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With the change of era, humanity’s power grew exponentially and soon completely overwhelmed the other species.

In the middle of an industrial era, the capitalists and aristocrats governed the world, uncaring of the common folk’s wellbeing.

Like a flock of sheep, most didn’t know nor cared about why there were such distinctions between human beings.

But what happens when sheep become lions, armed with endless heads, constantly trying to bite at their peers?

In the stomach of the horrendous beast was a man. He was probable too weak to change its course. Too ignorant to know where it came from, where it was going to. Too insignificant to know why he kept getting swallowed to no end.

That was simply answered as how weak he was, a usual sheep among the flock. One that will try seeing dusk endlessly to suddenly wake up at dawn, pushed over and over again by an unknown shepherd.

Simply said… a pawn.

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The Lonely

The Lonely

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