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The week passed and now there was only one week left or so till I take my leave and go explore the World. The same as before I was up here on the mountain with my little sister. Since that day she cried in my chest again, she has become much more determined. I didn't ask for the reason and it truly didn't matter.


What mattered was how she used that determination. Right now she is relaxing and trying her best to sense Life Essence. Ever since I started to bring her up the mountain I had used essence to help guide her physical growth somewhat and every time I did it she got more sensitive to essence.

With the emotion receiving training we did and being bluntly showered with it made her WILL easier to recognise and much stronger. But that would have been useless on its own, well not useless but she would not have been able to use WILL without it. After that I had her work on emitting emotions to be able to guide her WILL into something. Our link only made it easier to realise that goal.


Of course since everything was powered by Life Essence and now that she can guide her thoughts and WILL much better, it was time to work on sensing Life Essence and use it.

With the essence I had used on her before only made that easier unlike normal people.


Amila is totally different. For normal people, their essence is sucked into the Soul constantly. Due to that only slivers are left for the body to function on something like emergency supply that was supplied with normal meals. ` While she too has her own essence sucked into the Soul, I had not used that supply. I used Life Essence I had taken from others and used it on her with a little tuning. `


With a greater amount of Life Essence it was easier for her to sense and work with. But unlike me who started out with an essence body she has to start from the beginning. It will take her a long time to be able to make an essence body and how long exactly would depend on her drive to work at it.


Right now she was meditating in a standard yoga meditation pose you see on the media all the time. Truth was you don't actually need to take that pose or any pose for that matter. You could even do a handstand if that helped you. What mattered was the state of the mind to be able to guide your thoughts and not waver in them.


I had told her that but she still chose it anyway. ` Well it's her choice so she can do whatever she likes, I on the other hand am still playing my Auril abilities. `


I had been doing more tests on Aurill constructs. With my epiphany that day on what Auril truly did I had many ideas on what I wanted to do. One of them was to see if I could make anything I visualised to appear. Results were positive but at the same time not exactly.

The next day when I came here again to test it I had wanted to see if I could make the same branch as yesterday without actually using the branch as an example. Due to my memories being ridiculously strong it wasn't hard to make the Auril construct but for some reason it was still not as good as the one I did on the previous day.


The branch I had made was less real if one could call it that anyway. Multiple tests later it turned the same. To test it out more I had used a tree branch as an example and made an Auril construct with it. On the other hand I did the same but this time without the example.


Comparing the two I found some interesting things. When I had an example I had copied it down to the molecular structure but as it turned out that no matter how ridiculous my memory was there was still some gap at the molecular structure that I would not be able to replicate with just memories. I would have to have understanding of a molecular structure to actually be able to make something on my own.


That resulted in only two things: experience and knowledge. To overcome it I would need a deeper understanding of molecular science and plain old constant repetition till you get it working. ` As if I would go nerdy now and start learning everything even with my memory. ` So I went after the repetition process.


Right now I was doing just that. Repeatedly making the branch and dismissing it. It took some hours but I could make a construct that satisfied me. So I searched for other objects to copy and make and that's all I had been doing so far.


With repetition came experience in Auril constructs and right now I was able to make quite a lot of stuff. So far I could make a lot of stuff, from household goods to anything I could imagine but with one restriction I had found so far. I had to actually scan that object at least once and store that memory as an example.


Right now, one of my plans was for myself to find myself a good bike in the city and try to make an Auril construct of it. Like that I would actually not need to bother about transportation at all. With that goal I had continued making constructs for days. It was on one of these days that a squirrel came into my Sphere of Perception and the moment I noticed while making something that a thought came to me.


` Could it be possible to make a beast Auril construct? ` Of course that was a stupid question to myself as I had already done something similar. ` Wait, when I make an Auril construct of myself aren't I doing the same thing I had been doing till now? ` The only difference was that I had used myself as an example and had the best resolution of how that construct should look.


A new epiphany and a new way to realise it. I immediately went to work to catch myself a squirrel. With the perfect opportunity to test my constructs it was the best option.


Ever since I had started all this and the first time I had made my Soul in the shape of my body to act like a second skin I had wondered what else it could be used for. So this time I made a second layer of Auril above my skin and had it interfere with Light around me. My goal was to turn invisible as the Light shifted around me instead of me. In my Sphere of Perception my own figure vanished when I used it to perceive Light although not completely.


