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Creation spanned the known and the unknown through Time and Space.

Creation that knew no start or end.

Creation that gave birth to anything and everything.


In that Creation in a certain Universe, there exists a certain Galaxy.

In that Galaxy resides a certain planet.

Through Time it came to be known in many names but one thing all of them had in common was that it was always referred with one Thing in mind when named. That thing was the World they walked on.


Right now it was called Earth.

Through Time this Earth has experienced many Events. In fact so many Events of one certain kind had happened that the current indigenous species have termed it The Apocalypse.

Right now this Earth was about to enter a new Apocalypse, again.

“ Michael, Michael, dude, will you stop it with the narrations. You know you suck at it. Just get to the point already. Why have you called me here? I have things to do. ” I don't get it, how did this bastard become a Tower Master?


In front of me sat Michael Emerson, tall, blond, with blue eyes and a chiseled jaw and body, just the way the female folk liked. Unfortunately for everybody he is also a Wizard of the 8 circle and it appears the Tower Master of Vastrum, now too.

` Bastard, why does he always get the good stuff? `


Magic Tower, it may be called that but it is no different than any high rise building in any city populated in the mundane World right now, minus the magical stuff it represents.

Vastrum is located about a 2 hour drive by car from what the mortals call London. It's a research institute for Higher Dimensional and Temporal mechanics.

It was created by a Wizard in the 18th century by a certain Wizard genius. When the Tower was made, he was so proud of it that he was unable to decide on a name and drank himself that day in hope the alcohol would help him and indeed it did. Feeling the vastness of rum he combined the two and with that the Vastrum Magic Tower was born. Since then the Tower may have changed hands but the name stuck for three centuries.


“ Marcus, please I need to finish explaining it so you can understand the finer things involved in our current events. ” Sigh, Michael and I are old frenemies, so I knew he won't give up on it, so I waved my hand for him to continue.

“ Where was I, ah yes, The Apocalypse happened so many times that now it was used for anything that can change the status quo of the World and here comes the crux of why I have called you here. ” He stopped for a second as if waiting for me to ask him about it. Of course I didn't so I just stared at him.

A minute passed and I still showed no response but the silence was bothering me more than him. “ Fine, how would my presence here be connected with an Apocalypse at all. ”

“ Excellent question. ” Now he beamed a smile at me. ` I, so want to punch him right now. `


` Damn him. Why does Fate always bring us together? ` I've tried to get rid of him many times before but all those attempts were met with failures. After that I tried my best to get away from him, but again we somehow always met and I was drawn in his machinations every time.


“ But first tell me this. In the last 5 years have you noticed any changes happening in the World. Oh, I mean in both the mundane and the magical one. ” Changes? 5 years?

“ Umm, not really. Anything specific I should think about? ”

“ It doesn't matter if you have noticed or not. I will tell you anyway. ” As he said that he gave me an unusual serious face. “ Look, even I only learned of this when I became a Tower Master so don't go telling this to anyone. ”

“ Sure. ” It's not like I had the habit of telling others secrets anyway.

“ Marcus, I am serious. Do not even mention anything to anyone. ” Must be pretty serious if he insists this much.

“ Should I do a pledge? ” Michael shook his head. “ No, I trust you. I just wanted to emphasize it so that you know I am serious. ”

“ Now, let's get to the topic of why I called you here for. For a Wizard of your power I probably don't have to tell you about something called the Destined One? Right? ”

` Destined One, now that's something one does not hear often and it's less even talked about. `


Destined One, or as some call them beloved children of Fate. It's usually referred to somebody who has done some incredible stuff. It's them that became the key figures somewhere across History.

Unlike what most people think Destined Ones are not those who Fate has ordained them with a grand Destiny but it is them that shaped Fate so hard that they stand out like a sore thumb throughout History. Usually it's only after one has reached their apex that one can recognise them but everything has its exceptions.

“ Is that why you narrated an Apocalypse? Has another one been prophesied? ” I asked.

It's only those that have the potential to shape the Fate of everybody on such a huge scale that it sends ripples across Time and Space that one can recognise their appearance.


Michael nodded. “ Yes. It happened 5 years ago. It's the reason I asked if you noticed anything. ”

“ Well, like I said before I have not noticed anything strange and if I remember correctly wasn't the last one's appearance about a century ago. “ His legacy was the second mortal World War.

“ Even if one was prophesied it's not like it never happened before, so what is this truly about? ”

“ I will tell you. ” Michael said. “ This has to do with the first Tower Master. Wizard Vastrum. ”

Funny thing, when Vastrum was drunk as hell, he liked the name so much that he didn't just name the Tower like that but had also made a pledge to change his name too. Once he woke up it was already too late, once a magical pledge was made there was no going back.

