Your mind was fuming and you were definitely not up to make any more rational decisions until you calmed down.

A sob was heard behind you as you closed the door, a pang of regret making it through the frustration but not managing to stick. What did was the nurse you nearly ran into as you'd been exiting the room with Alice and the others.

"Sir." Dia was right there, looking at you with shocked eyes.

You hesitated. "How much... how much did you hear?"

Silently, she stepped forward, dropping the clipboard, wrapping her arms around your neck and kissing you, her lips were soft and tender. The movement was fluid, it caught you by surprise, but no sooner had she wrapped herself around you that you'd felt a warmth within you.

"I'm going to make it all better." She whispered, letting go only long enough to take your hand and guide you towards the nearest empty room.

You stumble, realising where you were and wondering about what was about to happen, a part of you reacts, wanting to reach out, but she forced you to sit. Forced you. She was stronger than you, there was no doubt about it now, she made you sit, and her body moved to straddle your hips. Again, you reached out to grab at her, but the nurse instead hugged you, laying her head against your shoulder.

In the stillness, you felt hesitation, a heartbeat, then two, your arms wrapped around her hips, your head leaned against her shoulder.

"I'll make it all better, sir, just close your eyes." She whispered, and you did.

Her body... pulsed, warmth washed through you, stronger this time.

Like a soft summer breeze, your body began to relax, all the emotions began to just... drain out of you. "What is..."

"Shhhh." She whispered, her body pulsing once more, the tightness in your chest began to loosen up, your breathing slowing down.

Bit by bit, she pulsed, and each beat of warmth made the frustration and anguish vanish a little.

"I'm not the best at this." Dia spoke in a whisper. "But I know I can help you, sir."

"Why... are you doing this?" You can't help but ask.

"I'm a nurse." She giggled, pulsing a little more.

You closed your eyes. "What is this?"

"Aura of calm." She spoke. "Raphas can use it, though it's not my speciality." She explained, her fingers caressing your hair, her lips kissing your neck.

You relaxed further, sighing, letting yourself stay there, embracing her. One slow breath at a time, you relaxed.

"You're really something, huh."

She didn't respond, but her lips kissed your neck a little more.

By the time you'd recovered the entirety of your senses, you could only hug her more tightly, sighing. "That was... not my best moment." You confessed, feeling like her touch on your head was magic, easing away everything that was wrong with the world.

"You've been through a lot." She replied without missing a beat. "It's nothing to feel ashamed of, sir."

"I just..."

"Shhhh..." She soothed you gently, kissing the crown of your head. "Nothing to be ashamed of." She repeated.

"I don't feel you should be like this with me." You muttered under your breath. "You're special."

"No I'm not, sir." She replied. "I'm just one little flower in a field."

"I mean it." You reply, a bit more firmly.

"I'm just one in thousands." She replied. "Every monstergirl out there would risk life and limb just to draw the attention of a good partner, even if it meant sharing them with a dozen others. And you, sir, are a very good person."

You had to ponder on that, was this how beautiful women felt like? This... odd awareness that the world at large desired them? That you could get attention just by giving a couple of flirtatious comments here and there? It wasn't a comfortable feeling now that you thought about it. Your eyes glanced at the clock on the wall, it read 20:26. The memory of the note the waitress left you rang a dim bell, the time it said was less than half an hour away. But... Did you really want to go?

"You know, I know you still have work to do." Your words caused her to sheepishly smile. "I'm sure I could find a way to get you to not leave the room though."

The smile became slightly eager, mixing with a blush.

"But I won't." You said, kissing her softly, she returned it with a caress of your chest. "I'd rather neither of us got in trouble with your bosses, you should hop to it and we'll meet once you're done."

She blinked at that, dismayed and then excited over the idea. "Yes sir!" She made a mocking salute before helping you up. As Dia moved to pass you your pants, something fell off and she notices it. It's the note. The pink-haired nurse curiously picked it up and looked at it. "This is?" She asked.

The first thought was to shy away, but you paused. "Apparently I caught the eye of one of the waitresses at the restaurant."

Dia just blinked and noded as you said this. "And does sir intend to... meet her?"

Your mind goes back to the words you'd spoken to Alice, and then to those Dia had mentioned. Slowly, you wrap her around your arms into a hug, one she drops everything to return. "I'd be lying if I said I'm not interested." You declared honestly while in front of the beautiful young woman you'd fucked that morning. The feeling was... strange. "I'd be lying if I didn't say that it wasn't until right now that I'd considered I could spend more time with you again."

Dia's expression turned from confusion to a blush and was followed by a slow bashful nod. "Sir, you could..." A momentary pause followed with her cheeks turning beet red. "You could use my place... for... maybe the three of us?"

"Your place?"

"Ah... it's just a small flat I currently live in." She replied.

"You... wait, renting?" You frowned. "I was told monstergirls are property."

"We are." She nodded. "I am owned by the medical center, paid though, enough for me to not need to live in the medical center itself."

"That... seems complicated." You nodded. "But more importantly, I don't know where you live."

"I could... come with you to meet this girl instead?" She quickly shook her head. "Sorry, that was dumb, sir wants to surprise that waitress." Her hands grasped your neck and she leans up, asking for a kiss that you give her; the girl melted into your arms. "I just want sir to tell me what to do..."

It was like a spark, you remembered what Bea had told you about the bond, and how its manifestation could generally be with a desire to follow the one they were bonded to. But here you were guessing that in Dia's case it was showing in a slightly more pronounced fashion... either that or she had these sorts of tastes before.

