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My name is Alat Arim, but I never like the name so I always introduced myself as Mir to everybody.


Nineteen years ago I was involved in a certain event and from that point on till a few months ago I had been sleeping all while my body went through those 19 years. It followed a certain scenario like a dream and sleep walked through life for me.

When I woke up most of what I wanted to achieve was met with one huge glaring error. The event that caused all of this to start also produced me a younger sister. In that time frame I had bathed that younger sister in unconscious love and a Link was formed between us. After I woke up, us entering a physical relationship was sort of destined to happen.


Unluckily for both of us we had to separate for now as I had certain Dreams I wanted to accomplish and for them I left behind everything I knew and chose to travel the World in search of answers and adventure.

Right now I was driving a motorbike of black base color with lots of silver color as an addition for better looks. I had it constructed with my Power. It looked like a chopper motorbike, but I was certain in the near future I would find a better one to copy for its design.

I had it named Midnight and riding it on the road gave me the feeling of freedom I had never had before, but there is one problem. Ultimately I had a destination in mind. To head east to the Asian continent but everything in between was not decided.


Since I had awoken I had to first improve my body as it was truly not in shape at all, and for my future needs that had to change. With my powers I changed that.

I now had a toned body and while it is not up to perfection one can achieve if one focused on it, it was enough for my purposes. I had gotten rid of my chubbiness and got muscles in the right places like my stomach.

There my six pack appeared again in many years and now I was certain that with short black hair and green eyes, plus a chiseled face the ladies would love to jump on me.


As I looked into a mirror to look at myself wearing a black motorcycle jacket and I gloated at what I saw. ` Now I am only missing some cool eyeglasses. Ok enough ogling myself, there is a destination to decide on. ` With that I left the bathroom and went back to the cafe I had come for a short break until my decision was made.


The cafe was connected to a gas station, so usually they open very early. Back inside the main room I sat at an empty table and waited for a waitress. It took but 30 seconds for one to appear. As if she could no longer wait she addressed me.

“ Good morning, sir. I am Dina, What can I get you? ” In her twenties, average height, with brown hair and brown eyes along with the cafe's logo shirt on it she didn't look bad at all, but when I compared her to my little sister.

` Well then I could only say they were worlds apart. `

“ Hi, there. I am Mir. As for what I should take, well you appeared so fast I barely had the time to look at anything that you're offering. ” Saying that I took the little menu and browsed it for a second. Dina could only wait for me to finish. ` Not like there is much going on this early anyway. `


Looking through the menu netted me nothing new. ` If you have been to one cafe, then good chances are the others you go to would be similar. ` I ignored the waitress, but while I may have been doing that physically, a certain ability of mine was on and I could see almost everything surrounding me in perfect clarity.

My Power which I have named Auril, when deployed properly, it gives me a 360 degree perception of everything around me and can tell me the shape of everything in my surroundings, in its default form that is. If I wanted to know more then I would have to actively use it and right know my SoP in its half powered form was showing me everything in a 30m radius around me.

Which included the waitress beside me, and since she had no power to deny me my vision, to me she would be naked if I ignored the clothing she wore.

` If one is honest, there was no man that would not do that. `


I delayed a few more seconds to enjoy the experience and finally turned to her. “ I have looked and I must say I am satisfied at what I saw. Get me a cup of hot Chocolate with lots of cream on top. Will you? ” She nodded and went to make it. It took a few minutes for it to be brought to me.

“ Here it is sir, One Hot Chocolate with lots of cream on top. ” Having perception powers changes the way you see the World around you. Right now I could tell the waitress Dina had a certain body language deployed to warn me of her thoughts. Before I had my powers I would have missed it 100% but not now.


“ Tell me Dina, is it always so lonely here this early? ” Immediately I perceived her body language change as if I had successfully caught her attention. “ No sir, not always. Usually there would be more even if it's early like right now. ”

Not having many people to serve right now she could spend some time with me. So she spoke first. “ How come you appeared now, and if I have seen correctly you came on a bike. ” This time she looked at my body. “ And how come you're not cold riding it this early. I didn't even see you wearing a helmet either, are you sure that is safe? ”

I used my head to look around for a bit to send her a message. “ For me it is. I can see you have some free time so why don't you spend it with me for a bit. ” Immediately she smiled and sat down opposite me and smiled.


