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Well, here is where most of those still reading this will leave, probably. I have tried to not go for this scenario and I am not sure if you guys noticed it but I was hesitent on making it, but no matter what I did it led me to this moment. 

For those that do not like it, please leave but for those that stay know that sexy scenes will be posted as Bonus chapters and not really interfere with the main story to much even if skiped. 

One more thing, there will be a few more chapters and the end of Part 1 will come and after that it will be World traveling time. 

Or something similar as I might have an idea for what I want, its not acutaly writen.

Today we finished earlier than normal again as my brother finally completed his bike. I did not need my new stronger empathic sense to tell me he was really excited.


For two days he had been working on it. Tried his best and made it in as much detail as possible but it was me that gave him the key to finish it. Although deep down I knew he would have been able to do it without my advice but it really brought me happiness that I helped him.


Brother may be happy about his bike but I am not. Not only will it be the thing to take him from me but it will also be the reason the other girls will get naked for brother.


` I really don't like that. Wish he would not leave me. ` Once I had asked if I could go with him but he was adamant I couldn't. Said he didn't know the dangers he would be involved in and might not be able to protect me.


Left to my thoughts, time passed and we were down. When we were close to a road brother stopped and touched the new golden necklace he made. Asking what it was didn't get me an answer but I had a suspicion that it had something to do with the bike.


Brother stopped and looked around for a sec and took this new necklace with a golden ping pong sized ball at the end. It detached from his neck as if there was no string attached. Once it was off he threw the little ball and when it was about waist high above the ground in front of him it stopped falling and out of it came something. ` It looks a bit like black mist. Is that brother's power. The one he called Auril. `


The black mist soon took the shape of the bike I had seen on the mountain only this time it had a lot more black and silver than before. When it was finally done I saw the tiny little ball place itself at the front of the bike, right above the instruments that it had.


“ Brother it looks a bit different then before. It has more black and silver colors. Was it supposed to have that color? ” I asked, as brother to had a bit of confusion on his face.


“ Well, I didn't make the changes, so it can only be the name i gave it. ” Name? “ You even gave it a name? What is it? ”

“ Ah, indeed I didn't want to call it a bike all the time so I gave it the name Midnight. The color was a surprise though. Maybe it's more alive now with a name. Either way let me check it out first to see if everything worked properly. ” With that brother took some time to inspect it. After about 5 min he turned his attention back to me. “ Everything looks fine as it should but you never know. Stay back a bit. ”


Warning headed I moved back by about 5 meters and waited. Brother took a seat on it and turned it on.


Sound came and the bike was truly alive now. That loud sound came a few more times and my brother called me over. “ Right, this is a bit embarrassing to say but it's my first time on a motorbike, even if this one was made by my own power. Give me a sec to ride it a bit and then you can get on too. Is that ok? ”


I gave him a nod. ` Ha, brother embarrassed. ` With my permission he took the bike and rode it a bit around but soon came back. “ Ok, come sit on behind me. ” I did but noted one thing. “ Brother what about helmets? ”

“ Don't worry about that. I took care of the safety for us. ” With that I felt something envelope me and brother. “ Ok brother, I trust you. ”


With that said I felt the bike thrum beneath me and soon it started moving. For a second I felt something in my stomach. It felt a bit like fear but when I remember I was with my brother it went away.


The World moved behind us with every moment as I looked and I felt the wind in my face. It was really fun. We rode around for a bit, here and there but soon I noticed we were going back home. “ Brother, are we going home? ”

“ Yes, we are. Pay attention right now and don't move and don't be scared. ”

“ Scared? Why? What will happen? ” What will he do now?


“ Nothing dangerous but it will turn dark all of a sudden. Hold on to me and when I tell you, climb down the bike on your left side . OK? ”

“ Ok, don't worry. ” Just as I said that then all of a sudden everything turns black. The only thing I saw was some squiggly shapes and even they vanished soon with a few blinks.


I think we rode like that for about a minute and during that time the only things I felt were my brother and the bike. Soon we stopped and I was told to get down the bike. Slowly I did that and felt the bike vanish from my touch. Maybe a few seconds later a sudden spike of light caught me by surprise. I felt a bit of pain in the first few seconds of that but my eyes adjusted.


When I looked around I saw we were in front of our house and nobody was around us. When I looked at my brother all I saw was that usual smirk he had lately when he did something or was up to something. Not quite understanding what happened I asked him about it.