You suddenly felt the need to ask. "Were you always this... like this?" You wondered, caressing her neck and watching her sigh under your touch.

"Never like this." She mewled softly. "It's so... warm."

This emboldened you further. "Did you ever consider having a threesome before?"

"I've..." A deep blush followed. "I've had a few, sir."

Well, you couldn't say you were surprised by the admission, but it still made you feel like grinning. "And would you like it more if it were an order than a request?" You wondered.

Dia shuddered, closing her mouth slightly and looking at you with the first signs of worry since entering the room. "I have it that bad, don't I?" She muttered in a whispered voice. "I-I thought I'd always enjoy being bonded to a human, but never..."

"...never this much?" You ventured, caressing her neck again and watching her practically melt, feeling bolder. "Are you sure?"

"I feel sure, sir." Dia smiled a little. "Could sir... give me an order?"

You gulped, nodding, taking a moment to gather your thoughts. "I want you to be hot and ready for when I show up." You said with a dominant turn to your words. "I'm going to come into my room here and I want you ready for me."

Swallowing hard, she bit her lower lip and nodded. "Yes, sir."

"Now go, hurry." You say. "Do your job and don't get into trouble."

"Yes, sir!" She spoke more playfully once she'd managed to escape your grasp. You opt to go to your room and clean up.

Cleaned up, feeling like your head was clearer and calm, you headed out in search of the restaurant, and find it soon enough, with the lights out and no signs of movement. Seeing very few people moving about, you wonder where the girl was, but see no signs of her.

You check the time and confirm you'd gotten here just about at the right hour.

Maybe she was running late.

You opt to wait a while longer, with no luck.

Then a tad more.

Maybe she duped you? It felt... possible, you figured, checking the time again, Dia wouldn't take too much to finish, maybe you could time your return and just enjoy the night alone with her. It certainly felt like it would be the more fun option since the alternative didn't quite seem like it would get anywhere.

Sighing, you're just about to head back when you feel someone touch your shoulder. You turn around and find... not the waitress.

"You look lonely, wanna fuck?" She asked crassly, slurring the words a bit and grinning the moment she saw you unable to avoid looking at her exposed body. The stench of alcohol lingered heavily around her like a fog.

"Sorry, no." You reply, moving a step or two away from her.

She doesn't seem dissuaded, stepping closer. "C'mon, I can smell it on ya, you want this, right?" Taking a swing at her glass, she emptied it right away.

"Not interested." You say once more, firmly this time.

"Bah, liar, you're all the same. What you really want is to be smothered in these, right?" She gropes her large breasts freely, squeezing them and bunching them up together. "Just round of fun and I'm sure you'll forget whats-her-face that you were waiting for."

Talking doesn't seem like it's going to work, so you opt to just turn around and start walking away. But she reached out before you can take more than a step. "Don't ignore me." She hissed, grasping your wrist. The hold is weak enough you slip your hand from between her fingers with just a twist, and then start walking faster.

A growl, the glass in her hand snaps between her fingers. You note she didn't have so much of a scratch as the shattered pieces fell. "Hey!" She shouted loudly, starting to move towards you with intent.

Your brain kicked in, alarms blared. You took a moment to consider what could be the best way to handle this. "Feral help!" You screamed and instantly bolt, unwilling to find out how dangerous this drunk girl could be once turned completely forceful.

"Feral? What? You crazy?" She shouted as she began to chase you.

She didn't make it ten steps before something rammed against her, knocking her on her ass. Instantly afterwards there's the sound of something pressurized being sprayed, three others falling upon the downed monstergirl. And then everything became calm even though you were not going to stay put and wait. It wouldn't be until a good dozen meters before you glanced over your shoulder at the drunk woman, seeing how she was now laying on the ground with her eyes wide and looking completely catatonic while several other monstergirls were keeping her restrained.

The one who'd knocked her down stood up, her right hand had been holding some can of some sort but she put it in her pocket before you could see what it was clearly. "Are you ok, mister?"

As she asks this you notice that there are capture-spheres on her belt.

"Thanks, got completely blindsided by her and I didn't like my odds." You spoke calmly, glancing at the downed drunk. "She going to be alright?"

"Her? Oh, I guess she won't be." The woman replied, unclipping one of the capture-spheres and tossing it at the drunk. She vanished into a stream of light as the ball began to wobble. "I'll be taking her to the police station, whoever's responsible for her is going to be in some deep shit for letting her go feral."

You felt a pang of guilt at that. "And if she has an owner?"

"Then he or she will get a hefty fine since she apparently had no ball linked to her." The girl shrugged. "So you're ok old man? Would you like me to help you to the medical center so they give you a check-up?"

"I'm fine. Thanks though. Name is Rick, what's yours?" You laugh slightly at the idea of being called old, and frankly, a part of you understood a bit where she was coming from, most people here seemed to be in their late teens.

"Giselle." She replied with a nod. "Well, if that's all, I'll be going on my way then."

"Thanks again." You said, watching her leave and wondering if there might have been anything interesting in the encounter... definitely nothing at all.

Briefly, you wondered if all tamers were this competent and then put the thought away. Oh well, whatever this chance meeting may have brought, you were sure it was less important than Dia waiting for you at the hospital. So you headed back to your room to be the bearer of bad news.

Opening the door, the sight before you made you forget what had just happened.

"I'm sorry sir." Dia spoke from the bed, smiling with a deep blush. "I just couldn't wait any longer..."

You locked the door behind you.

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