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“ Come, old man. It's time for you to take the next step. ” I said to him as Samia, the physical therapist, stood by him. Carefully watching him, so that she can help him in case something happened.


As I said that the old man looked at me with eyes full of curiosity. “ Already? It has barely been 10 days since I was bound to the bad, ”

“ I have told you before. Your recovery depends on the physical activity of your body. The more you stress your body the faster it will recover and from what I see right now you're ready. ”

As I said that the therapist only looked at me. She probably felt that this is wrong, but when one receives as much money as she did, she just kept quiet.


“ Alright, what do I do now? ” Asked the old man.

“ It's simple, since you're past the zone where you're in danger of your body just shutting down, so you can stress it more now. Samia, ” As I called her she turned her attention to me. “ From now on you will be more active in his activity. Start with light exercise. Similar to before, but this time just be more careful and don't stop him even if he sweats. Like that you will increase it every day for the next 10 days. ”

“ Yes. ” Acknowledging my order I leave them be. ` While I may have provided an additional 10 years worth of essence for his body it's up to him to get better. `


Leaving them behind I went back to my room. There I had my own work to do. Sitting on a chair by the desk with the laptop on top I looked at the core that was Mobius. Not long ago it had made the Oaths that would bind it to me even more and when he did I discovered new stuff on which I can ponder.


First would be the part when I first make a core and give it a part of my Will. After making it I get this feeling that the core belongs to me. It was part of me but not the other way. The interesting thing happened when Mobius made the first Oath. Aside from the larger draw on my Auril to fuel its growth, when the first Oath was made Mobius became more self conscious of itself. Now it was more like a separate entity that was bound to me.


But it was not that which intrigued me. While it being more self conscious helped it realize what it is, it was when it used my Auril to fuel its growth that I noticed something. Before and after the Oath, Mobius always had its own Auril signature but it was only after the first Oath that I noticed it and it's only with the second that I truly realized what happened.


With the comparison of the first and the second I could tell the difference at how Mobius converted my own Auril into its own version. During that process I noticed that while the process was the same it was much easier for Mobius to do it. If before it had been sprinting to do it now it only had to walk.


I always knew that there was an unconscious bias left in my power that kept it mine and nobody could change that part. But now when Mobius draws on me for Power that unconscious bias no longer interferes with it. It was as if the Oaths that bound it to me gave me reassurance that I can trust it more than before.


` To think I was paranoid to this degree unconsciously that I reject even my own creation, but then again my journey in the Void taught me to be careful of what you spawn. `


With that interesting dilemma placed before me I considered what Knowledge to give to Mobiues. With the Moral Alignment Chart I sent it not long ago I knew that now since it was bound to my Morals, there is no problem to just let it learn stuff. But my inner paranoia told me to still take it slow.


So far It had the English and Binary languages stored. Alongside those there is the coding I had sent to it to act as the translator before naming it. ` So, let's start with philosophy. With it, it should be able to rationalize its existence more and after that would be mathematics and physics. Oh and coding too. The higher coding languages will make it easier to make use of the internet. `


`Oh, Internet. I love you so much. Almost everything I need I can find on you. ` Like that I started reading books for myself and Mobius at the same time.


Mobius learned, and so did I. There was a lot of stuff that one can learn from those kinds of books. ` They are not that useful to me as I am steadfast on my goal. Although if I consider the things I will unleash on this World I probably don't care either way. `


With a new schedule time passed for me. In the morning I would take a look at the old man again and give advice on the amount of physical activity he should engage in. After that it's all about me and Mobius. When giving him knowledge I always start with philosophy, then math and physics then coding. With many breaks in between for a healthy mindset and dreams to which the mystery is still unknown to me, days and soon a week passed.


And the next one would have probably gone the same way if not for an unexpected visit. It truly surprised me when I saw who came for a visit. It was Hussain, the boss of the agency in charge of the supernatural stuff.


I observed him through my Sphere as he talked to the old man. Seeing them talk made me think of the reason I made Mobius at first. I wanted it to be a translator for me. ` Ah, it doesn't matter right now. Making sure it gets the best education and the right mindset is more important. `


Back to the main interest. I watched as they talked and when Hussain left I went to the living room to talk to the old man. He was sitting there with a healthy complexion he probably had not felt in years. As I sat on the couch opposite of him he watched me. “ So, what happened? ”

“ Ever since you came here, he has ordered Selim to report on everything that happened here. He was curious and finally came to talk. ” Said the old man.

