Reincarnation Station: Death, Cake and Friendship

Reincarnation Station: Death, Cake and Friendship

by Midnight Hagette

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

All Fred wants is a chance to sing and dance on Broadway. This dream is looking increasingly unlikely, as he dies on the second page. 

Reincarnation Station is a tale of dubious taste and even more dubious humour. An absurdist exploration of death, dungeons, and dance coupled with mind-bending philosophical questions such as whether or not a jaffa cake is really a cake or just a pretentious biscuit.

WARNINGS: Puns. Stats. An Attempt at a System. Gore. Ballet. British. So British your blood will turn to tea. Strong language. You have been warned. There will be rude words. Likewise, if you are related to me in anyway, turn off your device and walk away right now. Life is awkward enough as it is without having to discuss this over dinner. 

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Midnight Hagette

Midnight Hagette

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: The Fredinator ago
Chapter 2: The Meadow of Beginnings ago
Chapter 3: The Incomplete Guide To Some Things ago
Chapter 4: Lives Well Lived ago
Chapter 5: The Surprising and Erotic Adventures of Sir Rigby Dickens ago
Chapter 6: Dave's Dungeon Tea Shop ago
Chapter 7: Beer and Loathing ago
Chapter 8: My Girlfriend Is A Redwood ago
Chapter 9: Pistols at Dawn or Dirty Limericks ago
Chapter 10: The One Where They Said The Pacing Was Getting A Bit Slow ago
Chapter 11: A String of Jelly Beans ago
Chapter 12: Tavern Party ago
Chapter 13: Beauty and the Yeast ago
Chapter 14: Bonus ago
Chapter 15: The Knights of Cake ago
Chapter 16: Simon and the Witch ago
Chapter 17: The Surprising and Erotic Adventures of Sir Rigby Dickens Volume 2 ago
Chapter 18: A Marrow Escape ago
Chapter 19: Bone Voyage ago
Chapter 20: Romeo and Juliet, Opus 64 ago
Chapter 21: War and Peace: The Untold Lemontree Story ago
Chapter 22: Into the Woods ago
Chapter 23: Pocket Kingdom ago
Chapter 24: Knobs and Knockers ago
Chapter 25: I Was Reincarnated As A Magical Door Knocker ago
Chapter 26: The Watery Tart ago
Chapter 27: Journey in the Dark ago
Chapter 28: Dwarves and Jam ago
Chapter 29: Glorious Drunken Revolution ago
Chapter 30: Supreme Executive Power ago
Chapter 31: Farmether's Fish, General Goods and World-Building Services. No Cakes. ago
Chapter 32: Recipes for Revenge ago
Chapter 33: Recipes For Revenge II ago
Chapter 34: The Knights of Cake Part II ago
Chapter 35: Level 10 ago
Chapter 36: Counting Crows ago
Chapter ???: The Immortal Raging Dragon Conquers the Heavens! ago

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Ok, fair warning, I have been following the story since its inception out of the eye of the public, so I have read more than most and I have been hooked since about the fifth word of the first page. Other reviewers might find flaws or opportunities for improvement. I am just a fan. This is a fan review.

When considering what genre Reincarnation station belongs to, I find myself struggling. RS defies classification. You will find humor (a lot of it in fact), action, adventure, horror, romance... ok maybe not a lot of romance but at least some people get laid and get to play with melons and whatnot. RS is a wild thing as unpredictable and fun as the Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy, very English, and it does not take itself seriously as a result. Those who love Pratchett or just going with the flow will have the time of their lives. 

I won't get into further details. Most of what matters is already in the short blurb. Just be grateful that this was posted on the internet for free, grab a cuppa, sit your ass on a comfortable surface and prepare to give your funny bone a good workout. 


Really enjoying the meta jokes and puns

Reviewed at: Chapter 20: Romeo and Juliet, Opus 64

It's rare that I laugh out loud at anything I read, but when they got to the scene with (spoilers) a certain red headed bard innkeeper who tells stories over three days about killing kings, I laughed and rushed over to show it to my wife. What can I say, I'm both hard to impress and a sucker for injokes at the same time. This story has Order of the Stick potential. Can't wait to see where it goes!


I came across the story through Jiwa's recommendation because I was bored waiting for a new chapter.  I didn't expect much, but my god ... This is with "Journey of Black and Red" one of the best stories on Royal Road. In fact, it is one of the funniest stories that I have read so far. So much humor, creativity, imagination ... All wrapped up in a really wild ride with destincly british obsessions, such a blast to read ... Exceeded all my expectations. But now I must wait here for the next chapter to :D 


Alice in wonderland style british adventure

Reviewed at: Chapter 6: Dave's Dungeon Tea Shop

The reincarnation station.  

I have read to chapter 6 so far.  If I had to use one word to describe this story, it would be 'whimsical'.

The pros:  the author here has written an imaginative and unique reincarnation story, taking LITRPG and twisting it to his needs.  Within the first chapter, I laughed several times, the humor being very much the epitome of british absurdity.  There were no noticeable grammatical or spelling errors , or if there were my american grammar skill level I could not detect it.  Scene setting was fine, descriptions were short and sweet.  No straight info dumps. Plot moves at a good pace, neither too slow or too fast. 

Author is definitely a skilled writer.

The cons: this story is a straight up comedy.  Plot, characters, scene, everything seems a sacrifice to humor.  Above I mentioned it felt whimsical, but at times it's almost too whimsical.  I stopped at this chapter because it started to feel more like a monty python skit than story, but I will likely come back in the future to read more whenever I feel like I want a laugh.

In summary:  good vibes, hearty entertainment, and best taken in low doses.  Its a story worth checking out.