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“ Dream. ” The moment I said it, an unbelievable change happened. The still illusion I had placed upon the insides of my Realm began to change and slowly flow upwards.

The bottom white part started to flow upwards first, slowly changing color and shape to become Stars. Slowly those Stars accumulated into rivers with many branches. The biggest rivers at their ends turned into Galaxies while moving upwards. Soon those Galaxies started to revolve around themselves and at their tips they discharged something like gasses that turned into various Nebulas. Some of the Nebulas became lighter in color and some turned far darker than they were before.

At the very top of everything, the Nebulas lost their forms and turned white and when I looked closer I saw the white stuff skirt around the bubble that represented the boundary of my Realm and alongside the barrier it returned to the bottom, only to repeat it all over again.


` All of these changes are still illusions I think, but wonder if I can do more stuff like this. ` Again I looked for all my knowledge about what I considered were Aspects, or as others called them Spirits

“ Aspect. ” . Again the compiled meanings were projected into my Realm. Although no change happened this time, to me it felt like the illusion turned slightly more real. Thinking about it for a bit I changed the wording a bit.


“ I am the Aspect of Dreams. ” No visual change happened but what did happen might as well have been that. The connection that I barely felt existing between me and this Realm felt strained as I noticed a Will pass through and enter this place. To me it felt very grand, like it encompassed everything and yet felt simple at the same time. Immediately I knew there was only one thing that it could belong to, Reality or as some call it The Universe.

Even though there was little here I could feel its Will pass over everything that I did and examined it at the same time. To me it felt like it went on forever but ultimately it took but a few seconds. When it was done I felt IT do something.

IT touched something in here and immediately following that I felt the pull on Auril from my body increase by a lot. So far I had used my max regen to fuel the changes and never did it dip into the negative.

Now it did and it started to take from my energy pool that was always stored inside me. Like that it dipped lower and lower. ` I won't end up like a shriveled mummy, will I? `

While I contemplated this fact my pool went to 50% and still it kept going lower at the same pace.

The only time I ever felt a pull like this was when I first acquired Auril. In my curiosity I tried to conjure a tiny tree branch into Reality. The idea was to make it real and use matter from Reality to have it appear out of thin air. It worked but it took almost everything that I had and that was still just a tiny little tree branch. ` Although that was in Reality and this is in my Realm. `


Not seeing the energy drain stopping I made a little prayer just in case. Soon the pool went below 10% and there was no end in sight. Five, four, three, two, one, zero yet the drain didn't stop. Still going on a suspicious fact came to me. ` If my Auril pool is gone then what is left behind? `

Placing my attention on my body still in Reality I noticed it. My body was truly shriveling in places. The supple skin, the muscle tension, the bone density, all my body cells went into overdrive to compensate for the draw. They had begun to consume themselves to feed this drain.

In panic, I attempted to stop the drain but the moment I tried that gigantic Will that was Reality rebuffed me. IT swatted me away like an adult would with a fly that buzzed in front of one's face.

Next I tried to close the connection between the body and my Realm in an attempt to prevent the worst case scenario but still it failed. After that everything I tried was denied to me.

` This is the first time I experienced helplessness since I left the Void. Sigh, fine, if I survive this I will just take this chance to admit that I am still not at the top of the food chain and probably won't be for a long time. `

Having no chance to change the results I could only watch as my body still in female form went from a beautiful goddess to an ugly mummy and yet it was in that moment that the drain finally stopped. Not quite believing that it happened I checked and rechecked the body. It was barely struggling to cling to life but it was still alive. Hurriedly I took control of it and gave instructions to it.


` While the appearance would not change without nutrients and water at least it should be stable for now and recover to some degree. ` Done with that I placed my attention upon my Realm. Immediately I noticed a subtle change. No longer was it an illusion yet it was not what the images represented that irked me, as it was impossible for the amount of Power that was used to fuel the changes needed to bring forth true Stars and Galaxies. No, what irked me was that everything was made out of something and just had the current appearance, and yet the moment I thought about that the answer came to me.


