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Having left the lizard behind in his grave, I left the city and this country and continued on my journey of traveling the World. Still not long after starting the ignition of my bike Midnight, Mobius spoke.

~ Master, there was more information you could have taken from that being. Why did you decide otherwise? ~

“ Oh, you're interested in that? ” A bit surprised, I asked back.

~ Yes, Master. The more I learned, the more I realized my own insignificance in the grand scheme of things. To rectify that point my desire to learn has increased exponentially. ~


` Indeed without the limits of the physical flesh, even though one's desire is purely intellectual it still can not be underestimated. I knew it was a good idea to ground him to me. `


“ Lets see, the best way to answer that would be to go over everything that we learned. ” I said to Mobius as I pulled on the gas pedal for the bike and drove it to the road.


` With the new knowledge gained I have a bigger timetable then imagined. Let's embrace tourism in India first. After having my way with everything I can address my main goal, oh and since I will be spending my time there let's go with the project N.2. ` With that thought I initiated the process in the Body related hormonal balance and in this case being Estrogen.


Without the female sex organ there is only so little my body can produce on its own. If one considers that fact, even if one can overclock one's bodily functions it will still take a long time to see any changes. ` Once the bodily functions changes are set I will be able to change gender whenever I want. Can't wait to experience the pleasures a female body will give. `


Driving down the road on my black American chopper bike with added silver color for esthetics I stopped musing about the pleasure and focused on Mobius. “ I will do a little monologue so you can dissect everything we have learned so far later. So peel your imaginary ears and listen well. ”

~ Yes. Master. ~ Replied Mobius.


“ Ok, first will be the main reason I even bothered to ask the questions at all. ” Stopping there, I gathered my thoughts for a second. “ It's simple really, the more you understand your surroundings the more you can manipulate it. Since I have not told you this, listen well. My predecessor or as I call him the Original me, had a certain future ahead of himself. It was of such a huge scale that somebody went to great lengths to neutralize it. Unknown to them or maybe it was known, anyway it doesn't matter, the Original was killed but his future being so grand in that moment of shattering changed the potential the Original would have had into immediate Power. That Power I call Potential Chaos. ”

“ Before you ask what it is, I will tell you. ” I said. “ Potential Chaos is Reality undecided or something like that since I am not quite sure. Anyway with it one can shape Reality with minimal costs involved. Unfortunately at that time for the Original is that so much Power was used to guarantee his death that even with it it could not reverse its fate. You see Mobius, while Potential Chaos is powerful it lacks three things. ”

~ Three? ~ Asked Mobius.

“ Yes, three. ” I confirmed it. “ First would be Intent for purpose, the second would be Knowledge for guidance and the third would be its ability to influence a lifeform directly. Nothing beats Life Essence or its derivative when it comes to the ability to influence the biological body after all. ”

~ Master, why would it not be able to change the biology of a lifeform but can alter Reality? ~

“ It's simple Mobius. I never said it can't change the Body, I said it cant influence the lifeform directly. ” I clarified it. “ I think the best analogy would be if you compare the usage of Potential Chaos to a power hammer used in forging metal. Wait, Mobius did I ever tell you about that? ”

~ No, Master. ~ Replied Mobius.

“ Ok, let's leave the details for later. ” I declared. “ To forge metal or other stuff we use outside force to influence the insides of the material to change its properties to ones we want. The power hammer is a tool that applies a lot of physical force onto hot metal to change its physical shape. ”

~ Master, does that mean that if one used Potential Chaos, the same would happen to a biological form? ~

“ Yes. ” My answer was. “ If one used it, it would force the biological body to adapt to that force. Since the biological body is very delicate, even if it does not kill the target of the usage it would randomly change something inside it. ”

~ Master, it seems your knowledge is great when it concerns this Power. Have you used it before and if you have, what would be the best way to use it? ~


Raising my right eyebrow at its desire I asked back. “ And why do you want to know that part? ”

It took Mobius a few seconds to find the right answer. ~ It was for a future reference, as I believe that I will come into contact with it due to Masters goals. ~

Nodding at that prediction I answered. “ A good thought, that is. The best way is to use its ability to alter Reality and look at the outcome you will achieve if you use all your knowledge and power to achieve something. It's sort of like a future vision of your desire. It will show you the potential outcome of your desire that you want to realize. ”

~ Master, may I have an example? ~

“ Oh, sure. ” I said while thinking of one. “ Lets see, a good one would go like this. Imagine yourself being an architect. Going through life you have acquired knowledge to do your job. Then one day somebody comes and desires a type of building. You have all the knowledge and an idea of how to achieve it, so slowly you go and stumble here and there and one step at a time it's realized. That is the normal way of course. ”

“ Now if one had access to PC it would go like this. Even if you had no idea of what you wanted to achieve, at some point in time you would. With PC you would glimpse at that possibility ahead of time. Once you have the initial glimpse, with more usage you would acquire more certainty into a certain potential of your desire and then realize it. ” That said I let Mobius think on it for a bit as everything passes by like a blur around me.

