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First I made the board and with some Auril shaping I had my own roller skates. Immediately I tried them out. Did not work as usual. The wheel construct wouldn't turn. So far I have not scanned how wheels work and not once did I scan the inside of the mechanism. While I knew that one needed small bearing balls inside it just knowing it was not enough.


So I cheated.


I got rid of the wheels and just used the board for the foot. I made a layer of Auril on its bottom to figure out how to ignore friction. Many, many rubbings of the board on the ground later I had it figured out.


So I ditched the board and made a layer on my boots. As I was figuring all this by me was the main road and a lot of cars passed by. As I had been invisible one wrong turn and I could have been hit by one. So to test if it worked or not I waited for the cars to stop passing for a bit. While it was a main road it only had two ways to go and since it was getting darker even then less of them passed. So there should be some room for me to test it out. ` Ah thinking of it made it happen. That's my chance. `


Once I saw no car for at least 30 sec in sight I went on the road and pushed myself as if I was skating. One step, two steps and off I went. Slowly I ramped up my speed.


` Holly shit this is fast. ` When I made this friction layer on the boots I worked really hard to make it able to increase or decrease the friction whenever I wanted. Otherwise if I went too fast and was not able to stop I would be in a lot of pain.


I found my courage. The road passed beneath me but soon cars came from behind and I was invisible. The more I used this mode of travel the more I got used to it but on the plus side since I was going too fast I had to have my Sphere of Perception on max out. Otherwise as my Invisibility Cloak blinded my physical eyes I would not be able to perceive anything at all.


Confidence grew but I would still not be able to outrun a car with this travel mode as it was still powered by legs, no matter the friction they can't beat a car engine in power generation even with Auril. No what I did was let a car pass me by and I attached myself to its back.


With that minutes passed and I was in the city. My goal was to find a good bike for myself and make a construct of it. My specific goal was a certain bar that was close to the main road. I used to pass that bar all the time. It was named Harleys bar and in front of its bar they used a Harley bike as a sign.


While it may not be real, it was not my goal. Since it was close to September right now there usually were some bike riders there from time to time. And if my luck is not good there, well there should be some in the city.


Once I was close to it I knew my luck was good. At the entrance I saw two bikes.

` Ah, I have no idea how they are called. Although one does look similar to that famous chopper bike and the other looks quite a lot like those sports bikes. Hmm, which one should I choose? `


Unable to choose I just scanned both and immediately noticed a small problem. So far I used simple constructs aside from the squirrel and my essence body. ` Holly shit, this is a lot of parts. I never rode a bike before so I never knew how many parts it had. So how should I do this? Part by part or everything at once. `


Not knowing the differences I tried both. To be on the sure side Ii placed a bigger Invisibility cloak beside me where I would make the construct so people wouldn't notice me.


First method I tried was everything at once. Having an example I used Auril to make the construct. The form was identical but I knew it would not work. A bike needed far too many parts to function properly. From the main body to the motor to everything else. ` So individual constructs it is. ` With that decided for me I went to study the bikes in detail.


I spent a good amount of time doing just that. I scanned the parts that made up the bike and saved the memory of it. Once done with that part I scanned a few more times to check if I hadn't missed something. ` Good got all the parts. Now only to make the Auril bike for myself. ` At first I had a bit of a problem assembling it but with a bike beside for an example soon I had my own Auril construct bike.


` This is so cool. The things I will be able to make for myself with this power are ridiculous. ` Done admiring it I wanted to take it for a ride but Reality doesn't like cheaters it seems.

Since my bike construct followed the real one as much as possible it also would work the same and that meant i would need fuel for it.


` And since I already am a cheater I might as well continue to cheat. ` I went over to the real bike and used my Auril on its fuel tank. There I sensed its fuel and did my best to scan it and commit it to memory. Immediately I noticed a difference in fluid and hard constructs. They just couldn't be compared at all.

To fix that I used another part of Auril, the transmuting or as I like to call it Override. ` Now that I actually said it in my head it sounds terrible. Best I stick with the old one then. `


When I used transmuting on that fuel I actually used my own WILL with Auril as the medium to wrest with the WILL of Reality to make it mine. Since Reality is stretched out over well Reality it wasn't hard to win this battle. Once I did I committed everything I felt and understood to memory as best as possible and let go of it again. Done with that I return to my own bike and open its fuel container. I took a small chunk of Auril and placed it over the container and transformed that part into Auril gasoline. Once I saw it transformed it went inside it. A many chunks of Auril later my bike topped off.