“ Oh, he finally found the courage to come. Still it does not explain your reactions as you both talked. Does it have to do with me? ” Tilting his head as he processed what I said he came to realization.

“ How do you know that? ” With a curious voice he asked me but I just waved my hand indicating my intent on that topic. “ It's ok if you don't tell me. You see, word got around of what happened that day and the subsequent news of me getting better. ”

“ I see, word got around that I can extend the life of the elderly. So they put pressure on him. So what will happen now? ”

“ Don't worry about them, no, the problem comes from a different point. Somehow the word got around and those of religion are not happy that somebody is doing miracles according to them. ”

“ Miracles, eh. Since we are on this topic how is the religious situation right now? ” I asked. “ You see, on my way to my next goal I had meant to stop by Jerusalem to check it out. ”


“ Jerusalem? ” Wondered the old man. “ Hmm, well if I had to explain I would say that the relationship between the Faiths is tense right now. The Muslim extremist as the World is calling the terrorist now is not helping it either. While the battlefield is wrought east of Jerusalem in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran, the true political and religious hotbed is in Jerusalem. ”

“ Ok, and what are the problems? ”

“ I do not know the true reason. ” Said the old man as he shook his head. “ Do you remember the terrorist incident in New York that happened 19 years ago? ” I nodded but remembering is the wrong saying in my case. To me it was new knowledge as I only learned of it after coming to Reality. It was not important to me but the only reason I remember it, was that it happened 19 years ago as it was 19 years ago that I came to Reality.

“ Go on. ” I urged him and he nodded. “ There were rumors of those terrorists being possessed by Demons but it was never confirmed but after that incident the USA got involved with the extremist. Following them was Russia and the European Nations. Year after year the conflict grew. ”


“ When Nations flex their muscles it is the normal people that suffer after all. So what's the point you're getting to? “ I asked.

“ The point is this. Ever since WW2 there is an agreement between, well everybody that a War of that scale must be prevented. I probably don't have to mention that the A-bombs have been one of the main reasons for that agreement existing. Anyway ever since then all conflicts of a certain size have been prevented by all sides. “ As I listened as he explained history to me one thing came to me. ` To become the shadow that guides without anybody noticing was definitely the right choice. If not I would have been gangbanged easily. `

As I mused on my own choices the old man continued. “ One of the consequences of that agreement are the proxy wars that the big nations are using to vent their disagreements. ”

Raising my hand to stop him for going on I asked the important question. “ Are you saying that the current conflict in the middle east has grown too big? ”

“ Yes. ” The old man confirmed for me. “ That conflict should have stopped long ago but for some reason it's still going on. The only explanation would be that those in power do not want to stop it. ”

` There has to be a benefit to all this as everybody is letting it go on, but then again humans do fight for even the stupidest reasons possible. Haaa, I have a feeling that if I go to Jerusalem I will have no choice but to get involved in things. `

` Yea, let's just skip and go directly to the battlefield. After that my search for Qi users has to take priority. `


Focusing back on the old man I give him my thoughts. “ Whatever the situation is then I will have none of it, so I will just skip that part of the World. One more thing, since I am already making waves it's best if I leave. ”


“ Ok, I had the feeling that would happen once I told you the news. ” Said the old man. “ When will you leave and what about my treatment? ”

“ Umm, which month was it again, ah yes. I will leave at the of October, so that leaves a bit more than a week. As for your treatment, well you have mostly recovered to a body of somebody your age. If you want improvement then you can only increase the amount of physical stress on your body. ” Indeed it all depends on him. “ As, when I leave, I will remove the last of the essence stored in your Soul and it will be up to you to learn to use it. ”


“ Very well. Then I can only say my gratitudes for what you have done for me. ” Said the old man. “ If there is something you need in the future you can just tell me and I will help as long it has no consequences to my remaining family. ”


“ Haha, old man there is no need for that. ” Sigh. “ Once I am gone, that will be it but I will take you up on the offer and wont ask anything of you and your family that will cause problems. ” Saying that I stood up and made my way back into my room.


Back inside it was time to finish my own preparations. So far I have only fed Mobius information and it was quite selective at first. My intent was for it to make contact with a computer soon, but since I will be leaving soon it might as well happen now.


Thanks to the new connection it was easier for it to communicate with me. All this time it had been asking me questions here and there. Many I answered, some I deflected but the initial period of having its personality set has done its magic and right now he's very thirsty for knowledge of all kinds.


