Hype-phagia (hyper-glutton)

by Harry David

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Being a loser is no fun, a character known as Elvis could very well testify to that. For most of his life, Elvis had always been a loner with negative fame that gave him more than he merits. 
It turns out he is also a dummy and a weakling, just the right guy to be toyed with, isn't it?... Well, not for long.

There's more to him that's yet to be uncovered, soon enough, his presence will make even the worse of existence shudder in fear. Many would try to exploit or kill him due to his unbridled dark side.

...It would have been best if he had never existed.


This is my first time writing an actual novel, so I'm not confident at the earlier part of my chapters but it gets better the further you go. Please, before giving any rating or reviews, read up to chapter 30 or 40 chapters, then you can consider how you feel about the novel so far.

Note: The cover page does not belong to me.

Hype-phagia is abbreviated from the word; Hyperphagia which is another word for Hyper-Glutton, just in case you're wondering.

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