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Immediately as I placed my lips on my brothers, I felt my brother open up himself to me and there inside him I felt a deep seated Hunger and Lust for me. It kept pouring into me with no end, as if he had been bottling these feelings for a long time.


At first as I felt them they scared me a bit but when I examined them I truly felt the love my brother had for me so I gave myself to them, to indulge in them. It may have started with the placement of my lips on his but soon it turned out to be more. First it was the slow touch of our lips, then movement of the lips but soon also came brother's tongue and mine soon followed it.


They intertwined left and right but I was on cloud nine and my mind turned hazy as I experienced my first kiss. I am not sure for how long we kissed but when I came to myself I was sure I had a vacant look as I looked at my brother.


When we stopped and I looked at him he gave me that smirk again. “ How was it? Was it worth it, to indulge into this Love? ” We were still in the same position. Me standing him sitting, me looking down on him, him looking up at me. I looked into his green eyes and kissed him again. My actions were enough to confirm it.


Another round of kissing started, this time I felt my brothers hand land on my hips. He just placed them there and didn't move them at all but we were still kissing. A bit more and I finally felt his hands move. Slowly they rose from the side of my hips and went up to my stomach. There they went underneath my pajama shirt. As they went up they slowly pulled it alongside.


As we kissed, his hands slowly went to my back. Immediately I knew their goal. They were going to undo my bra strip. There I felt him unhook it. With that now he pulled the shirt up. This time we were forced to stop as I had to move my hands to remove the shirt. But it was not me who removed it. No, it was my brother.

As we stopped kissing he stood up. He looked me in the eyes and pulled the shirt over my head. With my hands in the air he took the shirt off and with it my hair fell back down that had been picked up by the shirt. We still only looked at each other. Once the shirt was off, brothers hands came back on my face, there he touched my lips with his right hand but the left then went down to my left breast. There he kneaded it a bit. I could feel every movement he made but still I only looked into brothers face.


“ You don't feel any shame or embarrassment at having your brother touch you like this. ” I shook my head and took his right hand with my left and placed it on my right breast. “ No, brother ever since you told you about your ability and how it worked I felt little of those emotions. At first I did, to be seen as if I was naked in front of you no matter what I wore but that soon passed and only when I remembered that moment when I played with myself did I feel embarrassed but soon even that will be gone and only joy will be left behind. ”

“ Haha, little sister, you have no idea how it is to see a beautiful girl like you beside me naked all the time. Any thought of you I only buried but never erased. I never rejected that side of me for it was what made me human. I am sure you can feel it. Everything I had buried is now available to you now. ”


I just nodded and waited for the next step. He took my hands this time and placed them on his shirt. ” You know what to do. ” I nodded again and pulled up his shirt. Once it was over his chest I could see the muscles he gained ever since he started his training regime.


He bent down a little for me to pull the shirt off and I did it. Free of it I could see it all now. While they were not big or anything, they were toned. Placing my hands all over them I could feel their hardness but they weren't rock hard.


As I touched them, my brother took off my bra for sure this time and finally they appeared to him in real this time. No longer did he see them with some mystical ability but he saw them in the flesh. I could feel him stare at them. “ They are not big, but they aren't small. Just the way I like them. ” This time I did feel a bit embarrassed when my brother praised them. The stare didn't last long as he focused back on my face and bent down to kiss me again.


He stopped kissing me for a second. “ Hug me over the neck. ” And I did. As my arms went around this time I could feel my chest touch his and I felt how mine was flattened a bit and how my nipples reacted. They were perky, not soft.


Again he kissed me but his hands moved down my back slowly. As the kissing went on, slowly he went down my back and over the hips and touched my butt. I could feel him start to kneed it too. ` My brother was touching me where a brother should not but I felt no shame or embarrassment, only joy. ` A few more seconds of kissing and I felt a powerful grab on my butt and my brother started to lift me up. ` AH!!`


As my brother grabbed me firmly in instinct I moved my legs and hugged him around the waist. But when I did I could finally feel a big bulge on him and it was in between my legs that I could feel it too. This time I truly did feel embarrassment at our parts touching.


Brother turned around and went to place me on the bed. As I felt like I was being pulled down I grabbed even tighter around my brother and this time I felt the bulge even better. Placed down I was and this time I could even feel the weight of my brother. Even when I could feel the bed beneath me I still didn't let go of him. Only when he whispered to me did I.


“ Let go of me. ” When I did he pulled himself up a bit and when I looked down my body I noticed how our hips are in the right position for the act if not for our clothes down there still interfering. ` OMG, I have already spread myself open for my brother. I really am an indecent girl. `


Brother must have noticed something and immediately started to kiss me again So I closed my eyes to enjoy it. I indulged even more into it now then before but soon it was over. He stopped and slowly he started giving small kisses along my neck and went down. Down and down until he came to my breast. He cupped the left one in on hand and placed his lips on the other one. Immediately I could feel his tongue roll around my right nipple. Around it it went, clockwise, anticlockwise and at one point I even felt him nibble at it a bit. Soon he switched and did the same to the other one. Soon it came to an end and he continued down my stomach to my belly button gave it a few rubbs with his tongue and again went down. The more he went down the more I got nervous.


