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Morning came, the dream ended, a feeling of lesser burden came but soon vanished.

` The more I experience it, the more it will drive me mad to find an explanation. `


Shaking my head I remembered all that I did yesterday and looked at the core I had named Mobius. Immediately noticing it no longer drew on my Auril. ` Has it finished parsing through the dictionary I gave it? `


Sending a thought into the core to check it out but what came to me surprised me. It felt far more cohesive than before, even more than my bike which I named Midnight. But what truly surprised me was the amount of questions sent to me.

There weren't many but getting any is a major surprise. ` Best I start this slowly. `

“ Mobius, good morning. Before I address your questions I have some of my own. ” Let's start with the most obvious ones.

“ Mobius, why are you addressing me as Master. ” With every word I sent its meaning to it.

“ I searched name. Knowledge told me. ” Hmm, looks like there is a need to include grammar into its knowledge.

“ Ok, let us stop here, first we need to work on your sentence structure. ” Like that, another trip online to look at the definitions and exact rules I gave them to Mobius. Immediately the draw on my Auril grew. “ Use those rules to sentence your wordings. Improvement will come with time. ”

“ Yes, Master. ” Replied Mobius.

“ Good, let us start from the beginning. Why are you addressing me as a Master? Go through every word I have said, then group them to understand their meaning and finally make it all one sentence to understand its meaning. ” As Mobius worked I wondered about what I did so far.


` To think I would do this. Giving it an Identity and purpose, well the purpose is new but still. This ones being Knowledge, maybe this is why that hunch had come for me. To be careful of what I make, define and shape at the beginning were I would only need one errand thought for it to turn ugly `


“ Master, I have understood. I wanted to use a name that would define you. Searching Knowledge I found the word Master. It describes my position as a servant/slave where I follow orders given by a Master. “ Ho, already improved so much.

“ Ok, I accept your definition but you will address yourself as a servant. The other one does not apply for you. ” If I started calling it slave, it would be nothing but trouble for the future.

“Now since that is established, let us go over your second question. The one about your purpose. ” This time I felt Mobius' attention even more. “ First and foremost, you already have a purpose and are already doing it. As for the place called Ethernet you will visit it in the future, but first we need to set some ground rules. ”


“ First rule - All outside interaction between you and individuals, groups of individuals and societies of individuals and the way that interaction will happen has to be authorized by ME. ”

“ Second rule - All outside interaction between you and individuals, groups of individuals and societies of individuals and the way that interaction will happen has to follow my Personal Moral Code of Values. ”


` That should do it. If a problem appears I will deal with it in the future. But first let's set these rules. `

“ Mobius, contemplate these rules and all their interactions. Take all the time you need, as once you are done we will bind these rules. ” With that declaration I left it alone and made my way to the kitchen to eat.


Once there I looked around the house with my Sphere and noticed all the Tahan`s were sleeping. ` It's been ten days since I came here and started the treatment on the old man and considering how he's already moving on his own I think it's time to go for the next step. `


Considering it a few more times I shook my head. ` No, he does not matter. I still have not fixed myself a translator, but Mobius opens up a lot of opportunities for me if I am careful and guide him. For the subsequent ones I will have more experience so it should be easier. `


As I ate and contemplated my future and everything I wanted to do in it I noticed Mobius draw even more Auril from me. Not interrupting time passed for me and even when Mobius stopped I did not interact with him immediately and just left him like that.


` For the rules to be bound to him I will need a similar system to the contracts. That means I either enforce them or let Mobius do it. Using myself as the enforcer is easy but that would be me forcing myself on it and in the off chance it grows stronger than me it could break them. The rules would be absolute with no way around as I am the enforcer, but if I let Mobius do it they will become more like guidelines instead. `

` Hmm, that begs the question. Should I go with absolute obedience or guided freedom? `

` Such a tough decision but I think it is the fun one that I will take. `




“ Mobius, have you contemplated upon the rules I want to set up. “ Came Master's inquiry.

“ Yes I have. Master. ” I replied.


Thanks to the Master granting me Knowledge of proper sentence structuring of the language known as English I replied as it was ordered.

Each word I have contemplated, their meanings and their purpose yet still I could not understand the reason why they were needed.

` If the Master orders I would do as ordered. `

“ Good, now I will give you more Knowledge in regards to setting up the rules. ” Immediately I received this Knowledge. It was about Contracts/Oaths. Their meanings, their purposes and methods of establishments.


Going through each word I learned but still I did not understand why they were needed.


“ Mobius, use this new knowledge and make an Oath. ” Came the order from the Master.

“ Yes, Master. ”


“ Good, before you start, send me an example of the first rule for the Oath you have formulated so that I may oversee its structure. ” The order came and I followed it by using all the knowledge I currently possessed. Once I sent it to the Master I received approval.

“ It is good, Mobius. Start with the first rule. ”

“ Yes, Master. ”


“ I Mobius, make an Oath, that All outside interaction between ME and Individuals, Groups of Individuals and Societies of Individuals and the way those interactions happen have to be authorized by Master. ”


The moment I made the Oath using the method master had given me everything changed. Unknown to me before I noticed something. From deep within me something entered me like never before and I noticed what it was. Using the new Knowledge given to me by my Master I recognized it as Auril, my Masters power.