` Being a genius of quite a renown still did not stop anybody from mocking him. ` I smirked when I heard him being referred to like that.


My musings aside I was interested about what was going on and Michael started his tale.

“ When he changed his name into Vastrum he was filled with so much regret that from that point on he focused all his research on Time and Fate. He wanted to change it so hard that he would not believe Fate had preordained him that he do that. Of course he was quite prideful so he never told anyone that he regretted it and did his research in secret. When he died all his findings went from one Tower Master to another. ”

` And now it's yours. Bastard. `


“ So what did he find out about Destined Ones that it's important to us right now? ” I asked Michael.

“ Not that much, but two things are the key here. First he found out that they can be graded too and that the appearance of the Apocalypse has been shortening with every appearance of one.”

` Ok, that is interesting. `

“ So every appearance of one has inched the World towards an Apocalypse? ” Hmm, wait. “ If I considered how many of them appeared in the last millennia alone then how is it that not one Apocalypse happened and it only ever was prophesied? ” Hearing my musings Michaels smiled.

“ Indeed, how is the current World still alright? ” Wait. “ What are the categories Vastrum made for them? ”

“ Now you're asking the right questions. ” With a smile still there Michael stared at me. “ He made 3 grades for them. The first one is easy to guess. It's those of the mundane World without access to powers. They can only shape the mundane for so long before it interferes with ours and problems appear for them. Like dear old Hitler when he was gangbanged from everybody with a little push from our side. ”

“ The second ones are the ones he called Heavens/Hells blessed. It's those of the magical community. He called them like that as Heaven and Hell fight for them whenever they appear. I am sure I don't have to explain what happens when one of them appears. ”

` Hmph, no matter which side wins its conflict in the Magical community. Religious/Magical wars are known throughout history for a reason, even in the mundane World. `


I raised my hand up and stopped Michaels for a second. “ Let me guess. The last category is the reason I am here, right? ”

“ Yes, according to Vastrum the last category belongs to those who can affect even the Gods and Devils and Vustrum theorised that only one thing could affect them. What do you think that is? ”

“ You know Michael, I hate it when you treat me like a child who has no knowledge of the World at all. ” With that said. “ There can only ever be two things that will affect them. Either it is another Divinity or there is a huge decrease in population, so in another words an Apocalypse. ”

“ But you still have not told me why you called for me? ” I stared at him to say it. “ Marcus, listen. If the appearance of the Destined Ones are an indication that an Apocalypse is upon us then how is the World still as it is now. ” Wait. “ You mean, the Divinities have a way of stopping it? No wait, even if they have it still has nothing to do with me. Spit it out why have you called me. ”

“ OK, ok, listen. A friend of mine slipped me some very juicy information. ” Michael beamed this time. “ Five years ago The Heavens Choir and the Demons Organ sang out at the same time and alongside them every Oracle worth a damn received one single image alongside one message. ” Michael still beamed with a smile.


` I have never seen Michael this happy since, like never. The only time it came even close was a long time ago. It was in the University that we attended. He banged the hottest teacher to ever appear in that place. `

Ever since then I had been avoiding this bastard as I too and alongside every male at that time had a crush on her. But it was when it came to light and Michael was investigated more closely that his other deeds were uncovered. His appetite knew no bounds and he fucked most of the women on the campus at one point. It didn't matter if she was married or had a boyfriend he did them all.

` That was when I and the others first tried to kill him, but no matter what we tried he always somehow got away. I had not heard of him in the last few years so I thought somebody succeeded finally until the bastard called me here. `


“ By Merlin's great beard, I wish I could smack you so hard your teeth would all fall out, right now! ” he rolled his eyes at my declaration. “ Don't invoke your ancestry for no reason, even Merlin would not be able to do it much less you. ”

` Ha, since then many people theorised how he did it and no matter what theory came he always denied it, wait. What if he is also a Destined One. ` Immediately my face made contortions as if I ate something sour. ` Bah, I would rather earth my shoes then admit that. `


It took me a few seconds to calm down and ask the most important question. “ Did you get it? ”

“ Of course I did but it was quite hard to acquire it as both Churches went zealously after them to stomp it into oblivion. Luckily I knew a guy that has some talent in acquiring the less than legal goods. ” With a wave from his hand a huge image appeared beside us. It covered most of the wall. It was a mosaic and it was quite a detailed one.


It was of a circle and it was separated into 3 parts. The first one positioned on the left upper part displayed a bright golden light in which stood one figure which was holding one of those Celestial swords the Heavens like to use. The sword was piercing a huge marble. In that marble one could see a hellish landscape with Demons on the ground either dead or soon to be.

