You woke up with a heavy groan, your body felt heavy, pummeled, hurt. It felt like you were just one giant bruise. Your brain was probably the only part that wasn't aching, but it felt exhausted, sleep-deprived, you definitely needed another ten hours of sleep probably. Everything was spinning as if you'd woken to a bad hangover, briefly, you looked around, a... room?

Laying back on the bed, you felt an odd sensation course through you, your eyes fluttered shut, so tired...

Opening your eyes again, the light had shifted, had it been hours? Days? You couldn't really be sure, at least your body felt less battered and broken. You were alive, being dead wouldn't hurt this much. With a groan, you tried to move, but realised you had several somethings hooked to your arms, ah.

This was a hospital.

Careful not to remove any of the tubes dripping into your body, you tried to more carefully assess your surroundings. The room was... nondescript, there was no one else there, it was large, as was the bed you were laying on. You dimly realised the bed didn't seem to have any of the beeping buttons you'd grown used to seeing, maybe this was some small-town hospital, several years behind on modernization.

Maybe that was it.

The excursion, the bus, an accident. Was that it? Had you dreamed... everything? Monica? The sex?

A faint groan followed as you took more of your surroundings and current state, you were currently wearing nothing save the blue paper gown that hospitals usually had. But more importantly, the light streaming from the window was a curse upon your eyes and head, the bed uncomfortable and the pillow stiff.

"Ugh." You groaned yet again, shifting into a sitting position and covering your eyes with your non-tubed hand while you pondered where exactly you were. Or what was going on for that matter. There was a beeping sound to your right, you shifted your head to glance at the machine monitoring your vitals.

You remember your students, Tomas, Kat... a groan, you can't find any buttons to call for the nurse, your eyes look at the machine again and you're slowly feeling like you're coming back to reality. You find the stickers the thing is connected to and pull at them, grimacing at the feeling of glue pulling out hair. The machine beeps angrily at that, the readings becoming erratic for a moment before they're left without any to be had.

The door opened only seconds later.

"You're awake." The voice made your head shift towards door #1, there you paused and blinked a bit trying to get past the pain from looking at the light directly as your sight adjusted.

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"Good day, sir." The woman spoke with a frown that quickly turned into a bright smile as she approached. She looked at the machine and clicked it off before her hand reached out and grasped your wrist. A moment of focus, the look on her face one of professional courtesy, the smile practised and easy on the eyes.

You feel a slight sense of relaxation wash over you, her fingers are warm against your skin.

"Hm... it seems everything's in order." She declared, moving to the other side of the bed, hands reaching down towards the tubes connecting to your arm and, carefully, removing them. "Are you in discomfort? Does it hurt anywhere?"

"Just... uh..." You swallow slightly, trying to make sense as to how could it be legal to have a nurse dressed like that. "Just a bit sore everywhere."

Your earlier fantasies of being in some sort of dream appear to shift. Maybe it had been real, Monica, the forest, the...

The nurse pouted in a way that made you think of things that were definitely not healthcare-related. "We did keep the healing to a minimum to allow your body to naturally recover, but now that you're awake..." She caressed the place where the tubes had connected to your arm, something seemed to happen, a softness overtook you from that point of contact.

It was like a soft breeze blowing through your body, taking with it all the aches and tiredness. You blinked, the headache was gone, like it had never been there, your body didn't hurt anymore.

"It seems it is mostly muscle exhaustion." She proclaimed, her hand remained softly grasping your wrist, the smile on her face becoming warmer, a little flush to her cheeks. "You were quite lucky, not many can claim to have survived taming a frenzied strength-enhanced monstergirl like that."

"Yeah..." You weren't really sure what your answer should be here, the thought of everything having been just a dream was melting away, you remembered the screaming, telling the others to go for help, Monica, Tomas, the pain...

"If you wouldn't mind, sir." Her smile broadened slightly at the last word. "I will need to ask you some questions to verify you are fully cognizant and there was no brain damage. Would you prefer I ask them now or would you rather have a minute and recover your bearings?"

The others! Your brain kicked in and you felt a mild panic. "My companions." You say nervously. "Are they...?"

"No need to worry, sir; you were the worst for wear of the group." She spoke soothingly, leaning down to sit at the edge of the bed, her hips brushing against your own. "Though there were slight signs of starvation, it was nothing some good rest and a good meal couldn't fix."

You sigh in relief, leaning slightly back into the bed. "Where are they?"

The nurse gave a slight nod and her smile became more reassuring. "Though I am not sure regarding every one, I am quite certain I saw at least Mr Gabriel and Miss Smith eating lunch not that long ago." That made you nod slightly, the feeling making you relax further. "Now, sir, if you wouldn't mind?" The woman asked as she made a gesture towards the clipboard, her tone keeping a deferral to it that felt as if she was not asking rhetorically but rather honestly waiting for your permission.

"Sure, go ahead." You comment, shifting to a more comfortable position.

Your mind pondered on a question Alice had made back in the woods. 'What if they were all like Monica?', the way the nurse was sitting so close certainly would've made you suspect it, but there was more to it, the way she leaned slightly towards you, how her eyes kept flicking towards your face.

