You reached into your pocket and took out one of the chocolate bars, splitting it and offering a piece. Monica beamed and leaned forwards, lips wrapping around your fingers as she suckled on them for quite longer than she would've needed. "Meownica~." She huskily whispered, touching her chest, groping it with half a moan before releasing your fingers with a wet pop, and then touching yours. "Purrsian~."'d have to look deeper into the whole 'only two words' later.

Splitting off another piece for her, you give a slight reassuring smile. "Yes, yes, Monica and Rick." You turned your attention towards the mouse. A deep wave of grief and pity washed over you.

Carefully, slowly, you reach to touch the diminutive mouse-woman's head. She flinched and barely made a peep of a sound, becoming incredibly tenser than a moment ago. "There there." You muttered, crouching next to her to take a closer look at her condition, but opting to focus to calm her down first. Placing the chocolate relatively in front of her face, you wait her out. Tension bleeds ever so slightly into curiosity after almost a minute of sniffing at it. By now you've heard the silent gasps of the others at the sight of the mouse-woman, but you ignore them.

Another minute passed, her snout/mouth twitching at the thing, always eyeing Monica as the feline happily focused on her own meal.

Another minute, and her tiny hands grasped the chocolate and put it into her mouth so fast you couldn't have stopped her had you tried. A squeak followed tears streaming down the girl's cheeks while she covered her mouth, eating the chocolate, chewing and swallowing in desperate speed. It was a stream of squeaking sounds as she sobbed, closing her eyes and curling up tightly, shuddering for well over a minute before she became deathly still and quiet. She slumped to the side, unmoving.

You felt a moment of panic before noticing the slow movement of her chest at her slight breathing. How exhausted had she been?

Now seemed as good a time as any to inspect her more closely. You're surprised she's still alive. Besides the wounds, her body showed signs of dehydration and starvation, she was very thin, and her fur was falling down in clumps. Both her legs had been snapped cleanly, it was done so perfectly you could only explain it as having been Monica specifically preventing her escape. Which made sense in a sombering way if she wanted to ensure she had someone to fuck whenever she felt like doing so.

Your eyes raised from the girl to look at Monica, the feline had plopped herself down into sitting cross-legged and watching you curiously, biting down on the human thigh she'd brought along as food. "Is she...?" Alice speaks up now that you'd stopped your inspection, looking very pale.

"Exhausted, starved, it's a miracle she's alive at all." You muttered.

"These ladies seem far sturdier than they look." Mr Gabriel spoke with a serious expression. "Makes you wonder what kind of place we've ended up at."

You can only nod before glancing behind you towards the trees, the incline was undoubtedly moving all of you higher up, but you'd yet to get up enough to be able to see past the tree-line. Would the hill go that far above? There was also the question about water, since this seemed Monica's lair, then you had high hopes there should be a source of water somewhere nearby... how you'd find it was another thing entirely. And that wasn't considering that the mouse-girl was clearly not doing too well, there were a couple of wounds still open even if not bleeding. Should you even consider attempting to give a treatment?

"Any of you think you can deal with her wounds? I'm going to have to head out with Monica." You declared with a voice that sounded more tired than you'd expected.

Mr Gabriel nodded. "I'm no expert, but we only have medicinal alcohol to disinfect things; that much I can handle."

"Good, thanks." You nodded with half a sigh of relief.

"What else can we do?" Muscle-glasses, erm, Tomas, spoke out in hesitation, there was a look in his eyes that felt... desperate like he couldn't stand the idea of just being there doing nothing.

"Then you could look for some firewood." You declared, scratching your head. "This area seems to be Monica's territory, so there shouldn't be dangers, but... still, be careful."

"Yes." He spoke with a slight hope in his voice.

"You should prepare camp." You glance towards Alice whilst May remained quietly at her side. "We can't all be split up, and by the looks of things it'll be getting dark soon."

"We're low on food." Alice gave you a warning look. "We have only one whole meal's worth left for each of us."

Your eyes glanced at the corpse Monica had brought along, and you felt yourself going greener, your stomach revolting at the thought. No, definitely not that. "If anyone finds any... other... food, bring it."

"I'll go with Mr great-abs." Kat spoke out. "I'll keep an eye out for vegetarian diet foods, though I think the slab of meat I'll bring along will have all my attention."

Her smirk was honest, her smile filled with mirth, and the laughter at the abruptly blushing Tomas very enthusiastic. "I'll look for water with Monica." You proclaimed.

"Oh, if that's the case." Alice opened her bag and handed you over three empty two-litre bottles.

Thanking her, you stretched and stood up while Mr Gabriel knelt beside the battered sleeping mouse. A silent curse escaped the old man's lips as he began looking her over carefully.

You turned towards Monica, watching the cross-legged feline being completely unabashed at her exposed sex and naked breasts, and completely uncaring of the blood and gore she was drenching on herself. Now... how were you going to do this?

Your brain churned for a moment, trying to figure out how you were going to do this. "Water." You say to her, and, obviously, she just tilted her head at you. Easiest option out of the window, time for take two. Leaning forwards, stretch out your tongue to make a licking like motion as you turned downwards, as if an animal licking from a bowl, but you just need a second to see the gleam in her eyes and you knew that she absolutely did not take the gesture in the way you intended.

