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Raising my right eyebrow at that I listened to him. “ During this experiment I am sure you noticed how we started to drift apart as each of our individual personas found their outlets. So, since we have separated that means we can integrate again but there will be problems. We will clash with each other over the main usage and Rights of how we will express ourselves. ”


“ That being said, since integration is our desire we both need to make some concessions. ” He said. “ Since you are not yet complete as the childbirth experience and motherhood is missing we won't be able to integrate at 100%. Though, even with them it won't matter as one thing will always stay true. I will never allow myself to become somebody's bitch, but for sexual pleasure I will allow that to happen in our female form and only in that form. Anything else will be us dominating the others. Is that understood? ”


When I nodded the body that was made out of Auril started to pour into me. Once it was inside me the other half of my Will that had carried my male persona came back too. With it came memories, with memories came the experience, with experience came the emotions and with those came understanding. In that moment as both our personas came together and mingled some conflict appeared with the inherent differences we had but those soon were gone and we were integrated again.


In the moment that both my personas combined I once again experienced what it meant to be one with myself. There was no male or female, only Me and it was in that moment that I noticed something else. I sensed the Auril that had made up the construct I had used just seconds before.

One inherent quirk of Auril I still had no idea on how to explain at all was the vanishing trait that happens when the Auril that I had already used outside my body returns to me when my inherent Auril pool was full. It happened a lot as my inherent regeneration was just too strong.


No matter how many times I experimented I could not understand or notice at all where it went, and yet it was in this moment of one with myself that I noticed it. Following that trail I went deeper into myself. Never before had I gone diving so deep within myself, not to mention that I never knew it was possible either.

As I followed that almost impossible to perceive thread of Auril vanishing deep inside me I felt as if I passed through a barrier of some sort but when I did pass it I finally understood where I was. It was as if the memory finally came to me.

It was in this teeny tiny bubble of Reality that to me right now appeared as nothing but blackness that I invented Auril and the way it worked. When I had Transcended and acquired Auril I remembered the part where I reconstituted my body but not how, or why the acquired power I had gained worked the way it worked and yet now the knowledge came to me as if it always was there.

It told me of the many attempts and the many combinations I had used to shape the Power that would represent Me. It told me of that moment that all of me was swallowed into one tiny little point in Reality, and of the moment where I acquired a small amount of Potential Chaos to forge this little bubble of Reality that belonged to me.

Processing that memory I finally understood what had perplexed me so far. With that understanding I used the Power of my Realm and sent a small piece of my Will outside and back into my own body. There it ignited the Auril in my whole body and made it go into full drive. Just like when I made use of my Sphere of Perception my Auril regen went to zero but unlike a normal usage, this time it did not expand but contract and everything was sent here. Following the beacon that was my Will in here, it finally came.


To me felt like it finally found the much needed inlet of Power that it desired. And so it ate and ate and ate, and yet there was no change aside from that. Still I let it go on for quite a while. As that went on I observed my surroundings, but there wasn't anything here aside from one thing.

Whenever I tried to recall something the knowledge came to me with clarity as if I had just read it right this moment. Testing it for a moment I found out that my Realm contained anything I knew but the clarity only starts the moment I created this place. Everything before that was more blurry as if it were some more distant memory but I could still recall it anytime I wanted.


` There is one thing I don't understand. I could understand why there were memories from the last time I was here, but why is there stuff here that I have learned afterwards. ` Yet it was in the next second that I found the answer. Every time I had slept and had dreams I had noticed that after waking up I always felt refreshed and that it felt as if a load was taken off of me.


` Guess, now I know where that load went. Still since this is my creation and it's really important I better make sure I can come back here anytime I wanted. ` That important fact decided I took control of this place and altered how my Power was consumed. Instead of expanding this place I used it to strengthen the bond it had between it and my physical body.


Immediately I felt the connection grow. When it was strong enough I could finally feel my body as I was in this Realm. Spending a thought about it, it appeared to me like an image. The female perfection that I had created was still lying in the bed. Still it didn't stop there, I wanted the connection to be stronger.

Soon the clarity of the connection increased and I could clearly send instructions to the body like a remote with an immediate reply. It may have been possible to use the body but yet again I didn't stop. The connection grew and grew stronger and soon I reached what I had wanted.


The connection shrunk to the point where I could barely notice it was even there, at least it felt like that. Once that happened I stopped and diverted the incoming Power to the growth of the Realm again. ` Good, now it's time to figure out why I gained Potential Chaos when I transcended. `

Diving into the memories stored here, I recalled that moment when I had achieved perfect unity of the Body, Soul and Life Essence. I observed it in as many ways as I could think of, yet I still could not notice anything or why I gained Potential Chaos.