` I have no idea if this will work on a real bike it should for my construct theoretically. ` Again I sit on the bike and this time wonder how to actually turn it on. ` If I remember on the few times i actually saw bikes there should be a button and a key for, wait why would i need a key for this its my own construct. ` After that I clicked all the buttons I could and still it didn't work.


` Fine, since I am a cheater, cheating it is. ` I left the Auril bike and went inside the bar. There I looked for the master of the chopper bike. Took a bit of listening but I had found him. Once beside him I used a small amount of Auril to influence his brain. Nothing concrete, it was more like a whisper in his head that told him to go check out his bike and if it works fine.


It took a bit of time for it to get strong enough but he did go check it out. Placed his key in the bike and started it. During that time I watched everything and learned. Once he was satisfied he went back inside and I went to my own bike. Funny thing it still didn't work. Seeing it now it was not my fault I inspected everything once again and came to the conclusion that I was missing the electricity in the bike to actually start the bike.


For this I looked into myself and my own nervous system. As it could generate electricity even if small and being part of my body it was easy. I had my cells produce it and used Auril to transfer it to the battery construct to hold and use it. Seeing the electricity being stored inside gave me a good feeling this time. Indeed a good feeling for it to not work. ` Sigh, what did I forget now. This is turning into more work than anticipated. `

Again I looked it all up but could only give it up. ` In theory it should work, so I probably have to define how each of the constructs worked in more detail. I will not give up on this idea, because it will be very easy to pick up women along the way to bang, but enough for today. `


Admitting my loss for today I hitched a ride back home on my frictionless boots and went for a good nap. Nothing beats a good nap. Next day came, and up the mountain it was. Along the way Amila asked what I had done. So I told her about the bike and how hard it was to make everything work.


Today I spent the whole day working on it. Tweaking the important parts and how they should work gave me more and more work. So I decided to end the day early and go home. “ Amila let's go home today early. I need a detailed discussion with the Internet about motorbikes and their parts. ”


“ Eh, you still have troubles with it?” Nodding I added. “ Yes, Once we are home I will go over all the parts and their purposes to implement it as good as possible without mistakes. I WILL not give up on it. ” With that declaration we went back.

“ Why? Why is having a bike so important that you won't give up on it? ” Amila asked again. I looked at her for a second and gave her an answer. “ Well, besides it being cool and the ease at which I will be able to travel there is also the attraction factor. ”

“ Eh, what kind of attraction does a bike have? ” Again Amila asked me but this time her head was tilted a bit as she wondered about it. “ Little sister, there is only one attraction I could be talking about. Didn't we talk about it not long ago. ” I remind her.


“ Wait, you mean you want to attract women and sleep with them. ” Haha, her face went red again. “ Yes, little sister. With my looks and a cool ride they will wait in lines to jump on me. At least I hope they do as I do have needs to fulfil. ” Still with a red face I patted her on the head and we were on our way.


Once home I did my best to look through every part of a bike and its purpose and how it did.

The next day again on the mountain I worked and worked but no matter how I defined everything it just wouldn't work.


“ What am I doing wrong. I truly don't understand. Hmm,no I made it perfect so it should work. ” Thinking again for a bit, I turn to my sister and call her over. She had seen the bike yesterday so she wasn't surprised to see it. “ I need an outside perspective on this, since I seem to be stuck on this. ” With that I told her everything but out came only a confused answer. “ Brother, this is far too complicated for me. Why did you bother asking me? ”


` Yea, probably shouldn't have bothered but I am so close to finishing it. `


“ Ok, ok, sorry, I got too absorbed in making it. ” Accepting my apology she still tried to help though. “ Brother, this is far too complicated for me but how did you make that squirrel. Which one is more difficult to make. ” Waving my hand, I answered. “ An easy question. Of course it's the bike since I still haven't finished it. The squirrel on the other hand wasn't that hard. After I caught one I just used some power to give it shape and study its thoughts to make it appear as alive as possible. ”


“ Oh, so is it because the bike isn't alive that you can't make it move. ” I nodded my head but at the same time another thought came. ` Hmm, alive. Could it be since it's made up of so many parts that I need to give it some form of consciousness for all of it to fuse together. `


