My Undesired High School Repeat

by Mr.PurpleBook

Wren was in his college dorm when he got a text asking if he would like the chance to travel back in time. Having answered no, he fell asleep and woke up five years into the past right at the beginning of his first year in high school. 

Annoyed with the fact that he had to repeat high school once more, strange things begin to happen as he relives certain events from his past with a new perspective. And with his new ability to somehow recall certain memories from the previous timeline, Wren will discover a new side to his high school life from five years ago.

Contains elements of magic and fantasy.


Note: This is also crossposted on ScribbleHub and my first time attempting an original story. Criticism and comments are advised, but please don't be mean about it. I'm a sensitive guy.

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Reviewed as of chapter 10:

Let me start off by saying this story is awesome. It starts a little slow to build background but quickly builds into its own awesome fantasy world. Grammer is on point. Charcters are flushed out. Give it a try and you wont be disappointed.

I will revise my review after further chapters.


So, I love Time loop stories. I liked the story's premise here too.

But the characters... Has the author ever met a 12-year-old?

The MC's brother acts and is smarter than the 20 something college guy...

Also, the MC says at least several times he has no memory of the events in high school, yet is capable of listing the events that happened...

I understand wanting to blend in, not causing waves, and figuring out the situation, but the way he does it... Maybe the little bother should have been the MC. 

No thank you.


An interesting start, grammar is solid and the "mystery" feels interesting so far. MC acts in a human way that feels organic, bypassing some of the more annoying tropes of looper stories. 

I look forward to seeing more. 


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