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` My first battle. Ha, if I used my Power fully I'd squish them like bags but let's not use anything active and only rely on my passive Auril ignition. `

My Auril worked by igniting a cell in my body to produce Auril. As one cell could only produce a very tiny amount of it it was not much, but when one thought about how many cells a body has and when one is able to connect them into one whole with my Auril, then the amount of power one can gain is enormous.


This form of power granted me three passive abilities.


First, with Auril linkage from cell to cell it behaved sort of like a passive field effect and when my whole body is ignited that field effect is projected outside my body for a few centimeters to include everything from head to toes, hairs included. In passive mode that was all it extended as there were no more cells to extend to but if I actively manipulate it and increase the Auril generation I can extend that field up to 60m radius around me and keep it like that indefinitely in exchange for not being able to use it for anything else.


Since everything in that 60m radius was saturated in that Auril field I could detect almost anything in it if I had the knowledge for what to look for. There was a downside for extending it to that range. It leaves my body more vulnerable so I tinkled a bit with this and created a two layer Auril field to this system. One layer would be my perception and would be limited to 30m radius around me and the other would stay wrapped around my body for defense like a barrier.


All of that was great and I loved it, but all that was what happened on the outside of my body. It was what happened to the field inside my body that was far more important to me.

What happened on the inside could be counted as two passives. The second was, as that Auril field linked every cell in my body, it could directly transfer any energy across my body and almost without any loss.

` In theory at least as I have not truly tested it to its limits. `

The only downside was that it would stress the Auril field and since the field was anchored to my body's cells it heavily depends on the amount of stress a physical body can take.


` Luckily for me, as my whole body is able to generate the field the transfer rate is 99%, so the stress my body receives is very little. ` So when one of the goonies went for me with a punch to my face I just stood there and took it. All the kinetic energy he generated with that punch hit my barrier and it was absorbed of all its energy and I could transfer it wherever I wanted. In this case being my left hand which came into contact with his stomach.


I didn't even move and the energy was transferred to the part touching him and he received his own fist. With that unexpected event and totally being a mortal alongside not having his muscle prepared for it he went down on the floor a second later all while holding his stomach and going into a fetus shape.


I looked at him, and so did the others. Confusion showed on them, unaware of what happened to him they only came to one conclusion. They have to gang up on me.


Immediately they decided to do that, I sped up my own perception of time by increasing the processing power of my own brain. This was the third passive that Auril gave me. I could manipulate my own body at the cellular level as that was the level at which Auril was generated. I could not actively manipulate my own body below that level like the nuclei, much less the genetic one.


With my increased perception and processing power I could easily plot out any moves my body would need to do in a situation like this one. One goon down, left three around me actively going for me and the boss behind them. ` Hmm, never been in a fight before, so let's see. Move to the right, grab the first goon by the hand and shove him to the second one in front of me, then focus on the third one behind me by giving him a good kick in the stomach and turn my attention on the other two again. The boss can wait. `


With Auril ignited I could manipulate my body faster than any normal human would ever be able to, but my body was still in the human limits as I never focused on it and only did enough to get my body in shape. Plan plotted all that was left was to move the body. At that point I slowed my perception to a manageable degree and the goonies moved in slow motion.


I moved to the right, grabbed the first goon with my right hand and shoved him at the second one and prepared to kick the third one when I noticed my body's position was very bad and no kick would work. ` Thinking is good and all but when one does not have the experience to move the body for a fight it's useless after all. Will need to fix this. `


Unable to kick the duo to the angle of my legs I instead had to backhand him in the face and down he went. Taking my attention back on the first and second goon I saw them on the floor.


Slowing my perception to normal human level again I looked at them and then at their boss. It took him a few seconds to realise what happened. I just looked at him waiting for his response.


A few seconds later the first and the second goon stood up and spoke. ` No idea what they're saying but it's probably cursing if I consider their body language. `

With them up, the boss shouted at them and went to the kitchen. ` He probably went to look for a weapon as I have not seen any in this room as these two were probably to hold me off. Very well let's see how this goes. `


Much more cautious, the two goons left had been much more cations of me and didn't attack immediately. Probably hesitating on what to do. With our stalemate the boss came soon with a knife in hand.


Once in front of me he pointed it at me. One more shout at his goons and they went for me. Again first on the left, the second to the right and the boss in front of me. Again the first went first and I grabbed him again and showed him at the boss but as this time I was much more careful at how I positioned my lower body, a kick was possible. With the kick the second goon went down and the boss and the first collided.


Not unexpected for me at least, these people were only drug abusers and probably fought very little and used numbers on others. The boss with his knife in front of him went deep into the first goon's stomach and both went to the ground.


Shaking my head I went to him and pulled the goon from him. The moment I pulled him off I noticed the boss still holding the knife tightly and the goon was now bleeding. Not caring for him I just shoved him aside. The boss was frozen in shock this time and his body was locked tight.