The obviousness of it being that she spread her legs, purring smugly as she presented her sex more eagerly. Kat chortled but kept quiet, apparently having read your thoughts.

"Water." You bring out the still half-full bottle, pouring some of it into your cupped hand and this time doing the licking motion albeit on to the little water there.

"Purrsian?" She puts down the remains of the thigh, slightly confused. One more time.

"Water." The reiteration is spoken, drinking from the bottle a bit, then doing the gesture all over again.

"Purr..." She pouts, now clearly disappointed as she crossed her legs again. It takes her a moment before she glanced away, looking somewhere towards the north. She huffed and stood up, and you could swear the look on her face could only be read as: 'Only because I want some too'.

With a massive pounce, she leapt down the hill, landing with the sort of grace gold-medal gymnasts would've killed to have. Then she looked up the hill at you, tail swishing impatiently. "You heard the lady." Kat giggled before taking Tomas' hand. "We'll go look for wood and berries, though I'm sure I can find all the wood I could need if I look in his-!"

"Katherine Roch Garcia, not one more word!" Mr Gabriel snapped, glaring at her angrily.

"Eep, run!" She dragged the young man away into the forest. With this being the cue for you as well, you moved to get down the hill, following the path you'd taken to go up, finding Monica already having started to walk ahead a bit. You try to catch up, but somehow find that the moment you start to walk a little bit faster so does she.

She shoots you a hot look over her shoulder, bouncing her hips left and right in a taunting manner while her tail swished in very wide arcs. "Meownica." She purred the word with pride.

There was no way you would be able to catch up to her if both of you started running with everything you got. She definitely positively would run laps around you. Heck, you were certain you wouldn't catch up if she even ran at half of everything she had. Adding to this, the mid-day had been passed, and there were no roads or trails to follow. So instead you set out in a light jog.

At the first instant, she'd thought you'd been about to break into a sprint and had done so herself. The distance very quickly grew, and you very nearly lost sight of her. But when she looked over her shoulder to see where you were at she stopped, pouted, and waited for you to get close.

Then she repeated the whole thing, three more times. By then she seemed to realize you weren't going to bite on that particular bait and huffed, turning away from you in indignation, slowing her steps.

That was when you slapped her ass as you passed by.

She yowled, springing three meters into the air, nay, rocketing high into the sky, and landed with an absolute look of stunned indignation and confusion the likes of which you'd never thought anyone would be able to display. Quickly she caught up with you with a half-glare, looking at you steadily as you kept your pace unconcerned. "Purrsian!" She proclaimed, trying to grab your attention, to no avail, you weren't going to stop. That was, until her paw-hand grasped your head, it was then that you couldn't really move any further. "Purrsian." She forced you to look her into her eyes, glowering at you for a long moment.

The sound made for a bone-chilling experience, you froze, head entirely in her grasp and unable to escape for the fraction of a second it took her before she released you. Leaning in to lick your cheek.

You felt like she'd just tried to scold you.

No, Rick, this was... 90% of this was attitude, you convinced yourself, forcing the fear down.

You stepped into her personal space and licked her face. Monica snorted loudly at that and looked at you with half incredulity, huffing loudly and then taking the lead again, walking ahead but well out of range of your reach. She kept your pace, but you could tell there was something in her mind because she kept looking at you and then ahead, her ears rotating every which way every handful of seconds.

Soon you could hear what her ears had been picking up: running water. Your pace rose at the slight excitement, you didn't notice how she slowed down until she was standing right next to you just as you'd reached the edge of what you could only categorize as a very small river or a big stream.

That was when her paw smacked you in the back.

You shrieked.

The next moment you were drenched, sitting in the middle of the crystal clear and freezing cold stream, the depth barely enough for the water to reach your chest. And Monica was just a couple steps away starting to laugh her ass off. "Purr Purr Purr." She kept saying while holding her sides, her melodious voice rising more and more with the laughter.

Fine, you conceded, she won the round, shuddering as you stepped out of the stream, considering the next steps to take before you headed back. The plan was simple, you were going to take off your clothes, get clean, maybe tease her while doing so... maybe even tempt her into her trying the whole "getting clean with more than one's own tongue" thing.

There was just one problem.

You'd finished drinking some fresh cool crystalline water, removed the backpack, and were in the process of removing your drenched shirt when she'd tackled you back down, grinding her whole body against you, sealing your mouth with her own, pressing her hot pliant skin with unstoppable fervour.

But stop she had, because you began shouting. "Wait, wait, wait!" It was loud and incessant and clearly a sign you were not happy.

Monica growled at you, frowning, but pulling back once you'd managed to escape her kissing. The look she gave you was irritated and impatient. Rather than try to steer away from it, which you knew at this point was a lost cause, you instead hurried to remove the rest of your clothes so that at least they'd be drying off under what was left of the sun and away from the water.

The grouchiness was gone, her eyes looked you over. "Purr." The look she gave you had changed to one of approval.

AAaa~aand right back to being tackled. Contrary to the myth of H2O and felines, it seemed Monica had little care about the water, all too focused on getting everything you could offer instead. You were happy to oblige (if carefully).

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