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Having spent yesterday on stealth, today I was determined to check out the beast Auril construct. Again in the same clearing and having left Amila to her own devices as from now on it all depended on her I started my search for a squirrel.


Since this is close to civilization the only thing one could find would be small animals like squirrels or birds and I never liked insects so they were a no go.


With my full Sphere of Perception on it was easy to find one. Again taking it down to half power I used my new creation the Invisibility cloak. Testing it for a bit again I went to the soon to be experiment and caught it with my right hand. It never noticed me at all.


Once it was on my hand it tried to squirm out and run away. I would not actually hurt it but I did need it alive. Deploying my Auril to scan the squirrel I didn't immediately make a construct of it. First I studied its structure a bit. Done with that I made a copy of the animal with my Auril. What was made was an exact replica from the outside but it had no insides. This was a perfectly normal construct and it was not what I was looking for.


` What I want is a semi autonomous construct that would do my bidding. Of course I could send my awareness to it and use it manually but that was also not what i was looking for. No, what I wanted was something that would do my bidding without my direct intervention even if it was a simple command. No this won't do, is there a way for me to emulate its thought pattern. ”


The only conclusion to that would be to emulate its brain somewhat. With that goal in front of me I used my Auril to scan its small brain and tried to copy its thoughts into my construct but immediately I noticed a small problem. So far I only used Auril to make the body and if I wanted something to emulate its brain it would need something for that.


Immediately I took a bit of my Auril and placed it inside where its brain should be. Done with that I poured a bit of my Auril inside the squirrels brain and tried to emulate the same in the Auril construct. Being careful to not mess with the living squirrel as I needed it alive.

As I did it slowly soon I noticed a small twitch in the Auril construct. As it got better and better more movement could be observed. More and more it twitched until finally it moved. It bolted from my hand and straight up the tree. ` Hmm, not what I was looking for. Did I connect them and fooled the squirrel's real brain into thinking that was its body. Interesting, at least it's in the right direction. `


To test it out I had my Auril squirrel vanish and immediately I noticed the real one to start to twitch again. Doing it some more proved the same. Every time they connected it would bolt off from me. ` Of course I could take control of the Auril if I wanted but there was no need. `

This time I didn't want to connect them and only used everything I had experienced so far and made the squirrel body. While placing inside a fresh chunk of Auril I tried to emulate the brain without actually scanning for it.

It didn't work at first but every time i did it I felt something. The closer I got to making it, the more I felt that it was missing something vital. Something that had to come from me as it was created by me for me. Something like my WILL. ` The only thing that could come close was when I took control of my Auril body. But how will I do that? `


Every time I had taken control of the Auril body I had pushed my awareness or should I call it WILL, either way when I pushed it inside the body I felt my awareness split so for this should I do the same just with a tiny bit of it.


The moment I tried to send a tiny part of myself inside that emulated brain of the Auril squirrel was the moment it clicked for me. No longer had I felt a construct but a part of myself there.


As a test I had it do anything a squirrel would do or could do and it followed every command but not like a construct but like a living squirrel albeit not a real one. The more I played with it the more I felt it was a part of me but I was not part of it. It was more like an extension of me.

` Wonder what would happen if I do the same with my own body. ` Immediately I went to test that. I made the essence body I usually would but this time in the place where the brain was I added a separate Auril chunk that would emulate my own brain.


Unlike the squirrel I had no need to work on it after all I was my own brain. Once it was completed again I sent a bit of my WILL into it and watched it turn alive, sort of. My essence body opened its eyes and just looked at me. I could feel it was part of me but not the other way.


When I sent an order it only looked at me. Like it could think on its own even thought it was separate from me. This time I sent an order with an enforced WILL and it finally moved. After that it followed all my commands. It was weird seeing yourself like that, much less give it commands. So I had it dissipate but that was when the weird thing happened. It didn't want to dissipate and I had to use my whole WILL behind the command to lose its form and return to me. The next strange thing that happened was that the memories it acquired at that moment were sent to me and all it felt.