You can only think of one way to find out.

Pretending as if it was the most natural thing in the world, your hand lay on her knee.

You weren't sure whether you expected a slap to come, maybe a complaint, maybe she'd just stand up, or maybe she'd at the very least scowl.

And yet, much to your surprise, the nurse didn't do any of those things. Instead, she shifted to a more professional tone, lightly clearing her throat with a cough. Focusing on the clipboard, her legs open ever so slightly. "Could you tell me your name?"

"Rick " You speak honestly, looking into her eyes, trying to read her. "What's yours?"

Your heart is beating faster than you expected as you ask this, your fingers move just slightly further up towards her thigh, not quite yet touching the edges of her very very short skirt. A slight flush and a cough follow as her legs twitch ever so slightly, her eyes dart towards the monitor machine and you can tell she's struggling to hide something from appearing in her face. Her legs open further, a hint of a smile on the edges of her lips.

"Dia." She declared. "Next question." She managed to regain full professionalism in her tone. "How old are you? What do you remember about your last birthday?"

A pause, a thought, it takes a second to think back. "I'm 28 years old and... on my last birthday I went out to get some drinks with a couple of friends." You declared honestly. Fingers drum slightly against her thigh and she tenses, the blush rushing through her attempt to remain stoic while asking the questions, her legs spread a bit more as she made a clear effort to avoid looking in your direction.

Her lips were struggling not to smile. "Ahem." She coughed when your fingers brushed further up her thighs and drew slight circles against her silky skin, disbelief opening the way for other things, you could reach her skirt, but you keep your touch on her knees.

"Next question, sir."

"Of course." You feel too shocked by her reaction to really react in any other way, just blinking numbly.

"How many living relatives do you have? Could you tell me their names?"

"Where do I start?" You chuckle. "I have a very big family, a lot of uncles and siblings and nephews." You add. "None on my end though, unmarried."

There's a moment of tension and surprise in her expression as she nods, dutifully writing it down. "So next-."

"Miss Dia." You interrupted her, this was surreal, you couldn't... you had to check, see how far this would go. Was it real? "Or would you rather just Dia?" You add, looking intently. "You look stuffed in that uniform, wouldn't you be more comfortable unbuttoning it a bit?"

This was it. A trickle of cold sweat fell down your back, the thoughts of the forest came back... reality couldn't lean all in that direction, could it? Was the insanity merely outside the walls of civilization or had it slipped into society as well? You remembered Alice and Tomas' concerns.

You did your utter best not to react, not to move, to watch intently at the nurse.

Your hand takes action and moves further up her thigh in a single fluid movement than it had previously, reaching her skirt and almost tugging at it, almost moving towards her hips. Though the angle doesn't give you the greatest of views, you have the feeling she was wearing nothing underneath the skirt.

The nurse blushes, taking in a sharp breath. This was it.

You weren't even sure if you hoped she'd slap you, scream at you, or...

She blushed. "Just Dia would be fine, sir." She spoke on a low voice, now fighting to contain a grin even as her nipples make an appearance, poking out from underneath the outfit's shirt. The hand holding the pen moved slowly up, you feel your eyes widen as you see her begin unbuttoning her uniform, starting with the lowest one, allowing the skirt to fully free her hips from their constraints and revealing only the slightest hint of navel from above her thigh. "And I do guess the room feels a bit hot right now."

The world was insane.

It felt somehow daunting, but your brain wasn't really allotting resources towards anything other than its desperate attempt to struggle against the shock.

Dia appeared unaware of what was transpiring through your mind, appearing to take the way you were looking at her as a sign of approval. "Next question." She didn't drop the clipboard, but she did scoot herself slightly further up the bed, leaving herself within easier reach of your hand. "Where is your current residence located?"

"It's at..." You take a second, just trying to think of the answer feels like you're trying to access an ancient archive. You need a moment to remember the name of the not-quite-big city you'd been living in not even a whole month ago. " least that's where I lived until... whatever brought me... us... here."

The soft-touch moves around the hip, feeling a slight firmness underneath the plump hips, and then slowly shifting towards her inner thigh. Her legs spread ever so slightly to accommodate you. You can feel the heat tempting your touch, but you restrain yourself and instead keep touching in small circles, trying to connect dots, to make sense. But more and more her body takes a greater amount of your focus.

You shift slightly closer, much closer, and Dia shudders as you do, her eyes on yours intently, a soft smile and a blush, her legs spreading further, almost begging for your fingers to reach between her thighs and the source of the heat that was practically lapping at your fingers.

"This is so... different... than what I'm used to..." She muttered in a hot breath, she dropped her pen, hand reaching to grasp at the hardness growing between your legs through the bed-sheet.

A flash of thought, Monica, the claws, the danger, the... you twitched. "No touching without permission." You stated firmly, and her hand recoils as if she'd been shocked.

"Sorry, sir, I didn't..." She's quickly starting to apologize.

You interrupt her, gesturing at her uniform, feeling the need to continue but to do so while remaining in control. "Next button, Dia." You instruct, as she twitched, you felt a sense of... of just wanting to let go, you grinned only slightly. "And didn't you have some questions for me? Or are you done?"

