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It is interesting how single mindedness worked. I had always thought of it belonging to those who have grand ambitions or those who are stubborn to admit their defeat. I had never imagined it would ever apply to me as I never had big goals initially. I had many dreams, of things that would never happen or things that I could do but I never had the drive for before I awoke to the truth that was my life.


Now with the whole World in front of me laid bare all I needed was to work for it but for even one of my dreams to make itself known I had to first explore the World and see it's true state. Due to my abilities right now I know that other power systems exist.


After some research on the net I concluded that there are three big categories.

  • The power of Magic - The first would be the powers that originated in the western world.
  • The power of Qi - The second that originates in the eastern part of the world.
  • The others - Everything that does not fit into the Magic or Qi power systems.


My research led me to that conclusion. ` I may not know how they are obtained but it's not hard to infer some things about it. If I take into consideration how I have achieved my powers it was not hard to see how they are based. `


Magic should be centered around the Soul and its ability to project one's influence to change the World around you and Qi should be centered around Life Essence and its ability to influence biological lifeforms. ` But why would they call it Qi instead of something based on life? I have no idea. `


` If Magic is anything like imagined in all the stories I have read then it was probably based on the study of the world and its laws, which is probably how science came to be. And if Qi is anything like the stories I have read then its primary purpose would be martial arts.


So where would that leave my system dubbed Auril be. Well it should be something of a mix between the two. Probably it will never reach the complexity of the Magic system and its pure power and never reach the heights in body cultivation that should be possible with Qi.


While my Auril is powered by Life Essence it's true function is probably centered around the versatility and mental projection of one's intuition on the World. ` Sounds like a mouthful. Will need a better explanation if I am ever going to bring it to a wider audience. Either way to compete with these two main systems that have existed since who knows when, I need the stealth approach before I am ready to announce my existence to the World. Not to mention I still have to find out how to do that. `


That is why today I will start on my abilities to see which ones would fit me personally the best.

And out of all the categories Togashi created the winner for me was Conjuration. ` Who wouldn't want to fancy some stuff into reality just by thought. `


Now as I had already broken Togashi's Aura system I could focus on all of them and get good results but since I did not want to be focusing on my body that immediately kicked out Enhancer.

Emitter was fine and all and I am sure there will be a good use for it in the future but it's just not my style. Manipulator wasn't my choice of cup either. ` I will use it but never focus on it. `

Transmuter is another good choice. Who wouldn't like to be able to throw around fireballs or lightning but it was Conjurer that was the choice I made. ` If I am able to make use of it as that will only show itself with more testing. `


And for that knowledge I have made use of one more of Togashi's inventions: the diviner tool that is called Water Divination. If you take a cup, fill it with water to the brim and place a leaf on the water one can know to which category one fits into. Since I am broken, I am using it as a training tool to divide my abilities and taste their particular fancy personalities.


When it came to enhancers the water should multiply by itself out of nothing which of course is ridiculous. Out of nothing one can only get nothing. No, enhancing has to do with strengthening the molecular bond in something. When I first started practicing this I could make the state of the water harder even though it was in the fluid state. When I tried with my finger to press on it it actually took quite some force to be able to penetrate but no water tipped the cup by itself..


No, that only happened when I tried to have my Auril spread its influence on the whole molecular bond. When it did that its influence grabbed the Oxygen and Hydrogen in the air and pulled them inside the already bonded water in the cup and new water molecules were made which made the water in the cup overflow.


Now begs the question had I only used one type to actually do all that work. ` No, it took enhancement to strengthen the molecular structure, conjuring to sense the molecules in the air, emitting to reach the new molecules and manipulation to bring them into the enhanced structure so they would bond correctly. ` Hence I am a broken character.


It was transmutation that was the weird part for me, to actually have my Auril change its state to that of something but not actually be reflected in the real world like a pale imitation. When I had used my Auril to influence the water in the cup to change its properties without actually using the molecules in it. is when I came to an enlightenment of what Auril truly did.

Auril enhancing is for strengthening one's WILL

Auirl emitting is for spreading one's WILL

Auril transmuting is for overriding ones WILL

Auril manipulation is for manipulating one's WILL

Auril conjuration is for sensing one's WILL

As for specialists, they are unique interactions of one's WILL with another.