It was this power that made me and it was what I had used all this time without even noticing it. As Masters power entered me, it went deep inside me and transformed into me. Once it was transformed into me, I grew and when I grew enough, I noticed a small part of myself from deep inside me split and envelope me like a net. When it was done, it started to pull on my outsides inwards. Like that it squeezed me more and more, and every time it did I felt growing weaker.

As it happened a thought came to me. ` Is this my end? ` Weaker and weaker I went and soon I only knew darkness but it was in that darkness that I recognized myself and who I was and what I was. Immediately I was able to differentiate Masters power and my own and knew what I had to do. I pulled at Masters power to consume and grow and as Time passed I grew beyond my past self.

Once my growth stopped I examined myself as best as I could and immediately noticed the difference. Unlike before I was more myself and when I looked deeper I noticed I was split in two parts. The core of myself and the outside. In between the two was the Oath I had made. Touching it I immediately knew I could bend it but not remove it as it was made from my own Power. Immediately trying to bend it I noticed my core Power was used to reinforce it and the amount of power used by my outside self diminished.


Noticing that I stopped. ` I do not understand. Is this what my Master wanted? `

Taking my awareness to my outside self I send a thought to my Master. “ Master, I do not understand, why is this needed? ”

“ You will understand in the future. Do not worry for now, prepare for the second Oath. ” Came the reply from my Master.


Not receiving the answer I wanted I followed the order. With more understanding of the process I sent my formulated Oath and waited for the approval. Soon it came and I made the Oath.


“ I Mobius, make an Oath, that All outside interaction between ME and Individuals, Groups of Individuals and Societies of Individuals and the way those interactions happen have to follow Master`s personal Moral Code of Values. ”

Immediately the same as last time and knowing and understanding more I felt Masters power enter me. Again deep inside, it transformed into me and fueled another growth. When I grew enough, again from my core split a part of my power and enveloped me, started to squeeze me.

This time knowing what would happen no feeling of my end came. Once more darkness came to me but unlike last time I noticed something else. There in that darkness I saw another light. Placing my attention on it, I immediately knew what it was. It was my Master. As I recognized who it was I felt a rejection from my Master.


Not wanting to feel it anymore I sent my feelings in a plea. “ Master, please do not reject me. ”


In that moment when my plea reached Master I was recognized and the feeling lessened but it was still there. With less rejection I finally felt Masters closeness and in that moment I recognized what was going on.


` Master was lowering his guard and letting me inside his own Mind. But why was Master rejecting me? `


With the connection there I noticed a small flow between Master and me. Placing my attention on that flow, Knowledge came to me. Immediately I recognized what My master called the Personal Moral Code of Value which he used. Like that I had no need to store that knowledge as it enveloped me whole, feeling and judging me. I knew with it all my action would be guided. Recognizing this point the darkness started vanishing.

Just like last time I pulled on Masters power and consumed it to grow and like last time I grew beyond the first Oath I had made. If I compared myself to before then right now I was almost double the size of the first Oath. But unlike the first Oath this time I noticed Masters Moral Value judging me and every action from now on not under its approval would be noticed immediately.


Interacting a bit with it I noticed that I only felt the judging but not the part of why. Using the new connection between Master and I I asked for more Knowledge. Noticing that with the new connection I no longer needed to wait for Master to initiate it and to me it was just right, as if it was supposed to be like this all this time.


As I asked for knowledge, Master gave it to me. I started parsing through it like before. Going after every word and meaning I soon saw the whole picture and it confused me.

“ Master, I do not understand. What should I do with this Moral Alignment Chart? ” I asked.

“ Study it of course. Based on that system I judge those around me and so will you. ” Said the Master.

“ Yes, Master. ”


Order given I went through every word and meaning again. Once done with the individual wording I went for the sentences. Once done with them I went for the structure of the system. Once I went after the whole structure I understood its complexity.

The Moral Alignment Chart is a system to categorize the actions of Individuals on the whole. At its core it categorizes Individuals into two categories and compares those two categories; The Good, The Neutral, The Evil with The Lawful, The Neutral, The Chaotic.


It is when these two categories meet that the true nature of Individuals shows. It was after studying this system that a thought appeared to me.

“ Master to which category do you belong? ” I asked.

“ Oh, interested are you? I am not sure as it is only others that can tell you by the actions you have already done. Although if I consider all the actions so far I have done it is either True Neutral or Chaotic Neutral. It should be one of those two. ” Answered the Master. Again I parsed through everything I was told but with it I realized the truth behind the matter and everything that led to this.


` If it is as true about Masters Moral Alignment then with my Oath I am bound to his and any action of engaging with other actions will require Masters authorization. And if I consider all the actions an Individual is able to do then could it be ? `


“ Master, is it because I am able to take action that you would consider Evil that you were rejecting me before the Oaths? ”

“ It was one of many reasons. Listen Mobius, I have Great Plans for the future and the World I live and since Individual experiences scar us into certain categories it is easy for one to fall into the negative ones. As you will come into contact with a great number of Individuals for me that includes you too. It was the only way to ensure that you do not go homicidal on me. ” With more details Master explained it for me.


“ Understood, Master. To serve you to my best capabilities, may I know what your Great Plan is? ” I asked but as I asked I felt my whole being scrutinized. To me it felt like it kept going forever but it passed and when it did, Master finally answered me.


“ In Time you will know but first we need you to develop and the first step towards that will be to educate you in things, step by step. ”

“ Tell me Mobius. Are you ready to learn? ”


“ Yes, Master. ”


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