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Well, this is the last chapter for the first draft for Just a Dream. Hope you guys enjoyed it. 

On a certain mountain, there was a small clearing. Three people were inside it and all three behaved like they were on a picnic stroll. Two men and one woman were sitting, chatting and occasionally eating snacks.

Both men were fit and handsome. One had black hair and green eyes, while the other had brown hair and brown eyes. The women had black hair and black eyes and unlike the other two, who wore western styled clothes, hers were of eastern origin. Even without the clothes, one would notice that she was of eastern origin, as this one was from China in particular.


All three of them were there for one purpose, and they were waiting for that purpose for quite some time. “ Mir, I know you said that you do not know the exact timeframe for this. Still, we have been waiting for over 3 hours already. Isn’t it about time for it to end? ” Asked the man with brown hair.

“ You don’t have to say it for me to know it. You, Marcus, were the one that insisted on coming. ” Replied Mir. “ I have explained the process to you in quite the detail, so if it’s not flashy enough then suck it up and enjoy the picnic at least. Besides, we both know your true reason for being here. ”

“ And what is that reason, I wonder? ” Asked the sole female among them. Her face showed no emotion as she asked, but one could notice curiosity in her voice. Hearing that question, both men looked at her. But before Mir could say a thing, a commotion appeared.


A few meters before them appeared a heart. It was a human heart that was frozen in the middle of a heartbeat and it floated above ground with total disregard for the law of gravity.

“ Oh, it looks like it’s starting. As for your question, Mei. ” Replied Mir. “ While I could say it, just think of it as a man’s topic that we don’t want to share. ”

“ Hmph, there is only one topic you guys would not share with me. Fine, I did not want to hear it, anyway. ” Mei shook her head and looked at the spectacle that was happening.

“ Haha. ” Was all that came out Mir’s mouth as he watched alongside them. Soon, changes started appearing. Behind the heart, bones appeared. Segment by segment they appeared and if one thought about it at all, they would notice that it was a spine that appeared. Once the whole spine appeared out of it grew the other bones. First were the ribs, then hips, legs, arms, and finally a skull.


“ This is fascinating. ” Commented Marcus as he observed. “ But one thing confuses me. Mir, you said that when it happened to you, you had control of this process. So why do I feel like that is not the case here? I am not sure why, but it feels more automated. ”

“ Hmm. “ Was all that came from Mir before he proposed a question. ” Mei, do you think the same, too? ”

“ Maybe, maybe not. ” She replied. “ Without Divine Sense that is all I can say, as I do not want to interfere with the process. ”

“ Hmm. ” Again Mir made no comment at all and just shifted his body a bit. This time he supported his head with his right hand as he thought about the particular topic for a bit. Meanwhile, as the bones finished their appearance, arteries and veins grew from the heart.

“ Fine, we can ponder on that topic later, but what about the mass and the very reason this process is happening? Can you explain the reason as to why it’s happening this way? ” Again asked Marcus without looking away from the event.

“ Oh, you’re wondering about that? ” Coming out of his fugue, Mir explained. “ That’s easy to explain. It has to do with the connection with the Realm that one gets. When one Transcends the connection is so thin that it barely exists, so to move from one side to the other it has to happen piece by piece. ”

“ Realm, eh? ” Sighed Marcus. “ You know, if I take all that is happening here as something that will be relatively common in the future, then in the future there will be a lot of Realms appearing. I am not sure if that is still a good idea. ”

“ Marcus, it’s been two years since we started to work together. Right? ” Marcus nodded and Mir continued. “ Do you think I didn’t notice your brooding at the fact that you want one too? ” With that revelation Marcus froze, but Mir just went on as if not caring about him. “ So I have been thinking about it a bit and I am sure you have to. So here is my suggestion, why don’t you scrap whatever you have been thinking of reaching the 9th Circle and just make creating a Realm as the default of that stage? ”


Hearing the proposition, Marcus’s body unfroze and immediately replied. “ You’re right, I did think about it, but the condition for its creation is too steep if I make it the default approach. I mean, unlike your method which we are observing right now, the only way my people will be able to gather the necessary Chaos is through the Quest system. And if we compare to the numbers that your method will bring to mine, it’s just not worth it. ”

As Marcus explained his reasoning, the arteries and blood vessels found their place around the bones. Like roots, they enveloped them and attained a vague human female shape. Not long after, flesh appeared all over the body, and the flash enveloped the veins in return.

