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Well, the editing is done for now. It was only in the first part, that I had to change stuff here or there to make it flow better. After that all I did was look for grammer error. Knowing their nature I porbably still missed them, but her at least its better now.

Ever since Life came, every life form had 2 prerogatives and they were to survive and pass on one's genetics. Through that came to exist two parts of the same coin, Life and Death.


Death made Life live, and Life gave Death meaning in the world. One just could not exist without the other but there could exist more stuff in between them.


There are only three things any Life wants.

The first was to ensure one's survival, food. To bring Death to others and from others to ensure one's own future.

The second was to pass on the best of one to the next generation, and with that sex was created. It's form did not matter at all. Those that survived would adapt to any environment.

The third, well the third is everything else that does not fit into food and sex. It's not really needed but every kind of Life wants more than just survival.


When food and sex was ensured, one would shift ones priorities and along came curiosity. After that came wonder, after that came desire, and after desire came the need to fill it as after desire came the World just is not the same anymore.


As I belong to a species with very high base thinking capacity our desires know no bounds. Yes, the strongest will always be sex and food and every emotion triggered for those will always be first but it is those that belong to the second strongest that define us Humans the most.


And right now I was observing one of the remnants of the somebodys need to define himself, as it usually was males that did this kind of thing.


Two weeks ago I left home to explore the world in search of answers for some of my problems but none said I could not take detours and enjoy myself as much as I want.


In my need to express my desire on the World, I went after the beaches on the left part of Greece that touched the open waters they had named Ionian sea. Along those beaches I spent my time slowly with no need to hurry or anything. I enjoyed everything they could offer, from the beautiful view to food and finally women.


Then I went to their Ionian islands and did the same there. Never bothered anybody and just quietly, or close to quietly enjoyed myself. Two weeks passed by very quickly and I decided it was time to move on.

It was time to experience what was left before my time here and my current location was in Athens. My goal was to see one of the most famous sites on the World, The Acropolis and everything that surrounds it.


` Some call it the symbol of the western civilization, at least that was what I read about it on the internet. ` To me it didn't matter what it represented, but what mattered was that I saw it and experienced it in first person.

My initial goal of this journey was to find anything supernatural, or even close to it as a start. Once I found the first signs I would be able to find my way but I was sure that I would not find it here. ` All that's left here is a historical monument to an ancient civilization, nothing else. `


“ Though I have to say, it's pretty impressive for something that was built over 2 millennia. ” The stone, the architecture, it all was quite beautifully done, even in its shattered form.

“ I wonder how it looked when it was created. '' In my curiosity I had searched over the internet for the imagined look, somehow those just cant give it the justice of what I was seeing.


As I observed my Sphere of Perception was at a max range of 60m radius in all directions. Up and down included, although there was nothing up but beneath was interesting.


“ Some tunnels and probably parts of some structure that probably existed before the current version of the Parthenon. Who knows what everything truly was used for and by who. ”

“ Though everything is empty as expected. ” I knew that even with my ability I would not find anything, as since my ability system exists, so do the others. And while my ability may be unique or not in how it works, others probably had something similar.

“ Until I meet them I won't know. As everything here was probably scrubbed clean centuries ago, maybe even longer, there is no need for me to search any longer. ”


My exploration done and finding nothing of interest, I went back into the city down below.

As I walked the city and it was afternoon a scent came to me. I was easily swayed by it and took breaks to wet my tongue on it. Some time later my stomach happily enjoyed itself and I was on my way exploring the City.

As for how I paid for everything, well I just had to make a construct of it with my Auril. It wouldn't last for long as I never intended for that, but it was enough time for me to leave.


` And they would never notice that some change was missing after it disappeared. As long as I don't go after the expensive stuff, no problem will appear. `


During these two weeks I did some thinking and decided on my next stop being Turkey to experience the Islamic architecture. After that would be Egypt and its famous pyramids. After that would be Israel as I wanted to visit Jerusalem where 3 religions touched.


` If my conclusion is right then they were made by the same idiot .And all three of them were his attempts to over glorify himself as the only Divinity in existence. ` I would never know the truth, not that I wanted to either.


But it was after that city, where I would experience my first battlefield. ` Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan were the current unfortunate idiots that are experiencing the far reaches of global powers fighting for dominance. Poor them, but there I should be able to let loose and bash a lot of heads there. `


And after that. ` Well either I go to India or directly to China to visit the Buddhists and Shaolin monks. They should be able to point me in the right direction. `


Walking through the city a thought came to me. “ Should I deploy SoP at max range and walk through the busiest part of the city in hope of catching somebody reacting to it? Hmm, why not. ”


Immediately I manipulated my ability and removed the underground portion of it and just left everything above ground, but with less resources used I could enhance the range of the ability to 90m radius around me.

Somehow if this ability is not used as a sphere it starts to lose efficiency and I only gain half of what I should have in range. With that it went to 90m and if I removed more of the ability and reduced it to like 10m above the ground, the range still only went up by another 20m to 110m.


