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“ Well, John. We have a problem. ” Came the voice of a man over the radio. It was an unknown man to me but according to my uncle he was the insider that enabled this mission to happen.


A day ago, an urgent call came for deployment here into the middle east. My man and I were chosen for the mission and here we are now, sneaking through the city to reach our targets. Everything went according to plan till the moment we were about to enter the city. Somebody unknown tuned to our radio frequency and decided to be the one that would guide us through the city without being spotted.


I had been warned by my uncle the general, that somebody would contact us. But he never said that he would be the talkative type. All this time he had been talking and asking us about this and that, but at least his instructions were worth it patience.


“ What is the problem, Insider? ” Not declaring his name I decided to call him Insider.

“ Well, do you want the very bad news, the bad news, or the good news? ” Wait, what?

“ Umm, start with the very bad ones. ” I said.


“ Ok, listen closely. All this time I have been guiding you to the best of my abilities and it worked. But along the way I had to eliminate a few people and that is no longer an option. ” Eliminate? Is he bluffing? I didn't notice anything and neither did my men.


“ Since I can't verify your claim I will assume that it's true, then what is the problem? ” I asked him.

“ Right, well, all this time they had been singular scouts. Which in itself is unusual as it's very late for a scouting party in their own turf, and right now they are in groups. ” Scouts? Why would there be scouts now?

“ That is weird, so what is the very bad news, as I doubt it was that. ”

“ Yes, that wasn't it but this is. The scouts are the civilians that were mentioned in the report. ”

“ Are you saying they strapped the civilians with guns? ” I questioned my suspicion at him..

“ Worse, not only that but they also implanted the Demon seeds into them. ”

“ Wait, what? Demon, what are you talking about? ” Why is he saying all this nonsense now?


“ Hmm, could it be that your commanders ignored that part of the report? Sigh, fine. First tell me what they said about this mission to you? ” Mission?

“ The usual, about the terrorist here, plan of attack and the goal of the operation. ”

“ I see so they did ignore it. Never mind then. I will give you and your men a quick version of the event. Know this Heaven and Hell exist. ” Really?

“ They do? Wow, what a surprise. ” I said to him.

“ No need for sarcasm, it's the truth. The terrorist you will attack soon are implanted with Demonic seeds. The seed feeds on them and the negative spectrum of emotion makes it blossom. You could say, hence they are the bad guys here. The problem is when I was last here not even a day before there were only 20 of them implanted with seeds and the demon boss. ” Hmm?

“ So what you're saying there are more of them? ”

“ Yes, hence the very bad news, since there is only one way to make them that I know right now. By killing somebody they take the Soul and convert it into the Demon seeds. ” Taking the Soul, wait could it be?

“ Are you saying that the civilians have been sacrificed? ” I ask with an uncertain voice.

“ Yes, if what I am seeing is true then the civilians are dead. Since I said that I can say the good news for you. You won't have to bother with civilian casualties anymore. ” Bastards. I will kill them all.

“ Ok, then what is the bad news? '' Hopefully it's not that bad.

“ The bad one is that they would not have done this on a whim. So I am concluding that they know that a raid is happening tonight. ” Fuck, somebody spilled the beans. Taking my finger from the gun, I went my anger at the wall with a fist.


` I hate missions like this. Now there will be a lot more casualties among my men. Sigh, at least if my head is thinking right, then the scouts mean that even though they know a raid will happen they don't know the plan. So it should not change too much as the order was to finish this no matter the circumstances. `

“ Ok, even if they know we are coming they won't know our plan. Tell me is there anything I should know about the people possessed with… those seeds? ” Best I ask now to have my men prepared.

“ These ones? No they will be like normal people, just more emotional. But even if there is, they will still die if you peter them with bullets. The boss will probably be different, but I will deal with him and leave the rest to your men. ” Good, no need for improvisation too much then.

“ Can you guide my teams into the right positions? ” I asked him but he took a bit longer to reply.

“ Yes, and No. Yes I can guide your squad where it's needed but the other two. ” Why only mine?

“ Explain! ” I demand to know why.

“ Sigh, if what I am observing is right then this is a scripted event. ” Scripted what? But before I could ask for clarification he continued. “ Listen, John. You have an Angel seed implanted in you. ”

“ Wait, what? I don't understand. ” Now he's lost me.


“ Ok, let me ask you this. Before you came to this part of the World and right before you went on the plan or during the planning, have you come into contact with somebody totally new? Like somebody that did not belong to the military, or maybe somebody in the military that was overly touching you? ” Asked the Insider with a firm voice.


` Umm, I think I know who he's talking about. `

“ So you're saying they are attracted to me? ” If that is so then my death is all but confirmed.

“ Yes, so far my presence has sheltered you and if I leave you, they will sense you like a shark smelling blood in the ocean. And probably the other way too. ” So me sensing them too?

“ Fine leads me to my position. ” With that I silence the radio and look to my men.


