The guard grabs Rellik by the collar and brings him with him to a room at the end of the hall. During the walk they start talking.

-Why do you attack these defenceless people? The boy asks. They don't even have space travel so they can't be much of a nuissance.

-I don't know, it's an order from the king, and you don't want to argue with the king. The elf shakes his head.

-Why not? Rellik asks. If he's a tyrant, why don't we rebel?

-He's paranoid, my ma tried to rebel too. Tears well up in the soldier's eyes. She was a journalist, my ma was, she just wrote a less than flattering article about the king and for that, she got executed.

-But still, the humans have done nothing to the king, unless this planet is important for something.

The guard takes Rellik and pushes him against the wall and starts talking rapidly to him in a whisper.

-Listen kid, you don't know what you're talking about. He looks around fearfully. I heard that this planet has a crystallized mana core, a one metre sphere of that stuff can power a ship like this one.

A current of electricity sparks from the man's badge. He drops on the ground, twitching for a moment before going still.

Natural manufactured

4 Sun elf femurs

1 Set of elven guard armor (+ 25% to all stats)

-I am so not wearing that. Rellik says but takes the armor anyways, putting it in his inventory.

-Good, because I need to give it to his family, such a shame really, Suor was a good soldier but the barbaric humans killed him. Rellik looks at the figure of the king in front of him. That's proof that they need to be exterminated.

-That's a lie, you're the one who killed him.

-I know, but who's going to tell them. The king shakes his head. When the only person who knows this is a kid.

-Bast, where are you?

-I'm coming, don't worry?

-Are you done Rellik?

-What are you talking about?

-Every ten levels of a skill you get an upgrade of your choice, Rellik, I happen to have one called illusion sight. They stare in the other's eyes. It lets me see through illusions, but I have to say, the person who made yours is a proffesional, I have to focus on you to dispel the illusion.

At the mention of skill levels, a notification appears in front of Rellik.

Starlight: Lvl 4

Shadow shroud: Lvl 1

Snowball: Lvl 1

Frozen ball: Lvl 1

Ice spike: Lvl 1

Identification: Lvl 3

Freeze: Lvl 3

Frost chain: Lvl 2

Comet: Lvl 2

Shadow cloak: Lvl 1

Shadow chain; Lvl 2

-Okay, but that doesn't matter, I will take you down once and for all.

The king just smirks.

-If you can take me down before the year is up, I will tell you where my secret cache is.

Quest alert: Usurp the king

King Alfheim has tasked you with taking the throne from him before the year is up

Reward: Title of king, access to secret cache

Failure: Destruction of humanity

Time remaining: 9 months, 29 days, 29 hours, 99 minutes

(note: declining counts as a failure)

-I await the day where I will bury you.


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