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Morning came, everything woke up, or at least it was meant to if the world followed the old logic of survival of the fittest. Most of it did not apply to Human society, and definitely on me as I had not slept at all.


Having totally cellular control of your body I can ignore the call of sleep as long as I like. One of the reasons I am able to do that is that unlike normal humans I don't need sleep to initiate the biological restoration process that everybody has to. I can do it manually whenever I want.


The thing about Humanity in general is; just because you could do it does not mean you will do it. Unless it's something very important, I liked to sleep too if not for the rest then for the state of mind that happens to everything that is called, Dream.


Due to my memory retention of everything I want I had set it to work on my dreams and whenever they happened. One thing I found out was that even with my increased processing power I can't seem to control a dream to the degree I want. Unlike normal people I am far more aware and I get to keep the memories but I still can't control it. It's as if I give up all the reins to something and just follow every thought that comes to me.


` Anyway back to Reality. ` Right now I am still learning the language called BASICS. It's a computer language. With a commandeered laptop from my host last night I had been learning/working and making a translator for myself.


It was mostly done. As it was just made there were only two languages that it has stored. English and Binary. Since I knew English it is easy to give it that but Binary was new. I had to start from the start. Being done with it now it was time to make it work.


The translator core I have made can right now interpret the basics of the signals it receives from the laptop I am currently hooked up to, but that is all. I still can't interact with it as I have no idea how to do that, hence learning the machine language first.

With my memory retention it was easy to learn the commands but just because I learned them did not mean I knew how to talk machine code. Thankfully there are tons of guides online to help with that.


With the goal ahead of me I kept learning and learning and testing that what I learned only to need more learning to test what I learned and so on and so on. Time passed and the family woke up. First was Salim then Omar. The old man being old and considering all the processes I initiated on his body it was, it was a wonder he still had not woken up to at least pee.

` Good thing that aint my job. `


Soon Salim came and saw me still on his laptop. He looked at me for a bit but my focus was still on the screen. Finally he found the words he needed. “ If my guess is right then you have been up all night and yet you still do not look like you need sleep. Could it be that you don't need sleep? ”

Taking a glance at him I gave him the bare minimum answer. “ Yes, but just because I don't need it biologically does not mean I don't like it. ”

“ Ok. ” He said and went on his way. Focusing my gaze on the screen again I perceived what Omar had been doing. ` Oh, he really does care more for his old man. At least on the surface. If my guess is right then they only have him as family so they're both emotional to a high degree. The only difference being in how it's expressed. `


Done with his grandpa Omar came before me too. “ Good morning. Sir! ” Giving a nod in return I focus on him. “ Has your cousin told you what I said to him yesterday? ”


For a second he was confused. “ Are you talking about the therapist? ”

“ Yes, a Physical therapist. ” With my fingers I annotated the physical aspect for him. “ In a few days maybe even less depending on your old man's body he will need physical activity to get his body going again and nothing beats that better than physical exercises. ”


Before he asked me again I continued. “ If he does not, then even with my help he will just stay the same. A biological body thrives when it has a purpose and once it does so will the mind follow it.. ”

Omar nodded and agreed to look for one but before he went I added one last thing. “ Wait, one more thing. Try to see if you can find a young female therapist. Does not have to be that young as long as she's pretty. That will give him another aspect to focus on when he's exercising. ”


` Yea, nothing will pump a man more than a hot female. ` Again he nodded and I was left to work on my own. I didn't even bother to monitor the cousins.


Time passed, noon came and I stood up. ` Time to check out the old man. ` On my way to him I saw none other in the house. ` Weird, how were they taking care of the old man. He looked like he could barely walk much less stand up to the kitchen. When I came yesterday I thought they had somebody for that but I still don't see anybody. Not that it really matters. `


Back in the room with the old man. Due to my Sphere I knew he was awake. “ Moustafa, old man, looks like you still have not kicked the crap. ”


The old man smiled when he saw me and he already looked better a bit. “ I am not ready to die as my conviction to live has reached a new height. ”

“ Good. ” With that I went to him, placed my hand on his chest and used Auril to check out his body. Already I could see improvements here and there. Nothing major but it was still only the first day. Major organs are working better. Noticing he had already eaten I gave his body a few instructions on digestion. Done with it, I gave more instruction all over his body.

“ It looks better already, if I am not wrong in 2 days you should be able to walk, wobbly but walk. ” As soon as I said he could walk his smile went up even more. “ Even without my intervention in the next few days your health will go up but just that won't be enough. I gave Omar instruction on looking for a physical therapist for you and if he looks properly, she will help you over the next weeks. ”

“ Why, look for a female in particular? ” I rolled my eyes as he asked that. “ You will notice as you exercise. ”


“ Well, not much I can do anymore as Time is needed for that. ” With that said I stayed with him for a bit and listened to his story. Of how he started working for the government and how after one fateful encounter with the supernatural it had changed his fate following that.


` Most of the stuff he's experienced is the low end stuff. Some possessed people here and there a few monsters here and there. Looks like his account of less supernatural happening was true. ` Like that a few hours passed and I bid him a goodbye for the day.


` To be honest, now that I know that the Magic system is the same Science of today, actually wait a second. They can't be the same as you need a power source to actually do stuff with all that knowledge, but the probability of it being similar is 90% and the other 10% should be the real magic. `


Shaking my head as I come back to my learning place. ` It doesn't matter that much though since my Auril is intent based but once I learn more it should be able to lessen the load if I understood more of what I was doing. `


Back to my current goal of mastering the programming language I continue its study. With many guides online and programs to download and practice my skill grew slowly but if one compared it to normal people it would be like driving a sports car.