“ Now that we can talk face to face like this I don't mind telling you. You see a few months ago, something happened to me. It was as if a revelation came to me and at that moment I decided to leave home and travel the World. ” I looked directly into her eyes when I said the next sentence. “ Today was the day I decided to do that and about an hour ago I took my bike and started it. But a problem came to me in the middle of it. Ever since then my attention was split between some things and while I had a destination in mind I still had not decided on my first stop. So when I saw your place I stopped by and here we are now. ”


My revelation must have surprised her as she looked at me with open eyes. “ Travel the World? Wow, wish I could do that. Instead I am stuck here. ” With a pouting face she asked me for my destination. “ So, where are you headed? ”

“ Haha ” I laughed at her antics but I could relate to her. “ Trust me, even for me it came out of nowhere. Before a certain moment I had thought the same as you. I don't have a definitive destination as there is Dream I want to achieve but for that, first I would need to visit the Asian continent as there I suspect I will find the answer to one of my problems. ”


“ WOW, and you want to go all that way with your bike? ” Another surprise came to her. I nodded for her. “ Yup, I want to take the scenic route and there is my problem. There are many routes one could take and if I consider all the places I could stop by it gives me a lot of options to choose from. ”


“ Indeed a lot of places to visit between here and there. So have you narrowed it down some? ” Dina appeared to be much more interested then she gave on. ` Must be quite boring to work here this early. `

“ I did, and I think I will have to thank you for the choice I have made. ” Again I surprised her a bit. “ You see, for a few minutes I had forgotten that I wanted to experience all the wonders of the World and your presence reminded me of that. ”

“ Now I am confused. What could I have done to help you? ” Of course she would be confused when I said something like that out of nowhere. “ It's simple, really? But before I tell you that, there is a customer coming. Why don't you go see what he would like and then you could come back here. ” The moment I said it she turned around and saw a man come in.


Immediately she stood up and waited for him to have a seat and order. Before she got to him though I intensified my gaze on her ass. While she may not have powers, women are much more sensitive if somebody looks at them like that, even if that feeling lingers only on the back of their attention.

So I used a stronger gaze to make her aware of where I was looking and I noticed she skipped a step immediately as if something unexpected happened.

I drank my hot chocolate slowly while she served the customer for a few minutes. I gave her a smirk when she returned and I could immediately tell in her expression that she realised what I had meant when I said she was the cause of my decision already.


“ So what was it that made you decide on your first destination. ” I heard her ask. “ Of course it was something that no man made wonder can replace that easily. My first destination will be Greece. I will go there and through it, and along its coast experience all their wonderful beaches alongside with food. ” I stopped for a second to lead her on. “ The main reason of course being women. ”

I let it be like that for a bit for her to stew it her head. “ Now, here is my question for you Dina. I know you're interested in me. I can see it, feel it, so this begs the question. How much time can you squeeze for us to have some fun all while nobody will notice we are gone? ”

Her eyes truly opened this time at my bluntness. “ What makes you think I want to… have some fun with you. ” I gave her a smirk, when she did not decline it immediately. “ Like I said before, a few months before my eyes opened to a new and wonderful World and you didn't immediately decline my offer. ”


` From the way her body moved to her expressions I can see she wants it but is hesitant. `

“ What is it you worry about? Share with me your concern, maybe I can alleviate it. ” This time the message came across and she opened up with an expectant face. “ I don't have any condoms on me. You? ” When I denied I had any, her expecting face vanished immediately.


But I would not be denied my fun just yet. I leaned forward and looked straight at her and with full confidence in my voice I told her my mind. “ While I don't have any condoms, even if you had some I would not be using them. I would never deny myself the pleasure of flesh. But what you worry is about are the consequences, so let me assure you 100% that there will be none. Of course that is unless you want them to happen. ” At the end I gave her a smirk.


Of course, no woman would believe what I said just like that. To them men only care for their own pleasure and nothing else and they would lie easily just to have their fix of pleasure. So, without forcing myself on her, that was all I could do to give her. Now it was all about if she would believe me.

` But let's first try a different approach. ` I stood up from my seat and went to stand in front of her. Took my right hand and placed it under her chin and lowered my head slowly as if I was about to kiss her. Of course I didn't. My mouth by her ear I whispered. “ I can promise you there will not be any consequences 100% but in exchange for that I want something else. ”

“ What do you want? ” Now I truly had her attention. ” It's simple. In exchange for not coming inside your down there I want to come on your face. ” With that I raised my head just above hers and looked into her brown eyes. “ Deal? ”

Still a bit hesitant but a nod came. “ Good. Lets go. ” I took her by the hand and off we went to the Women's toilet before she changed her mind.


With luck on our side, we had half an hour for ourselves. Not a minute later I did my first facial and soon after that I was on my bike and with a goal for my immediate future decided I could hardly wait to get there.


Oh. My. God.

` What the hell was that. ` Still not quite myself. I could only wonder, what happened.

When I came to work this morning I would have never expected I would have sex with a complete stranger, much less do it for half an hour without consequences. Normally, this early there would be less customers yes, but not like today where there was almost none at all. It was only him and that one other.


The moment he came inside the cafe, he oozed confidence as if the it belonged to him.

` With his handsome visage and green eyes. I could barely contain myself from jumping at him. `

` No, that does not matter. The sex is the important part. No matter what position we took it felt amazing. It was almost like he knew what I felt every second, and when I remember the face he had as I made him come on mine. I felt something in that moment as I saw his gleeful face. `

` It was as if he obtained something at that moment but what could one obtain from a facial? Then again my own boyfriend likes it too, maybe it's a men thing. `


“ Now that I am thinking of men, I don't think my boyfriend will be able to satisfy me anymore. ”

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