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Another moment full of tears came and passed. The only thing that came to mind was to tease my little sister. “ Little sister of mine, you sure are quick to tears. ”


We had been hugging each other all that time but everything soon ended. One more stare into her eyes and it passed. I saw beside her and looked a bit at the sky formulating my next thoughts. “ Well you have heard the past from me, now let me tell you some of the futures I had imagined. ”


Not even glancing back at her I brought out my thoughts. “ In fact I have many goals, but you could call them Dreams for a better sounding effect. You see I don't like how the current world appears. Before I told you about Life Essence you would never have thought of questioning if there existed something out there. I had been your entire World. ”

“ I on the other hand had been questioning its appearance in my head. Yes it may have been in my head but I still did it. Before I could never ever think of seeing it all, to experience it all but now I can do anything I want. Well, almost there are still beings out there that will come after me if they find out about me. ”

“ Yea, they will not care if I am not The Original at all and it doesn't matter if they do. Tell me little sister what do you think humans do when they see something they do not like? “ It was a good question as it really changes how one sees the World around them.


I gave her a bit to think about it. “ Umm, they either ignore or make it vanish? ”

“ Indeed, either ignore it or make it vanish. But I like the third option of changing it. ”

“ I do not like the current appearance of the World so I will attempt to change it. For better or worse only Time will tell me, but to be honest I don't care if it's better or worse as long as it changes. ” I looked at my little sister Amila and asked her one question. “ Tell me, how do you think I can change the World? How would I accomplish such a Great Change when I am but one little being walking on this World. ”


I could see the gears working as I saw her thinking face. “ By making use of your Power and, and maybe sharing your Power with others. ”


“ Indeed, that is an excellent way. ” For a reward I have her a pat on the head. “ Yes, If I can share my Power with the World it would certainly change. But just sharing it wont work. You see little sister, just sharing wont work as humans are not innately good or bad people but selfish at their core. That is how evolution made us as only then were we truly able to survive in this harsh World.” Giving her a bit to process as to what I am getting to. “ No, just sharing my Power won't do, all that would accomplish is having other people abuse my work for their own goals and not mine. So I have to play an integral part of how the Power is delivered and how it is shaped by the World. ” Another pause there, I continued. '' As People just don't like being told what to do without a huge stick to beat them into a certain direction I have to make it seem like they are in control with me being the shadow that would guide them. ”

“ Are you with me so far? ” With a nod Amila confirmed it for me. “ And here comes the point of what kind of Power do I have to use to make my Dream come true. Well there is no greater Power than the one in which the User of it follows his own Dreams as the reward while still accepting to being guided by something or as there is an excellent metaphor for that. The System. ”

“ The System? ” Seeing the tilted head and the questioning look on her face I explained. “ Yes, The System. In fact that is how governments work. By giving you the reward and if you don't follow their System they give you the stick as the punishment. With my type of Power brought to the People as a reward they will influence the World around for me and those that don't follow my rules will cease to exist and become the fertilizer for the changes that are to come. ”


“ Ok I get that part, but what kind of system will you make? ”

“ Excellent question. Now think about the World for a bit and tell in what kind of Age do we currently live? ”

“ Age? Umm, I think I heard it being called the Age of Information or something like that. ”

“ Age of Information is a good name and easy to understand if one takes into consideration that all of that was brought on by computers and the Internet. Here is a question. What do the People like doing the most on the computer and the Internet, from young to adulthood what has the most grip on them right now? ”


“ Umm, are you talking about computer games? ” Asked Amila. “ Yes, little sister. I will make a system that is based on games or something similar with myself as the center of everything. WIth that System I will be able to influence the World without anybody noticing anything at first if I am careful. Like that it will slowly grow bigger and bigger until it no longer will be possible to stop it and then I will drive the final nail and change the world into something I imagined it. ”


` I think my voice followed my excitement at what I would do. I can feel the higher decibels I gave off at the end there. `


“ So you want to make the World more like a game? Will People will be able to level up? ”


“ Well, I am not sure yet what kind of system it will be. I told you before that it was far too dangerous to acquire the Power I currently have as the process is quite deadly in fact and even if those that survive get the power it is far too strong. No if I went that way then those that got the power would lord over the others like Kings and not share it at all with others. ” Fuck, those kinds of people. “ If i did that then our current World would stay the same. I want this power to be a choice to everybody. If one wants to stand at the top then he will have the chance and everything else will depend on that individual or something along those lines. Like I said I have not yet figured out how to start, much less my end goal. ” Done with explaining a part of my Dream as I had no need to tell her everything as of yet.