As the light made a curve around me if one looked very closely one would notice something weird going on. ` Thank the Universe I still have my Sphere of Perception otherwise I would be blind. ` But I knew this was only a subpar solution


` Hmm, to vanish completely I would have to have the Light pass through the construct completely as if I was not even there. ` New goal in hand I worked on. As per the usual agreement that everything new would not work immediately the same happened to me too. Not long ago I had figured out that if I used one Auril, I could only give that Auril one command. To increase the number of commands more Auril had to be used.


To make myself invisible I had to actually use 3 commands to do this. The first one would actually absorb light, the second one would move the captured Light and the third to release it.

Finally done with theory and trying it, again it failed. To my SoP I turned into a mishmash of something as light seeped where it wanted. To my relief I soon found the problem. The move command was not precise enough. While it had moved the captured Light it didn't realise it where it was meant to be in the first place.


It took some time thinking but I fixed it by adding an additional layer that was only used to move the Light and positioned it correctly. All in all it turned out into a double layer invisibility construct.

The outer one absorbed/released Light while the inner one moved the Light in the correct position. Of course this was more complicated as the first layer had to actually move the captured Light to the second layer that took that light and its vector to move to the opposite side of me to where it should go and give that captured Light back to the first layer for it to release it.


It was the second layer that was harder to theory craft. It actually took 5 commands to do it.

It had to receive the captured Light, then capture its vector of movement, then move it, then place it in the right place on the opposite of my body, and finally give it back to the first layer which can release it. All in all it actually two Auril chunks to make the layers and eight Auril chunks for the commands it needed.

In fact the way my Auril behaved, or at least how I used it, is similar to programming with only one difference. With Auril all I had to do was to intuitively tell it to do something instead of knowing the programming language. ` But getting familiar with it would probably help with my constructs. Sigh, another thing to learn about. `


` Now that I think about it I should check how much Auril I am generating and using it to enumerate it all for better understanding. Hmm, let's see if I use a basketball sized amount of Auril and count the number of it I could release. It should tell me the amount I can use. `


Ball after ball went away from me but there just was no end. My Auril generation was just too strong. ` No point in counting myself as I am broken but I could use something similar for my system. `

Back to my initial goal of capturing the squirrel. I created my invisibility construct and finally moved towards that squirt when I came to a terrible conclusion. My invisibility construct was not moving with me. The moment I moved it broke its form as it was not anchored to my body as everything was used for the Light. Quick fix of making another layer at the base of the invisibility that would be fluid so it could accommodate both the movement of the first two layers but also be affixed on my body.


More fixing the details of here and there and when I was about to move back to my goal the animal wasn't even there anymore. Didn't matter, it didn't take me long to find it. Although as soon I was close to it it still noticed me. It didn't matter if it could see me as soon as it heard me it bolted away.


“ Ha, of course it would react to sound. Maybe even felt my steps to, or maybe it smelled me also, or all of those together. ” More work for me, but it still brought me joy. To figure out the sound I had switched my Sphere of Perception to vibrations. To that I kept snapping my finger in it to feel out the vibration that passed through the atmosphere. Lots of finger snapping later I fixed the problem with another layer that trapped any sound made by me, but on the plus side since footsteps also produced vibrations in the earth all i had to do was direct that vibration inside me and let my body absorb it.


Now all that was left was the smell or better said the flow of the atmosphere that was called wind. When i started on it I knew the same approach wont work as it did with Light so all I did was make another layer that prevented any mix of the atmosphere in or out.

One problem with it was that without Air I would die no matter how I enhanced my body with Auril so I either make it less perfect and use it for a short burst of time or compromise and try to work on a filter system for Oxygen and Carbon. ` Or I could do both and use it when the situation called for either of one. `


Seeing another thing to work on, I went to work again. Many, many breaths later as it was much harder to detect atoms in the air with my SoP that was done to.


Once it was all done I did a check of everything I made for my invisibility and made all the layers with all the instructions again from the start step by step. Starting from the fluid base layer attached to the body to the Air layer, to the Sound layer and the Light Layer. Once it was perfectly made my Invisibility was committed to memory as deeply as I could to only ever needing a thought to make any of them or all of them at once.


Finally done with everything I noticed that most of the day was gone. I went back to the clearing and found my little sister sitting there with a bored look. “ Let me guess. You had enough of meditation and now you're bored? ” Seeing the nod I continue. “ Then let me tell you some good news. Let's go back home and have a nice meal to end that episode. ”


We gathered our things and went home.

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