` Still, it looks like I will need to revisit my mathematical skills too. If the basics are like this then advancing will be even harder. `


Time passed as I was stuck at the laptop. The cousins came home, Omar found the therapist and made an arrangement for her to come tomorrow. ` Must have been money that convinced her so soon. ` They took care of the old man and soon it was night time. As for me, I had not moved from the spot.


Slowly night passed as I went from basic programming to harder stuff. ` Soon I will graduate from the Basics. ` It was after midnight passed that I stopped. Not because I was done with it but because I kinda grew bored of it. Even with my laser focus that I could bring forth it grew too repetitive. Feeling like that I knew those were signs from deep within myself to take a break.

Stopping there I went to that room that was prepared for me and slept like a log.


The moment I woke up I knew that my dreams were filled with coding and math. I knew it was a bogus feeling but at that moment I felt as if a load was taken off my mind. ` I can't wait to figure out what the dream state truly is. Anyway back to coding. `


The moment I started I noticed an improvement upon myself. As if I consolidated all that pure data I had acquired yesterday and made it my own. ` Weird. Now that I think about, ever since I acquired my new mental capabilities I don't think I ever tested them to this degree in pure knowledge gathering. Either way, I will figure out what dreams are in the future. Since dreams help, I won't miss them anymore. `


Gaining a revelation about dreams only encouraged me more. With it I moved my work into that room and basically didn't leave it aside from food and revealing myself. Not even when the therapist came. When Omar brought her I examined her a bit. ` She is not the prettiest but she will do. `


She met the old man and conversed with him. Seeing him like that she did get a bit of a quizzing look but if the pay is good it aint the problem. Soon after she left and I went back to my own business. Like that night came and I went for sleep.


Again when I woke up I felt as if a burden was taken off my mind. ` How peculiar. Either way I think today I shall start with something more advanced like C and C++. `


With a new goal and knew knowledge to gain my determination spiked again. It was only stopped for a bit when the female therapist came. Seeing her come I took that as my cue to stop and check on the old man.


When I came inside the old man's room. I saw her. Brown/black hair with a lighter shade of blue eyes with caramel skin tone. She was pretty but already in her 30s. ` Probably even married. Best I dont bother with her as I first intended. `


“ Old man you look better. ” I told him the truth after all. He did look better.

“ Oh, Stephen, I feel better too. ” His voice felt stronger too. He turned towards the female therapist. “ This is the therapist Omar found for me. Her name is Samia. I hope she will be able to work with you. Go on, introduce yourself. ”


Ever since I came in she looked at me with open eyes. “ Ah, of course Mr. Tahan. Hello, my name is Samia Kassis. ” Hearing it I nodded to her but my real attention was on the Tahan I heard. ` Oh, that must be their surname. Best I dont mention I forget to even ask it. `


“ It's nice to meet you Samia. Please go outside for a bit so we can talk a bit and I will come out right after I take a quick look at this old man. ” Taking her que to leave I paid attention to Moustafa.


Placing my hand on his chest I examined him. ` Looks like the increased metabolism helped but it's still quite slower than a younger man. Guess that should be normal for now. Hmm, considering how much has to be done and will be done, the consumption of Life Essence is smaller than I thought. If I take into account the almost 60years worth of it he still has, he should be able to recover quite the amount without problems and maybe even improve upon. `


“ I've looked and it looks promising but remember this it's only after you start using your body that the first sign will appear. As your body is forced to improve to adjust to the activity it will force the rest of the bodies to function at higher levels too. ” Seeing the old man nod I knew he'd be fine. Again I did some fine tuning on my instructions.


“ Ok, then I will go and tell Samia on what to do. ” Once outside I initiated the conversation. “ Miss Samia let me tell you what to do. ” Her eyes still observe me as if I am a curiosity.


“ But first, is there a reason you're looking at me like that? ” I made a smirk as I asked her. Immediately she turned away. The moment she did I knew what it meant but that could wait for later. “ Miss? ”


“ Ah, yes? ” Taking her attention again I lose the smirk and make a serious expression. “ Listen, the old man looks good right now. Take him on a slow walk around the house and hold onto him. If he has trouble walking then help him a bit but not much. If he sweets too much take a little break but not much. Force his body to be active. ”


Immediately she recovered and remembered all her training. “ Are you sure? He is old. ”

I raised my hand to interrupt her. “ Don't worry, he will be fine. I made sure of that. That will be your job from now on. Every day you will increase the amount of activity he will go through. Its form doesn't matter, just make sure it's his whole body that is active. ”


Seeing her nod I gave one last instruction. “ One more thing, always make sure before he starts anything that he has eaten and drunk water. I have given him something that increases his metabolism so as his body increases in activity he will easily go hungry or thirsty. ”


She looked a bit confused at my instructions but she would follow them. “ Oh and one more thing. If something happens just come for me. No need to panic. ” Like that I told her my location and left her there. As I went to my place she stood there for a bit but soon she remembered her job. ` She was probably told to just follow my instruction anyway. `


Back in my room in my Sphere I saw her take the old man and help him take a walk. Again I used the laptop and continued gaining knowledge.


` My first goal will be to make an interface for a mouse and keyboard that will react to my thoughts. `

A note from Akten Dreams

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