“ Brother what happened. Why did it all of a sudden turn black. ” His smirk did not end but he did tell me what happened. “ Come let's go inside as i tell you. ” As we went inside he continued. “ You know I said that there will be others looking for me if they found out about me. ”


Nodding my head as I untied my shoes. “ Well to prevent that I made myself an Invisibility Cloak. So far it works on Light, Sound, Smell. I will probably at some point improve it more but for now that should be enough. ”


` Wow, brother really is amazing. `

“ And you can make it work on your bike and go anywhere you like right? ” Of course he could, that was probably one of the reasons he made the bike. “ Yes, my smart little sister. ” Back into the house brother went to the kitchen to wash away everything we used. I looked at him as I wanted to know more but decided against it and went upstairs to my own room. In my room I pondered about anything I could but it was mostly about how my brother would be gone in a few days and I would not see him in a long time. Even he said he didn't know how long.


` To change the World he said, to share his Power with the World he said. `

` He never explained what his Power is exactly but since he could make himself that bike and make animals he should be really powerful. Oh, he never actually told me all that he could do. `


I thought really hard about anything he mentioned. ` And if I ignored the Link between us then the only thing he told me and showed me would be the bike, the little squirrel he made, the invisibility he used today too, oh and that perception thing. `


Whenever I remember about that thing I always get embarrassed. ` To think that to him I always appeared naked no matter what I wore, what I did, as long as I was near him. And when I remember that day. The day I had invited my brother in the heat of the moment to watch me, as I played with myself. `


“ Is so Embarrassing!!! ” I could only roll around the bed on that emotion. ` I wonder what he thought when he saw me like that. Ha, I am such a dirty sister. Although brother did say he would accept all of me no matter what I did. `


Remembering what he said about his past, our past and what it all meant. And his confession about being thankful for being his sister. ` But it looks like I LOVE my brother more than a sister should so I want to be more than a sister should be. `


Thinking about it I noticed my hand was very close down there. ` Yes, I don't care anymore. I will do what I want and I will show my brother my LOVE. `

With that decision made I urged my hand down there and rubbed myself. I had barely started when I felt my brother's gaze leave me. ` NO, come back. ` Immediately I imagined a door for our Link and sent him my feelings. My feelings of love and expectancy at being watched. ` Watch me brother, I dont care anymore. I will not cower from my feelings anymore. `


Barely a second after I sent my I felt brothers gaze return on me. This time I felt even more attention being placed into it. Feeling the full attention I called upon. There was no going back. My hands moved immediately. My left hand went for my chest and my right hand went between my legs. Even with the clothes on I knew my brother saw everything in detail. How my hands moved, what they touched, how they touched. So I immersed myself fully into knowing I let my brother see me on purpose instead of last time when I had done in the heat of the moment.


I rubbed and played with myself, changed positions multiple times, came once, came a second time and all that I felt I sent through our link to my brother. But no matter how much I came it just wasn't enough. I wanted more.


When I came a third time and felt its bliss a decision was made. I stood up and looked through the window and saw it was fully dark. I had been playing for quite some time with myself but that didn't matter. I left my room and went downstairs in front of my brother's room. Once there I stopped for a second but still went inside.


The moment I opened the door I saw my brother. As the light was still on inside the room I saw my brother sitting on the edge of his bed and he watched me with eyes the same color of green as mine. He just watched me. I felt no judging in his eyes at all.


I started a bit at him and made my way inside and closed the door again. Maybe it was a last minute stage fright or something else but i felt it deep down inside me trying to tell me something but I ignored it. Taking a deep breath I went to the middle of the room and declared my decision. Sadly it came in a lower voice then intended.


Maybe it was my nervousness but when i said “ I love you brother “ it came out very quietly. “ There is no need to be quiet in this room. I made sure no Sound or light left this room. So take your time and declare what you want. ”


Brother sounded very serious so I took another deep breath. “ Brother I LOVE YOU. I really do, but I don't want my love to be just familial love. I want more. ”


Still no judging look came. The only thing I saw was a seriousness on his face. “ Amila, little sister of mine, last time I told you I will accept all of you. When I told you everything I am not sure if you noticed but YOU carry far more familial love for me then I for you. For me it will be easy, but for you it will be harder. There is a reason why I wanted you to experience more after I am gone so that the feelings aren't so one sided as they are now. Are you 100% sure of this? ”


“ Brother, I will do it all even after you are gone but I want to engrave everything I felt today to memory before it's too late and you're gone. ” Again I declared my decision. “ Haha, engrave everything into memory you say. OK, I will help you with that but there is still a chance for you to go against it. Come in front of my face and look me in the eyes. If you are still sure of your decision then at that moment kiss me. I will take that as a YES and together we will make Love to each other. Is that understood.”


“ Yes, brother. ” With that I went in front of my brother. As he was sitting on the edge of the bed when I came in front of him I was still a bit taller so I had to look at him down. Brother may have said I still had a chance but I had already made it before I came here in front of him.


When I looked into his eyes I unconsciously placed my hands on his cheeks and placed my lips onto his.



A note from Akten Dreams

If you dont like something or want to criticise me, go ahead in the comments. But know this, while I may be writing the staff its actually the story that makes write this stuff. 


NOTICE 22.3.2021 - Did some editing.

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