It was only after Amila considered it a bit in her head that she spoke again. “ And for that you need to travel the World. Why? What are you hoping to find? ”

“ Another excellent question. Before I tell you that, know that even if my answer was not out there I would still have left to see all the wonders it holds. ” Ha, she probably hoped to convince me to stay one way or another. “ As for what i want to find? That is easy to answer as well. You see when I searched the net I came to the conclusion that there are two main systems of power right now and a third one where everything that does not fit those systems falls under that one. ”


Without waiting for her to ask what they were I told her. “ Magic and Qi is what I am talking about. I need to find out how they work before I make my system. ”


“ Magic? You mean wizards that can throw fireballs exist? ” Asked Amila with big wide open eyes. Yea, Fireballs are so iconic with them it's easy to identify magic with them. “ Yes, or something that works like that. Like I said, I need to find them and study them. ”


“ Then, brother can you make a fireball. ” Of course she would ask that. “ Theoretically I could but I have not yet tried it. ” When a puzzling look came I explained. “ If you remember there are a lot of trees around here. I didn't want to start a forest fire, the trees did nothing to anger me for that. And besides I worked on another power system. ”


“ Oh, on what kind. ” He, finally it is my time to impress her. I took 2 chunks of Auril. One formed a little squirrel and the other formed its thought center, or better called its brain. ` Hmm, I don't like it being called brain. Lets just go with Auril core. ` Amila looked at the realistic little animal I had made and touched it. When i finished sending a tiny bit of my WILL into the core it came alive, sort of.



Came the cry from my little sister. Must have scared her a bit when it moved. Once she was over that surprise she kept touching to feel if it was real or anything. “ What do you think? '' Hearing me, she looked at me. “ Its cute. Can you make something else too? “ I shook my head and explained. “ Yes, I could make anything I imagine, but it's not as easy as it looks. It's best if I had studied an animal before I came up with a construct of it. Otherwise it would turn out faulty. ”


Maybe a bit of disappointment appeared but that quickly turned to amazement as she played with the Auril construct. But after a bit of playing i heard another question. This one is much more obvious. “ Will I be able to do something like this? ” With green eyes centered on me I nodded but then added. “ Yes but it will take you quite some time and a lot of training but even then it will have to wait until I figure out the safe method of awakening Auril in you. ”


“ And how long will that take? ” Again I shook my head. “ I don't know, I had some ideas for a direction but there will be a lot of theorising and testing required for that. My first goal will be the eastern part of the World. I feel that the Qi they practice should give me some clues as to what i need. But no matter how I look at it, it won't happen before I get back as only then will I awaken Auril in you as only then will I have the experience to make it safe for you or make it as safe as possible. I don't want to injure or kill my own little sister now would I? ” This time she shook her head vigorously.


“ Now since we have talked for quite a while we should get back to practice. Do know we will go home sooner today as I have another thing I want to do. ” Giving my order sealed the deal and Amila went back to meditation and some basic body practising.


` I on the other hand will need to figure out my mode of transportation and where to get it. The town is only 15km away so I don't really need a transport to get there I can just run. Now that I think about I never actually tested the true speed I can get to as I simply did not try it out. `


Soon the time came for us to go and once we were down the mountain. Once our house was in sight I stopped and turned to Amila. “ Here take this bag. I have another thing I want to check out. ”


“ Ok. ” Once she took the bag I nudged her with my hand to go. “ Oh, and remember to take out everything and clean it. We still have a few days to spend up there. ” Seeing the nod I turned around and followed the main road.


` I probably don't want people to see me as I do this. ` Thinking of that I deployed my Invisibility Cloak. Preparing for a second I started out slowly. First it was a fast paced walk, then a light jog, then started to run, but still did not go for full power as I didn't use any Auril except for my Invisibility.


Trying it out I noticed my Invisibility cloak with its Air layer did its work, I mostly didn't feel any Air pressure when I ran. There was some on that Auril layer but it mostly just slid by me without any friction applied, at least I didn't feel any. With that I was probably able even with some athletes in speed. As my body was not made for speed that was all I got without Auril enhancing.


Once I ignited my Auril, everything changed. My body's physical prowess rose by at least double. With that my speed went up by a long shot. Every step was more than 2 meters in length from the sheer speed I was running with but the most important factor was that I just kept going and going, never feeling fatigue. When I stopped to check my body it felt as if I only ran a short burst but even that exhaustion was gone in seconds.


Another try and I ran and ran, and soon passed 1, 2, 3km and I stopped.


` I have all these powers and here I am running like a simpleton. Lets see, how can i make this experience of speed more enjoyable. Hmm, one reason I was going to the city is to find a bike and make a construction of it but a bike will only work on main roads, so that means I need more then one solution. What else is there I could use, bicycle? Nah, skates? Ok let's try making skates. It should not be hard. Just make the board for my foot and add some wheels. `

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