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Don't ask Will why she's certain that the clipboard wielding, teaching-assistant looking creep loitering outside of her door is bad news. Worse than bad news. In fact, she's sure that he would be up there with the worst things to ever happen to her, and there are some impressive items on that list. She can feel it in her gut.

Don't ask her why her gut seems to know more than she does, either. It is what it is.


A school for magic in the middle of the desert. A lot of very angry kids.


Updated weekly or biweekly, depending on the way the wind blows. This story is mostly vibes, though not necessarily good times. Go into this expecting fast paced action, and recieve a stern finger wagging from me.

Hear this: Beyond lies gays, blacks, and the socialist agenda. If it's not for you, it's not for you. 

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Character Driven, Slower Paced, Full of Humor


Alright, I am far enough into this story I figure I can write an advanced review and I finally have a moment to take my time and do so. So, here we go:


This is a slow story. It takes its time to unfurl, like a fern rolling out its fronds to the sun. I love stories that take their time and move at the pace of the character(s) we're following. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but it is mine. When you click into this story, you're in Will's head and Will isn't the sort to rush through things, nor add undue stress by piling on lofty goals and setting agressive deadlines. The danger in a slow style is plodding or grinding to a halt, but Animalis Circumplexus never falls into that trap.

Other style points are added for deft use of the immersive third person POV, beautiful blend of sardonic dry humor, and overall cleverness throughout.

There are only a few errors here and there and mostly missed typos. Vocaubulary, sentence length, and paragraph structure are varied. It's a well written story.

Story Score:

So, I got to talk above about the slowness of the story and how immersive the POV is, and how the author weilds dry humor with a practiced hand, but let's talk about the story itself a bit. So, have you ever wondered what Harry Potter would be like if it were run by a shady shadow American Government division that's kinda like the FBI, but really not, and no one is really sure what is going on, why they are there, what's planned for them, or who their "headmasters" are accountable to?

I honestly didn't know I wanted to know the answer to those questions, and now I want more answers. It's an interesting world with mustache twirling villains and villains whose villainy seems rooted in a deep level of apathy, and some very angry kids who are holding it together, kind of, while they look for answers, and it's told in a way that keeps me wondering what's going to happen next and who we're going to meet next.

Colorful is a great way to describe this cast, starting with Will, our MC. I don't want to give too much away because for those who love to read for characters, this story is a joy. You learn more about Will each chapter and every other chapter is a tiny character study that pulls the story forward and shows a web of developing relationships and a sense the strength of this web will be needed as the story progresses.


If you enjoy urban fantasy, slower paced stories, dry humor, character driven narratives, and colorful characters, you've landed on the right story and you should definitely give it a go.