` Still removing only the underground portion was enough. ` People may think it's only 90m, that it's not much, but when actually used it covers a lot of ground.


` Athens being a capital city should provide some trace of the supernatural. I hope? `

The day passed and night came.


During the day, nothing was detected. No matter where I went, or when I had been surrounded by so many people, nothing was detected. ` Either my Auril is undetectable to them and they do not react, or I don't know what to look for and can't make them react. `


` Or maybe both. ` Right now, I was going through Athens by night, hoping something would show up. The weight of history of humanity is easy to recognize when one can look at it from the outside, but it can only be felt when one looks at it in full vision from the inside.


Having a 90m radius of perception around me showed me the hidden side of humanity. From women selling their bodies to men abusing their greater physical strength for pleasure, to drugs, to anything that satisfies the flesh. ` Having a perception of this degree, really does change your view on the World. `


When I first perceived all this, I had thought it would bother me, but I was strangely unaffected, as if it truly did not matter to me. ` Probably because seeing is different to doing it. `


With that in mind I continued going through alley after alley. It was in one of them that I noticed another act of humanity. There in one building, men were having their way with one woman and she totally did not enjoy it. ` That totally looks like rape. `


Out of curiosity I wanted to know how I would react when I saw everything in the flesh. I used another ability I developed, the Invisibility Cloak. By making an Auril construct envelop me like skin I could have it interfere with the world. It is complicated with how many commands it takes to make but not enough for it to be hard for me. Right now I only needed one, and that was for Light.

By having my construct capture Light around me, it was moved to the other side of my body and released in the same vector it had moved before it was caught by my construct.

It was a genius idea, and for somebody to realise I was there without any powers, one would have to literally stand a few centimeters away from me. For my better safety I included sound and smell into it, but today it was not needed as just Light was sufficient.


With a goal at hand I was inside the building it was happening. And when I stood right beside them, they didn't notice me. ` Five men, one woman all while being used like a toy. ` When I looked around the room, it stunk from sweat, alcohol and on the table some white stuff and tablets could be seen. ` Drugs, hmm, taking a better look I can already see that they are intoxicated, and the same could be said for the woman too. `


When I looked at this any normal human would have told me to stop it, to rationalize that this evil act must be stopped at any cost. That only evildoers would do this, that some evil thing possessed them as no sane human would do this. ` All that was the hypocrisy of human behavior to deny what it truly meant to be human, that deep down we are selfish before anything else. `


Yes, deep down they would deny it but I knew that this scene is repeatedly happening in every city around the World and will continue to happen for as long as humans exist. ` Unless of course one is able to genetically remove our physical needs for them, but by then one would no longer be called human anyway. Now what should I do? `


As I looked at them, I knew I could kill them easily. Just snap their neck a bit and they would be dead but me not being able to understand Greek did not help as I did not know what consequences it would lead for the woman. ` Maybe, this was what the woman wanted. Who knows the circumstances that led to this, I certainly didn't but if i consider that she appears to be barely conscious that should not be the case. `


One last time I looked around to see if there was anything more incriminating. ` Nothing really stands out, hmm lets just judge them by their reactions. ` With a decision made I made my way to that man by the side smoking his cigarette and just watching the show. ` From the way he's behaving as if everything was under his control, he's probably the boss. ` Once I was by his side I dropped my invisibility and tapped him on the shoulder.




With that one tap, his body jerked to the left at the unexpected touch and with that the chair he was bent to the side and he rolled on the floor. With the unexpected cry and fall of the chair, the others stopped and turned their attention to me. All of them had eyes wide open as if not believing what they showed them.


As I got their attention I smiled at them. “ Hi, I am sorry for interrupting your moment, but one thing has been bothering me you see. Is your current activity consensual with the woman? ”


They only looked at me still stunned by my appearance. “ Could it be that none of you can speak English or could it be that my accent is terrible and you don't understand me? ” I could fix my accent easily if i spent a few weeks in any native English speaking country. “ Well, from your reactions I can guess the problem is at your end. ”


` I gave them a few moments to refocus, why are they still shocked? Lets see how they react to this. ` I pointed my right hand at the woman beneath them and then pointed at them and then on my own neck and used my thumb to slit my own throat. ` That should be a universal sign for I will kill you. `


Immediately they came to themselves and slithered to pick up some clothes for themselves. The moment they at least had some underwear on they turned their attention to me. Their boss now in front of them spoke. “ Look, I would appreciate it if at least one of you can speak English. I really would like to know what is going on. ”


The boss only tilted his head and repeated the same sentence. It probably was along the line of, who are you, how did you get her or something like that. I only shook my head when he spoke but that seemed to anger him even more.


With a hand movement and motion for his guys to surround me every step brought them closer surrounding me.

A note from Akten Dreams

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