*"What's this about?"*


A humongous creature in human form ripped open all seven armored vehicles where these hardened criminals had been restrained.


Unable to understand what's going on, one of them spoke, his eyes were occasionally roaming through the countless corpses in the area. No doubt, these guys are no ordinary fellas.


The black figure retrieved the keys from the captain's unconscious body and unlocked the chains on them, especially that of the largest one among them, he had more chains than the rest of them... on second thought, it's probably best he left him this way.


"You'll find out once you come with us" He replied. *"I am known as 'Dark Knight,'"* he says.


The dark sky gradually brightens up, revealing the sun's golden rays. The Dark Figure's appearance also became more clearer. He had slightly long hair, an average height, there are two short katanas hanged at his back, and yes his devilish mask is the first thing anyone would ever notice.


The seven now free criminals were of course conflicted with what he just said. Come with you? Why would we want to do that?


*"What do you need us for?" One of the criminals with the name "Elizar" had to say something. His height is inferior to no one, the same could be said about his hair, he also has quite an outstanding mustache similar to that of Master Shifu from 'Kung Fu Panda.'


"You'll find out once you come with us," Dark Knight repeated.


*"Not that again!!"* Another outlaw spoke up. "I'm not about to become a poppet for anyone, so you had better try a little harder at convincing me,"*


"Tch!" Dark Knight snorted, "You should know your place, be glad the master even views you worthy, but don't get too cocky"


All seven outlaws had a darkened countenance, this dude seems to be underestimating them.


*"That does it!"*

Clenching his fist, a line of tattoo appears around his face down to his muscular arms. The tattoo then shone in a magenta light, which resulted in a glowy magenta orb enclosing his fist.


*"I'm leaving this place no matter what,"* He said while making a battle stance.


Elizar, one of the criminals, sighs, giving his face a palm slap. He's much calmer and uses more of his brain before acting. From his calculation, it seems they won't be getting out of here, at least not alive, unless they comply with these guys. However, he decided not to say anything and watch how this would go for the stubborn dude.


With his glowy-colored enclosed fist, Farruco attacks Dark Knight.


"Guess I'll need to make an example of you," Dark Knight mumbles, pulling out a small dagger, he closed the distance between them.


'One punch should be enough' Farruco says inwardly, maybe he's right about that. However, he never got to find out since a large hand grabbed him from his face, lifting him with his legs swinging in the air.


"Do you have a death wish?"

The humongous creature casually threw Farruco off as he landed on one of the armored vehicles. His temper grew more fiercely, but he's smart enough not to go against the creature.


Besides, when he turned his attention towards his fellow outlaws, no one seems to be making a move against these guys. He could see a trace of sympathy from the way they look at him, making him feel stupid.


"Fuck!" He cursed under his breath, even the large muscle-head did nothing.


"There's no need to intervene, Black Hulk," Dark Knight says, casually taking each step towards Farruco, he stopped a few feet away. (Black Hulk's real name is Yami, it's clear from the previous chapter)


"I'll make a deal with you, the same goes for the rest of you. If you can defeat me, I'll let you go." Dark Knight said with confidence.


Farruco snared at his words, "now who's getting cocky?"


"I meant what I just said," Dark Knight assured him.


Farruco had an evil smirk, "So that's it? Kick your ass and go free,"


"Exactly," Dark Knight replies, "Try not to kill me though, they won't let you off the hook,"


"Oh don't worry, I won't go that far, hehe," Farruco's head is swelling, he believes this is gonna be a piece of cake.


Activating his mana ability, he attacks with a mind-blowing punch. However, he only stroke the air...




A long cut appears on Farruco's body, he got taken aback and took two steps backward. Luckily he wasn't cut too deep or that would be quite a problem.


"That's not all you've got, is it?"


Dark Knight's voice came to his hearing, he currently has a small dagger with him, casually spinning it around his fingers.


"How did you_?" Furrowing could not comprehend how Dark Knight could cut him without making any contact, doesn't make sense.


"You aren't going anywhere with that lame movement you call an attack."


The others were praising themselves inwardly for not acting so stupid in the first place. Besides, they should be grateful for escaping indefinite imprisonment at the hands of those soldiers.


"Unable to accept defeat, Farruco leaps and smashed the ground with an impactful blow. However, he only managed to smack the floor, his opponent is nowhere to be found.




He groans in pain when he noticed another cut on his body, making them similar to an X.


"Too many opening," Dark Knight says.



Farruco finally cooled off, this is a battle he has no chance against.


Turning his attention back to the other criminals, Dark Knight says; "Your all fugitives now, there's no escaping the authority. One way or the other, you'll get busted with a much worse consequence."


"However, if you come with me, you'll have no reason to be on the lookout all the time, I promise you that." Dark Knight knew he needed their loyalty, so an assurance of a better time ahead would the best way to go about it.


The seven hardened criminals are called the following names...


'Elizar', a man with an outstanding mustache and a calm demeanor.

'Demetrio', a completely bald dude with an expressionless face that more or less says; 'I'm so bored.' He's one of kind whose thoughts cannot be read from his expression... a bad vibe.


'Edgardo', a slim youngster with a natural smirky face the brings shivers running down the spine. He's had full shares of criminal acts even at such a young age.


'Farruco' is pretty much a temperamental asshole with no patient as you might have guessed. On the bright side, he's currently keeping calm after knowing his place.


'Rodrigo' also known by the nickname

'Bonehead'. He is a mighty huge individual, the only one among his fellow criminals who got so many restraints fixed on him. This prevents the possibility of tearing up the prison gates apart. He probably does not have that kind of power to accomplish such a feat, but the military men are not willing to take any risk.


'Vego' also has one thing in common with 'Elizar'. He's calm and very calculative, it's one of the reasons he's rendered as a very fearsome outlaw. Being a Mage makes him an even tougher foe to deal with. He's broken out of prison too many times, most of which were unexpected.


To capture such a person requires the use of a formidable Mage who's is more knowledgeable in a tough skirmish.


As to why Vego is yet to break out of his last imprisonment would be due to the research done on him concerning his formal deeds. The Handcuffs put on them also have a sealing property that prevents Mages from displaying their magical ability. Vego finally met his match, well he still made it out anyway.


The seventh criminal goes by the name, 'Ximen'. There's nothing much to say about this person at the moment, but we'll probably get to know more about him in the future.


'Ximen' is quite hairy, his bears, however, aren't overly huge, thank God for that. He probably has hidden talents that we are yet to uncover. After all, he was qualified as a hardened criminal, wasn't he?


"So we not some kind of poppet?" Vego steps forward.


"No," Dark Knight replies, "My organization is more like a safe place where people like us can freely do whatever we desire, given we contribute to its growth."


"Then why is the big guy still in chains?" Vega says as he stylishly points at Rodrigo, a.k.a 'Bonehead.'


For the first time, Dark Knight felt cornered, "ugh, well, there's a good reason for that," he said.

"But no worries, you'll be let loose once we get to our destination,"


"So we do not have a choice if we are not interested in joining whatever organization you come from?" Vego threw a follow-up question.


"..." Dark Knight had no reply to this... 'Where is this question coming from?'


"It is as you said, you have no other choice," The Female Assassin spoke up, it's better to go straight to the point.


"Our mission to bring you all with us or kill you," She added without care.


She goes by the name called 'Bladelust' which might be self-explanatory. She loves the sight of blood gushing out of a person, she's addicted to it and would always seize the opportunity to slit someone's flesh just to gaze at the spectacular moment of bleeding.


"So which will it be?"


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