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“ In my newly reborn Realm. I call it Dreamscape. ” Replied Mira. “ Although now that I am here in my physical body I do notice a few problems. Wait let me fix it. ”


Closing her eyes again she concentrated. Still being enclosed in her barrier I could not observe the changes with anything but my eyes yet even with those it was hard to notice anything. Looking around again I observed the details more when I noticed something at the edge of the white ground. As I observed what looked like a temple I saw it move into the distance yet still remain the same size in my eyes. It was when I saw that I realized what she was doing. ` How is she fueling the Spatial folding to this degree, no it's not just the Space otherwise the temple would not have remained the same size. Could it be that everything is getting a size adjustment? `


Wondering about that part I still didn't interrupt her. When what felt like a few minutes to me passed the changes stopped. Looking at Mira again I saw her blue eyes open and the World blurred again for a bit and we found ourselves in the middle of the temple complex I observed a few minutes ago. Four paths led from the center into four different buildings.

Everything looked to be made out of white marble. Observing again in more detail it was easy to see the Ancient Greek design style that was used for inspiration in its architecture. A second later I felt the barrier surrounding us collapse into Mira again and now that I could use my full senses without being a poor guest here I observed everything again.

One thing I immediately noticed was the reason as to why everything had to be resized. Despite how everything looked quite grand the actual space was not as big as it looked on the inside. ` If my scrying is not failing me then the actual size of the space is only around the size of a house but the actual size on the inside should be about a 100 times that. ` Observing for a few more seconds a thought popped to me.

“ My ESES did not activate. How do you have environmental stability here? ” I asked in my intrigue. The Emergency Spell - Environmental Survival was one of the basic survival skills one gets access to at 5th Circle no matter the specialization. It is what usually keeps us alive in situations like these and yet it did not activate at all.

Hearing my question she looked around for a bit. “ Umm no idea. I guess a new curiosity was found out. Either way the reason that ripple appeared has to do with this Realm. ”

“ Right, do go on. I am curious as this is the first time I have visited a place like this. ” Many scholars have wondered how they came about. So far the only theory we have is that it has to do with Divinity as anything else that had been tried was expensive as hell to sustain.

“ Sure, well not long ago I went through something I call Transcendence. It is a state of being and in that state The Universe gifted me a bit of Potential Chaos. Before you ask about it, it should be the same stuff you have used for your staff. Although I have never seen a physical representation of it. Anyway with it I created myself a tiny pocket Reality. Wasn't anything grand or bit like right now but once I started defining its working I got a visit from IT and it forced me materialize... well all this. ” She pointed at everything surrounding us but one thing bothered me as she explained.

“ By IT are you saying you The Universe made this? ” I did not quite believe what she said as I scryed the material of everything here and immediately noticed what she meant by materialize. Everything here was an illusion sustained by this place and yet despite being an illusion at its core it felt Real.

“ Yea, due to that I was almost sucked dry of my existence to fuel the changes that it demanded. ” With that said she pointed at herself. “ Once I was sucked dry I was forced to define, shape and name everything to make it all work like one flawless. It was fun so I did not mind it as much but once everything was done and to ITs standards a ripple was formed from the core of the Realm and I am sure you know the rest of the story. The second one though was when I finished this temple complex. ”

As she spoke I walked about and inspected all while listening to her tale. It truly was interesting to observe it all. ` Just this visit alone is enough to generate ideas for myself. `

“ I see. Tell me this. All my scrying is telling me that this is an elaborate illusion and yet it feels all real for some reason. I can get behind the workings a bit but it bothers me that I do not know what I am sensing. ” I asked her.

“ Haha, I knew you'd be interested in that part. ” Mira laughed for a bit but explained it anyway. “ It's simple really. What you are sensing is the physical representation of the concept of Dreams or at least the version that represents my understanding. ”

“ Concept, you say? ” In reflex it came out but another thought popped to me. “ You know this suspiciously sounds a lot like Divinity work. Are you a Goddess by any chance? ”

“ Pfft. ” Was all that came from her before she started laughing. “ Haha, ha ok, I can guess why you would think like that. But no I am not a goddess nor do I plan on ever being one. ”

“ Still one day people may call my creations that will follow my wake Divinities. Who knows. ” She shrugged at the end.

“ Right, you don't mind me exploring this in more details, do you? ” I asked out of politeness but deep down I knew it was best to not anger beings like her, especially when one finds oneself in their Realm.

