Hacking Reality (A teenage Mad Scientist's story.)

by Arthicern

Maya Williams was smart.

For the first time however, she realized she might be a little too smart. At least if the fact that a gang had kidnapped her was any indication.

But that didn’t matter, because she’d show them. 

She’d show them all!!!

Just as soon as the voices in her head could agree on how to get out of this mess.


Please Note: This is a read-only version of a forum quest I run following a teenage Mad Scientest with heroic tendencies in my Deviant's Masquerade setting.

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A Delightful Denizen of Demented Distinguish

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue (Pt. 1) ago
Prologue (Pt. 2) ago
Prologue (Pt. 3) ago
Turn 1 ago
Turn 2 ago
Turn 3 ago
Turn 4 ago
Turn 5 ago
Turn 6 ago
Turn 7 ago
Turn 8 ago
Turn 9 ago
Turn 10 ago
Turn 11 ago
Turn 12 ago
Turn 13 ago
Turn 14 ago
Turn 15 ago
Turn 16 ago
Turn 17 ago
Rave, Rave, Revolution! First Beat! ago
Rave, Rave, Revolution! Second Beat! ago
Rave, Rave, Revolution! Third Beat! ago
Rave, Rave, Revolution! Fourth Beat! ago
Rave, Rave, Revolution! Final Beat! ago
Turn 18 ago
Turn 19 ago
Turn 20 ago
Turn 21 ago
Turn 22 ago
Turn 23 ago
Turn 24 ago
Turn 25 ago
Turn 26 ago
Turn 27 ago
Turn 28 ago
First Patrol (Pt. 1) ago
First Patrol (Pt. 2) ago
Turn 29 ago
Turn 30 ago
Turn 31 ago
Turn 32 ago
Turn 33 ago
Turn 34 ago
End of Summer Festival (Pt. 1) ago
End of Summer Festival (Pt. 2) ago
End of Summer Festival (Pt. 3) ago
Resident Festival (4) ago
Resident Festival (5) ago
Resident Festival (6) ago
End of Summer Festival (Pt. 7) ago
End of Summer Festival (End) ago
Turn 35 ago
Turn 36 ago
Turn 37 ago
Turn 38 ago
First Day of School (Pt. 1) ago
First Day of School (Pt. 2) ago
First Day of School (Pt. 3) ago
First Day of School (Final) ago
Turn 39 ago
Turn 40 ago
Turn 41 ago
Turn 42 ago
Turn 43 ago
Turn 44 ago
Turn 45 ago
Turn 46 ago
Turn 47 ago
Turn 48 ago
Turn 49 ago
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Turn 53 ago
Turn 54 ago

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Alexander Bivens

Heavy on the slice-of-life

Reviewed at: Turn 45

This is an interesting story that reads well and only has a few grammar issues here and there that i could spot. Just as an fwi, this story is a bit heavy on the slice-of-life. The main character does a lot of inventing, but doesn't actually spend a lot of time using those inventions. I stopped reading at chapter 45, and this far into the story, the main character has only engaged in actual combat once. If you came here looking for an action-filled romp, you are not going to find one here.