Opposite from it was a darker image of a figure, this time holding one of those famous evil looking Demonic swords. It too was piercing a marble, but this one showed Heaven and its imagined look full of dead Angels.

` Nobody knows what heaven looks like, as everybody that went there never returned. `


“As you can see the first two are the usual prophesy stuff. If either good or evil wins it's the end of the other. But the third one is the interesting one. ` Michael said.

“ Indeed. ” The third one pictured the same figure from the other two but its surroundings changed. Behind it showed an apocalyptic scenario of numerous dead bodies of Demons and Angels alongside buildings of all natures but it's in front of that figure that the curiosity happens. In its hands where pieces of broken fragments of what appeared to be two different marbles. One was bright gold while the other was dark.


` Oh, this is truly interesting. ` Just in case I closed and rubbed my eyes to check if I had not seen incorrectly by chance. ` Still the same. `

“ Fascinating, isn't it? ” Michaels words brought me to reality again. “ Ok, I can see why it's important you showed me this but why did you call me and tell me the message that came with this image. “

“ Haha, there was only one word that came with it. BEND. ” Michael said with a raised voice at the end as if emphasizing its true meaning.

“ Oh. ” Hearing my Oh, he laughed again. “ Oh, indeed. We both know that almost all the Magical community would wish for nothing more than for Heaven/Hell to annihilate each other and would probably join that figure if not for the message. ”

“Agree no one will join him if the end goal will be to bend to that one's Will. ” I centered my gaze on the image again. “ So what is the situation right now and what do you intend to do? ”


“ Let's talk business, now that you know my motivation. As no side wants anything even close to that prophecy to happen, a unanimous decision has been made by all of them to get rid of that figure. ” Hmph, of course they did. “ For that to happen though they will need all the help they could get and among those they will seek out will be you and me as we both stand at the top of the Extradimensional discipline. ”

“ So you intend to sabotage them? ” This time he shook his head. “ No. I want to make sure they succeed. ” What?

“ You want to help them? You? ” Michale nodded. “ Yes, it's not as unexpecting as you might think. If you think about it some more you will notice that it only appears that there is a 33% chance that either Heaven/Hell will win. While they have fought for even lower chances for either side to win this time it's different. The problem is that if either side fails to win that figure over the worst case happens for them. Both will lose hard so no matter the choices they are fucked. “

` True, the probability of the third scenario happening is higher than the other two as there will be others to interfere to push into that scenario no matter what. ` Sigh. “ Ha, so this begs the question, if all the choices are that bad then just get rid of the choice factor by removing the problem altogether. Does it not? ”


“ Yes, they will be pooling their resources into this in huge quantities. To make sure it happens it will take some time, as they will need to make sure it happens, but we both know someone will interfere and it will all go to hell and boom the worst case happens. Yours and my job will be to make sure that nobody interferes and the problem is annihilated. Otherwise we both can kiss our easy life goodbye. It will be a war for a long time and I do not like my chances of surviving in a free for all. ” Michael admitted his opinion of survival.

“ I don't know Michael. I truly would love it for you to die in it if not for my ass being involved too.” A laugh came from him. “ Haha I knew it, we see eye to eye on this. Let's do it immediately, my friend told me the location and we can go there now. ”

“ Hold your horse. Even if my ass is on the line I will want heavy compensation if I am to truly consider helping you of all the people in the World. ”

With that declaration we both stared at each other for some time. Neither wanted to give up on our resolve. ` Michael probably knows that without my help it's over for him but he also probably knows what I would want in return for my help. `

Finally he gave in. “ And what do you want in return? ”

“ You know what I want. ”

“ FUCK, I knew this would happen. ” With that he waved his hand again and in front of him appeared a small orb.

Immediately I knew he took out the real thing. “ Bastard I knew you had it all this time. ” Not giving him a chance to take it back I snatched it for myself.

It was a small orb of various colors the size of a pigeons egg but it radiated quite a lot of power. ` So this is how a Chaos Seed looks like. `


“ Good, with this we have a Deal. How do we go about this? ” Michael looked at it with pain in his eyes.

“ Go, take your best gear. I will be here waiting for you. ” Without delay I whipped out my best gear and Michaels face twitched when he saw I came fully prepared for combat.

“ Lets go. ” I declared.


` Holly Shit, he came over in full combat gear. Luckly, I'm such a good actor. My face almost twitched uncontrollably, when I saw that.

“ Lets go! ” Marcus said.

With that I stood up and generated a Portal for both of us and we went inside. ` Best I don't say anything about my true goal. `

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