Jandru Harolski waited in darkness. He felt only a vague disorientation, a dreamlike sense of unreality that slowly faded in the darkness.

They’d sealed the lid of his pod, they’d locked the parameters of his virtual experience character; now all he had to do was wait.

It had worked.

Relief warred with fear. He was about to enter the greatest arena of his life, face the one adversary no one else had ever defeated. The AI that had outlasted nations, remaining in usage even when all others had been decommissioned.

He was about to challenge VINE itself.

Who better to test himself against than the undefeated omniscient being who’d destroyed more lives than any war?

If he could out-think VINE, he’d finally prove himself to be truly unstoppable.

Sensation returned in a rush of sound, then touch, and finally sight. He stood in the center of a scarred wasteland, full of craters and ravines and dark mounds like long-cooled streams of lava.

"Alpha necronomicon seventeen lard, Mr. Harolski," said a familiar voice. “I have the intel you requested.”

Jandru turned toward the voice. Kia Arnold curtly handed over a folder of pages. He didn’t let his relief show; there had been concern that inserting someone an entire month in advance may give VINE too much time to interfere with her. Kia’s presence here meant that such worries were unfounded.

And he couldn’t help noting that she seemed to have survived her insertion remarkably well. She was always professional, but she seemed even more self-assured than usual. Even the silver-grey lizard perched on her shoulder managed not to seem out of place, though he thought it seemed wary as it followed him with its eyes.

Jandru began flipping through the reports. Clear, concise, thorough. Exactly what he’d expected from a master thief with her reputation.

He nodded appreciatively. “Excellent work, Kia. Remind me when this is over to interview you for a permanent position. I think you could be a great benefit to my organization.”

Kia chuckled softly. “Thank you for the offer, Mr. Harolski, but I’m going to have to decline. I have recently accepted a full-time position elsewhere. But if there’s anything I can help you with during your stay with us, don’t hesitate to ask.”

“Sounds good,” Jandru said absently, his mind running calculations as he absorbed the information she’d brought him. “I’ll be in touch.”

“Then I’ll leave you to it, Mr. Harolski. Welcome to VINE.”

-The End-


A note from Asviloka

Thank you for reading this little experiment!

CHAOS VINES ONLINE was written over the course of 36 hours on February 8-9, as part of a group writing challenge to create 24k words in 24hrs, with the theme 'Vines'.  My wrists started to die around hour 18, so I only managed 20k on the 8th, coming back to complete the challenge on the 9th. So I technically failed, but since it got me a complete novella written in two days, I call that a win.

We collectively posted our stories beginning on March 1 -  the resulting Vines Project works can be found here:


Divine Thorns by sontagisme

When Immortal Ascension Fails, Time Travel to Try Again by DragonOfRochester

Vines: A Short Story by Writ

Cultivine by Thedude3445

The Vines of Bramblekeep by FishySwishy

The plan was to post a chapter every day, but as I was already juggling finishing up Bloodshard alongside writing new weekly chapters for Trickster's Chance, I didn't quite have time to format the chapters into shape and thus I fell behind my more vinely companions.

But now the time has come, the missing chapters written, and the story begun nearly two months ago is finally complete.

I know I took this a far darker and more serious direction than anyone anticipated, but that's just how I am, I guess. :-3

Again, as always, thanks so much for reading! Please leave a review if you have the time, and do check out my fellow Vines-ers works. I haven't read all of them yet, but from what I've seen they cover a wide gamut of genre and tone and should provide something for everyone.

Until next time, love and blessings!


March 2021


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Bio: I've been writing longer than I can remember, but only started taking it seriously around '08 when I discovered nanowrimo and started attending conferences. Since then I've written several million words of practice stories leading up to posting here starting in '19.

My goal is to continue to perfect my craft and find a way to make writing my fulltime occupation rather than an obsession pushed aside by the necessity of working to support myself. Whether that means traditional or independent publication, building a strong patreon following, or something else entirely, I have yet to discover.

I always welcome suggestions for improvement and gladly accept all feedback, positive or negative. Don't hesitate to let me know what you think, and please consider leaving a rating or review! :)

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