"No, I um..." The pink-haired young woman bit her lower lip, smiling nervously as the second button popped open, her bellybutton now clearly visible. "I... ah..." Her concentration seemed to be all over the place, swallowing loudly and appearing uncertain as to what to do. "May I?"

"Not the kind of question I meant." You point out, feeling like the mix of absurdity and humour made the situation all the more surreal, the instincts of your body were becoming louder, taking the wheel.

"Yes, yes, of course." Dia gulped, glancing at the clipboard hastily. "Next, next... Where are you currently? Anything you might know about the location you are in right now would work."

That was it, you decided, if... this reality was some strange porno, you were going to treat it as such. "Good girl." You spoke, your words lighting up her cheeks a tomato read even as your fingers move up to cusp her breast through the cloth of her uniform. "And to answer your question, it seems I'm in a hospital of some sort."

"Yes... ah..." Dia arched her back against our touch, her fingers moving to undo another button, now trying to go about it faster and urgently. "You're in Bark Town's medical center."

"Good to know." You squeeze slightly, pinching her nipple. "I do have a very important question." Leaning forward, you lower your voice slightly.

"Anything... sir." She breathed heavily, the clipboard clutched tightly as if she was afraid she could drop it at any second.

"May I touch you, Dia?" You ask calmly, well aware of the handful of breasts you were currently holding and squeezing, it was an absurd question, she was practically begging for more at this point.

And your tone all but nudged her forward.

"Yes please." She didn't hesitate. "Please touch me." She declared blushing harder as she leaned towards you, appearing intent on a kiss but stopping shy of it. Silently looking at you, nervous, remembering your earlier command.

Your fingers released her breast as the other hand reached to touch her hip, her response automatic as she turns and leans slightly backwards to make it easier for you to unbutton her uniform. Dia was deathly still as her eyes watch your hand in fascination, she was using both of her own for support against the bed, her shoulder so close she's almost touching your chest. A gasp escaped her with the final button, cloth falling to the sides and exposing her hard pink nipples and the valley of her tummy underneath. The young woman's breath hitched and held when you reached the lower end of her navel, fingers homing in on the heat between her thighs.

She was smooth, shaved entirely.

Softly touching the outer folds, she made an 'eep' before drawing in a sharp breath, going still, face reddening as the blush crept down her neck. Then you plunge the finger into her puffy red sex, just a bit, but enough for her to let out the held breath in a choked moan that was equal parts surprised and pleased.

"Oh!" She spoke through parted lips. One digit found her clit without barely any effort, a teasing flick against it results in her whole body shuddering from a jolt, the spark of pleasure shocking her. Dia now fully leaned her back against our chest, biting on her lower lip to silence herself, both hands clutching at the sheets of the bed tightly while she was doing her best so that the only movement her body did was to spread herself further open for your exploring fingers.

"Please." She begged, pulling herself closer against you, keeping her hips restrained as she slowly twitched against your fingers.

You're past trying to think or making sense.

With your other hand, you pulled her closer to you so she has better support, one hand reached up to grasp at you but she stops, panting, moaning, struggling between the impulse and the fact that you hadn't given her permission yet. You took a moment to remind yourself to speak. "Good girl." You whispered, using the hand that had pulled her closer to move her hands towards her thighs, she instantly placed them to use to spread her legs further open, fingers digging into the supple flesh with every stroke you gave her sex.

The free hand grasped at her breast and she was left all the more enthusiastic of the attention. Twice she came before she slumped against you, twitching as her body gushed from the excitement. "That was..."

Her rump pressed against your hard-on and she pouted, her grip on her thighs relaxing as she gave you a meaningful look. "May I, sir?" She bit her lip as she said this, turning her body around and once more stopping herself from a kiss without permission. "I wish to make you feel good."

You leaned to kiss her, her mouth tasted of mint, her lips soft, her tongue eager, pliant, and drawing you in. A small giggle escaped her, her hands quickly going to work, removing the bed covers and what little of the gown could block the way. Her eyes shifted to look at your cock and they practically glowed with fascination as her hand moved to delicately grasp at it.

"It's so... big." She whispered under her breath, continuing further down until those soft pink lips wrapped around it.

Flattered by her comment and quite sure she was trying to get brownie points out of you, you felt you ought not to disappoint in other regards either and encouraged her to continue, looking into those odd scarlet eyes that shone with equal parts inspiration and determination. Then... then she showed you that no one in your life had ever truly given you a blowjob.

A soft caress of lips combined with a tight mouth, her tongue knowing exactly where to attack to draw the most sensation out of you. Even Monica with all her enthusiasm paled in comparison to Dia's technique. It didn't take you long at all to reach your limit, and in her enthusiasm, she made you groan and twitch as your whole body tingled from head to toe, warm, gooey, hot, an explosion followed by relief.

You needed a second to recover your breath, and were about to move, but she held out a hand, pressing you to lay on your back. "Please, you are a patient." She declared with what seemed to be the only piece of resistance left within in her. "I can't let you exert yourself."

And then she proceeded to rock your world.

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