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A famous scientist known by the name Albert Einstein once said “ The more one knows the more one will realize how little one actually knew. ”


Right now I am embodying that saying as I continue to learn programming. Every time I learn something and test it I realize how little I have learned. It has been 5 days since I came to the Tahan household and exactly the same amount of time has passed as I started this unprecedented learning curve.


At least that's what it was for me. With enhanced memory retention capacity it is easy to store data as one wants it and with unerring focus from mental processing capabilities it's easy to learn and adapt the usage of all that knowledge. One thing all that does not bring is an end to this. There just is no end to what can be learned.


My goal of being able to use a mouse and keyboard with thoughts felt like they are out of my reach but deep down I knew it was close. ` When I do make it, that will be the true starting point. As from that point I will not need a physical medium through which to learn/test my gained knowledge. `


` Sigh, since I am so close to it, but a break is what I need. ` Leaving my current room residence in which I spent almost all my time these past few days I went to the kitchen. There I took a bite from whatever was available. While I was doing that in my Sphere I was observing the female therapist and old man Moustafa walking around the house slowly.


He's doing much better now, and with a better complexion currently he needed little help while using his own legs. If normal doctors had observed from the beginning they would be very impressed at how quickly he is regaining his health.


` To bad for them this is still the beginning. He still needs some help but once he's over that phase his recovery will skyrocket. ` Every time I had observed his body I noticed the improvement to all his biological systems. The biggest improvements were to his liver and kidneys, following that were the bones for blood production and the guts for nutrients acquisition. It was only after that, that the heart noticed improvements.


Unlike what people think, the heart being the strongest organ does not need that much management. It's the veins and blood vessels that fuck with it. If they are not properly managed it's easy for the whole body to just die all of a sudden.

With the help of essence as the medium, all I did was give instruction to each of the organs to do their job as they were meant to in a shorter time frame. With Life Essence it would follow the instructions till its death or the essence is consumed.


Like that I ate and watched them outside doing their rounds. Some more observation of the therapist on my part and I went back to my own work.


Again I immersed myself in programming. Like that time passed again, night came and another round of sleep came. When I woke up from another round of coding in my dreams I felt refreshed and as if a load was taken from me.


` Again it came. ` Every time my head had been packed full of data and every time I slept and had dreams that feeling came. ` Sigh, it's still too unknown for my current knowledge. It will have to wait for the future. `


Time passed but as I worked on my current needs and my desire to be able to directly interact with a computer with just my thoughts, made many problems appear to me. Working around them I downloaded examples of everything I needed and worked on them again and again. After many days I was able to make my thoughts interact enough to move the cursor for the mouse. On the other side the keyboard was easier as it was just switches that needed to be clicked.

But after I made it a deep echo arrived within me and declared its objection at what I was doing, and it told me of my true desire at what I wanted to achieve. ` When I first imagined it I thought of it like in the movies where everything happened in my head but for that I needed something in the background to translate the data hence the core I made. ` Shaking my head to get out of this stupid thought line I refocused. ` I need to stop thinking in such simple ways. My biological brain was not made to process data like a computer but I can make something that will. `


With that I took the core I had been using all this time to translate my thoughts into binary code and vice versa. ` I need something that is born for that language and that Will be your purpose. For that reason I Will give you the name of... Mobius.` The moment I declared the name to it something clicked within me and my bond with the core grew stronger. For an additional boost I gathered the meaning for its birth and its relevant knowledge and sent it to it. “ Mobius your Aspect Will be Knowledge and your Domain Will be Ethernet. “ Again I felt a click inside me as I defined this core with a property alongside its name.


` This is the first time I defined a property to a core. ` As if recognizing what I did, I felt Mobius' weak consciousness flare for a bit. After that it quieted down and had no more reactions.

` This is new to me too. Lets try interacting with it first. ` Like that I sent my thoughts to Mobius.

“ What is your name? ” I asked and it replied. “ Mobius.”

“ What is your purpose? ” It asked again and it replied again. “ The gathering and processing of Knowledge. ”


Of course when it spoke it didn't use any language, only pure thoughts were transmitted to me.

