Devildom Annihilation: The Epitome of Evil

by Ravine Abyss

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Warning: Only for Psychopaths!!!!!!

Elias is the man who formerly terrorized the world with his evil and devious means. To kill him once and for all, many empires united. They formed an alliance, and an all-out war started. Be it the cruelty of fate or their own foolishness, the heroes lost. Elias stands as the lone survivor, but alas, an unforeseen cause makes him lose his life.

Do only heroes deserve a second chance? What if a villain gets a second chance at life? What if a villain gets to carry out his plan once again? This time more effectively and brutally. What if he gets to torture those who formerly got in his way? What if the villain gets the last laugh? I base this tale on those questions—a story filled with vengeance, torture, torment, and inhumanity. A lunatic who terrorized the world with his devious power and cruel means gets reborn this time to become even more powerful and ruthless.

Elias gets reborn back when he was young, and the path he walked once, he will walk again, but this time the one who suffers will not be him.............................

What to expect: Revenge or such feelings do not drive Elias, so it’s not a revenge story. There won’t be any rape scenes or incest. It’s also not a story like that. But expect some cruelty and torture along the way.

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Looks like a promising start! Can't wait for more :)

So far this looks interesting and unique. I can't wait to see what happens next and I'm interested in finding out more about Elias

i recommend you try it out, it's a surprisingly good start compared to the other stories on RR that make you want to jump straight to hell to meet Satan or die trying. It's also very good considering this is only the 2nd book :)