Crawling Towers

by AscendedTurtle

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

In a heartless world of magic and supernatural abilities, tower masters reign supreme. A story of Chronus, who obtained a treasure that allowed him to be reborn hundreds of years into the past, the day before Earth was devoured by this world. Join him as he constructs a tower that rises above all others and stands at the pinnacle of all beings.

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I really enjoy the magic system, but the grammar as well as lack of motive the main character holds it back. The main character is also sociopath if not a psychopath so if you don't like that don't read,

He kills a member of his party for no reason other than to use her soul to make his tower stronger and shows no remorse about it.


and this story should definitly have a villianous lead tag instead of the anti-hero one as he makes a lot of immoral decisions just so that he can grow stronger (and the only reason he gives for needing to get more power is that in this world only the strong survive or something like that)

TLDR: Villianous asshole MC with a cool magic system and no overarching plot other than to get stronger.


the writing is pretty decent and dialogue between characters does not feel dull, however im not a fan of completely evil characters and this mc most definitely is. Its not a bad thing to make an evil mc but im quite annoyed at the tag being a lie. Id appreciate if you changed it to evil protagonist or whatever the rag is meant to be for an evil mc 👍


Reskinned Generic Evil Xianxia Returner

Reviewed at: Chapter 16: Cursed Fire

MC is your generic evil xianxia MC who stumbles upon a heaven defying treasure that flings him back in time to do it all over again, killing and torturing his way through other flat characters for power.

There's the faintest hint of System Apocalypse stuff at the begining, but overall it just looks like externalized cultivation. Specifically, for the MC, demonic cultivation.

Regarding character, the MC has no goal or drives besides more power and lacks attachments to anyone. The side characters barely exist.

Regarding plot, there doesn't seem to be one besides the MC doing evil stuff and gaining power.


Decent story, but not interested in the character

Reviewed at: Chapter 16: Cursed Fire


This is a following a evil protagonist that has returned to make himself more powerful. It is decent at what it does, but I am not interested in reading about a evil protagonist.



The writing style is pretty fast paced and does not drag out unnecessary. It does not waste time explaining unintresting stuff but it does describe the things that are interesting. 


The story does not make the main character OP from first chapter but he need to work together with the different members in his party. 

The world is interesting with everyone having different power system that they need to cultivate to make them stronger. We know from first chapter that there is titans that has alot of powers. If we ever reach that point it will probably be interesting to see how the different towers influence the story.

The problem is that there is no real goal established. The main character went back in time to protect himself after accidently gaining a S+ tier item. But now there is nothing that he works towards outside gaining strength. 


I can not find any mistakes in the spelling and writing.


The main character is evil. And use the standard evil speak that you can only trust yourself and everything is allowed as long as you can climb to higher grounds at the expense of the people around you. That is not my cup of tea and has reduced the score for me. 

I find that to be stupid resoning.

The other characters is pretty bland. I don´t remember them. They are not stupid so that is good but they don´t stand out either. 


The MC is an amoral loner in a universe of amoral loners. He stumbs on a way to travel back in time and does so in order to redo life in order to become more powerful. Characters are two dimentional and unnatural. They are seemingly treated as an afterthough. The tower building magic system is kind of interesting, but that doesn't change the fact that the story is a simple power wank.


wish fulfillment, Deus ex machina

Reviewed at: Chapter 16: Cursed Fire

This is a standard wish fulfillment story. The MC is missing a few important bits of wiring in his head, so he's just an evil fucker with no real depth.

The grammar is passable, but not good. The impression it gives is that English isn't the author's first language. If you're willing to overlook some oddities it probably won't bother you.

We only know about the world from a few tidbits the MC sees fit to think about. It's clear that this is the type of world that will appeal to you if you hate people or really enjoy reading about suffering.

The knowledge of the MC that he brings from the future appears to be varied and is not really given background or reasoning. Unfortunately this means that it generally seems like the solutions to his problems come completely out of left field. The reader is similarly left in the dark about his plans for the future, except in the vaguest sense (i.e. dominating his environment).


