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Chapter of the day. Came a bit later. 

Two days have passed since my break in into the museum and I must say it has produced results. Although they were not the ones I wanted, it produced them.


Right now I was back in my hotel room. Hiding from the populace. I didn't need to of course but for my act it had to be done. Yesterday, news had been announced of my deed along with a picture of my current identity of a pale blond male with blue eyes of northern European origin. Although they only had a photo taken from the security camera and had no Idea of anything else but the name Stephen I knew that in today's connected World, very soon someone will connect that I am the one on TV and report me. For that purpose I had been waiting.


That night when I had done the deed and went back into the museum, I observed everybody's interactions. At first I watched the guards, better said the chief of security rant out orders. As I did not understand the local language it was only the body language that gave me any information. Not long after came the man that had talked to me on the first day of my visit here. With Mr.Ahmad's arrival, he and the chief went to watch the footage of my actions.


To be honest I expected a lot more reactions from them so when Mr.Ahmad left them I used some of my power to influence his thoughts into a certain direction. It wasn't anything hard. It was more of a suggestion that would build up over time. Like that I watched as he was walking and started to shiver. Not long after he took out his phone and called somebody. During the call he was nervous and spoke with uncertainty but it got the job done.


I had observed him a bit more as he worked in that safe and checked if I had stolen something. Since my SoP told me nothing special I ignored everything and that was all I had done.


` Everything that would follow would need some time to unfold. ` So I waited. The news came out and I waited again. This morning I had taken a little stroll around the hotel to show my face

as if I had no idea what was going on and to make people realise who I am.


It didn't take long after that and my sphere showed them to me. Police cars stopped before the hotel. Everybody started to panic a bit. My plan was to get captured at first to gouge their reactions. So when they came to my door and broke it and came in with weapons aimed at me all I did was to show confusion and brought my hands above my head.


Making my act of an innocent man doubt came to them but they did their job. I was handcuffed and brought away. Around me people only looked like they always did when the government was involved, not that it mattered.


Soon I was in their headquarters and asked a lot of questions. Luckily they had some guys with good English so we could converse but it was useless. They wanted my ID but I had none on me. With my Invisibility Cloak I can ignore any and every border they have and just go through it.


A lot of the time I caught them staring at my neck as if they wanted to know where the Ankh they wanted was. They had checked but I had nothing hidden and they couldn't be too obvious about it since everything was recorded right now.


Unlike what they saw the Ankh was still around my neck along with my bike. Since it was made by my Auril and it was me that materialized it, it needed my Will for it to interfere with Reality. In this case it would be Light. Sadly that only worked on things I had made with my power. If I wanted to make something real unnoticeable one needs a different approach like my Invisibility Cloak.


Time passed and my charade of an act came to an end as I noticed two people arguing with those behind the mirror. They came over soon and kicked out the nice policemen sitting in front of me. Both were Egyptians but with a lighter shade of brown with black hair and brown eyes. Interestingly they looked similar.


` Are they family? ` They gave no name for themselves but they did emanate confident. As we stared at each other, one of them motioned to the camera with his hand to shut it down for a bit. Immediately they sat down and spoke.


“ Where is it? ” Said the first on the left. I only tilted my head in confusion. “ Where is the item? ”

This time I spoke. “ I, I am not sure what you're talking about. What item? ”


They looked composed but my sphere told me otherwise. They were annoyed at my denial. Now the second one on the right spoke. “ Look, mister Stephen, you have no ID through which we can identify you and you have been accused of breaking in and stealing one of Egypts treasures. You will not be given any trial or help for what you did and with no IDs we can hold you for a long time. Trust me you don't want to go to jail. ”


Again I showed them a confused expression. “ I really do not know what you're talking about, I have not stolen anything nor have I broken into anything. I am innocent. ”

With my denial they looked at each other as if considering what to do. When they finally came to a consensus the first one on the left took something out of his pocket. It was really small and looked like a small stele. It was the size of one's palm and on it were symbols engraved. It had quite a few of them but the one in the middle stood out. It was a feather.


“ What's that? Why did you bring it out? ” I was truly curious. They ignored me and the first guy started to speak in his tongue.

` No wait, even if I do not understand it, with my memory it's easy to distinguish from the one everybody was speaking here. Wait, could this be. ` Immediately I refocused and manipulated my sphere to inform me of anything.but no matter where I looked I noticed nothing special. It was all the same as it was before, even when I looked at that small stele on the table.


There was nothing special here but the first man stopped his chanting I guess and touched the small stele. I observed diligently but nothing happened. Once he was done he spoke again.

“ Tell us, where is the item you stole? ” WTF. This time the projected confusion on my face was not fake. I looked at the man then at his stele and back at him again. “ Umm, I stole nothing. What did you do before and what is that thing? ”


When I answered this time the second one looked at the first and the first only showed confusion. Again they glanced at each other for a bit. This time it was the second one that started to chant and did the same as the first one. When he finished, he touched the little stele on the table and asked the same question.


Well, one did not need to guess what happened next. All three of us had been confused as hell. With that they started to argue. ` I am guessing something went seriously wrong but in the context of everything going on this little stele should be magical or something. The chanting should be the key to use it, so why did it fail? `


Ignoring the two men I went into my own thoughts. ` Umm, if this is my first encounter with the supernatural then I can only say its lackluster. Considering how they are arguing this should be new to them too. So what went wrong? If I assume that the stele is magical, that would mean it was meant to do something and in this case probably meant to react to my confession or something similar. As, nothing happened, that means that it's either fake or if one thinks about it something is interfering with it and there is only one thing that is applicable in our current case. `

With my conclusion I shutdown my perception ability and contracted any Auril outside me back into my body. ` Ha, using this ability over such a long time gets one used to it so hard that every time I do this, it feels like I am going blind for a bit from being confined again to just human physical sense. `


It took a second or two to get my bearings and I addressed the two men. “ Cough, excuse me men, I am not sure what was meant to happen but maybe your mojo juice is too depleted. Why don't you both pool it together. Maybe that will fix your problem. ” Immediately their faces turned ugly when I called their power Mojo juice.