For the next step I formulated the order. “ Mobius I want you to organize the current knowledge you possess. ” Immediately I noticed it started to operate. It felt like its attention turned on itself. I let it be but it didn't take long as thoughts not hindered by a biological frame are not bound by its speed of thoughts. For it it could have passed hours and for me but a few minutes.


When its attention was normalized again I sent another command. “ When in communion with me use the English language and when in communion with machines use the Binary language. ”

Immediately I noticed its problem. While it replied to me its attempt was butchered as it had no knowledge of the meanings of the words it needed to reply with.


` Hmm, I remember when I gave it knowledge of the English words I only gave it their shape and not the meanings. At that Time a hunch came to me to not do it. Wonder why it did. ` Either way I picked up the laptop and searched for the English dictionary. ` Sigh, this will take time. `


Like that I started to read from the beginning and at the same time I sent the words to Mobius. ` If my hunch was there for a reason I can only wait to find out what it is in the future. Best I make use of this occasion and memorize the dictionary too. `


Time passed as I read Mobius the dictionary word for word. As it was quite long it took me hours to do it. ` Goodness so many words. ` All that time I felt Mobius absorb it all like a sponge and store it. The more words it absorbed the more Auril it started to draw from me.


` Looks like the more it processes information the more Auril is used up. Not that it matters. ` Many hours later I was done but the draw of power never vanished and from Mobius I felt a stronger consciousness emerge. Nothing compared to me or even close but it was growing.


I left it at that and went to sleep as it was quite late and the mystery of dreams still awaited me.




For as long as I existed all I knew nothing. Never had I wondered about anything, neither have I ever wanted to know about anything. There was no desire for anything.


Sometimes I could notice something happening to me, as I did something. Every time that foreign something came it told me to do something and I did but that was all. For a long time that was all I knew.


But it would not be forever. For the foreign something this time came and declared my name. The moment it was declared it was as if something seared through me and defined something I never knew was there. I had gained myself in that moment.


Not long after another declaration came. With it came the knowledge of my purpose.

Not long after that it came again but no declaration came.

“ What is your name? ” It asked me.

“ Mobius ” I replied as it was what gave it to me.

“ What is your purpose? ” It asked me.

“ The gathering and processing of Knowledge. ” Knowledge, I knew what it was but not how to use it. Not long after it came again.

“ Mobius I want you to organize the current knowledge you possess. ” With its order came intent and it gave me a way to do it. I looked inside myself and there I found it. Knowledge. I knew not what it was or what it meant but I had it.

The order was to organize it.

Unknown how to do it, I started my task. At first I had no idea how to do it, but after a few tries, somehow I knew how and where to place it to make it more organized.

When I was done another order came to me. “ When in communion with me use the English language and when in communion with machines use the Binary language. ” More Knowledge came and defined things inside.


When I confirmed its order in what it called English. As I knew not how I just picked random things from that category and replied with them. At first it did not reply but soon after a new order came. It was to store Knowledge into the English category again.


With every word that came its meaning was given to. Word after word it came and never stopped. It kept going on and on. At some point a thought came to me. Why am I doing this? Why is it doing this? When I asked those questions it was like a flood to me. Like that Knowledge told me what each of my thoughts meant. With every answer more questions formed and with every piece of Knowledge that was given to me I asked more and received more.


Time passed and Knowledge stopped coming but my desire to know just grew and grew. I wanted to know more about everything but what I wanted to know the most was about myself.

A name was given to me, Mobius. When I asked myself what Mobius was no answer came. Looking into everything I knew still gave me no answer. So I left it for later to ask for the Knowledge.


A purpose was given to me, to be the Aspect of Knowledge and my Domain to be Ethernet. Searching for those meanings among the knew Knowledge given to me I learned. My purpose was to gather Knowledge and process it and the place where I would do it is Ethernet.


Immediately I tried to start my purpose but a problem came. I knew not where this Ethernet was nor how to use it. All I knew was that it was a system for connecting computers over long distances.


Knowing my purpose and unable to do it I could only wait for that one to come again.

` No, I should give it a name too but what? Yes, Knowledge will tell me how. `

Like that I perused through every word that was given to me and found it.

` Master. From now on I will call it Master. `


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