You were insane, you knew there was no way you couldn't be, no other way to explain it. Without thinking, or rather, maybe thinking too much, you carefully reached out towards her head. She looked at your hand and glared, but there appeared to be a hint of curiosity, an edge of ponderance. The fur in her ears was soft but clearly unkept, and much to your growing surprise, your touch found that the ears themselves were as much a part of her as her hair, nose, or eyes. They twitched and moved on their own.

You had suspected this was the case, but it was still surprising to find out she had actual functioning ears.

Something about it just felt... insane, impossible, almost delirious in the very fact it was real... somehow.

Your fingers dug into the base of her ears and scratched at them with practised ease, thinking, slightly, back to your own pet feline back home.

She began to purr again, louder this time, pressing her head against your touch while her clawed hands reached to grab hold of the sides of your own head.

You could feel strength in that grip, there was little doubt of how easily she could crush your head if she so desired. The smell of blood became stronger, her clawed hand scratched ever so slightly at your head as, without warning, she leaned in. Her tongue licked at your face. You smell the rot of meat and God only knew what else as her tongue lapped at the whole of your face and left it drenched in saliva.

Despite your now increasing urge to run, you realize there's something cold and calculating in those eyes, interest. Her claws move to your pants and tears at the belt with a sharpness that left small scratches and torn pants in their wake. Though you flinched, you remain still, mind reeling as she gave a playful yowl and turned around.

Your eyes widen as her hips rose, her tail flicking in invitation. A blink followed, this couldn't be what you thought it meant.

The feline woman's purr stopped, her eyes narrowed at you, her claws dug into the bark of the tree and you flinched as you saw deep trenches being dug into the splintering wood. You stepped closer right away, your hand reaching out. Very carefully, you placed your hand upon the base of her tail and stroke.

The frown vanished, a slight grin spreading across her face as she purred again, her tail wrapping around your hip while she bumped herself slightly back against you, starting a slow grind as your hands strokes her back and tail. You could feel the muscles rippling right under the skin, how her body became warmer.

And how her grinding against you was becoming more insistent bit by bit.

The purring turns into a yowl, her head whips over her shoulder at you, snarling again as she emphatically thrust her hips against you, pushing you more insistently. You suspected what the message was, but... you gulped.

The snarl returned a low grumbling sound that made your bones shake. The decision is made for you there and then.

You can't believe you're doing this, you can smell her arousal, and you can't believe any of this is happening. There's a swelling you'd expect under any other circumstance that's reacting to her, and the way she looked over to you has a sensual edge to it despite the lingering threat.

Through your mind's eye flash the images of this past day, and the sense of disbelief becomes larger and stronger with every instant you remember. You wanted to have enough of a mind to remember where you were but you just couldn't. The very... surreal wrongness of this only appears to add to the weight of the situation and the tightness of your groin.

"Purrr." She whispered in a low tone, hotly as you reached down between her thighs and caressed her. Approval clear in her eyes as she gripped the tree firmly, she raised her hips slightly higher, the excitement clear as day within the sway of her tail. The sight of her body draws your attention and your thoughts like a magnet, it slowly becomes less possible for you to think of much else at all.

As you shifted in position, feeling her body aligning itself with your own, your face gets whacked by her tail as it rubbed itself against your chest and shoulders. From where you stood, she smelled of dirt, musk, and only a hint of blood, everything mixed with something else, something... primal yet sweet.

The woman pressed slightly back towards you at the touch of your fingers within her taut flesh. There's enough of a mind for you to overcome your own sense of anxiousness, your hands touch her flanks, causing goosebumps to emerge on your trail up her spine. The wild woman pressed her chest against the tree as you went, yowling pleasantly as you then returned your way down.

She pressed against you harder, moving her hips slightly and stopping at the sensation of your dick touching her hot arousal, the dampness clear. She shuddered and purred louder, impatiently, insistent. She was not in any need of further prompting.

Her body was hot, hot and ready, and it took an increasing amount of strength of will to keep your wits as the pleasure started to edge you on. Your hands kept seeking those points on her back and flanks, there is some dim sense of marvel at the muscle that rippled under the skin and fur, a body that was equal parts 'power' and 'sex', but your mind was the one to keep you on task.