Soon he lips touched me down there too. Near my clit. All this time I had my eyes closed and never looked but I had to open it now. When I looked down I saw him looking at me. My legs were wide open and his mouth was but a centimeter away from my pussy. The moment he noticed I focused there I could feel his tongue touch me there over the clothes and panties. Immediately he used his tongue to rub me there.

To be honest through the clothes it sent me no feelings all I felt was that something small was rubbing there. But everything that happened till now only led me to indulge in all these feelings and the moment it touched me down if there was no physical pleasure I still came.


That was my fourth one this evening. In response to it I clutched at the beddings around me and my legs clenched my brothers head on their own, while I rode that feeling of pleasure spreading through my body. It was as if a tingly little bulb inside my stomach just went on and spread through the spine everywhere.

“Aaa “

Riding that moment for a few seconds I recognised the ceiling and turned my attention back to my brother's head, still clutched by my legs. While I could not see his mouth for some reason I could see his eyes smile at me. But there was one more thing I could feel. His tongue never stopped working. ` Coming on my own and coming in front of my brother were two different things. `


I released his head and when he went up he only smirked but never said anything. A second later he moved his hands to my pajama pants and started to pull them. Along with them he pulled my panties off to. To make it easier I raised my hips just a bit. With that my clothes were pulled off and brother could finally see all of me with his own eyes. He stared down on my pussy hard. I felt as if his gaze alone was enough to penetrate me but soon he pushed my legs open again and I didn't resist. With my full glory open like that, again he went down and immediately used his tongue on my clit.


This time I could feel it directly as it rubbed it. Up and down left and right, and even when he sucked at it a bit. It was exhilarating. Soon another bomb built inside me and had to release. The tingling grew and exploded through my spine everywhere. I didn't even notice I had been holding my breath before it passed.


“ Little sister, are you ready. ” Asked me brother. “ Eh, ha, ha, what? Ready for what? ”

“ This. ” Immediately I could feel something rubbing me down there at the entrance. I never had the courage to do it and put something inside as of yet.

“ You know you're really wet for someone whose first time is at stake. I am sure I could easily slide in but let's start slowly. ”


` Hearing brother say all that he will do to me is really embarrassing but at the same time I just can't wait for him to do it. ` I looked how I was spread out and felt the finger brother had been pressing against my entrance. I could only nod for him to do it.


Immediately I felt his finger touch the entrance and slowly slide inside. It went in a bit then out and again in but only a bit further. And again and again. Every time it did that I could feel the pressure building again. I could feel the finger and its general shape as it glided in and out slowly. It brought me pleasure like never before. Every time it felt a bit bigger as it went in further. Every time I felt a shiver it went in. But then all of a sudden it went deeper than ever before and it was thicker than before and the shiver it sent me was bigger than before and another round or clenching the bed sheets as my whole body felt it and contracted.


“ Ha, ha, ha, ha, ” As I rode it again I felt something big rubbing itself down there. Deep down I knew what it was and another shiver came. As if saying I was right I immediately felt it push itself inside. But it was much too thick to enter, at least it should have been but it was as if my body had wanted it. Slowly it pushed inside and my inner walls gave in and let in.

I was stunned at what I was feeling.

I knew what it was and I knew why it entered me but when it started to fill me up there was no thinking. Only a shiver came to me. I felt my stomach contract and give all the time. Pleasure came and came, there was no end.


“ Holly shit, it's so tight inside you. And this pleasure I am feeling. Huu ” I only came to myself when he spoke. It's like before that point I saw no light and all of a sudden I saw my brother above me. His arms beside my head while his eyes looked concerned.

“ Are you ok? Does it hurt? ” I could only shake my head. “ NO, it doesn't hurt me at all but when I think about that huge thing filling me I can only feel pleasure. ”

“ Huge? Ha, Little sister while I am bigger than the average guy I am not that big as to be called huge but either way it's good you don't feel pain. I didn't want both our first times to be painful so I helped out a bit. ”

“ First time? Really? ”

“ Yes, really who would have thought my first would be with my little sister. You are the first woman I have entered. Are you happy to hear that? ”

“ Yes, Yes I am. ”

“ Ok, prepare yourself I will start moving soon. ” And by soon he meant immediately. I could feel his thing slowly slide outside me. When it was close to exiting it suddenly changed direction it went back inside all at once.

Agh, Agh, Agh

The only thing I could do is grab my brother around the head and let him slam himself inside me. To me it felt as if somebody took a spear and slammed it inside me but instead of pain I only felt pleasure.