“ No, not at all. I am curious what you might think. ” The answer came. Immediately I summoned my trusty new staff. I always keep it in my Soul when I don't need it. That way none can even think about stealing it. Once it was out I used its power to magnify my senses and observed yet what I found truly boggles the mind

` The Spatial workings of this Realm are even more bizarre then I thought. I know that this Realm is small even with the inside being bigger but that still does not explain the discrepancies I can observe. `

“ You know the Spatial working here doesn't make sense at all. ” Oh, was all that came from her and with a look at her I knew she wanted me to elaborate. “ Look, all my scrying tells me that this Realm is small and that if I wanted I could just go about 50 meters that way and pluck the Star that is there. And yet for some reason it also tells me that it's too far away and I would need to teleport to it due to the distance. ”

Once I pointed it out she looked around a bit. Dine with that Mira spoke. ” Oh, I see what your problem is. You, I mean your Magical Community does not like to deal with uncertainties. Right, that makes sense considering how you guys progress in power. Well, all I can tell is that his Realm just barely left its egg and still has a lot things to improve upon but that will need time. ”

This time she shook her head and reminded me of her proposal. “ I have shown you the origin and even explained and even let you examine it. I have done my part of the deal now its time for yours. ”

Hearing that part I knew my time was up. Taking back my staff and I made it vanish again. “ Ok, how do you plan on doing this? Do remember that I said that it has been tried before. ”

“ The idea is simple. ” She explained. “ I will give you a Soul with the necessary Life Essence inside it. Then I will attune that Soul to you and you will inscribe the Soul as if it was your first time doing it and that's it for now until I see how the Soul behaves as the process happens. ”


The moment I heard it I hesitated for a second but nodded as I had already received the reward of the deal. ` Even if it was not backed by a Contract, a deal is a deal. `

“ Ok, but we can't do it here. Lets go to my lab. ” I said. Mira nodded and motioned for me to follow her. When I did we came upon one of the paths and at its end and inside the building I saw a big arch. Inside the opening was an illusion of the whole Realm just much smaller.

Once we were beside it Mira pointed at it and the illusion changed shape. A few seconds later I saw the room we left not long before.

“ After you. ” She said while giving me the right pose as if I was some pore maiden. Ignoring that fact I go through it. This time not being enveloped by Miras barrier I experienced how the transfer felt and it felt no different to how I used Vailwalk.


On the other side I looked back and saw the distorted space representing the Realm I just came out of. A second later Mira came through too. Once she was here I heard her whisper to herself in relief. ` Fuck, could it be I was an experiment? Sigh, it doesn't matter. I would have been fine either way. Back to the main prospect. `

“ Follow me. ” I led her to the ritual chamber. Every self respecting Wizard had one and it was in there that we conduct rituals and ceremonies. It was an oval room, about the size of 3-4 rooms combined. Once we were inside I closed the door that led to it and the wards in the palace turned on.

“ It's here that I do most of my experiments of the more dangerous kind so we will be using it. ”

I said, Mira nodded. “ How will you attune a Soul to me if I already have one? ”

Hearing the question she took out a Soul again and came closer to me. “ It's usually very easy for me to do it but I have never done it with somebody of your Power. Don't resist me as I need to examine your body a bit. ” With a bit of reluctance I let her.


Taking my hand she used her power. It touched my mana that is dispersed all over my body all the time. Although I didn't give it any orders it still resisted this intrusion. “ Interesting how mana feels to me. It's similar to a cold blanket. Hmm, can you withdraw your mana from the body? ”

She asked and I did. Pulling all the mana in my body to my Soul. Immediately my perception of the body lowered by a lot. ` Been a while since I did that. `

Following the withdrawal of my mana Miras Power washed over my body as I could feel it even with the diminished sensitivity. “ Oh, so that's the mana network you mentioned. ” Not a second later I felt her Power reach around my Soul. Panic came to me when I felt it and automatic defenses triggered to push out the foreign Power.

Flushing it out of my body with no resistance I looked at Mira but saw no change in her expression as she looked at me. Like that we stared at each other for a bit when she spoke. “ Cough, you know, from what I saw that looked more like a giant onion with enormous roots. ”

“ Let me guess, your curiosity got the better of you. ” She nodded but I couldn't actually begrudge her. It's hard to hold back your curiosity at times. “ Let's just get this over with. ” Again she nodded and I withdrew my mana.