You focused on the base of her tail, the woman gasped and mewled, the throbbing of your loins was just too much. A quick gesture, a minimal adjustment, you plunged into her, her tightness caught you by surprise. And next to the tightness was the warmth, the impossible heat. You groaned from the overwhelming sensation, taking a huge amount of focus. Your guttural show of appreciation was met by a yowl from her, loud and deep. It was like a dam breaking, there was no ability to hold back, she wanted it all now, and judging by how she pressed against you, she wanted it hard.

You were going to try your best, if nothing else, in hopes she'd see no sense in using her claws on you.

Grabbing hold of her waist like your life depended on it, you began pumping into her with abandon. The sudden intensity surprised her but briefly, her breast swung with the impact of your hips as she replied in kind, her flesh yielding, her hips bumping back to you thrust for thrust. The cat-woman's hair flew wildly as she kept becoming louder.

She reached over and back towards you, urging you to hammer her wet pussy harder, her hand tugging at your hips, the other laying on the tree for some support. Your own hands were busy, fingers digging into her waist's flesh. You couldn't stop, her folds enveloped your cock with such grip and warmth it's like you were melting. Never had you fucked anyone that felt this wild and out of control. And every little moment it appeared she was enjoying it just as much as you.

It was like she was built for it.

With a groan you felt yourself approaching your limit and fast, but she responded by stopping you, slowing her hip movements down and purring with a deeply flushed breathless expression. In a show of incredible flexibility, she raised her leg and, while you were still inside her, placed her leg on your shoulder while she used her hands to lower her body to the ground. You practically fell as the woman leaned on her side, spread wide, your cock burrowed deep inside her. When you move again she moaned, her body now sideways to yours as you reach deeper into her.

You must be doing something right, because she's being louder still than before, her claws digging into the soil and tearing it, leaving angry furrows in their wake.

Your own limits are being quickly reached, feeling the woman trembling and shuddering as you pushed into her a sign you hoped meant she'd was in a similar state. But you can't hold on for much longer, the tightness in your core threatening to overwhelm you entirely.

And yet, once you reached your own limit and felt yourself sag in exhaustion, the feline moved, handling you like a rag-doll and placing you against the tree before you could even wonder what was going on. Her eyes flickered down at your groin, scowling as her paw reached down.

You covered yourself as best you could, but her fingers flicked your hand away without issue, the focus remaining on your groin for a long moment. Her clawed hands reached for your own and forced your fingers against her folds. You caught the message, and as she laid to sit in front of you, legs wide and a pleased smirk on her lips, you started to work her up slowly back up again.

You'd started to recover by the time the feline had reached her peak, her eyes were sharp as she noted you state was returning to attention. Without missing a beat, she moved to lay on her back, legs wide, eyes winning gold and curious, as her claw pulled at your shirt and forced you to lay atop of her.

Her tongue returned to your face, licking away as she urged you on and into her.

From there it became a marathon of slowly but surely exhausting yourself while the feline appeared no less tired or eager. Whenever you couldn't keep going she'd have you use your hands to keep her entertained until you did. The adrenaline of her growls and snarls pushed you to keep at it for as long as your body could let you.

Eventually, you just couldn't keep going, though by then the demanding sensual woman had appeared satisfied, letting you prop off and slump against the tree before she turned towards the corpses. The world began to blur as you collapsed, panting for breath and finding your vision hazing at the edges.

Blackness began to overcome you as the stress and fear and nerves of the day started catching up to you.

The last thing you saw was how the nameless woman had moved from the corpses and had begun sauntering towards the bus.

Sunlight woke you up, your body felt exhausted but mostly pained. You were naked but you don't feel cold, mostly because there was something warm pressing against you. Opening your eyes, you find the blue-haired feline woman you'd thought you'd dreamed up draped over you, one arm and a leg put over you and keeping you pinned to the ground. You could only blink in slight surprise at this, and though you tried to get a better look at what was around you, her hold on you tightens the moment you shift, pulling you closer against her body.