“ Thanks little sister, that's a possible way forward. ” I gave her a pat and pushed her to continue her work. ` That's a happy look if I hadn't seen wrong. `


Either way I turned back on the bike. ` Was I too focused on the details that I forgot that this is an Auril construct and that since it's so complicated that it would need a centerpiece to fuse it all into one. ` Giving up on that thought I focused on the now. “ Lets ignore it, at least it gave me practice at constructing things and it opens me up to a lot of possibilities for the future. ”


“ Ok since it needs a consciousness that means I need to make a core for its body. But where should I place it? With the animal it was the brain, so what would be the brain of a bike or equivalent. Hmm definitely it won't be the engine as that would be the heart, so the brain would be the electronics but this chopper does not have that so that leaves the measure instruments. ”


With that new idea I created a small ball and placed it above the speedometer. It wasn't that big, more like ping pong sized. Once I placed it there I covered it again with a layer of Auril so it would stick like it always belonged there.


Done with that, came the time to place its thoughts inside. To do that I used all the knowledge I had gathered so far about it, from how I created it to how its individual parts should work together into a seemingly one complete body.


Having compiled it I sent it into that tiny core I created and along with it I sent a bit of my WILL.

The moment everything came together everything clicked into place and again like before with the animal one, it became part of me.


I could feel all of it as a whole and now I knew for sure it would work. I sat on it and turned on the engine.


Immediately I felt the thrum of its engine roar and it came alive and in that moment when it used the fuel to start the engine the Auril construct making up the engine could not withstand the power of the fuel it created and blew up.




With that I was blown away from beneath it. ` Thankfully I reacted fast enough otherwise I would have had to regen my balls. `


With the explosion Amila ran over to me. “ Brother are you alright? ” I reassured her I was ok. “ I just forgot that Auril constructs are inherently weaker than the real stuff it copies without enhancement. ” Reassuring her one more time I got back to work.


Since I had to start over again another thought came to me. ` If I need to make it every time something happens part by part it would take me forever every time. Can I make it so it transforms into let's say an armband when I don't need it? Should be possible if I supply its transformation each time but leave the building part to the core, I think. `


Bolstered with that idea I got back to work. Soon it was built again and this time I added into the core the method of contracting Auril and then expanding it when it's creating its body again.


This time I had given every non important part at least one enhancement and the more important ones two but the engine I went for the maximum which I never tested before.

Five was the magical number. With every enhancement the Auril needed increased by double. So it took a lot of fucking Auril to make the engine. As a precaution I added some more enhancement to other parts as well.


Truly done this time i gave it a part of my WILL. Again the bike became a part of me. Much more cautious I turned the engine on. Again I felt it thrum to life.




Fully prepared for an explosion I had made a barrier to protect my vital jewels. ` But it looks like I didn't need it. ` Right now as I felt it as a part of me I knew it would follow my every will.


“ Ah I really want to try it out already. ” Engrossed into this feeling maybe I was but I still didn't miss my little sister coming over to check it out.

Brmm, Brmm, BRMMM

To impress her even more I pulled the throttle for the gas and it became louder and louder.

Seeing her impressed face I knew it worked.

“ What do you think? Don't I look good like this? ”

“ Yes, brother you look good on it. ”

“ Haha, let's pack the things and go down. I want to test it out on the road. ”

“ OK. ” As Amila went for our bags I shut the bike down. This time I wanted to test if the retracting works properly..


To actually power that process I used my own Auril as fuel instead of the bikes and slowly it started to lose form and it looked like everything was sucked back into that core I had made.

Since I had not specified the shape of the bracelet before, it appeared only as a ping pong sized white ball. To make it a bit more recognized I placed another layer around it to make it more golden but since it was only a core at this point I created a string around the core and made it a necklace instead of a bracelet.


Happy with everything working we made our way down the mountain. ` Later I will have to make more bike scans to make it more versatile. But I think the more important point would be to give the bike a name. Hmm, Midnight, yes Midnight will do. `


To proclaim the name I sent a thought to my bike. ` From now you will be known as Midnight. `

The moment I sent it that thought another click came to my mind and from that day on the bike would be alive.

A note from Akten Dreams

Well someone gave me a 5 start rating. Not sure my story deserves it but thankful I am either way.


NOTICE 22.3.2021 - Did some editing.

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