Oh Great, I Was Reincarnated as a Farmer.

by BenjaminKerei

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

What do you get when you cross Home Alone, Isekai, litrpg, and a farming simulator? You get Arnold’s life, that’s what you get.  

Accidently murdered by a cleric in another universe in a botched resurrection, Arnold, a semi-pro gamer, finds himself incarnated into the overweight corpse of that universes version of him. It could be a bad joke, but apparently, it happens so often that they have a standard procedure for returning you.

That standard procedure doesn't apply to Arnold. 

Now stuck on a new earth with no way home, Arnold must use his gaming skills to figure out how to level his farmer class to 100 and gain a new class that doesn't make him want to beat his head against the wall. There is one little problem. Farmers don't gain experience from killing monsters. Like at all. 

Follow Arnold as he comes to grips with his new reality and discovers creative ways to improve it.

(This was originally put up for feedback purposes, so I could finish my final edit, before publishing on Amazon. There were originally only going to be 20 chapters, but I needed more feedback so I bribed the readers to reread my new first chapter with 4 more chapters. The whole novel will not be going up on royal road.)

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Honestly, a passable story in terms of content.

The wordbuilding is OK for the genre, and the protagonist gets stronger by interacting with the system in a unique way. Grammar is OK too.

All in all, the work fits very comfortably into a classic litrpg/isekai formula, and if all you want in a fic is blue boxes filled with increasingly bigger numbers and more skills, you may very well enjoy the ~25 chapters that are hosted here.  But if you want to see some character development, in depth worldbuilding, a real innovation in the genre, or a certain je ne sais quoi, you may have to look elsewhere.

The bottom line is, if you decide to start reading, you should know that you're not going to be getting closure anytime soon.

Edit 3/26/21
When I first reviewed this work on 2/27/21, I felt like a rug was pulled under my feet I reached Ch 20 and found what I had read was just a teaser for an upcoming Amazon ™ novel. 
The fic is now much more upfront about its limited scope here on Royal Road (which deserves a round of appluase for being honest in the internet, tbh) and I was asked by Admin to update this review accordingly.
My updated thoughts after rereading the fic with fresh eyes are in the italics above, which replace my previous and now dated comments. TL;DR : just passable as far as can be seen here.



Interesting idea, not great mc

Reviewed at: Chapter 12: Clean house

While I quite like the general plot of the story, I haven't had such an annoying mc in a while. One who knows apparently a lot about games, but at the same time can't understand basic concepts. 

I would recommend reading it if you don't mind having a at times quite annoying mc. It seems quite original and otherwise is well written


why do some authors think the way to advance narratives is, "if i make an insulting asshole character, that will solve the need for creative storytelling! random undeserved snark is witty, you see?"?


the described premise has potential and i would have liked to have seen how it got fleshed out - even with the idea that this was only meant to be a 20 chapters preview - but no thanks. that "obnoxious asshole who will treat you like sit for no reason but you will grow to love him ANYWAY because, underneath that gruff exterior is a good heart" is neither original nor entertaining.


interesting story but juste à part of it.

Reviewed at: Chapter 20: Calamity

Author is giving  Us a sample of his story. Then we have to buy it.

The Story is really interesting, writing is nice but you 'll never know the story. Not because of a hiatus, because it's a Sample. And it doesn't sit right for me.

Otherwise, MC is correct, plot is solid. writing can be better  but it 's readable.


So the MC is an idiot. I haven't read very far so maybe my opinion isn't really valid but I finished chapter 2 and the main character is not interesting in any way. I don't care that he's a gamer (lazy trope) but my main issue is he's an idiot. He doesn't seem to have any real remorse for the mistake he made by fast traveling. He asks Salem why he's grouchy and I just... I mean come on man you're in another world why would you assume it's going to be safe at all? Wouldn't you take the time to think and ask more questions? In the first chapter, he mentions that his father would take his time while making decisions, and when he had to decide to fast-travel or not he didn't even stop and think about where he was going or if he even should. I immediately knew that she was manipulating him right when she started to pawn that familiar off on him and he didn't even blink at taking up that responsibility. Your main character makes me want to stop reading. I don't wanna be harsh but I liked the premise and can see how I would enjoy a gamer isekai as a farmer but you haven't delivered.


a dubious start to an otherwise enjoyable tale

Reviewed at: Clean house

The story's a nice one. a transmigrator is forced to become a farmer and wishes to do anything but. The MC is a bit too stubborn, and suffers for it, but the story is all around enjoyable. Except for the beginning, in which the MC takes action against the perpetrator of his unwilling transferral to another world in a quite upsetting manner.

Beating a young child for accidentally killing him, and actually encouraged to by the child's superior who is in the same room as him is wild, and not in a good way. within moments of beginning said beating, the former Gamer MC is estatic to discover the world is an LitRPG, and continues whaling on the child.

The incident isn't brought up again at the current up to date point of the story, and the MC doesn't show any guilt or self recrimination at their actions. The author doesn't really paint the scenario in too unflattering a light either, merely glossing over it in favor of moving the story along.

I love farming transmigrator stories, and while there aren't many of them out there, the majority of them are also problematic in one way or another. Despite the rocky beginnings, which i would love to see done away with or altered in some way, I eagerly await more additions to this story.

Harrys Otn

Chapter 10 and I am already hooked! There is so much potential here to be unleashed, I can't wait to see how our farmer will struggle and how the story develops.

Be sure to give this story a chance you will not be disappointed.

The one thing that I dislike from this story is author telling us about the distant future of the protagonist. Despite this knowledge thought, the fights are still interesting and I get to enjoy the thrill so far!

Edit at chapter 20:

I see a lot of hate from the readers and I can sympathize myself. I was disappointed from author for his bait strategy but I review his story not for his personality. The story deserves 5 stars for the content but it loses by the way he presents it. It get me to lower my review from 5 to 4 stars sadly. 


This is a stub.  I went in knowing it's a stub, so I'm not mad like some of the other reviewers.  Better a stub than a story randomly hiatus'ing.

The story is decent.  It's entertaining.  The character has some serious flaws (impulse control, no negotiation skills, stupidly stubborn levels of stubborn stupidity) and for having a luck of 11, still manages to mostly luck his way through with some serious plot armor, just like his role model, Kevin McAllister.  Almost everything else is 2d.  Familiar is pretty much only there as a snarky way to impart world-knowledge to the reader (and the MC).  So is the mayor.  And the sage.  And the monsters.  Story is 4.0 stars. Characters are 3.0, grammar is 4.5, style is 3.5. 

Lance Wheeler

Great story and book if you skip the first chapter

Reviewed at: Chapter 20: Calamity

I really liked this story and the whole idea of it,  5 star all the way, after the first chapter. A book or 2 into it might make up for giving away the ending of the story in the first chapter.

I really recommend this book. Story is good, characters are great. Dialog and story progression is well done. I*strongly* recommend starting at chapter 2 though, I wish I would have. 


One of the best stories on the site. Well writen. Interesting tridimensonal characters. Very funy. The fights until now were very good. One of the rare stories in witch the MC recieves information in a reasonable way, at a reasonable pace. Speaking of pace, the pace of the story is great!