And another round of arguing for a bit they did it. Chanting for a bit they both touched the stele and this time I noticed it glow a bit. Without my Sphere to interfere with this little magical item it worked properly. ` I guess this should not be a surprise. Even if my SoP was only for information gathering, it worked by spreading Auril over a long stretch of space and with it also came my own influence. `


` This item is so weak that even that was interfering with it, Either that or these two are idiots. `


With the little stele glowing a tiny bit their expressions turned happy again. “ See, you have been missing your mojo. I knew you could do it. So what is this and how does it work? ”


This time they scoffed at my question and ignored it. “ Look, people. How about we make a deal. I answer one of yours and you answer one of mine. How about it? ”

Unsure if they should do it I give them a taste first. “ Here, let me start first. Yes, it was me that broke into the museum. Now what is that and what is its purpose. ” Surprise came to them when I admitted it and they realised I was willing to talk. They glanced at each other and the first one spoke.

“ Ok. This is an ancient artifact. Its purpose is to tell us if you lied. ” I rolled my eyes at them for that but I let it slide and with my hand motion for them to ask the questions. This time the second one talked. “ Where is the item you stole. Tell us, now there is no point denying it. ”


Idiots. “ I am not sure what you have been told but I stole nothing. ” With my answer they glanced at the stele and it produced no change. ` Wonder if it even works on me? `


“ If you haven't stolen anything then why did you break in and how did you open the safe. ” Asked the first but I ignored him. “ First answer one of mine. Is something supposed to happen if I lie? ”


The second nodded. “ Those that lie in its presence will make its glow stronger. ” Glow? Eh, let's test it out. “ Ok, let's first test if it works on me or not. ”


I looked at the little stele. “ I want to destroy the World. ” No reaction. “ I want to save the World. ” No reaction. “ Last night I had my way with a nice little girl. ” Still no reaction I shook my head and spoke to them.


“ Sorry to say this, your little trinket doesn't work on me. How about if one of you says something to see if it's not broken by any chance. ” Immediately they reacted but the moment one of them said a lie it glowed brighter.


“ Thought so. ” Seeing their confusion I explained to them. “ I am too strong for that little thing to affect me or however it works. Either way I will tell you guys the truth if you tell me what I want to know. It's the reason I caused all this ruckus. ” Again they glanced at the little stele and its reaction that should have happened but did not. “ Is that okay with you guys? ”


Seeing them nod I went on. “ Ok, here is the story. Not long ago I acquired power. Since I got it that would mean there is more to this World so I went out into it to search for it. Do you guys belong to that magical community? ”


Both considered what I said but it was the second that answered. “ No, we work for the government. All we know is that they exist and only those up, and I mean very high up know more. ”


“ I see. I had imagined that it was that way before. “ I ignored them for a second and looked at the stele. Seeing no reaction probably meant he said the truth. ` Still I wonder how it works. `


Knowing the stele was useless in a way I deployed my Sphere of Perception and came to a stunning realization. The stele was still glowing. Immediately my curiosity got the better of me. I used my Auril to snap the handcuffs open and grabbed it. Once it was in my hand I used Auril to scan it.
The two men panicked when they saw me do that. To make them more docile I projected a bit of Fear on them. Unlike how I did it in the past with my little sister as there is no direct Link between me and them I had to use my Sphere as the medium. Like that it got the job done.

` Though at the same time it lost its potency but in exchange I got a huge area of effect if used correctly. ` With it the Fear I projected froze them in place.


Ignoring them for a second I focused on the stele and scanned it to the best of my abilities. Sadly, no matter what I checked I gained nothing material wise. ` If it's not the material that is causing it glow then could it be the chant ` Placing my attention back on them I release them from the fear. Even if it was a small amount for those who were not used to it and for those unaware it still feels terrible.


Giving them no chance to collect themselves I asked for my much needed knowledge. “ Tell me what was that chant you both did. Tell me how it would go if you spoke it in English. ” To tell them I was serious I projected Fear again for a second but stronger and that got them spilling the beans.

The first spoke this time. “ Maat, Goddess of Truth and Justice, we are in need of your help, descended your gaze upon us to discern the truth. Umm, that is it roughly. ”


“ So you guys belong to her religion. ” Immediately both of them shook their heads. “ No, we do not believe in her. Our boss gave us the artifact and the words to activate it and that's all. ”


Again I ignored them for a bit. ` Hmm, I guess the key then is the old language they spoke. They are normal people from what I see so they don't have the power to do this. Just the chant probably won't work, maybe it is the symbol and the chant that cause some come of resonance. `


` Either way, this just confirms it for me that they exist and that is truly all that I wanted. But now with my curiosity spiking. I should go meet with their higher ups. `


Out of my contemplation I turned to the two men. “ Here is what will happen. When you leave the room you will tell everybody that I confessed or something else. I don't care what, but we will leave this place and go make a visit to your boss. There is no need to make a fuss, I just want to talk to him. Is that understood? ” With a spike of Fear from my side they understood their job.


With no delay I returned to them the item and soon I was out and on my way to somebody who hopefully had the answers I seek.

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