Into Nothing



14.2 // Not Much Of A Sword Person


Aleister knocked on the door. "Open up Luo Yun. It's me, your number one fighter."

A raspy voice said, "Free from mercy."

"Uh, what?"

"Free from mercy."

"Is this one of those secret password things? You know you never told me that there was going to be a secret pass phrase, right?"

"If you do not know, you may not enter," the raspy voice said, drawing out each word.

"I will go to Jehkad right now and tell him how much of dog you are if you don't open up right now."

"Wow, someone sure woke up on the wrong side of their bed today," Luo Yun said, opening the door.

"You're not one to talk when you're standing here wasting my time."

"For next time, know that it's—" Luo Yun started to speak, but stopped upon seeing Myra. "Already started up a fan club?"

Aleister clicked his tongue. "No, she's my..." he was about to say personal maid, but that had only been true for a couple of days. "She's my friend," he answered, thinking about it for a moment.

"Your friend, huh?" he asked with a devilish smirk.

"Not like that," Aleister clarified, his eyes rolled. Myra covered up her face with both hands out of embarrassment. "It's a quite odd relationship." The three of them walked inside the dojo and sat down as Aleister explained it. Luo Yun listened to everything Aleister said.

"Based on what I could gather from my initial impressions, I knew you were someone important," Luo Yun finally said, "But connected to the Crystal Royal Family? I would never have guessed in thousands of years. It does also end up answering a lot of questions I had, but not this one: do you actually need money? Or was that just a ruse to get my attention?"

Aleister shook his coin pouch and with a dejected look said, "Unfortunately, I am indeed quite the poor man as Master wanted to teach me a lesson and forbid anyone from giving me any resources or money."

"Actually," Myra spoke up, "Master used up a white-crystal onyx on you and gave you your initial gold and offered to pay you when you went to go collect the Anima Caligo for her."

"Shut up," he said, ignoring the smug smile on Myra's face. "Her most annoying aspects have already stared to rub off on you."

Luo Yun nodded. "Don't worry, I actually understand exactly where you're coming from."

"Perfect," Aleister said after chugging down some water. "Now for the reason we're here."

"I'm listening."

"Show me...your weapons."

"Oh. That's it?" Luo Yun asked, stunned at the basic request. "I have more weapons than I know what to do with." He led them to a storeroom and lugged out a metal trunk that was filled to the brim.

"You weren't kidding, huh?" Aleister said, astonished at the immense quantity. "But, are any of them good? Or are they just useless junk?"

"They are of varying quality. Most of them are useable, some are probably worth less than rust, and a few are of a very high quality. Of course, if you truly want a unique and powerful weapon, you will need to either visit a blacksmith, or wait until I can forge items again."

"All of these are made by you?"

"Correct. These are all weapons created by my own two hands. "


"Nothing to be impressed by," Luo Yun said with a sigh. "Ten years and the best weapon I forged was a type of sword I don't even use."

"Is there a reason you don't use it?"

Luo Yun stepped back into the storage room and came out carrying a scabbard. He pulled the hilt and drew the blade out. A sword with an indented tip, about thirty inches long, revealed itself. "This is a scimitar," he said, running his fingers across the curved edge. "I created many odd shaped swords to practice my molding and tempering process. This one ended up being the best out of that batch, even though I created it from the inferior metal I normally use."

Aleister held the sword. The balance and weight were on the lighter side for him, but he appreciated the blade's shape.

"You can have it if you so desire," Luo Yun said.

"I'm don't fancy myself much of a sword person," Aleister said. "You want to take a look at it?" he asked Myra, who seemed to show an interest in it.

"Oh, really now?" Luo Yun asked, because swords were the most common primary weapon used by Weavers. The reasons behind it were actually for all the reasons people used them as secondary weapons. Weavers could make up for most of the inherent weakness' and flaws while maintaining a sword's chief advantage, versatility.

"I always preferred using a spear or polearm type weapon."

"Oh, that's fairly normal too. I honestly thought you were going to say you preferred using something super rare, like combat scissors or a katar. I crafted a good number of polearm type weapons but there aren't any that stand out to me as horrific or excellent."

"Not a problem," Aleister said, rifling through the trunk, "Even if a weapon its mediocre at best, technique will matter more."

"Unless it's a magical weapon," Luo Yun pointed out.

" know, all those mediocre magic weapons you see lying around in the streets."

"Just pointing out that even the worst magic weapon is as good as one of the best mundane weapons."

"You can tell me more when you can not only get your hands on one—but also are able to use it."

"Am I able to purchase this from you?" Myra murmured.

Luo Yun flicked his hand back. "I already said that you can take whatever you want."


"I really don't need your money either."

Myra bowed. "I will remember this favour."

"Now that is what I would suitable deal," Luo Yun said. "As, I have something I would like to request of you, but now is not the correct time."

"Whenever the time arrives, I will accept that offer," she said, still deep in a bow.

Aleister continued his search for a weapon as the two of them continued to converse. Although not completely satisfied, he decided upon a polearm with a glaive like spear head. He swung it around a few times, getting a good feel for it.

"Are you trying to kill us?" Luo Yun asked after Aleister swung his weapon in the space between him and Myra.

"Maybe," he said, bringing it to his side. "It's been far too long since I've held a spear."

"Want to give it a spin?" Luo Yun asked.

"No, I need to use a couple of days and relearn my technique so I don't end up harming myself."

Luo Yun looked at Myra and asked, "How about you? Want to give it a go?"

She looked at Aleister for some sort of confirmation.

"Don't look at me," he said.

"Then, I will accept," she said.

"Perfect!" Luo Yun said as he brandished his thin long sword, giggling with excitement. "From what I can understand, you're still fairly new to this, so I'll make sure to go easy on you."

"Thank you," she said, following him to the training room.


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