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Vicrul's house was not what you exactly expected when you saw him for the first time. However, what you least expected was that just a few streets away lived your beloved Mr. Hux with his lost cat. Now it all made sense when you recalled about his other five brothers.

You stopped at a large house with a dirty grey color where people lived who were either vampires, super-rich, or just into the old construction of gothic style. There were probably five floors, to which every floor had two rectangular dark windows. At the front, there was a spiral staircase that took you immediately to the first floor. Comparing his house to the other ones in the neighborhood was like comparing the daylight with the night. His house was really constructed differently.

"Nervous?" Vicrul asked, plastering a smile on his face.

"I don't know, should I be? I'm really not planning... on becoming a vampire any time soon," you ironically commented with a grin as soon as you stepped into the hallway.

The walls were covered in black paint and at the top dangled a giant candle lamp on which you could see the dirt. The staircase on the left in the shape of a snake brought you upstairs. The hallway floor was covered in a large red knitted carpet and brought you immediately to the kitchen. At the top of the entrance of the kitchen hung the horns of a deer. You weren't sure how to feel about the decoration in the room, but it was indeed unusual. It was still better than seeing a loaded rifle or the head of a beer hanging there. The right side led you to the dining room. The naturally dark table in the dining room was the size of Professor Ren's height.

While Vicrul took off his shoes, he mentioned, "Don't worry, the horns aren't real."

He picked up his motor helmet with his backpack and walked into the kitchen.

"Where are your brothers?" you noticed.

Living in such a big house with six boys all at once was definitely not a quiet place. You imagined how the loud music blasted every evening that even the house jumped. Every night was probably like a party to them. The neighbors were either afraid of them or stood every evening ringing at the door until the police would arrive.

"I dunno. I always see them late at night," you heard Vicrul shout from the kitchen.

He came up to the doorway with one arm propped up against the doorframe, in the other holding a bottle of beer, observing you sinking into the style of the house.

"You know, I always thought our school seemed intimidating, but your house is on another level," you commented, eyes staring at the ceiling.

"I hope in a good way," he smirked. "Make yourself comfortable. Your dish will be served any minute!"

You entered the dining room and plopped yourself on the chair on the corner of the table, where the sun shined through the window. To get to the living room, you would have to go through the dining room, where there was no door in between. A dark aquarium that stood next to a bookshelf came to your notice in which you watched small, colorful fishes swimming from one side to another. No pictures were hanging on the walls.

And as if by magic, the chef cook Vicrul came with two plates full of chili con carne.

"There you go," he grinned, placing your plate next to the cutlery. He took the water bottle and poured it into your glass.

Your gaze was focused on him as if it was the sexiest thing a man could ever do than serve the food, he had cooked himself. And the way it smelled...

There was probably a reason why your stomach wasn't that hungry. As if the body itself knew that it would expect something better in the afternoon.

"That's my oldest brother's seat," he noted with a slight smile.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Do you want me to sit somewhere else?" you lifted from your seat.

"No, no!" he insisted for you to stay. "I'm not used bringing people at home and seeing someone else sitting on Ushar's place."

"Oh yeah, I remember. You told me the names in your family would sound weirder than yours," you beamed, picking up the glass.

The water touched your lips, the refreshment hit your mouth, and your eyes and mind were only focused on Vicrul, who copied you and adding an eye wink to it.

You hid your smirk while putting your glass on the table and shoved the first bite in your mouth. The corn with the beans and the red tomato sauce that awakened the spiciness in the mouth was delicious.

"That might be one of the best meals I've eaten so far!" you smiled from ear to ear like a child, who for the first time ate a dino nugget.

Vicrul appreciated it. "May I?" he demanded, moving with his chair closer to you. With his thumb, he wiped the red sauce off your chin that you hadn't noticed and licked it off his finger, with his eyes fixed on you so you wouldn't miss the show.

You broke the eye contact in embarrassment and quickly took the napkin to run over the spot again. Your mouth tightened.

"Thanks," you said softly.

"You want dessert?" he offered while cleaning up the plates.

"No, thank you. I'm stuffed."

Vicrul disappeared into the kitchen, starting the washing up.

"Do you need my help?" you shouted from the other room.

"No thanks! An injured hand will definitely not help me out!"

You rolled your eyes, stepping out of the room at the same time as Vicrul did. The tensions between you began to twinkle, and your eyes met each other like magnets.

"I'll show you my room," he said, nodding with his head towards the stairs.

And just like a blind dog, you followed him, not thinking about the time, your phone, any notifications, nothing at all.

"Since I'm the youngest, I live on the highest floor, so it may take us a while to get to the top," he said with a grin between his teeth.

"No problem, I'm used to the stairs from school," you sighed heavily. Maybe it really wouldn't be a bad idea to work out more with Finn again to avoid running out of breath.

Climbing stairs to heaven was for Vicrul a habit. The way he smiled at you as you tried to act tough in front of him only brought him more joy while you just imagined how scary it would be to walk through his house at night. You stopped for a second on the fourth floor and looked down out of pure curiosity. In the instant moment, a familiar tightness twisted in your chest, and a feeling of dizziness overtook your mind. Your hand started to shake as you forcefully gripped the stair railing out of fear you would fall.

"You okay down there? It's one more floor to go," Vicrul reminded you from upstairs.

Your breath became steadfast again. You wiped the sweat from your forehead and climbed the last staircase.