` The only thing I can think of is that in the moment that someone achieves something like Transcendence, one is given a reward by the Universe like a reward for a good job done. `

` If it truly is so, then never mind it then. It just confirms to me that I better use a different system of Power acquisition in my system and leave Auril for late game. Transcendence can be the ultimate Goal I can give others to pursue. `

` Haha, of course my little sister will not count towards that. Anyway If my guess is right then this Realm will be the core of my system. Now with a place of operations all that's left is to figure out the connection and the method of usage. ` Taking control of the Power being used to feed this Realm I diverted its potential. This time I pictured the window that I had imagined and used for the Link that I had with my little sister.


Due to having used it so much with Auril I had the exact sensations needed to manifest it and began pouring Auril into it. It took a few seconds but it did appear. It was a simple window with white rims and glass as the barrier alongside one handle on the right side.

Although the shape was not important, what was important was what it represented and seeing the current version of it made me unhappy.

` For me it should represent all the emotions of having a little sister and at the same time it should represent the love that we have for each other. So a simple white rimmed window will never reflect that. Since that is the case it's time to upgrade it. ` Pouring Auril into it I imagined it changing shape from a window to a magnificent big arch gate made out of thick black stone material. Done with the arch and the casing of it I switched my attention to the base of the arch. There I imagined it standing on a pedestal made out of the same black stone material with multiple steps needed to reach the arch. To make it more mystical in the hollow of the arch that represents an opening I imagined a starfield. It had various hues of colors for the Stars and in the distance one could see Galaxies shining.

Nodding at that Illusion I set the shape and again poured Auril into the connection that it represented. It took a lot more and it charged a lot longer than with my own body but ultimately it did what I wanted. I felt the connection to my little sister Amila appear like never before.

` I had always wondered how it worked but since I never found an explanation keeping it simple was the best choice. Although I still kind of have no idea how it worked, at least now it looks, feels and works better. `

With the connection set I tried to see what was on the other side. The illusion changed to blackness but nothing appeared. Pouring in more Auril changed nothing. ` Hmm, either the Realm is still too weak, the distance too far, or I just had to pour in more power. Whichever it is it can wait for later. Lets see what more I could do here. `


Done with the Link, new inspiration came to me. The inner walls of this teeny tiny bubble of Reality changed their color a bit. From pure blackness tiny little lights started to appear around me. Soon they congregated and formed into Nebulas and Galaxies where the lower part of the inner bubble had more shades of white like clouds and the upper part had Nebulas of many colors. The middle part was full of Stars and Galaxies.

Being a pure cosmetic change it did little for the Realm itself but for me it truly lifted the atmosphere of the place. Observing it some more I tweaked here and there how it should look but once that was done I remember another important part.


` Since this is my Realm, that should mean I will need a mystical appearance as well to match the grandeur. ` Again I used my Power as the fuel and the Realm did as I wanted. Two shapes appeared. One human male and one human female. Both were naked. Changes appeared on both of them. From clothes to more physical changes, but soon I gave up on it as none of them satisfied me.


` I can use both changes in the Real World but let's try to get something more neutral for this place. ` With that I combined my two genders and fiddled with them. Soon a more male oriented face appeared but with softer edges, as my current persona is much more male oriented and the female version still had a lot to develop. Still to represent the female side of me more I went for longer hair. Compared to a normal male it was longer but it still was only to the shoulders. To accentuate it more I had it flow from right to left unlike the pure straight version I currently had on the physical body. ` This should do for now as I can just improve upon it more later. The rest of the body should be more slender and let's get rid of the junk down there. It's not needed in this form as pure consciousness has no gender. `


With it gone I tried on various types of clothes, from simple jeans and t-shirt to old style roman toga but ultimately the decision was simple flowing blue dark blue robes on the outside with a white color on the inside. The flow of its design went from right to left similar to the hair. I also added a wide neck collar to express mysteriousness to a degree.


Done with designing I went to the image and placed my hand on it. Soon the formless form that I had all this time in this place took on that form. Finally having a mental image of myself, I looked around again but with no known things available at first glance my choice was easy.

` It's time I return to the Real World but considering all that I did here I hope this wasn't all a dream that I just went through. It would totally suck if that happened and I did not remember this place. `

` Thinking of dreams, why was it that the information offload happened when I dreamed? Is there an inherent connection to dreams or could it be that dreaming itself is special. Hmm, let's test it out first before I return. `

Delaying my departure for a bit I considered the Dream prospect for a bit and decided on a path. Collecting all the knowledge I had on dreams, their functions I knew so far, their forms and finally what Dreams truly represented to me.


Done with compiling everything one word came out of my mouth and it projected everything that I knew about dreams.


“ Dream. ”

A note from Akten Dreams

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