naked save the skin-tight piece of clothing she was wearing that covered nothing of importance. It took her a moment to draw in a calming breath, her eyes sparkled every time they looked at you, her shoulders drawing back, you realised she was trying to show off for you as she began to move towards the bed.

You opt to remove your clothes while she's doing this, revealing the effects of her efforts in the form of your rock-hard cock. "Now... please, Master, the wrists," Dia spoke as she moved to lay on the bed.

You get the clue and grab the remaining things she'd left at the edge. Her body trembled at the sight of you, blush turning redder, her every gesture pliant acceptance and eager participation as you slowly began binding her wrists. Slowly, she spread her legs wide, giving you room to move the other piece of binding into position, locking them apart.

As you do this, you tease her nubile flesh, caressing her ass and thighs, touching her neck and breasts, playing with her, watching her and enjoying her every gasp and her every wiggle. She looked at you with eyes that spoke of wild barely contained desire, like you were the last glass of cold water in a desert. Never had anyone looked at you like this, with such devotion and attraction mixed into a single thing.

"I want you." She spoke in a hushed whisper, honest down to her core, looking and leaving you with little doubt there was nothing you could do she would not enjoy. "I want my Master."

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You can only grin down at her and grow harder at the sight of the incredibly sexy creature that so openly and honestly desires you. "And I'm going to take you as my own, Diane." You say, pushing her legs slightly up so as to better guide yourself.

Her body poses no resistance whatsoever, eagerly stretching for you and hotly tightening around you. A pulse ran through her. "A new name!?" She loses her breath as you plunge into her, opening her mouth to moan loudly, practically a scream.

"Do you like it?" You asked. "I'd thought you'd want to..."

"Fuck me, Master." She pleaded, hands grasping at the bedsheets above her head. "Fuck me, fuck me hard, I'm yours!"

Not needing further incentive, you stop playing softly, thrusting into her in a singular powerful stroke, sending her over the edge of orgasm in one go. She was so worked up... her body tensed, the tightness of her cunt around your shaft increases, throbbing as her sex tried to milk you. But even then, she's so wet it's easy to pull back and thrust back into her. Diane shrieked, throwing her head backwards, a second orgasm. "I-I-I-... yours!" She gasped

Her words spark something inside you, something possessive, you thrust harder and she responds eagerly in turn. A heavy groan, another orgasm, amazement washed through you at how sensitive she was, and how much more she asked. You pull and push back inside, Diane thrashes fruitlessly against the restraints, her wrists held above her head by your own grasp. The more you take away from her movements, the more powerfully you thrust, the more frequent her orgasms hit her, and the tighter and wetter and louder she becomes.

It's a hypnotic rhythm that overtakes your conscious mind, a crescendo. She's yours. "You're mine." You growl, and the pink-haired woman joyously agrees even as you take her breath with a kiss. You pound her without any preambles or softness, and she revelled in every bit of control you take from her. You cum, hard, enough to leave you panting and tense, even as the monstergirl humped you, eager for more.

"Do you have a gag?" Your question quickly became mute, your mind snaps in reaction before she can answer, taking the pillow cover and removing it, balling it up.

Diane opened her mouth to take it, eyes sultry and sparkling. You pulled back from her, panting as you looked around, realizing she'd discreetly left several toys of choice at the side of the bed you hadn't had a good line of sight from the entrance. Pulling out the dildo, you turn it on, grinning down as her eyes widened.

"Wait a minute." You told her, pushing it into her wet snatch.

The moan was muffled by the piece of cloth, you turned towards the bathroom. A quick gulp of cold water, a splash against your face, you're left looking at your reflection. The man you see there had deep eyes, something about it felt strange, like looking at someone else, someone new.

Straightening up, you focused, of course, you had changed.

You now owned someone, legally, literally, fully.

And if the sounds she was letting out were anything to go by, she wanted more.

The night would be a long one.

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