With those I finally felt what it felt. At first it was confusing what was going on but when I sent my order it felt a repulsion to follow any order given to it by anybody. ` As one would expect of a copy of me. We share the same feelings too. `


Once I processed those memories I made another copy. This time when I made it while there was a confusion going on at first with it it soon went away when I sent it the knowledge of what I did. This time my copy was much more responsive to my commands but there was still reluctance to follow them even if it was myself to tell it. At least that's what I felt when I absorbed it again and its memories. The next time again there was confusion but it went by fast.


So I did it again and again to the point that I would be familiar with that feeling again so as to never wonder why I would create a copy of myself. In every moment of that ability that I was developing I ingrained the type of existence I created so that it would understand what happened to it and everything that would lead to its creation.


The more it would think like me the less it would rebel and more understand. That is the concept I ingrained in the thought it would receive when it was made. To be me but understand its time would be very short and that I would not make it if the situation had not called for it.


` Even if the ability is powerful I best not make a habit of using it. Otherwise I will turn depressed as shit by receiving the memories of its short existence all the time. Could even develop schizophrenia if left unchecked. `

` Maybe in the future once i have experienced a lot of stuff it will be different but best not make use of it now. ` Done with my experiment I saw that it was close to lunchtime and went back to the clearing. During that short walk back I realized I still had one more thing to do. To name this ability. “ Ah, I hate giving names. So I will just call it Auril Cloning Construct or ACC for short. ”


Finally done I was back in the clearing and saw Amila waiting for me. ` Seeing her beam a smile my way once she saw me, I actually have some reluctance to leave her but I couldn't actually bring her with me. `


“ When you smile at me like that, are you purposely trying to make me stay? ” I asked with a smirk on my face.


She blushed a bit but made no comment and soon we were eating. As we ate, I saw she wanted to ask me something so I nudged her a bit with a tilt of my head. “ Umm, brother I know you said you want to leave but are you 100% sure you need to do it? ”

` Is she still having problems with it? ` I only nodded, not giving an actual answer in words.


She was sad again a bit but continued. “ I know you said you want to explore the World but you never said the actual reason behind or what you wanted to accomplish with it. So umm, will you tell me? ”


` She is right, I never said anything to anybody. Should I tell her though? Oh well it doesn't matter if she knows or not. `

“ Fine I can tell you some of my goals for this journey. ” I held on there for a bit to decide on what to say. “ To be honest there are a lot of reasons, not just one major but for you to understand everything I would need to start at the beginning of everything. ”

“ Do you remember what I said was the beginning of everything? ” Amila nodded and answered. “ You are talking about that accident you had when you were little. Right? ”


Nodding I continued for her. “ Yes, thought its best that you know that it was not an accident but a planed murder. ” The moment I said murder she had a shocked face. “ Yes, murder. But it's more complicated than that. You see the one they wanted to get rid of is not me but The Original me. ” Now confusion came on her face. “ I know it's confusing so let me explain it all. ”


“ The Original me had a certain future ahead of himself. NO, I do not know what it was but it was a kind of future that some very powerful beings did not like so they tried to murder The Original before that future came to be. ” Again I took a bit of a pause to consider my thoughts. “ I don't not know how they did it but they did it and killed The Original. ”

With even more confusion Amila asked a very good question. “ Killed? Is that the reason for your, eh Original you to vanish and you to appear. ”


“ A good reason for you to think of, but no. ” Now even more confused, I continued. “ Yes it is confusing but anyway. They killed The Original. I don't know what kind of future he would have had but it definitely was laced with a lot of potential and those kinds of potentials are not easy to stamp into oblivion. When they tried to kill him, they took his Soul and with it vanishing from the body it activated a failsafe mechanism implanted into the body to make it shutdown on its own. ”


“ Oh, I never told you about that right. Listen close, after you master your essence, your next job will be to use your own essence and send your awareness inside the Soul and make it absolutely yours so that not even the Gods could take it away from you even if they wanted to. How and what to do once there I will write in a secret little book for you to read. Inside I will place all my current knowledge. So use it to full advantage and dont show it to anybody. ”