“ True. ” Commented Mei on the side. “ When Amila first mentioned that she was ready, I had thought about the current event for some time as well, and one thought came to me. Is this Transcendence not similar to System access that will be granted to others?. ”

“ How so? ” Asked Marcus in return.

“ I mean, if one thinks about it, then the current method of Transcendence is nothing more than an exchange of one’s future that would have been for this. ” Mei pointed at the body whose flesh was slowly appearing. “ What if, the reason Realm creation is possible in the first place, is because they have already died once? Because of their method they died in the Universe's eye. That way they just collected the Chaos as a result of the collapsed future. ”

“ An interesting thought line there, Mei. ” Said Mir. “ That would mean that I died, but due to the PC gathered, I created a Realm and with it reconstituted my Body. Hmm, If so then Transcendence and Realm creation will be much rarer in the future then I thought. ”

“ Oh, is it because of the System and the way you designed Auril to work? ” Asked Marcus and Mir just nodded.

“ Yes, looks like I will need to redesign a few things. Anyway, Marcus, since you’re bothered by it, why don’t we just include the Realm creation as an endgame Quest for everybody? ” Mir voiced his thoughts.

“ Umm, Mir, can I ask you something, quickly? ” Asked Mei with a bit of doubt in her voice.

“ Yea, what is it? ”

“ Since Amila’s body will be reconstituted soon, Will she still have the clothes on she had before the event? ” She asked him.

“ Ah, I totally forgot about that fact. If we follow my example, then No. ” Replied Mir, but immediately both he and Marcus felt the chills appearing.

“ I see, then I will politely ask you both to turn around. You will comply, I hope? ” With a calm, threatening voice she asked them both. Not a second later Marcus turned around, but Mir smirked despite the chill he felt and replied to her. “ Why should I deny myself the glory of my naked little sister? ”

Immediately the chills intensified and Mei glared at him. Still, a second later, she stopped. “ Your questioning relationship aside, this has to do with a woman’s dignity. So I hope you will comply with my demand? ”

“ Haha, ok, ok, no more joking. Here. ” Said Mir as a small bag appeared in front of Mei. “ There, I prepared some clothes for the occasion. ”

Seeing it, Mei glared at him one last time and just pointed at Marcus and Mir turned away, too. With some small talk time passed and soon the flesh filled the body and not long after skin appeared too. Now if anybody looked at the person in question, all they would say is that a goddess appeared in front of them. She had long, glorious dark hair almost reaching the waist and a cute face. The rest of her body also held proportions that would drive man mad.

Despite still not having achieved full maturity, Amila, the person in question, was a beauty that few could and would rival.


Once her complete body was there, Mei approached close to her. Still not interfering at all as she heard from Mir that there was still the needed process of blood being pumped through the body and soon the heart in question beat once. Then twice, thrice and so on it went until Mei could observe a normal rhythm. Yet, still Amila did not open her eyes as she observed her entire body and how it functioned. She enjoyed it as much as she could before a thought finally came to her and she opened her eyes.


In front of her she saw the recently met and recently acknowledged big sister that was Mei. Still in a bit of a fugue state because of the event that happened, she didn’t react immediately as Mei spoke. “ Amila, you there? ”

Hearing her then blinking a few times first, she nodded. “ Good. Before you do anything here, take these clothes and put them on. While I am sure you don’t mind showing off to somebody in question, it’s still not proper for having a lady naked outside. ” As she said, she pointed at the man in question and nudged Amila's clothes.

Taking them and still a bit absently, she wore them. Done with that, the man turned around and Mir came before her. He looked at her, and she looked at him.

“ Brother, I did it. ” Stated Amila.