I stood in front of him and gave him a good kick to the stomach. With that he took a fetus stance. Placing my attention on the others I went to them one by one and gave them a good hit on the head for a good sleep, the bloody one too. ` If he lives or not I have not yet decided. `


Done with my first ever fight my attention went to the women still naked. Her expression was still clouded. I placed my hand on her stomach and examined her insides.


With my SoP I could examine her from afar but using Auril directly inside her gave me a better image of her. With my Auril I influenced her body directly and had it speed up her natural detoxifying process. As this was largely done by the liver and kidneys, it was them that I influenced the most. It still took some time though, as unlike me it was only a passive enhancement on her organs unlike with my own where I could enhance directly.


Many, many minutes later, her natural body awoke her to the feeling of the bladder but the true effects of the drugs would still be felt for quite a long time.


Even when she came to consciousness she still only stared at the ceiling. So, I continued my help and waited. ` Best not to play with a drug addled brain and let it resolve by itself. Hmm, either way I don't have to do this directly. `


That decided, I used my Auril to scan the brain. There I found what I looked for, the Soul. Every biological lifeform I've scanned so far had one but unlike what most think, it's not a good thing to have.

A biological lifeform, as long as it is conscious, will generate Life Essence. Very little is generated at every moment passively but it was generated. If one engages the physical body actively in any kind of motion, whether that be for the body or mental usage it was generated in greater amounts but even that is very little.


` For that reason I calculated the amount by the general amount one generates in one year as the standard. `


If everything went according to normal process, a child at around 10 years worth will start to influence Life Essence passive without knowledge. An adult at around 20 years worth should be able to actively influence it and so on until one can master its usage.

But the Soul changes that. Instead of it being stored in the body it was stored in the Soul and as no normal life form will ever be able to access that Life Essence it hinders everybody's potential.

In this case the Soul acted as an inhibitor and storage, and when one considers where Souls go when it leaves the body it's easy to guess to whom all that power went.


` Fucking Gods and their religions, I can't wait to get rid of them. `


Back on topic, I used my infiltration technique. By mimicking the imprint of this woman's Life Essence I easily slipped inside it and took about 10 years worth of it out.


Once it was out I used my Auril to spread it around the whole body and gave it instructions on what to do. As my Auril was a higher state or something similar of Life Essence it followed my own orders like a puppy.


It would passively influence her body to get rid of the toxins and return the body to normal operations unless of course drugs were used again, as then it would only mitigate the problem to some degree.


Done with that I placed my attention back in her Soul. The second thing a Soul stored is the memories a physical body acquires like a hard drive. In there it would be perfectly stored without blemishes, of course the degree of the perfection depended on the brain's ability processing ability.


I have lost this ability as I no longer have a Soul. I used it to acquire Auril and right now it was only my physical brain that kept memories, but when I can influence my brain on the cellular level it was almost the same. ` Though if my head is blown up I would probably lose them. Hmm, will need to find a way around that. `


Either way, Navigating someone's memories was quite tricky as unlike what one might think they were not chronological. Unless you had the power to record them like that it was much more chaotic but as I wanted only the latest ones it was very easy to find.


` Looks like I was intruding more than I thought, but still a good idea that I did. While it was consensual it was not by one's own will but by circumstances and bad luck. ` To confirm it I looked at the memories from the boss. ` Yup, bad circumstances and money, but they still went overboard with the drugs to be honest, so I am getting rid of them. `


` Ok, how do I do this. If I bring the woman with me, then when the police find them plenty of evidence will be left for them to find her. Hmm wait, police? `

With an idea I looked for a phone and brought it to the woman. This time with more active usage of my power on her brain I had it influence her behavior. Since she was conscious I just had to leave behind a suggestion that would influence her decision. Phone by her I placed the suggestion to her to call the police and ask for help. ` If rape is reported, they should react quite quickly I think. `


Still addled duo to the drugs only made this easier. The call was made. ` If I leave the call going on they should be able to trace its position. Wonder if they are efficient like they are depicted in the movies. `


That done, there was only one thing left to do. Make it look like they had killed themselves while drugged as hell. I picked up the boss's knife and slashed here and there with a few stabs along and with plenty of fingerprints of everybody on the knife, my job was done.


As for me, well due to my Auril body field or as I liked to call it second skin, I would not leave behind any evidence of my presence.


Finally done making it all presentable I left and waited in the alley for the police to come. It took them about 20 minutes to come.

` Definitely not as good as on Crime TV, assholes. Probably did not believe it at first, and by the time they traced it, and the time it took to get here the culprits could have vanished easily. `

“ Ha, normal people have their own troubles that follow them. Best I don't expect too much from anybody. “


Watching them react when they saw everything inside was quite interesting but now it was their job. I left the place and made my way to my motel and had some nice dreams.


Next day came and I made myself scarce, riding my bike called Midnight to Turkey for a few days and then it's time for some pyramid time exploration.


I hope.

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