Everything that exists is actually using one's own WILL to fight the WILL of the REALITY in which it wishes to manifest.


Once that came everything kind of clicked.` My Auril is but the medium to enforce my WILL upon Reality. `


To test it out immediately I took a tree branch. Once in my hand I used my Auril to scan it and relay that scan to me. Done with that I spread my Auril around it, then I forced my Auril to reject the WILL of Reality and made it my own. Immediately I felt a rather good amount of my Auril vanish but it did the job it was sent to do. The branch became mine. I could sense the branch like never before almost like my own body but a lot more rigid as it is made of different material.


Another test with stone resulted in the same but a funny thing happened when I removed my Auril from them. Reality did not retake it at the same speed as I did.

I could only come to one conclusion. ` While the WILL of Reality is beyond my capabilities because it is spread across Reality it's actually quite weak that one can actually override it in the short term but in the long term it wins overall. `


My next test was to see if I could make my own Auril take the shape of something. Taking another branch again I had it scanned with Auril. This time on the other hand I had my Auril take the same shape using the scan I had gotten and it didn't quite work as I imagined.


While my Auril took the shape it did not take the substance of it. To do that I used more Auril.

So I took more Auril and poured it inside and WILLed it to take the same substance as the tree branch. This time I could feel it work as my Auril started to pull materials out of the Reality in which I lived. My Auril left me and just kept leaving me. It looked like there was no end to it. When it finally was done I was almost out of it.


“ Holly SHIT that took a lot for a tiny branch. Hm,, yea Reality is still KING. No question about it. ” When I looked at the branch I could neither see or feel any difference from the tree branch I had in my left hand. After examining it some more I truly could not tell the difference at all. It was an absolute replica of it. ` Guess no playing with Creation for now. At least not here in Reality. It's expensive as hell. Thankfully I can at least increase the amount of Auril I hold. `


The first week I brought Amila up here and sent her all those emotions as training soon grew increasingly dull. To actually not waste my time I had used my Sphere of Perception to play with.

Largely with its manipulation of the sensing field. I wanted to see if I could change its shape and I could. Since then I largely removed the part that senses the earth beneath me as there truly was no need for me to use it there.

With that removed I could actually increase the maximum range from 60m radius to 90m radius. ` Not sure why it didn't double since I had removed half of it that went down. `

Next experiment I actually reduced the vertical part to 10m above me and increased the horizontal part. With that done I was actually able to increase the range up to 110m radius around me. ` Again the increase wasn't lineal as I wanted it to be. ` So I could only come to one conclusion that there was a loss of efficiency if it is not a sphere around me.


Out of curiosity I tried to see how far it would extend if it goes only in one direction. Sadly that gave me only another 10m to round it out at 120m away from me.


But all that was if I didn't overextend my Auril generation. At a maximum range of 60m radius I could sustain that ability indefinitely. ` Hmm, in gaming terms this would be like if my maxim pool of 100 always stays that number while the generation of the power is turned to 0 but if I actually overextended I actually am taking from that pool instead and later it would need to be generated. Where later turned out I had to actually reduce the power consumed by the Sphere of Perception if I wanted to regain the pool back. `


Later I tried to see if I could increase the pool by constantly expanding it but it didn't seem to work. The only thing I noticed is the generated amount increased by a teeny tiny bit and if my calculation is anything to go by I would need years to increase it by any percentage at all by constant usage. ` It just was not worth it at this point as I was already quite strong. Maybe later when I have lived longer I will do it, but not now. `


` Where was I again, ah yes Creation was way too expensive so to be able to circumvent that i need to give my Auril substance but not that of something material but of something that emulates material strength. ` Back to testing I took another branch and emulated it by Auril and did my test on it. From the outside there was no difference.


“ Lets see if it has the same strengths too. “ Snap. ` And nope it broke quite easy. Hmm, could I do the same enhancement even without the molecular bond in the real tree branch. ` I do the same as last time but this time I enhanced the real tree branch too, to see if I could do the same on my Auril branch.


` Trying my best to get the same feeling in my Auril and the inside of the tree branch was quite interesting. ` While my Auril branch took the form of the real branch when I tried to actually enhance it came about a conflict of Auril. As if it was harder to hold two states at the same time.