“ Is that understood. ” Once a nod came I continued the story. “ So they took his Soul outside the body and used an enormous amount of power to Time Lock that moment so none could reverse what they had done under any circumstances. ” Stopping for a second. “ But Fate had other plans. The potential of The Original was just too great and it was not that easy to stamp it. So Fate intervened or maybe something else, it doesn't matter. With that interference all the potential The Original had was transformed into immediate power. That power took the form of Potential Chaos. ”

“ Potential Chaos? What is that? ” Asked Amila. ` Ah I miss the staff. It sure was handy to have. Will need to find a way to get some on my hands. `


“ It's pure power that one could do anything with it if one had enough of it and the WILL to do it. ” That was a big statement. “ And The original had both. You see while his enemies used a huge amount of power to prevent Time reversal it only took form in that. It had no influence over what happened if that moment was actually frozen in Time. ”


“ Frozen in Time? Now I am really confused. If Time was frozen then how are we here. ”

“ Haha, it's not as confusing as you think. Think of it like this. The Original froze his own time but if that Time is frozen then it's even more useless as nothing could be done with it. So The Original in that moment sent his consciousness outside this Reality to figure out a situation while leaving that moment like coordinates in Time to which it could return to while no time has passed here in reality. ”


“ I am still a bit confused, explain better. ” I rolled my eyes at that. “ Sigh, little sister you will need to work on that. You can't depend on everybody to tell you how something works. It's simple. Look, for those in Reality only a moment would have passed without them even noticing but The Original having sent his consciousness into the Void where time shenanigans are extremely cheap would have a long time to figure out a solution to the problem. And once he found the solution he would come back with no time having passed here. ”


I left her a bit to stomach all that. ` I really do wonder what kind of future he had to result in all that power. ` Once she stomached it all Amila asked me. “ So did he find a solution? ”


“ I was told he did but he got greedy and that resulted in quite a complicated situation to be born in. I am not sure as all knowledge of that was erased for some reason. ” I nodded to confirm her suspicion. “ Yes, that resulted in me. I got out of it and returned here to Reality instead of him. ”


“ And here we are conversing about it now. Though I should probably tell you all that I did once I returned here. ” Contemplating if it will change anything. “ When I came to Reality I had a certain goal to achieve. I didn't want all my suffering to turn to nonexistence as that would then deny the ME that was born of it so I used all the power I had at that time to influence all my actions so a certain kind of future would appear. ” Again I confirmed a thought for her. “ Yes it was the reason I slept for so long but there is more. In my planned future you were not planned to be in.”


“ What? ” Now comes the truth. For her to face. “ Yes, if everything went according to plan you would not be born, our parents would be divorced and I would still probably be here just without you. It was that accident that nudged them to make you and it was you that had them glued together all this time. ”


“ You mean that originally I was not supposed to exist? ” I confirmed for her. “ But I am here. ”

“ Yes, we both should not have been here but we are. You have no idea how shocked I was when I first saw you in the hospital. ” She must have seen my happy smile. So she smiled in return. “ At that time I still had not reviewed all the memories so it was a real surprise to know I had a little sister. ”


With all that said I stood up and kneeled beside her. I looked her in the eyes. “ I truly am happy to have a sister like you. No matter what choice you make I will accept all of you with all my heart. Know this if ever you need me I will rush to help you but just because I have these feelings does not mean that I will rush unless something is an emergency. ” With that I declared my acceptance and stern warning.


As I looked into her eyes. “ Take this chance to become a grown up woman who will take rein of her own life and not just depend on somebody like me. Is that understood? ” Seeing that hesitancy I asked again , this time with more force behind the words. “ Is that understood? ”


When the nod came I got closer to her and kissed her on the forehead. After that I hugged her and gave her all my feelings of love to her through our link. “ Thank you for being my little sister. ”

And soon she started to cry again all while calling for her brother.

A note from Akten Dreams

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