Kairos: A Greek Myth LitRPG

by Void Herald

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content
It has been centuries since mortals unlocked the secrets of the Fate System and overthrew Mount Olympus. The old gods are dead, and their thrones are empty. Kairos, a young pirate with the ability to speak with animals, has an ambition: to ascend as the newest deity of a flooded world. But divine power is not given. It is taken.

Now Kairos must sail the endless sea, tame fearsome monsters, and conquer new lands. The challenges are many, but he will face them all. For Kairos is a cunning [Rogue] indeed...

Cover by Vitaly S. Alexius
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One of the best lit-rpgs I have read so far!

Reviewed at: 8: The Poison King

Although not a lot of chapters are out, it's been great so far. I just didn't give it 5 stars because I don't know how it will develop.

The grammar and language usage is pretty good. The Greek mythological setting makes it quite different from most of the other fictions out there. 


As soon as I saw that this novel was from void I knew it was going to be good and I was not disappointed the story is great and has a good balance strong but not overpowered mc, interesting story. Reminds me of seaborn but that's probably because they're the only pirate novels I read


This is your average power fantasy story. Nothing unique except setting which is dissapointing considering other stories of this author. Vainqueur the Dragon was also a power fantasy but it was a great comedy and didn't take itself seriously. Kairos takes its story seriously and as it's just an heroic mythos-making power fantasy, it is ultimatly just boring.


This story reads like a Greek tragedy with rpg elements. 

I should hate this story.  The main character has a tragic flaw.  There is a possible slightly inappropriate love interest.  The main character has a very ancient Greek view of death – just another day.  The hero starts as a pirate (anti-hero). 

Yet am left feeling hope that he will be better than his past.  We will have to see . . . at the right time.


Mix review, very very mix!

Reviewed at: 15: The Sack

Please read the story first before reading this.

First the world is great, Because it opens to many encounter in the future and i like that some of the characters are interesting, Like the Bow dude ther is so many mystery engulf around him and thats a plus for me. And for me thats all the upside maybe in the future there will more but i work with what is in the table.

And the downside the mc is the most hyprocrite i have ever seen, Read chapter 1-15 and watch how he acts and what hes saying, trust me you will agree with me.

And story portrait the mc that he is a cunning bastard.......most of the time, Yes the mc has done some clever things i totally agree but most of is plan is just dog shit, in the story if you are reading like a casual readers like most of us you will not notice it, But for me it stands out so much, and most of his plan is based on luck and the plot backing it up, But he has done some good plan even i did not think myself.

And last the politics in this world and one sentence i can describe it.....The Peoples who do politics in this world have a mind of a gibbon. read some of the politics in the story and use one of your brain cell to process it, Then you will find more problem more than the problem of stock market.

the story is enjoyable fun to read but also anoying to people like me, and dont take my words for it read it yourself and judge it by your own.