But soon something else came. From deep inside me, it was not the orgasm I had felt all this time. No, it was my brother's pleasure. ` I can feel his pleasure. `

I tried my best to ignore that thing slamming inside. “ Brother, haa, this, haa, feeling, haa, that I, haa, feel. Is this, haa, pleasure that I, haa, feel, haa, coming from you? ”


“ Ha, ha, of course little sister. The Link was never closed since you first started to play with yourself. All this time you had been sending me those magnificent spikes of pleasure. Why else do you think I knew where to do it, and how to do it, just the right way to do it. ”


“ OMG ” If I start feeling his pleasure too, it will ruin me. I don't think I will ever be able to do it normally like other people. Not if it feels this good. ` This double pleasure is too much. I can already feel his as if it's about to explode and now my own added it's too much. `


“ I, I , It is coming again. Aaaaa ” The burning pleasure of him slamming inside me plus the shivers it sends all over my body plus brothers feeling as if he is about to explode. It's just too much. My insides exploded at the same time as my brothers, as if matching our timings.


My mind went blank for who knows how long. When I came to my body had contracted and down there I could only feel heat as never before. Then I noticed his weight on my body as if he had no strength at all. It felt a bit suffocating, but only a bit. Seconds later I felt his body moving again but only his lover half and that thing still inside me. He pulled out and slammed again, then waited a bit and did it again. He did it for a few more times and stopped.


Every time he did I could feel a bit more heat enter me. It took me some time to figure it out.

“ Brother will I get pregnant now? ”

“ Hehe, don't worry about that, a perk of my power will prevent that. Enjoy sex with the highest possible sensuality possible. ”

“ Ok. ” With him still above me and inside me I enjoyed the sensations it gave me. “ Brother I Love this, it felt great. ”

“ Why do you sound as if it's over? ” Immediately his chest left me and he straightened his back. Seeing him over me like that brought me great joy. But when I saw his eyes looked down and not me I sent my gaze down to. I saw him gazing at my spread legs and what's down in the middle of that. He looked at me for a second and smirked.

“ You can feel my cock inside you right? ” I nodded and immediately felt it leave me down there slightly. As I felt it leave me now I had a visual of it too. It felt a bit bizarre but good. Brother held it in his hand as it slowly came out and put it above my pussy. It was my first time seeing it in real life. I saw videos of it but seeing it with your own eyes.


“ I can see the way you look at it. How does it feel without it inside you? ” When I focused on what he said I noticed it. It felt as if I was empty there. “ Empty, as if it should never leave that place. ”

“ Hehe, good analogy. Last time you felt it inside you as something spreading your insides and hitting you deep down where it felt really good right? ” Again I nodded. This time brother took his thing again and placed it back on the entrance and slowly pushed it in. Immediately I could feel the joy my body felt when it went in. Shivers again started and the heat came back too.

“ Good , this time I want you to watch as I am fucking you. Pay good attention and don't close your eyes. ” I did as he ordered and paid good attention as he placed his hands on my hips to hold me as he picked up speed again. Again every stab sent me shivers and burning heat that started to build up slowly. Again I felt brother's pleasure too and slowly as he pushed in and out the climax came. The same as last time I felt brother do it too.


This time even though I came, I tried my best to watch everything but couldn't. The pleasure is just too great. Every time I come, I lose all my strength and when I come back I am staring at the ceiling. A few more jerks from brother and again I felt the heat inside me.

“ How was it? Seeing it go in and out of you all while feeling the pleasure. ”

“ Ah, ha, ha brother it just feels too good. Every time you start it feels like I would explode and lose my strength after it does. ”

“ I see, do you want to take a break for a bit? ” I nodded while still looking at where we were connected. Brother slowly brought it out and again placed it just above my pussy.


Playing with it again a bit he stopped and laid beside me. He looked at me and smirked again a bit. Motioning for me to come to him I go to him and place my head beside his. With that we looked at each other and said nothing for a bit.

“ Sex, feels great does it not? ”

“ Yes, it feels amazing. ”

“ Good since you need a bit of a break let me tell you some things. You and I will only have a few days before I leave. During these few days I will teach you anything I know about sex so you can enjoy yourself when I am gone. “ I didn't like what I heard at all. “ Brother, I don't want to do this with anybody else. Only you. ”

“ Silly girl, you are underestimating your own charm. Right now you could be called a beauty but soon you'll be a goddess among mortals, or something like that. Anyway, you will find boys that you will fancy, maybe even girls so don't restrict yourself from pleasure. Enjoy yourself but I will give your one warning. Never indulge so much that you lose yourself in it. “

“ Once you have mastered essence more you won't have to worry about pregnancy, so enjoy everything that a female body offers in as much pleasure as it is possible. ” With that brother stood up, placed his arms around my head and kissed me again for a bit.

“ Think about what I said after I am gone. Ok? ”

` Hmph, I will think about it but don't think I will do what you want. ` Still I nodded to tell him I will do it. “ Good, I think we have had enough of a break. Let's continue. ”


With that brother got into position and plunged deep inside me and I could only accept the pleasure that followed. The whole night.

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