A metropolis so broad it reaches beyond the horizon… A black castle so tall it touches the sky...

There was just one balcony on the entire castle built on the third floor and facing a large stone plaza. Up there, a tall man with black hair and a disheveled beard was making an appearance. He looked like an unkempt 40 year old and seemed almost friendly if not for the two one foot long demon horns adorning his head.

“All hail the Demon King!” somebody shouted.

However, there was nobody below to hail. On the entire plaza’s surface, beyond which houses and villas endlessly stretched out, only an old man and an old woman had come for the proceedings (they, along with their fancy chairs, and their slew of body-guards, of course).

When these nobles snapped their fingers, the bodyguards behind them started clapping furiously. The old man’s side was made up of demons, while only humans stood behind the old woman.

“Oh well,” the Demon King sighed. He turned towards the vampire behind him and asked “Is the connection ready?”

“Yes Sir,” the night creature pointed towards the two small crystal balls floating above the balcony’s railing.

“Good.” The demon stroked his beard while facing his minuscule crowd. “Ladies and gentlemen, demons and humans, today marks the 10th anniversary since the Hero’s defeat!”

“Fuck yea!” the entire metropolis exploded like maniacal fans at a concert. Although only 30 people had shown up at the plaza, the entire world was watching through their personal crystal balls.

‘Lazy shits,’ the Demon King grumbled. “On this faithful day,” he continued. “We must remember the fallen!” The crowd went silent. “We must celebrate their sacrifice!” Not even the two old nobles had bothered to react. “And we must reinforce the values which they and all of us have sworn to protect!”

Finally, the demonic old man and the sharp eyed woman started smiling. Behind them, not just their bodyguards but the entire population had ground to a halt in expectation of their ruler’s next words.

“Murder!” shouted the Demon King causing a wave of applause and cheers to resound all the way beyond the horizon. The old demon in the plaza stood up and applauded while a bloody tear fell down his clearly emotional face.

“Theft!” shouted the Demon King resulting in another wave of celebration. This time, the old demon wasn’t quite as enthusiastic while the old woman literally jumped on her chair. She, her bodyguards and half the city were shouting “Theft! Theft!” like it was the motto they lived by.

“And, no rape!” said the Demon King immediately ending their fervor.

“No rape!” everyone repeated only once with the most serious of expressions.

“Rape’s not cool,” their ruler continued while shaking his head. “Anyway, as we enter another year of killing and stealing, remember to never get caught in the act. Never forget about your victim’s relatives, and if you’re going to steal, then…”

“Steal everything!” the human camp responded with fanatic enthusiasm.

“Good,” the Demon King showed a satisfied smile. “For today’s festivities, we have a record breaking 100 witches to burn at the stake, a huge feast ‘procured’ by Lady Isabella, and…”

Suddenly, the clouds parted, and an incredibly bright light shone down on the castle. Both demons and humans held their eyes shut with not even the Demon King being an exception.

“Freeze!” a squeaky prepubescent voice resounded through the plaza. “Evilest Demon King, your wicked days are done!”

“Have the fairies returned?” asked the King towards his right hand vampire. However, the creature had long since retreated inside the basement. Fortunately, the blinding light was slowly but surely receding.

Once it was fully gone, the city was still there. There was no army of fairies anywhere, just an 8 year old boy with white pigeon-like wings. He was dressed in a long white robe which almost went past his toes and held a tiny bow in one hand and a spear sized arrow in the other.

“The hell?” muttered the Demon King.

“Heaven, not hell,” the boy corrected. “I am Cupid, God’s bestest angel, and I bring you LOVE and PEACE!”

The winged boy struggled to lift his ridiculously oversized arrow. After barely placing it inside his bow, he aimed the red, heart shaped tip towards the demon.

“Your wickedness!” the old man in the plaza shouted.

“We must steal that bow!” Lady Isabella ordered.

Unfortunately, before her bodyguards could chant their spells, the angel had finished his aim.

“Love arrow!” Cupid shouted as he let go of the string. The eight feet long arrow flew like a missile towards the Demon King’s heart. The King jumped out of the balcony in an attempt to dodge, but the spear changed course and struck him in the back.

“No!” Isabella cried.

“Does that make me king?” wondered the old demon a bit louder than he probably should have.

However, to their relief/annoyance, the Demon King got up from the stone floor looking perfectly calm despite the pole imbedded in his back. Even more surprisingly, the arrow soon broke into small pieces of light leaving the ruler of evil unscathed.

“What?” the two nobles mumbled in unison.

“Muahaha!” laughed the angel. “You thought my arrow would kill him? I’m an angel, you nincompoops! I wouldn’t do that. ‘Love arrow’ does not target the body but the heart. All of his wickedness, the evil that has tainted his being for eons is gone!”

“Huh?” the old man tilted his head.

“Oh, no!” the old woman looked towards their ruler.

The Demon King seemed confused. He lifted his right hand and started opening and clenching it repeatedly.

“Muahaha! Rise new king, the king of love and…”

“Kill him,” the Demon King ordered. His words were not shouted, but the crystals floating around him made sure to deliver them to the entire planet. “We will add him to this year’s festivities. Ladies and gentlemen, demons and humans, for the very first time, we shall have ourselves a crucifixion!”

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