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Cedric The Rabbit Slayer

Ch. 4 Burning Witches at a Children’s Party


Beyond the gates of heaven, near a beautiful crystal clear lake, a young man with short green hair was sitting cross-legged on a rock. The sun’s rays brought out the golden color of his wings, and he smiled. Not because it was a beautiful day or because he was in literal heaven, but because he finally decided to leave it.

“Teacher, teacher!” a younger Cupid shouted while running down the stone path which led towards the lake. “I’ve done it!"

“Really?” Raphael opened his eyes. “Show me.”

Cupid took out his trusty bow, and as he pulled its string, a tiny arrow appeared out of nowhere.

“Excellent,” Raphael clapped. It was common knowledge both in heaven and below that using mana without a medium, such as a weapon or a tool, would waste the majority of it. Because of this, choosing a personal weapon and learning how to infuse mana into it were huge milestone even for angels.

“But, why does it have a heart for a tip?”

“I’ll show you.” Cupid pointed his bow at a nearby squirrel and shot it without mercy.

“No!” shouted his teacher before freezing in place. Despite the arrow going right through it, the creature didn’t die. In fact, it became livelier than ever, so lively in fact that it jumped on a nearby bird and started humping it.

“What the fuck, I mean, fudge?”

“I can shoot love arrows,” Cupid grinned while waiting for more praise.

“Is it permanent?” asked Raphael fearing a new breed of egg laying squirrels would appear. ‘Or baby carrying birds? Feathery mammals? Fuck, I mean, poopsicle.’

“No,” said Cupid with disappointment written all over his face. “Not with this little mana. But, maybe…”

“No!” Raphael took his bow out of reflex. “Never go all out with this spell.”

“Not even on bad guys?”

The green haired angel paused to reconsider.

“Only if they’re really, really bad,” he decided. “Like the king of all demons.”


West of the Demon King’s castle, where One City merged with Ni Prefecture, a huge rock the size of a four story building lay smack in the middle. If it were any other stone, the mayors of both regions would have long destroyed it.

However, this rock was once a mountain, and more importantly, it was the great battleground where the Hero and the Demon King fought for supremacy. Although the Hero won that fight, he had eventually lost the war. So, in a sense, this day’s celebration was also a reminder of how cunningness and underhanded means could topple even the strongest of enemies.

“Excellent,” the Demon King applauded in recognition of the organizers. No less than 100 women were tied to stakes all around the top of the giant rock. They were all beauties who’ve pissed off the wrong people, specifically Isabella, the old hag in charge of the thieves’ faction.

“But, are you sure there will be enough food?” The tables were indeed a bit few considering there were more than 500 hungry nobles gathered around them.

“Worry not, your wickedness," Isabella smiled. "This is a walkthrough buffet. Everyone will grab a plate and kindly piss off to the side.”

The Demon King raised an eyebrow but said nothing. Each plate had just a handful of fries and a meatloaf. ‘Is this a children’s party?’

Not only was there too little food, but there weren’t even any chairs for the older guests to sit at. There was no band and no form of entertainment. All anyone could do was gather together, eat kids’ portions, and grumble about the organizers’ stinginess.

“Come, my lord. Let me show you to your seat.” With her most courteous smile, the old woman led the Demon King to a separate table. There was a large stuffed pig on top of it with every garnish and additions such a meal would require.

The evil one sat on a giant throne which gave him perfect view of the proceedings while Isabella sat in the smaller one to his right.

“Where’s Damian?” the Devil King asked upon noticing there wasn’t a seat for the murder faction’s leader.

“No worries, your unholyness. He will not ruin this event.”

Suddenly, a shrill scream reached all the way to their ears. A woman with huge pointy nails had kneeled at the side of her husband who was now frothing at the mouth.

“Asshole!” she shouted. “Don’t leave me with the kids!” Her wails were soon cut short when she too lost consciousness. One by one, the gathered nobles collapsed on top of each other. Some tried to flee, but there was a guard near each of the 100 stakes. Each one had a gun, and they meant business.

“Isabella?” the Demon King gave her vassal a look.

“Yes, your atrociousness?

"I'm getting slightly worried."

"Really?" the old woman tilted her head. "Cause, this is just the beginning.”

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