The main character is not a beast, it's not a monster nor is it of man..... It's just a parasite. The main character goes back in time to the day of great a disaster, to the exact day of the disaster so it can preserve a few scraps of resources instead of you know telling people and probably would have had a lot more resources for itself and everyone else and stuff but you know parasite, it making sure that someone else has as much as it is unimaginable, well anyways the parasite and everyone else was transferred to a amalgam world and it was grouped up with some people, although I wouldn't call them people as in the story they're just gophers meat shields and footrests if you need proof in the story the main character convince them to go out and collect a bunch of materials and showing it the paths of least danger and cherry picks the best materials from what they collected. It's old path was of immense power and diversity but it's enemies use to die too quickly so it murders one of the "humans" so that it can torture and corrupt their soul while mocking her suffering so that she can be used as a material for it's new path of corruption and suffering magic....yay, and guess what surprise surprise the last two females just so happened to decide on it's old path i wonder if that's going to come up later. The only thing that can save the story for me is if the main parasite disappears


I’m very intrigued even with just a few chapters

Reviewed at: Dark Forest

Definitely check this out! Currently there are only a few chapters in this story but I still decided to write an advanced review because the set up of the story has intrigued me a lot! Haven't seen much of the main characters personality yet but he has the ability to shine as the story continues, seems calm and calculating but who knows in the furture. The main character goes back in time but unlike a lot of other stories the butterfly effect is so large that he's not out here finding unimaginable treasures left and right! The magic system while not delved into much so far seems unique, I'm interested in how Tower Masters are the strongest professions and what other professions there will be in the future. The world building hasn't had time to takeoff yet but even in the little that is there you can tell that the author has put a lot of thought into the base of the world! The vastness of the plane intrigues me, and how the MC will use his base knowledge in areas unfamiliar to him. I also look forward to the development of the magic system, will the tower master be locked into the magic of the tower or can there be some branching? Are there groups of towers anywhere or settlements that rely on magic to live in the plane? I don't know the answer to any of these but I look forward to finding out!

The grammar so far is great, the paragraphs aren't too long and the only thing that could improve would be longer chapters (but that's just me being greedy, your chapters aren't too short or anything) I am really looking forward to when this novel has a lot more chapters because I can tell it's going to be a masterpiece


Plot driven but lacking characters.

Reviewed at: Chapter 16: Cursed Fire

Despite what I say below, this is an innovative story and definitely worth reading. I usually don't leave un-solicited reviews but as I liked the story, I write below to help the author. You have done a good job! 

That being said, if a story were a person, then the plot would be the skeleton, characters the flesh and world-building the skin.

This story has the first in abundance, the third in moderation but almost nothing in characters, except MC.

Side characters are not even one dimensional, their existence is basically non-existent. You could replace them with a stone and you wouldn't find any difference.

For example:

1. MC is way too prepared for what happens but no one comments on it.

It is hinted that one person is either a transmigrator or something along the lines. He mumbles something along the line of 'I crossed' and MC hears it, so do the others. But what do they all do?  Zilch. That's what.

The leader of their group is a teenager who shrugs off the destruction of their world like it was just another Sunday morning. Not a Monday morning, mind you, Mondays are hectic. This obviously hints at something deeper, but what do the MC and the rest of the side characters do? Absolutely nothing.

2. None of the others are traumatised by the ending of the world. Not a single one. They accept everything as true and work towards it. Family? What family? Dreams and aspirations? What are they? Goals? Does such a thing exist?

3. MC keeps pocketing random stuff in front of everyone to use later. They could be useful for everyone but no one comments on them. 

4. MC steals valuable stuff from the shared pile but again, not a single mention of it is made by the others.

If characters could be improved upon, this would a very interesting novel.


I go through a LOT of story's on here, amazon, wuxiaworld and etc. so one of my major issue's with story's is that I tend to get an air of been there done that seen that. This situation however was not what I experienced when reading this series for the pure fact of the whole new magic type system with towers, and needing to enhance/grow the towers to gain in power makes this a story that I am eagerly waiting for the next update on. On top of the general excitment over a new system of magic there is also the fact that (no spoilers) Chronus decideds to focus his powers in a rare and unique way.

On the whole I love the work AscendedTurtle and I can't wait for the next update in the series. Also will there be patreon for this because I may very well get myself a subscription if you do set up a patreon.