“ That you did, little sister. ” He replied and gave her a peck on the lips. “ Now we will be together forever. ” He said, but a second later he added on to it. “ Unless, of course, somebody kills us. For that reason, we need to ensure you have achieved everything that was the goal. ” Taking a step back he spoke again. “ I have told you everything already, so now you just need to look inside yourself. ”


And that she did. Amila closed her eyes and concentrated. Following the knowledge her brother gained, she looked inside herself. Immediately she could imagine her entire body, and it was only when she zoomed her perception on one cell that she recognized the thing she needed. Once she did, the thing she wanted to happen happened. The cell ignited and a particular field around that cell came into existence. Another thought and that field spread to its neighbor and, like a cascade, it went on. From cell to cell soon, her entire body was enveloped in that field.


“ Excellent. Now, feel yourself again and expand as much as you can and stop the moment you notice the negative drain. ” Demanded Mir of his little sister. Following his demand, Amila expanded the field that enveloped her. Soon it went from barely leaving her skin to 1 meter, 2, 3 and once it reached 10 meters in all directions, she examined herself a bit more. Noticing that she could go on, she went on. Ten, twenty, forty, sixty and there she stopped, for as it was at that point that she felt her limit.

Staying at that point, she observed her surroundings. Soon after, the knowledge she gained shifted as she shifted her perspective and soon she could perceive the Air, Light, Gravity and so much more. But as she did that, from deep within her something came forward. It was like an itch that one just had to scratch, and she did. Amila scratched at that itch and her perspective changed again.

“ Eh, what happened? I don’t feel it anymore? ” Noted Marcus.

“ Me too. ” Commented Mei.

“ Me three. ” Added Mir with some confusion. “ Umm, Amila, what did you do? I don’t think you collapsed your Sphere of Perception. As it would have felt differently, I think. ”

“ Hehe, you can’t tell? ” Replied Amila as she observed her brother through that new perspective. He and in fact the other two appeared to have lost their fixed shapes in that new perspective and what replaced them was a nebula’s shape that she could observe. Focusing on her brother with her eyes, Amila’s new perspective pierced through her brother’s defensive barrier that he always had around himself.

“ Oh, you naughty peeping tom, I see what this is. ” Mir replied in return as he felt his sister rummage inside him. “ Looks like your empathic nature was incorporated into the Sphere. ”

Hearing her brother, she smirked as she focused on the other two, and unlike her brother, they were both easier and harder to pierce. Immediately, the both of them noticed her intrusion and heightened their defenses, yet that was still enough to glimpse a few things.

Noticing everything around him and Amila’s smirk, Mir asked. “ Now I am interested. Did you perceive what I think you did? ”


“ Not saying it. ” Replied Amila while she stopped her intrusion and collapsed her Sphere but immediately focused inside herself and followed the Auril that went deep inside her. As she knew what to do because of her brother’s experience, she soon came upon her Realm. Sending her perception inside, she immediately used her power to strengthen the connection to the limit where she needed but a thought to switch between it and her body.


Once done with that, she looked at her brother and his friends and told them her thoughts. “ Brother, Marcus, Mei, thank you for helping me along the way, and while I always knew that I could fail, it was with your continued encouragement that I prevailed. ”

“ There is no need for that Amila, I was happy to help but remember it was your own effort that brought you to where you stand. ” Replied Marcus.

“ I agree with Marcus, but remember, your new big sister will always be happy to help. ” Added Mei with a rare smile on her face.

“ Amila, I agree with them. While I may have projected confidence to boost your own confidence, deep down I was scared, as even with my improvements, it is a tough experience to go through. So always remember, while we may have helped prepare you, it was your own competence that brought you to where you are now. ” Mir said his thoughts with seriousness in his voice but seconds later that vanished and only happiness could be heard. “ That being said, Iet us go celebrate. Marcus, you know what to do. ”


Hearing it all again, Amila’s emotion peaked, and she saw Marcus take out his staff. Seconds later, a portal appeared, and he motioned for them to go through. Mir took Amila by the hand and pulled her trough. Seeing them vanish, Mei looked at Marcus for a second, shook her head lightly and went through.

“ Haa. ” Sighed Marcus and spoke to himself before entering the portal himself. “ One step at a time. One step at a time. ”


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