Signaling for the squad leader to come forth I address them. “ Mike, Kyle, you have heard. While the situation has changed the plan has not. Go, and wait for the signal. ”

“ John, you sure about this, he was talking about Demons and Angles for fucks sake. ” Said Kyle with annoyance. I knew he was not the only one thinking that.

“ It doesn't matter if it's the truth or not. What matters is that if he's saying the truth then I will be the bait and you guys will swoop in and eliminate them from the sides, and if not we will go with the standard operation. Is that understood? ” I asked with a command all while knowing they would do as ordered.


“ Sir, Yes, Sir. ” With that command given we separated and I brought my squad into position. There I waited until Mike and Kyle radioed they were in position.


Stealing my resolve I radio the Insider and declared my intent. “ Stop hiding me. ”

“ Very well. ” He radioed back. “ I am dropping it in 3, 2, 1, dropped. ” Not even hearing the last word he said my attention snapped into the direction of the terrorists.


Unsure how, but I could feel them and deep down I knew they could feel me to. Along with that came this urge to go and kill them all. Coming to myself I radioed my men. “ I can feel them and their attention on me. If what I am feeling is right then some of them should be coming my way already. Take a five the moment you hear the first shot, then go in, understood? ”


“ Yes, sir. ” Came the reply.


Not even one minute had passed by and I noticed those closest to me. “ Mark, Joe two are coming at two o'clock. Bill, Charl, 3 are coming from 11 o'clock. The rest of you wait here. ” Waiting for them in the same place while my men take better positions I consider the implications for a bit but soon shake my head as thinking now will kill me or my ment.


Focusing and looking through the night vision goggles I saw them approach us. As they could feel me too they probably were cautious of an ambush. But just like my own urge that I squashed down deep down I knew they had it too, but unlike me they probably did not have the discipline I acquired in the military.


As if confirming my reasoning they made their way to me and crossed the imaginary threshold and I sent my order. “ Kill ”

Thump, Thump, Thump.

Load but still not the deafening sound came from the M4 carbine and initiated the start of combat. But that was for the others to start, these terrorists are dead. Yet still my attention is grabbed by them for some reason. The urge that I had silence before came again but this time it was not to kill. It was for something else.


Still being able to control it I made my way to the down man and looked at them. Unsure of what this urge represented I touched the forehead of one of the terrorists. The moment the contact was initiated I felt something enter me, empower me. At least for a bit before the urge came back to go to the other dead terrorist. Five dead terrorists later I felt something change inside me. As if a fire was born and spread to my whole body. It felt like my strength increased, my senses expanded and yet it took the shaking from my men to bring me out of this euphoria.


“ Sir, Sir, are you alright? ” Coming to myself I recognized I was in a vulnerable spot and took cover.

“ Sir? ” Again I heard the concern from the men and waved that I am okay, but I could not forget the feeling of that burning feeling that coursed through my body. Still it was only when I heard the gunshots again that I truly came to myself.


“ I am OK, sorry about that I have no idea what came over me. Let's kill those sons of bitches. ”

Nodding and giving the order to my man we made the true assault on them, with me being the bait of course as I could feel them even stronger now.




I must say that I was truly surprised at what I was observing. The implications are quite staggering but to think that the Angel seed could consume the Demon one drives the relation between Heaven and Hell quite hard. ` If what I am observing is right then the seed should be the same on both sides, with the difference being only the type of emotion they need. `


` Truly fascinating. ` Ignoring my initial plan of going after the main demon I observed John. As my SoP would ruin this observation I still only used my lesser eye variant to watch him. With the initial five shot down John's seed went into the second stage of gestation and the white glow around his head only grew more.


Soon their assault started for real. All around me I heard gunshots. ` By now probably the whole city was awoken. Either way if my theory is right then the Angel seeds need double the amount of Life Essence to grow from stage to stage and if I follow that statement then Heaven prefers quality minions while Hell goes for quantity. `


Boom, Boom here and there, the army men made their way inside and slaughtered the terrorist. John on the other hand touched every terrorist on the head and his white glow soon spread to the whole body. ` Too bad I can't observe the process. `


When the glow was around his whole body I immediately noticed the way he behaved. His body was much more in control and precision appeared but it was his mental state that changed the most. At least it felt like that to me as I was not that close to the main battle only passively observed.


More booms, and gunshots and John met up with the other two teams. All of them had wounded but still no deaths. It was at that moment that John ordered them to stay still and placed his hands on Mike and Kyle's heads. Immediately I notice the white glow appear on them. That done he gave the order for his man to fall back a bit and Mike and Kyle went back to touch the dead terrorists to initiate another round of gestation.

Once they came back they made the final assault. ` I must say that the Americans do train their soldiers well. They are mowing them down quite hard. Let's see how the boss battle will go. `

A note from Akten Dreams

Would help if you guys rated this work with a good score. That fucker that gave me the score of .5 ruined my rating. 


Though, I ought to mention this. I am not quite happy with how I wrote this chapter, but since I am on the clock to write for this months contest, I am in a bit of a mental block when it comes to action scenes. It probably has to do with my lack of knowledge of the military tactics and their behavior.

When I rewrite vol 1 and vol 2 I will probably change it.

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