` This is weird, this should not have happened as the branch was made of Auril. ` Doing more testing I saw the reason. The Auril spent on making the branch was being torn in two parts as it could not at the same time hold from and enhance it at the same time. So I solved that problem by using another chunk of Auril and gave it the order to enhance the Auril branch and it worked.


Again trying to snap the tree branch proved my idea worked. It was a lot harder to break it. I could but I truly needed a lot more force on it then on the real branch. ` But still, later on if I tried to actually use multiple staff on something it will get confusing if I don't pay attention. I wonder if I can color code the types of Auril. Hmm, now that I think about it, I don't actually remember ever trying to see if I can change the color of Auril. So far it had no color at all. `


Having come to that realization I tried to change the color of Auril. ` Color is determined by the light being reflected off something. So should I do the same? ` Immediately I took a bit of my Auril and had it interact with Light. Thanks to my Sphere of Perception and having used it to perceive Light soon it started to reflect colors and I could actually shift it in any color I wanted. From the normal color spectrum the human eye is able to see, to infrared light and ultraviolet which I could only perceive with the Sphere of Perception.


Once I played with Light enough it was time to see if I could color code the type of Auril used.

Taking a tree branch back I used enhancing Auril on it had it interfere with the red color as a test. Slowly the branch started to reflect the color red even though it had no physical surface to do that. For another test I tried to see what would happen if I increased the amount of enhancing Auril. As the enhancing Auril increased so did the color the tree branch was giving off. ` Fancy that, I got myself a visual measurement for the Auril amount used. Nice. So that leaves me with the worst headache of all. To decide the color for each type. Ugh, will decide later. `


` Wait, now that I think about it, when I created the branch using Auril it gave off the same color as the real one so I had been using it already. Ha, Hindsight thank you. `


Back to testing I made two Auril branches. One was the same as the last one with one Auril spent to make and another to enhance it. The second I did the same just adding one more Auril of enhancing. This time I took both and took them with me to my tester.


Back in front of her. “ Hey Amila, can you test something for me? ” Taking her attention she turns to me. “ See these two branches. I want you to try to break them for me. ”


Since i had told her I would leave she was a bit more absent minded but she still did everything i told her. She took the two branches. “ Start with the left one. ” Again she nodded and tried to snap it in two and failed it the first time. Probably not expecting it to be that hard. She tried again but still failed to break it. To be honest the branch wasn't really thick or anything, but it wasn't thin either. Failing again I could see her embarrassed face and this time she tried harder and finally it snapped. The moment it did it lost its Auril form and started to dissipate.


` Ha, that surprised face is gold. `


“ Did not expect that did you? ” Yea, definitely surprised as she looked at me. “ You thought it was a real branch right. ” She nodded to remark. “ Then could you snap the real one for me? I want to compare the strength needed for it. ” Again a nod came and she went to work.


Probably expecting it to be harder then the fake she tried real had on this one and failed. Again she went red even more. ` Probably now she's even more embarrassed ` I could only smirk at her.


When she looked at me and saw my smirk she must have lost it and took the last branch placed it on the ground and leveraged it on one hand and broke it with her foot. Again not expecting it to simple vanish when its form broke she lost her balance and fell down.


“ Hahahaha ” When I saw it, I could only laugh at that. ` Oh, god that red face. I am definitely saving this memory forever. `


“ Sorry, I won't laugh anymore. Ha, ok you still bothered about my declaration? ” Sigh, I guess I really placed a big shadow in her heart. Taking the place beside her on the ground I sat down and pat her on the head. “ I am sorry, but I have to do this. It is better this way for you to. ” She looked up at me as if not believing it all. “ Look, right now you are too dependent on me. When I am gone take this chance to grow up and become your own person instead of just my little sister. OK. ”

“ Ok, but I really don't want you to leave. I really don't mind being your little sister. In fact I LOVE being your little sister.” With that tears started to flow and she hugged me as if I would vanish this second.


Not saying a thing I let her cry it all out. The only thing I did was pat her on the back. Once she stopped crying, I looked at her. ” You cried a lot. Let's end everything for today and go home. ”


Seeing the small nod I took her by the hand and went for the bag and home we went.

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