The smell hits you, she reeks of sex and blood, but her strength is far above what you can handle, her arms are like steel, you couldn't even budge them.

The wiser option seems to be to remain still right now.

Sound reaches your ears, movement, but you can't see it from where you were.

With a frown, you turn yourself to face the feline woman, if she's the one keeping you bound, then you might as well wake her up. Reaching to her head, you begin scratching her ears ever so softly. It takes a moment, but the woman gives a murmur of a sound before relaxing, her hold slowly opening up, she allowed you to get out but once she noticed you were away she opened one eye and shot you a half-annoyed pout.

"Purr." She muttered. There's definitely something cute about that, but you ignore it in favour of finding out what was going on.

Your eyes immediately catch sight of the others.

Seven in total, seven males, splayed around the tree you'd been resting and all of them very still. It takes a moment before your brain fully kicks in and panic surges when you realize some of them are clearly dead. Two showing rips across their neck and chest and surrounded by pools of their own blood, another having their stomach caved in and... you can't stand it. Your body attempts to vomit with an empty stomach.

Oh gods, what had happened?

Focus returns to the feline, you notice she's awake and starting to leisurely clean the blood from her claws, blood that had not been there last night. She'd killed them? The shock courses through you like lightning. The victim's, you immediately try to find survivors, and a quick pulse check confirms there's only three to be had. One of the survivors is the muscular student from last night, and you can't find the redhead amongst the victims.

Dread rushed into you, and it's then that you're reminded of the sounds you'd heard. With a turn of your head, you see that there are people coming out of the bus, all of them have rings under their eyes, all of them show signs of fear and terror and apprehension, all of them were moving slowly to avoid catching the wild woman's gaze, sticking to the bus.

Of the tornado of emotions welling through you, there's a clear sense of numbness that's growing by the second. What should you even feel about the woman who was now so luxuriously exposing herself as she licked her calves clean? The very same who apparently had fucked seven others and killed four while you were unconscious? You push the thoughts away, you couldn't dwell on them, you need clothes and food first and foremost, and you need to get the other three to the bus.

"Hey, wake up." You mutter, slapping the young man's face slightly and causing him to groan.

Carefully you help him to his feet and help him remain standing, slowly, the both of you make your way towards the bus as you keep the feline in the corner of your eye. The sound of contented purring can be heard as a background while you advance. As you get closer to the bus you note the looks the people shoot your way, they are... complicated. You can't really read them, there seems to be fear, anger, apprehension, exhaustion, and a lot more.

"What happened?" Is all you manage, now choosing to ignore the growing sense of embarrassment that was being added to the storm of confusing emotions inside your chest now that you were aware of your lack of clothes.

Silence greeted you.

That is, until one of your fellow teachers, his arm sporting a gash that wasn't there yesterday, spoke up. "After you fucked her she dragged others there and fucked them too." There was venom in his voice, and fear. "Some she didn't seem to like." You note the doors of the bus had been ripped clean off. "We were nothing to her, one casual swipe from her nearly tore my arm off." He showed the wound, the look in his eyes was as if he were demanding compensation. "It's thanks to you that she attacked us, she could've just eaten the... the..."

The words were lost to him while his lips thinned, but the words were there even if unspoken. 'Had you not done anything, she could've just eaten the corpses and left with a full belly'.

You frowned at his words, irritated to a very large degree. "I'm sorry I couldn't control this super-powered feral woman? Just how much control over the situation do you think I hold here?" You growl, the anger pushing through everything else, pushing it aside. "At what point in time did you think I had any control here?"

"Didn't seem like you were complaining about it." He retorted bitterly.

'I'm guessing neither did you, what with your right hand still being usable' The thought crossed your mind but you don't speak it. A pause. "Either I gave her what she wanted or I would've been dead too. You tell me what choices I had."

"How lucky of you that what she wanted wasn't so bad for you was it?" One of the parents stepped forth and spoke sharply.

And of course, it would be Ms Johnson. You opted to ignore her comment; after all, it was what she was best known for amongst the teachers. You could spot the little shit of a kid who'd somehow still been alive up to this point standing behind her and gawking towards the blue-haired naked woman.