` Dreams, it's made out of Dreams. Or, at least it was my interpretation of Dreams that manifested. `

` Yes, it can only be that. The white stuff at the bottom represents the blank canvas upon which one will draw or declare their Dreams. The Stars will represent the individuals that travel towards their Dreams. The rivers will represent the paths they take and the Galaxies will represent the destinations of those paths. `

` If I am right then the closer they are to the center of it the closer they will be to achieving their Dreams. If so then the upper part will represent the end of a Dream and its true intangibility of how Dreams change even after one has achieved them. `


The instant I figured it out I felt my interpretation settle into everything alongside its purpose.

“ The white stuff I will call Canvas of Dreams. “ Immediately the name and the concept alongside the white stuff that it represented turned more tangible. Done with examining the Canvas I turned to the Stars.

“ You guys will be known as Stars of Individuality. “ Nodding my head I noticed the Stars turned more tangible. Seeing that part I knew that now they would properly represent the Individuals that would come here.

Looking at the rivers that were composed of Stars it was a bit hard to decide but ultimately it too gained a name. “ You guys will be known as The Rivers of Opportunity. “ This time the rivers grew thicker and at the same time they gained more branches that intersected a lot more with the other branches and rivers.

Second to last came the Galaxies. “ How about Galaxies of Realization. “ Immediately they grew brighter as more stars appeared in them at the same time more rivers reached the Galaxies. The last change they had was the discharge that happened at the very center of the Galaxies, their produced amount increased in volume.

Done with the Galaxies, the Nebulas were easy. “ I know just the right name for you guys. Your names will be The Nebulas of Possibilities. ” It was the Nebulas that changed the most out of everything that happened. All of the ones that had been there already gained more tangibility but some new ones appeared too. The brighter ones turned brighter and the darker ones turned even darker alongside the other colors that came too. At the same time more of the Nebulas turned into the white stuff representing the Canvas and yet its current appearance failed to show its biggest change as that one would need more Time to complete.

` As people come here and declare their Dreams and look upon all the Possibilities in those Nebulas, the Nebulas in return will keep those Possibilities. Can't wait to see how they will develop. `


Observing everything for more details a little thought in the background alerted me that the Will of Reality was still here.. ` Why is it still here? Is there something more I need to do? Hmm, I have already named every...thing. Oh, of course I still have not named my Realm. `


“ Very well, for those that will come here it will be Known as Dreamscape. The place where one will forge one's Destiny. ” No visual changes appeared this time, but the moment I named my Realm a tiny ripple appeared in the middle of the Realm and went all over the Dreamscape like an ever expanding little burp when one finally digested one's food and settled down. From its birthplace in the center of the Dreamscape it traveled to the barrier holding the Realm and through it, left this place. Once it was outside I finally felt the approval of Reality for what I did and IT left right after.

Following a hunch that came to me I left after it and into my own body. ` Goodness, I feel like a wet rug that has been squeezed to the point of dying. It's possible that the ripple will alert others, best I recover as fast as possible. `


Even with micromanaging my almost broken body to heal as fast as possible it still took quite a lot of time for it to be able to walk. When I finally moved it was with a snail's pace and it was with that pace that I put on my clothes. Done with them I made my way outside the room.


Many, many minutes later I left the hotel and passed everybody. It was only with true effort that I was barely able to hold an Invisibility Cloak at all. Moving like that I made my way to the nearest grocery store. Once inside I stole everything that I would need. In this case being lots of Snickers as they had a lot of calories compared to the amount one ate. Alongside them I took a few bottles of water and lots of veggies. Once everything was in my hands I ate and drank it all to the highest possible degree.

But if one considered how my stomach was shrunk right now, that was not a lot. Once it was in the stomach I encouraged it to increase its digestion, yet even with that command it was still slow at the start. But the more nutrients were used up the more my body was able to digest and process.


Once my body was of a passable degree to at least move faster than a snail I made my way outside as I ate and drank more. Like that time passed as I healed the body but since it was slow I found myself a secluded place. It was an abandoned building,it was in there that no people would bother me if I disabled my Stealth Cloak and just stayed there.


Sitting on the ground of one small room I concentrated on healing. There I spent the next hours and it was only when my body's recovery was over 30% that I actively stopped interfering and micromanaging it. After that I left the body lying on the cold concrete floor with its instructions and sent my Will into the Dreamscape.


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