Kade Evans used to have a life other's envied. Now, he has nothing.

His parents are dead,

His friends gone,

and his trust  has been betrayed.

Using the last of his savings on a VR capsule, he hopes to escape his past and enters the newly launched fulldive game:

'New Earth'.

Will he be able to find a new beginning, or will the past find him?

[Participant of the April 2021 Royal Road Writathon challenge]

P.S. Please only rate the story after you've read Chapter 13, as that's where the first major event happens. Everything before is just to get you into the story.

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The Final Wordsmith

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John Fellows

This is pretty good! I root for the main character, the author has established empathy for a bunch of the characters and the setting is pretty good. I want to find out more and I am definitely going to follow this story.

Structurally it's light LitRPG - blue boxes, but not massive technical explanations and math or min/maxing. It's more focused on the story and characters than pure power creep and obsessive growth. I'm grateful for that - I find with those stories you can skip 30 chapters and have lost nothing.

It's not without its flaws, but I think it's excellent, especially for RR. It ignores some things in the real world in favor of the LitRPG game the MC is playing, he hasn't established relationships with many people though that does seem to be developing.

One thing I notice is that one character in particular is introduced, forgotten, remembered, then forgotten again. It's not particularly consistent there even though there's a scene with the MC apologizing for doing that.

That said, I'm enjoying the story, interested to see the main character's progression. He's not completely OP, there are real conflicts and the structure for an interesting story is in place. Looking forward to seeing where this goes. Keep it up, author!





VR plus Magic and realism

Reviewed at: Chapter 66

So far the story is good. The plot can be seen at first glance as pro player (MC) because of politics got betrayed ( by the guild) but the details are still not fully shown and just being foreshadowed making me (us readers) speculate on his background and his problems. 

Grammar wise no distinct or glaring issues, it's smooth and captivating (depending on the reader but to me it is). 

This story has a lot of potential, from crafting with magic to (hopefully) kingdom building. 

And I'm loving it! Hope you guys try this if like VR and crafting.


Interesting take on LitRPG

Reviewed at: Chapter 52

The author is spending a bit of time trying to understand the ins and outs of the System.  The way it works and how he can use [Status] to his advantage.

The brief flashes of insight we get from the NPC's show they are living creatures, not mindless scripts. 

Watching as the MC struggles with his anxiety disorder is interesting.  Especially since he believes the people he is interacting with are NPC's.


It's one of the good ones

Reviewed at: NOT A CHAPTER!

Its a great novel

 I decided to write a review because I thought it was too god to have just one review. I'm not good at writing reviews, but you should try it, read past the first two chapters cause that's when the story starts developing it's unique litrpg-ness




This is a pretty interesting take on the VR stories, and as I read it I found myself liking it more and more. So, I listed some of the things that I liked and disliked about the story. Here we go-


1. Intriguing Magic System

2. The OPness is reasonable and does not come off as absurd plot armour things.

3. Nice character development, looking forward to the development of the MC, and some other characters (spoiler information so can't tell who)

4. Nice world-building in-game, the lore comes off as interesting.

5. Suggest edits is on, so for those who like to suggest edits, this is a big plus. (eg:- Me)


1. There are grammatical and spelling error, so for those that are highly affected by these, it may be a problem.

2. The real life world is explored rarely, with almost zero development through that (there are exceptions, but they are rare).

3. It might be a bit too early to judge so I did not factor this in the rating, but the skill level scaling seems to be a bit off. The levels seem too high too soon, but I think that the author has a plan in mind for that.

As of now, the story is pretty interesting, and I feel that it definitely deserves to be higher in trending.

P.S. Do read it till at least chapter 13 before deciding if you like the story or not, because something major happens and the first chapters are like the buildup for that.


I use google translate to read and the story's very good. I dont see too much write issues with google translate, so i think the write is good.

I like the mc, he's very different of the other mcs from the others storys on Royal Road.

The magic, until now, is a system which i like


Well written, interesting take on LitRPG (ch. 60)

Reviewed at: Chapter 43

Through chapter 60. Great story, well written, and a slightly different approach to the LitRPG genre. I think the evolution of the MC is interesting as well as the game world. 60 chapters in and I can see the glimpses of the long term mysteries starting to poke their way through. Look forward to more!

Ice Man

It's another VR story BABY

Reviewed at: Chapter 32

Reviewing for chapter 1 - 33

Classic bad/sad life backstory, isekai (idk man, it isn't but it has the vibe) /DeepDiveVR  underdog but growing in power and character really fast. Like Korean manwa.

Neutral Con/SemiPro? - Goes between IRL and VR, wich is hard to pull of and it is done... not poorly but also not well? Again it's really hard, it disconnects the reader but on the flipside it shows more of the day to day life of the main character and his living situation.

Like it's good, it does what it does and delivers. Has short chapters wich is what it is. Fun read if you like any of the above.

4.5/5 for a free royalroad novel but has room for growth.

*Rest is just for the author but you can be nosy to I guess*

A REALLY good first novel, like gj you did good.


So far the story had been progressing nicely. The main character is gaining skills and abilities but through his own effort not luck like most other novels.  I also like that the main character had a backstory that plays into his personality and actions.  Part of me really hopes he will tame something later on that he can ride around on but that is just my personal opinion as I don't know what the author has planned.  The main character also makes rational decisions instead of just going crazy and getting a ton of loot. It really helps the story to progress and give the author more time to build his personality which is great!

The world build is slow and allows the reader to really get their head in the reading. I am excited to see more kingdom building in future chapters and hope he helps the village become more modern and defendable.

The style of writing is consistent and there isn't much on the front of other perspective which I really like.  Sometimes other story's can be ruined by telling it from to many point of views. The author does a great job of only doing other perspectives when it truest benefits the story.

A great read and definitely worth your time!


Mc is solid and I like him, not crazy unbelievable has issues and is strong but the type of built up strength. The side character are fleshed out and not stilted, world building is done in a cell kind of way. Like you see glimpse of the world around him but the game world is more built up. My honest opinion is the chapters are too short word wise. I'd say 2-3 chapters would be the length of what if make one but that falls under personal preference. 1 star for writing so we'll 1 for an interesting story/plot 1 for a mc that is realistic with flaws and 2 for being free 5 stars yay now if you go to Amazon I'll review there too but it will be harsher because yah know I'll buy a copy to review. Hope you keep writing think this has a lot of potential.