You stood in front of two white doors on the last floor, one of which was closed, where you assumed the bathroom was. When you entered Vicrul's room, you were almost struck.

"I thought your room was—"

"Messy?" he cut you off with a short chuckle before saying the exact same thing.

You pressed your lips in a shameful line and turned your head over to observe the room. Of course, it was blue, but nothing like his eyes. It reminded you of the Pepsi can only much darker. His posters of various artists with different instruments hung framed on the wall. It looked like a normal boy's room, only much cleaner and much more classical.

"You're a cellist?" you asked him in wonder, pointing at the large cello next to the mirror across from his bed, on which he sat on the side.

Vicrul only nodded in response. Next to the cello was his desk with a small framed black and white picture on it. You took it in your hand and looked at it more closely. Six handsome, grown men were standing outside by a tree. Two of them looked proudly into the camera, puffing up their chest with a bride grin, while the other three were just staring at it with a frozen look. Vicrul, on the other hand, only formed a small smile, standing at the front of the middle because next to being the youngest, he was also one of the smallest.

"It's quite hard to believe that you are related. You all look so different," you remarked.

Vicrul stood up from his bed and approached you so closely you could smell his cologne all over again, almost taking your breath away. He narrowed his glare above your shoulder, looking at the picture in your hand, and lifted his chin.

"We're not brothers by blood, but... we care for each other the way all people should."

And although his words were supposed to sink in your brain much faster, it was nothing but slow. The only ones to blame for this were his eyes that were so magical, so magnificent, so...

Before you could notice, he took off your hat and placed it on the desk while his gaze was fixed on your mouth and just like you imagined it many times in your head, his soft lips brushed against yours.

Your heart started pounding in your chest even more rapidly than in the stairs. Vicrul seemed to have a talent for taking things out of your hand while his tongue was busy exploring your mouth. Your legs started to feel shaky, so while turning around to face him, you took a quick breath.

"Now that I'm thinking about it, I might actually want some dessert," you said in a seductive tone. You wrapped your arm around Vicrul's neck and placed your injured hand on his chest.

He approved your intended message with a smirk, claiming your mouth all over again but in a gentle way. His hunger for you started increasing, making you all excited in your belly. You could tell he was a good kisser who was prepared for everything, then his lips tasted like spearmint.

Vicrul was trying to find a rhythm that could satisfy both of you, and to his luck, he did. Your eagerness for him was itching all over your body. He stopped for a second, breathing laboriously, and, with his bare fingers, he pulled you in by the waistband of your skirt and moved you ahead towards his bed.

He fell on the smooth mattress and immediately prompted himself up so that you were squatting on his lap, consuming each of his kisses that were getting electrified. He tossed down your blazer, pulled your blouse out of your skirt, and started undoing the first buttons while setting lazy kisses down to your cleavage. You cupped his cheeks, and you knew that one wrong trace with your finger, and you could cut yourself on his cheekbones. But the bleeding wouldn't stop you. You clashed your mouth against his puffy lips, stroking with your hand through his beautiful dark brown hair that smelled like fresh shampoo.

"He was engaged in a secret bet about who could deflower the most girls for real money!"

"Drop them afterward like a banana peel!"

"Keep your hands away from him!"

"How can you defend a man whose only goal is to devirginize us?"

"Stop!" you screamed, full of rage, placing your palms on your ears. You moved away from Vicrul as fast as possible, almost crashing into the cello, and started to button your blouse.

You weren't, sure, to who you referred it, but you knew you couldn't take it anymore. You never wished the voice to come between you, but it did at the moment you least expected it.

"What is it? What's going on with you?"

Vicrul's confused tone said it all. You believed that maybe the startled silence that followed by you putting on your blazer and button up your blouse would be understandable enough to him than any reply. But you were wrong. In the end, it didn't look like silence was for him an answer.

"Has it something to do with me!?

Under no circumstances you dared to look him in the eyes, which could prevent you from staying here.

"Talk to me!" he yelled, his voice sounding louder and more strident.

This brought you to stop what you were doing and to look up at him. No matter how hard you tried, your brain couldn't produce any words. And although you had told yourself several times that men who shouted at you, when being furious, wouldn't scare you, you kept believing this lie over and over again.

"I - I can't do this... I'm sorry..." you replied faintly.

"Then get lost!" he hissed and violently stretched his arm towards the door.

His voice tore painfully out of him. Part of his hair hung in his eye, and the magic you always saw in him was gone. Extinguished. Probably forever.

You had no other wish than to run out of the room down the thin staircase that felt like it had no end. The stairs almost made you go lightheaded. The moment you had the end in sight, you opened the entrance door, only to step into the darkness.

With a furrowed forehead, you glimpsed at your phone.

How on earth was it already 07:30pm?

The thing that probably shocked you the most was that neither Mom nor Qi'ra called you or left you a message. What a joke.

It would take a while for the bus to pass by, so you decided to walk the entire way to your house. It's not like it was a long road either. You didn't need any music. It was loud enough where all your thoughts, all your questions, and all your pictures were scrambled together. The image of you kissing Vicrul so full of fireworks and him, later on, yelling at you was now a new collection to your brain. And you hated it. You hated how you felt. Like you couldn't even walk correctly. You were tired from something that you couldn't explain.

Nothing made sense. You liked how Vicrul touched you. How he was craving for your mouth. For your neckline. How the smell of spearmint sparkled on your lips. His angelic smirk. Damn, even his self-made chili con carne. And yet, you didn't want to see the fallen angel again.


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