Again she looked inside but this time when I noticed her Power around my Soul I didn't resist its examination. “ Oh, wow. Hmm, yea no way I will be able to examine that without killing you. ”

This time I noticed her attention was placed more upon my whole body. The whole time she did it I observed her. ` Is it really just a deal that I am letting this unknown woman examine me so deeply. Even if her body had not recovered I could see her beauty but could it be I am starved for female attention? Yea that should be it, once this is all over a vacation is needed. `


A few minutes passed when Miras examination was done. “ Ok, I am done. Here take this Soul and do your job. ” With that said Mira placed the Soul in my hand. Looking at it I saw no difference, nor did I feel anything special. Giving her a glance she just motioned for me to do it.


Making my way to the center of the ritual chamber I flooded my body with mana again and used it to observe the Soul. Immediately I noticed its connection to me. It was barely there but I felt it and it was bizarre to feel it at all. In the center of the chamber I used my mana to fuel the ritual chamber and all around me symbols started to glow. With a purpose a ritual circle appears out of thin air.

Using it I began the process of inscribing. Being a mockery of my first time doing it, it was done in minutes. Similar to the first time it happened, when the inscribing was done I gained awareness of this Soul. ` To think I would be holding every child's dream in my hand like this and I did it like it's nothing special too. Either I am dreaming or Reality just collapsed on me and told me the real Truth that our path is nothing special. `

Considering all that brooded in my head it was only after Mira spoke that I came to. “ Why are you spacing out? Is it done? ”

“ Only the first one. ” I replied.

“ Oh, that was faster than I thought. Either way let me take a lot at it. ” She said and came to me. Once she had started examining I again felt her Power but this time I couldn't resist it as this Soul just had no defenses applied to it.

As she examined it she asked me. “ So why did you space out? Is something bothering you? ”

“ It's nothing, just some personal feelings of what I am doing. So don't worry about it. ” I replied.

“ You may say that but you just piqued my curiosity. ” She said and placed her attention on me instead of that Soul.

“ Sigh, it's just that I just treated a Soul like an experiment. Just like a Necromancer would so it hit me that I played with a Soul and the only thing I felt was a little curiosity with maybe a smidgen of dredge that if this knowledge became widely known it would cause a masacre to appear. ” I explained to her.

“ Well, I can see your point but I feel like there is something deeper that is bothering you. ” She told me.

Taking a deep breath I say it. “ You see, Mira. As Souls are such an integral part of our Power we sort of have an Ideology about it and it goes like this. The Souls is our path and it is our choice what we do with our own Soul following that path. We can play with it, mold it, destroy it but the moment we start to do all that to someone else's Soul is the point where we slip and go the darker path of Power where the World is nothing but bad and evil intentions. ”

“ I see. ” Was all she said as her attention turned to the Soul in question. “ It's a nice Ideology paved with good intentions but it does have one flaw that I can see. ” Again she looked at me but I could see the intentions in her eyes.

Seeing them I knew that I could deny what she wanted to tell me and just bury all this deep in memory. ` To just forget it all and yet... I hesitate to do it, still unsure if I want to go down this rabbit hole or not. If I do go there probably is no way for me to return and yet if I do go I would probably find the answers I sought after all this time. `


“ I… ” Still unsure, I told her what I thought. “ I am not sure if I want to go down that rabbit hole. I have this feeling that there won't be a way back for me and if I do listen to you I have this feeling that I will be involved in your plans heavily. So why don't you tell me what you are after? ”

Hearing my proposal the only thing that changed was an eyebrow on her face. “ Rabbit hole, eh. Well if you want to call it that then that is your choice but if you truly feel like that then I will just have to include you into my little club that is still in the progress of being set up. ”

“ What club? ” I asked but already I could feel that it was too late to go back.

“ Oh, umm never thought about its name so far but let's just call it Change the World club. ” Said Mira.

“ Change the World? What kind of change are you talking about? ” But the moment I said, deep down a feeling came over me. Like shivers they went through my body. “ It, it, it can't be. ” Was all that came out of my mouth as I took a few steps away from her and when I did finally speak it was without thought like a reflex. “ No, no, no, I will not be involved in that. ”

“ Hahahaha. ” Laughed Mira quite loud at my proclamation. When she stopped there was only a big green on her face and soon she spoke. “ Ha, I knew there must have been a reason we met but when you told me of your yourself and specialization I knew I had my reason. You were involved in that fuckfiesta 19 years ago. Weren't you? ” She asked with a grin.


Saying that number I knew my suspicion was right and yet I was far too stunned to react immediately but when I did all that came out of me was curses. “ Fuck, Fuck, FUCK YOU MICHEAL. Why do I always get involved in your SHIT. Why cant you just FUCKING DIE already and spare me from this CRAP. Ghaaa, by Merlins beard, why cant I just fucking flay him by the balls on the London bridge for everybody to see it. ”


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