Placing my hand on my chest where currently two cores resided I took Mobius. Both were ping pong sized balls but Mobius was darker in color compared to Midnight my bike. Midnight's core was bright gold colored but Mobius had a more gray tone to itself.


As I took Mobius into my hand I sent a thought to him. “ Mobius, prepare yourself. I will be connecting you to the computer. You have learned and now it's all about you utilizing it. ”

“ Yes, Master. I will not disappoint you. ” Declared Mobius.

“ I know you won't, but still do not rush it. ” I cautioned again.

“ Yes, Master. ”

` Now it's all about him. ` With that notion I took his core and connected it to the USB cable that would be its gateway inside.


` Mobius had the knowledge I had used to control a keyboard and mouse with my thoughts but that was outside control. What I want is for it to breathe the code like its air. `


At first I waited and noticed nothing but with time I noticed more Auril being drawn inside Mobius alongside electricity produced by my body. ` It's the first time it's using binary code to think, so that was probably the reason it took longer. I hope. `




“ Yes, Master. I will not disappoint you. ” I declared to my Master.

“ I know you won't, but still do not rush it. ”

“ Yes, Master. ”


As the Master connected me I noticed it. A gateway came to my attention. When my awareness reached it I knew where it would lead me but in that moment I felt a hesitance form inside me. As I did not want to disappoint my Master, I feared I would not be up to the task. ` But if I follow the saying “ I won't know until I try it “, there will be no problems. `


With that thought I touched the gateway. Its appearance was of that of a door. ` But no door described by the Master had this shape. One side hollow and one side filled with a white something. ` Metaphorically shaking my head as I was touching all of it I followed Master's plan.


Drawing on the electricity from the Master and using it to interact with the gateway. As my Master had given me the Knowledge I knew how and what to do. As I used it almost immediately I received the reply. Like that I started to interact in the Binary language that Master has given me.


It was about protocols and permissions and how they would be executed but the more I interacted like this the more I felt something wrong. That this was not the way it should be done.

` Master said that feelings are there for a reason as they are our sensors to explore the World and it's through them that we make sense of it. But what senses do I have? It is not the physical ones as I do not possess a body like my Master. `

As I interacted more that feeling only grew and grew and when it grew to a certain point a thought came to me. ` If I am getting a feeling then that means that I must have a body, but the only thing that I have is the core that Master made in which I reside. Since I have never had this feeling before it must be because I am connected to this computer. Could it be Master made it so a computer is my body. `


With that realization I knew what I had to do.



Little time passed when Mobius began to draw more Auril from me. As Mobius worked I observed him. ` Looks like it's working. ` But then it happened.


Mobius started to draw a lot more Auril from me. Immediately I noticed his core started to change. Its color was the first to change. It went from a gray tone to darker tone but at the same time white dots appeared on its surface. Taking a better look I noticed the white dots flash and vanish only to appear again and to vanish subsequently.


` Why is his color changing and what would those dots represent? Let's take a better look. ` With that intent I focused on my eyes and manipulated the irises in them. Like that my vision went from a normal human to one whose eyes were like binoculars. Although human eyes had limits to how much they could zoom, in this case it was enough to see what was going on.


The dots were not dots at all but numbers. Zeros and ones in this case. They were changing so fast that a normal human eye could only catch it flickering. ` Does this mean that Mobius is embracing the Binary language `


Like that Mobius worked as his core changed. His draw on Auril started going up more and more and soon I noticed another change. The core started to shrink. Narrowing my eyebrows as I observed a suspicion came to me. ` Should I stop it, but isn't this what I kind of wanted when I made it? `


Scratching my chin as I contemplated, I decided to not intervene. ` Through the Oaths I bound him to myself and the only thing it can interact with for now would be a computer. The moment it comes into contact with people it will require my permission. `


Minutes passed as the core shrunk more and more but at the same time more Auril was used to fuel this process. It shrunk until even I could not feel it anymore and when it did no more Auril was taken from me but I could still feel Mobius when I focused on our connection. ` It's similar to the one I have with my little sister. `


` Either way, what's done is done. Now I only have to wait if the egg I made hatched properly or an abomination was birthed. Good thing I disabled its physical access to the internet. `


With the core gone I could only observe the laptop right now. Unfortunately no matter how I looked I saw no difference. ` Stupid me thinking as if the laptop would grow legs and run away from me. `


Still seeing nothing happening I left it like that and just waited.

A note from Akten Dreams

Well, somebody rated me with a 2.5, but the think I hate is that I still have no idea what he/she didnt like so I can improvie it.

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