"Have you no morals?" She hissed the instant she realized where her son's eyes were aimed at. "No shame?" She gritted her teeth. "What you did last night in front of everyone was nothing short of an absolute embarrassment and shows you're no more than a degenerate!"

There's a collective flinch at that, and you realize that, somehow, she was making the argument turn from whether you were responsible about other's deaths straight towards her high-strung standards of civility. It wouldn't be a stretch to say you really didn't like this lady. You did not have the time, energy, or intent to handle this. "What part of 'I wasn't in control' flew too high over your head?" You stated between gritted teeth.

"Of course you weren't in control, you're no worse than a monkey." She snapped.

"Look, miss Johnson, I am not going to put my survival over some shame." You declared, and immediately notice at the corner of your eye how the feline woman had stopped her grooming and was looking in your direction.


The gesture came so fast it had caught you off guard, or maybe you were just tired. "You're just a lowly degenerate and you have doomed us all!" The woman screeched loudly, almost screaming. The sting of the impact causes anger to bubble within you, though not enough you'd show it.

It's not the slap or its sting that draws your attention, it's the blood-chilling growl that came from behind you. Everyone froze, and you looked towards the feline. She was standing up and heading your way. The look on her face was not happy. At all.

Your brain whirled. "Now look at what you've done, you pissed her off." You growled under your breath, ensuring a lot of people suddenly looked in the direction of the cat lady. A part of you knew exactly what was going on, she perceived the screaming bitch was dominating you and didn't like that for whatever reason.

Speculation as to why she didn't like that could come later, right now there was a sharply decreasing doubt that Miss Johnson would get killed if you didn't do something. Or worse, others might get hurt, you had to act, appease the creature.

So you did the one thing that you could think of that could undoubtedly show the cat-woman that you were in control and she didn't need to step in, praying she took it exactly in that way. You shoved the old woman to the ground. The fact that it had been a fantasy of yours for well over three years had nothing to do with it. This was purely altruistic with the intention of saving the bitch's life. Scout's honour.

There was a moment of stunned silence, everyone looked at you as the woman was sent sprawling on the ground, looking up at you aghast and not quite sure to be more indignant about what you'd just done or to focus on the cat-woman and become terrified instead. Without another word, you puffed up and stepped past her to intercept the incoming threat. She stopped in front of you just as you'd put yourself in her way.

Hide the fear, look tough, in control, the instructions kept bouncing inside your head, loudly, you didn't have room here for second-guessing yourself. You note the anger the feline had been showing had degraded but her eyes didn't leave yours even though you were too sure that her attention would return to the old woman the moment the old lady opened her mouth.

"No killing the old bitch, ok?" You comment with a grin that she looks at curiously, head tilted slightly, the anger turning into... curiosity. "It's handled, just go back to what you were doing, ok?"

You reach up to scratch her head.

The woman gives a derisive snort and swats your hand away with the back of her paw-hand. It's like you were hit by a baseball at full speed, the hand painfully throbbing as the woman looked down at you in a way that could only be reproachful. But she doesn't do anything else to you, instead, she nudged you to the side so she could walk past you. Her paws were like a wall, you couldn't even fight against it.

Stunned and with growing fear you watch as the pokegirl approached the downed old woman, who was now very quickly trying to back away to no success. "Sian." The cat-lady spoke the single word, an amused smile appearing on her lips as she grasped the feeling woman's ankle and dragged her back.

There's screaming and begging from Miss Johnson, a part of you wants to act but you don't know what to do, nothing you could do could effectively stop that feline short of turning her anger your way. And it was clear nothing Ms Johnson did dissuaded the cat-lady as she promptly sat on the older woman's face, muffling the screams and began to grind her crotch against it. A slight blush starts to appear on her face but she stops after the second grind and a deep growl emerges from deep within her chest as she leans down to glare at the lady.

Even you realize what the message that was being given was. The woman was to act accordingly or regret it.

As she began her show of dominance, slowly working herself up, your mind raced, help... help... stop this before it escalated, but how? Violence wasn't the option, the feline could kill you all. Then... what? You paused.