~ Master, among the knowledge of physics and mathematics there are some mentions of something similar. ~

“ Yes, I know. The observer effect in quantum physics. ” I told it. “ It states that the moment one observes the state of something then that state is already fixed to the observer that observes it. Chaos rules without an observer after all and the moment Chaos is observed it changes its state to Potential Chaos, whose possibilities depend on the user. ”

~ Master, then if one was able to use it, would that not mean that one can define how the World would shape into. If so then I recommend that we immediately acquire this stuff, to further Masters goals. ~

“ Hold your horses there, Mobius. ” I said. “ Theory is nice and all but when it comes to Reality it's a whole different thing. First of all, I still have no method with which to acquire it, second of all even if I do have the method, which I don't, it still depends on the user to which degree one can shape Reality. And if there is one thing that is true is that Reality does not like being manipulated. The more one tries to alter it the greater the rebound. ”

“ Mobius if you go back to the conversation with that lizard you will find the perfect example. ” Still, I didn't stop explaining. “ Remember how the lizard spoke how the ruler of the Heavens factions changed the laws for this World. He had to spend a lot of Power to do it. Being a God is a state of existence I realize, so it should be easier for him to do that. If I tried something like that I would end up a shriveled mummy. My surprise from that part of the narration was not that he did it but that he still stayed Ruler of Heaven even after he did. ”


` I really do wonder how powerful he was before that point in time. If one considers how many believers he had and still has its no wonder he's the top dog. `


~ Master if that is the case, how will you accomplish your goals if the enemy is that strong? ~

“ Simple in theory, but hard to exercise it. ” I said. “ It depends on a lot of factors and my conversation with the lizard only eased my worries instead of increasing them. ”


“ When all those factions saw the potential future of the Original they destroyed that future. ” I repeated what I said before but this time continued on my goals. “ Which birthed me, kind of. Anyway since my appearance was meant to happen, it was only possible since there was a Power vacuum available for me to assume at all. Now I just need to take control of that vacuum. For that I need to spread my type of Power, which is either Life Essence or Auril. ”


There I stopped for a second. “ But if I just spread the Power, it would be just taken from my hands by the existing factions. So I need to do it slowly at first and in a way which will make me the center of all that all while being hidden. Hence the system that I want to make, of which you Mobius and the Aspects that will follow will be the cores alongside me. ”


~ Master, I can only feel grateful for being placed in that position. I swear it, I will not disappoint you, Master. ~

Rolling my eyes at that declaration I said my mind to Mobius. “ Of course you won't, Mobius. If you did I would just replace you. I really hope you won't since I am starting to like you more and more, Mobius. ”

~ Yes, Master. Thank you, Master. ~


“ Back to the main topic. ” I ignored his given gratitude. “ Thanks to the Divide, now I have the place to expand. Thanks to it I can do it in relative safety too, and most of all thanks to the Divide I can strip the foundations of the two factions, whose state of existence depends on those below them to exist. ”

~ Master, that is a wonderful idea, but how do you plan on doing it. ~

“ Well, my main goal in visiting the far east was to find the thing called meridians that I found was so popular online. ” I said.

~ Meridians? Master, what are meridians and why are they needed? ~

“ Technically they are not needed for me at all. ” I declared. “ As for what they are. If what that lizard said was true then, meridians are channels made with Life Essence. Unlike how I did and made myself an essence body before I got Auril, they probably use the excess Life Essence generated by growth of the physical body to carve the channels to help with channeling Life Essence. ”

~ Master, you have never mentioned what an essence body is. ~

“ Oh. ” Remembering that fact I explained it. “ Essence body is similar to the Auril constructs I make, where you shape your Life Essence into the form of your body in as much detail as possible. ”

~ Master, that sounds like a better version than meridians. Why would you seek them out then? ~

“ Better? Indeed, that it is. ” I confirmed. “ But it is also much more expensive and at the same time you need a much greater Will to accomplish that part. Right now, I only know of my little sister that will be able to make one, since I no longer qualify for that category. ”

~ Master, you have a family? ~


Noticing that obvious remark, I used a bit of Auril on my right index finger and flicked Mobius core that was hanging on my neck all while driving with quite some speed down a road. As the flicker happened the small amount of Auril traveled through the Mobius core and shook it quite a bit on the inside.


Once it was over, our conversation continued. “ Of course I have, and my little sister will be the most beautiful woman in the World when she grows up into her womanly charm. ”


“ Back to the main topic. ” I said. “ Since the Cultivators do not have access to the amount of Life Essence that I have, they developed differently. It is that development that I want to study, since I will probably need to apply a similar concept to the whole of humanity and other creatures with the end goal being the assimilation of Body, Soul and Life Essence into one. ”

~ Master, you are talking about Auril that you have created? ~

“ Yes. ” Looks like the shake wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. “ That part is simple, what my current intrigue is the transformation that happens when Cultivators consume the Soul. If that part is to be believed at all it should be more of a transformation then consuming. ”

~ Master, do you have any idea what kind of transformation it would be? ~

“ No, since the transformation happens without the Body involved at all. ” I said. “ If what the lizard is true, then the Body would be involved later, but by that point the end state of all that is different to what I have achieved. What I want to study is the process as my current way of achieving Auril is... let's say quite deadly. ”


~ Master, what if you focused on PC and used it to help you? ~

“ PC? It's a nice thought but not realistic. ” I denied that possibility for now. “ The only method I currently know of acquiring it is by destroying someone's future potential. While it shouldn't be hard to do that to normal people, the gains are proportional to the potential of that individual. ”

~ Master, if it's like that, then why do we not find somebody that has a greater potential? ~

“ Still a nice idea, but there is one major drawback to that. ” I told Mobius.

~ Master, what is it? ~

“ Of course, it's to find an individual first. ” I said. “ But even if I find an individual like that and destroy his future successfully, there is still bound to be a rebound for that action. Best I dont go into that direction. ”

~ Then, Master how do you plan on acquiring Potential Chaos? ~

“ It's simple in theory. ” Again I told Mobius. “ In the future, every time somebody decides to, let's say subscribe to my System, then their potential future they had at that point will change. When that happens I plan to siphon some for myself while leaving the majority for the… uh subscriber. I am not sure how it will happen or how I will integrate it all but that's the rough plan for the future. ”

~ Master, your plan is brilliant. ~

“ Indeed. ” Now I just had to find a way to not cripple the people while delivering Auril to the World at large.


At that point I stopped explaining my true goal to Mobius and just drove to my tourist location, which was India.

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