Divine Thorns [An Ancient LitRPG]

Divine Thorns [An Ancient LitRPG]

by sontagisme

To the gods, humanity is but a pawn in an endless war.

Eliphaz knows this, yet accepts the blessing of a vengeful god obsessed with challenging the Highest, the One being that lords over all others. Powerful abilities beyond any mortal lies within his reach, but at what cost?

For war is brewing, a clash between ancient forces that threatens to tear reality asunder. Eliphaz has a role to play in this conflict; he is the divine instrument by which the lesser gods will be destroyed—that is, if he does not fight against his own fate.

Divine Thorns is the first arc of The Book of Eliphaz, a litrpg that takes place in the ancient Near East and is inspired by the Book of Genesis and other ancient stories. 

Image: Gustave Doré – The Celestial Rose (from The Divine Comedy), 1867

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