The thought came to you suddenly, you began to move.

Without waiting for an instant, you went towards the bus, ignoring the complaints from a couple of people left inside as you pushed through, scouring the pile of backpacks for candy bars... and a change of clothes that may fit you while at it. Stepping back outside you quickly note cat-lady (should start calling her something else soon) wasn't yet gaining a definite rhythm, seeming irked at the lack of talent from her forced lover. Standing out of her immediate grasp, you approached, opening a chocolate candy bar. You wonder whether chocolate may do her harm but put it past you.

She could probably bench-press a small car, this should not be your concern at this point in time.

"Look at this." You call out, showing the bar to her and breaking a piece, wafting it in front of her, allowing the scent to reach her. "Want some?"

The feline's eyes focus on you and her nostrils flare, eyes widen and you see her lick her lips. Her humping comes to a stop while she leans forwards opening her mouth while looking intently at the piece of chocolate in your fingers. But she's a bit too far, she would've grabbed it had she used her hands, but it didn't seem to be her intent.

You're standing your ground, and you stay put. The cat-woman's gaze shifts from wanting to irked to pouting to irked again. She gave a derisive snort and leaned further forwards on to all fours and getting her sex away from Miss Johnson's face. Her lips wrap around the treat and your fingers, she gives a contented purring sound at the same time her tongue starts dancing across your fingers, lips suckling on them before she pulled back and licked her lips.

The cat-woman's eyes look at you with undisguised intents, a smile spreading across her lips, completely ignoring how Miss Johnson was scrambling to her feet to run away. There's something daunting about the desire in those eyes as she looked towards the rest of the chocolate bar, then at you, and then licked her lips far more slowly and intently, crawling just slightly further and closer towards you.

Feeling like a mouse trapped by a cat, you decide you should probably prepare for collateral. "Prepare to leave while I distract her!" You call out as you reach out to grab her arm. At least that's what would've happened had she not so leisurely swiped your legs from under you.

A heavy grunt followed as you were quite abruptly on the ground, she was straddling you the next moment, pinning your hand down and reaching to gobble the remainder of the candy bar with a pleased expression on her face, having eaten it all up in a single bite. You have to wonder what she'll do next and whether you should start worrying.

You definitely didn't expect her to just flop over you, her breasts on your chest, her body weighing you down, her face in front of yours. The woman's tongue reached out and started licking your face, the smell of rotten stale meat now accompanied by chocolate. It made it slightly more tolerable.

Despite this, you can feel there's a definite move to her hips as she does this, she wasn't excited yet, not truly, but she was clearly working herself in that direction and wanting to work you in the same direction too. You were not going to stay underneath her and find out whether she's going to go overboard or not, hell, the way she was looking at you already screamed about how her enthusiasm was quickly growing. So you had to do something about it.

Attempt one, you tried to spin your body and topple her, an attempt which she snuffed out with a sudden spark in her eyes as she only needed to shift her weight to keep you pinned. Her hips rose in the air and her tail was swishing left and right. Oh shit, she was thinking this was a game, wasn't she? You decide to switch strategies, your hands reach up to her body and grasp at her breasts, drawing a moan and a shudder from her. You push further by leaning upwards, planting your lips on her neck, feeling the heat of her body.

Her skin tastes of dirt, sex, and sweat. There's something more to it, something you can't describe but that feels wild. Squeezing her body more tightly against yours and biting on her neck draws an abrupt yowl and a moment of weakened arms from her. Somehow, you manage to turn both of you around in a single fluid movement, but you realize that it hadn't been a moment of weakness from her that had given you the chance but rather that she had purposely allowed it to happen instead. Her legs lock around your hips.

"Someone get me some water!" You cry out before going back down to biting her neck, something she's very appreciative about while she continued to bathe your shoulder, neck, and ear with her tongue and lips.

There was a murmur of worry about how dangerous fucking her could get under current circumstances, especially with how she was wrapped around you and was far stronger than any human in recorded history. But there was little you could do right now besides manoeuvring yourself into a more comfortable position and hope she decided to were doing a good enough job to not have you join her other victims.


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